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48 thoughts on “OPUS 132 NZ Massacre!

  1. Chia Cha

    I think this is message from system that if you are for workers right while and in same time against open borders / cheap labour replacement that you mish mash lunatic – terrorist. Right wing soci@list and christian in same time is total escape from plantation. Imagine worker supporting workers right but against own genocide and replacement by super cheap labour, refusing to lower own salary. I guess he refused to follow Cory Booker and Ocasio. My mother told me that she heard how New Zealand is total basket case. Poverty is total among workers, 90% of people. Only those who have inherited extra rental properties (those who does not work) are rich and those are only one able to buy family homes on market, together of course with muslims and chinese. He is not terrorist, he is fighter for freedom.

    1. Chia Cha

      All the way until 1984, under soci@list Robert Muldoon New Zealand was totally state run and controlled closed welfare state, egalitarianism was highest on world. Today g@y Reagan feminized free market capitalists are just preparing to lower costs for chinese to put end to misery of those people down there. This is very nice youtube called: Our Revolution about economy of New Zealand before they finally went to history. Russia lost twice more of people after 1991 then in two world wars. And now capitalists are just starting to come with this attack. You will pay all debts rich printed on screen. Every zero until bone. Even if that means you will lick chinese & muslim boots for next 5000 years. I am also amazed how jews are thinking they will somehow control China, yea sure I would love to see that.

      1. Chia Cha

        Not even God can help us with such old bone heads on power. I think in old age bones are starting to replace gray substance. Old people likes to hold money in their frozen boned hands even when they are dead, just like every capitalist do. Therefore it is logical that capitalists will never touch medicare before medicaid. Capitalism is natural like animals, you do not need brain. Doors of hell opened for me once while I was watching commercials on american TV channels, but those channels for americans. 30 minutes of commercials between 5 minutes of non commercial program, and commercials goes in row, 1. refinance your credit with happy families smiling 2. buy some supplements for no reason with happy families smiling 3, refinance your credit with happy families smiling… That is sign decay will last for about 100 years at least. I mean that is plan.

  2. Jason

    This “Australian” guy is just another Nazi. Nazi by day, Zionist by night. The MSM supporting this false narrative are clearly Nazi/Zionist shape shifters. Podesta has meeting with this leftist puppet PM whore and the next thing you know, murder, censorship, propaganda, and the requisite gun grab. How completely predictable. Brevik 2.0. A few years in the puzzle factory and it’s Miller time. Who buys this s*** anymore? Throw in some Masonry and MI 6 and you get complete and total BS. All to worship some winged bat creature from the land of make believe to rationalize cannibalism. These people come straight out of a comic book. They may think they know what is waiting for them on the other side, but they are wrong. TEETH.

    1. Chia Cha

      Like I said, NAZIS are only allowed alternative built by liberal system, you are allows you to have. Of course that he was anti-christian nazi and was killing poor muslims kids and women so no democratic non-NAZI christian resistance is possible. Capitalists wants to delay workers resistance so pillage can continue longer without oppossition, and when NAZI come (much later) they can invest in them and control them. Such will never attack only male muslims, or muslim rich guys, politicians or muslim priests (as legitimate military targets). Therefore everything is set up so working majority knows that they are bad as way for Zios/Nazis to pillage longer, working majority, and to accept chinese infusion of money in to own banks in this short term. They always are delaying, delaying resistance of working class even if you are building Satan. Simply with every delay, profit grows. Pillage is maximum, and pillage goes. Something british are doing behind back of Trump. One gentleman said that Brevik was operation Gladio when Norway social-democrat started thinking without Podesta approval (they started to think with russian head). After that Jens Stoltenberg, as social-democrat who understood that is bad to think without Podesta head, he was promoted as secretary of NATO. Intelligent guy, but MI6 like his father. He is not even CIA. Probably MI6 did not like how New Zealand capitalists are filling own banks with chinese money without giving agreed bite to cabal. Way how to fix it is by trying to connect any legit resistance with NAZIS to delay future yellow vests. Agreement by both is to invest in NAZIS. I mean are people really stupid, of course that they want NAZIS to represent workers, so workers can destroy nazis. I think now democrats wants NAZIS in US also while Trump thinks US should be excluded.

