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12 thoughts on “OPUS 133 Mueller’s Counter Coup

  1. Chia Cha

    So how to break democratic party. For me team behind Elizabeth Warren with that law which would give american workers place in corporate board members is most sane one, deciding about funding political processes even in higher % (very intelligent proposal). But democratic party must be carved and split as example that anti-gun, open border, and abortions are evil. Therefore not even Elizabeth Warren can remain, while that team behind Warren should find new face. If one corporation would like to employ workers then workers of corporations must be able to benefit from that. Otherwise there cannot be immigration existing. Capitalism to remain needs soci@list foundation (capitalism needs to be democratized) as way to colonize and destroy all those unincorporated (fascist) business around world (Huawei) by using popular democratic support of free workers of the world, demanding to be led by US workers. US workers must be able to democratically have protected place while US empire is extracting wealth from world. Otherwise US cannot remain center of capitalist exploitation, meaning everything else is traitorous pro-chinese defeatism hated by those who are exploited because not even those closer to exploitation have visible benefit. Spill over is without any visible result. Anywhere. Therefore center cannot exist, therefore it will be China. Because workers wants centre. That is how workers are trained.

    1. Chia Cha

      Culturally and from propaganda stance, US capitalist model where spider of spider net is stealth one, changing shape and colors according to surrounding, from cultural aspect and from propaganda aspect cannot survive unless there is something visible because culture is set that way that culture needs centre. Communist spider net was visible, and you would see spider, it was black spider in centre of spider net, with hammer and sickle on azz. But we cannot have that also. Therefore we need stealth centre, but to be functional, it can be stealth only if we have visible decentralized corporations which would incorporate instead of finance. For centre to remain stealth – capitalist. Otherwise we get USSR model as only possible way because this 1st one cannot work. Therefore we need to ban small loans to small business and do corporate incorporating without money, as way to grow small business (real innovative model). Of course as american workers see it to fit them. That is that democratic capitalism respecting cultures of extracted and those who are extracting with stealth but this time functional centre (one respecting culture).

      1. Chia Cha

        Of course incorporating should be done by also by respecting private property rights. In way how private banks are willing to support. And for private profit to be totally abolished (transferred in totality to private banks).

  2. JosephCrare

    delta flight into hurricane irma here

  3. Chia Cha

    For me it is the most stupid to see those little poor dirty capitalists in colonies allowing them self to believe that product which cost less is cheaper. Those little poor dirty scums unable to introduce soci@list calculation in their price must be destroyed. That is like saying that KGB oil is cheaper because it cost less. After death Tito, KGB is doing what ever they like. KGB capitalists destroyed all factories financied by americans in former yugoslavia, italy, france, spain, greece. All those factories built by american dollars in Marshall plan are getting destroyed by KGB capitalists, their little capitalist slaves in europe and moved to communist China by KGB. So they can grow their asiatic capitalism based on prices.

  4. Chia Cha

    Only idiot can tell me that this what was given to nazis were not aliens giving them technology to win and abolish human genes for ever. Problem for both of those idiots is that alien technology needs even more innovation to work on earth, and is pure waste of production capacity destined to lose war. That is why everything in this nazi innovation driven model, must end in total collapse. Satan cannot finish anything. He can only start. Another heavy frog belly design like on Bismarck good for fast change of directions only. But all unstable on earth.

  5. Chia Cha

    Beautiful video how future of ameriKKKa (muslim kebab entrepreneur), is feeding white american trash (homeless bum rat animals) = (american workers) on streets in free time. Capitalism at finest. Capitalist propaganda how it is not ameriKKKa which is guilty salaries are low, because even muslim terrorist pedophile satanist can make it in ameriKKKa. Therefore it is your fault. This is totally bi-partisan video. Which party is more sick, democrats (wanting more of muslims and other drug dealers) or republicans (wanting more of homeless white working poor trash without having them breeding too much).

    1. Chia Cha

      Capitalism is pure violence and genocide. Right wing capitalists, they remove assets from you artificially (they hike prices and lower salaries – deregulation), then they make you to do what they want if you want to get some back. Of course the more they remove, they say, the bigger hill will be for you to decide to climb on, more. Well if you do not want it, because you do not understand greatness of capitalism, and if it does not work for you, then we will import muslim terrorist pedophiles with your money and destroy your own culture and tradition for ever, says left wing capitalists. If pedophilles are unwilling to come, then we will bomb them, so they will have to come. If we cannot bomb them, we will give them money to come (UNHCR credit cards sponsored by Visa and Mastercard). Only hope is nuclear war between US and China. I have very low opinion about regular humans, how stupid they are. But who knows, maybe we will never get that war in our life 🙁

  6. Chia Cha

    Nazi innovation driven economy is kebab economy. That is sponsored scarcity of consumer goods where all consumer goods (money), is going toward diversification of ownership and offering as capitalist engine of innovation. Destroying all innovations for ever (no consumer base nor production capacity existing as incentive of innovation). Ideology of diversity (in ownership and in everything else) and tolerance, for nazis to make it this time. Of course that Beto is drug addict on acid. He was lefty hippie.

  7. Jason

    Testing 1,2,3?

  8. Chia Cha

    Green new deal is must, fossil fuels are making males sterile and air is cancerous.

    1. Chia Cha

      Alcohol should also be banned. But not illegal. For instance we should remove taxation on alcohol, and FED should pump alcohol producers with money for alcohol to cost negative 20 $ on shelves in wall mart. But when ever you buy one and go collect 20$ at cashier, you get taken by police and sent to american Gulag to work. Here out of country of 4M you have 800,000 alcoholics. And in US every 8th person is alcoholic good only for recycling. No wonder John McCain owned beer factory. For instance no one is saying that non alcoholic beer have 1% Oz of alcohol, and that is legal, so those who want to quit will go back on 4,5% again. And in newspaper no newspaper will say that car accident happened because of alcohol. It happened because driver lost control over vehicle. Driver was lost in town and there was no one to help him so accident happened. In that case capitalists are not calling upon individual responsibility. I think anyone who would start producing non alcoholic beer with 0% Oz alcohol would get dirty rich. But that would be like having smelly legs in Church. No one is doing that.

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