    2. Chia Cha

      Capitalist sick bone heads they are thinking this way, ok lets sell economy to chinese investments (all western bankers needs chinese money now because chinese are able to save money and fill their own banks because they have soci@list prices, every chinese is able to save half of own salary, so right now as we speak, all british banks right now are getting filled with chinese money), but lets not lose control of Australia and New Zealand by starting NAZIS as cheap way to control territory against chinese money. HA HA HA. Free market capitalism is all about having both thing cheaply. HA HA HA.

      1. Chia Cha

        But like I said, China cannot do much economically to US Empire. Only militarily. And as long as american workers are cheap like they are now. Dollar is very high quality good export product of US toward US Empire, arabs, hehiho and China. With US dollar you can buy what ever you like inside US empire. Everything is for sale, and very cheaply. You can invest in US, I and one so@list from Belgium were joking how you can buy home in US and then rent it to american and have american working for you while you do nothing. You do not even have to go to US. But of course we in Europe are not that sick but many from america, china, arab countries, mexican criminals (investors) are doing that. That all is part of genocide. So the more your work the more they will buy you and the more they will genocide you. And nothing will change because american white rich are also doing that. As long as profit is not going toward american workers, system works on global level like clock. Only chinese military can change it. But that is future.

    3. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

      False flag. Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat. These are becoming too patently obvious. They are losing their effectiveness which is to generate sympathy for the targeted group. The Left was behind this, not the Right, but, of course, the Left has to blame the Right. It’s the same sick psychopathology of the communists. Never changes. Probably BO and JB or others behind this.

      You can vote your way into communism, but you have to shoot your way out.

  3. Ed t Kirchner

    Dear Dr, Pieczenik,

    With all due respect, I find it hard to believe that New Zealand does not have an effective intelligence and police force. New Zealand as Australia, England, Canada, and the United States are part of Five Eyes. I also question your statement that the FBI is not an effective organization.
    The FBI is very effective at intimidating and creating fear among the average Americans. Ref Waco, Ruby Ridge, The Bundys. Schaffer Cox. While I do not agree with some individuals in my proceeding list, I don’t think they deserved to die at the hands of FBI snipers. Andrew Weisman,
    who was part of the Muller team, earlier in his career, filed charges against the credit rating company Arthur Anderson. The company was found guilty and the guilty charge was upheld on appeal. When the charge was appealed to the Supreme Court, the charge was overturned 9 to 0. By then the company was destroyed. Ref Mark Levin interview with Sydney Powell. on youtube. Ms Powell was a former federal prosecutor and worked with Mr. Weisman. Please see her book Licensed to Lie.

    Thank Q

  4. Chia Cha

    Judeo-Christian culture is one culture. Just on different levels of development. We cannot go against Jewish part because that is total abolishment of us, of our development. Even of development of Jesus as God. Therefore NAZIS are our mortal enemies and we cannot allow muslims to have permanent residence, citizenship or property of any Judeo-Christian entity on our territory. That cannot work. Every paganism (muslim, atheist, lefty) is fascism. Proper colonization and dealings with other tribes must be done on collective level, because culture is collective, it is not liberal or individual. Individualism is negation of culture and nation and is free capitalism. How New Zealand had two models of washing machine and everyone was happy under Muldoon (excluding g@ys and l@s). Why should every capitalist have right to sell own trash. There must be order. We cannot have every aztec pagan criminal with money giving orders to unemployed white single mother, paying rent to him, working for his kids to breed on expense of own. That cannot work, nor it will work. Capitalism can work in closed borders and when individuals you are sucking are organically related to you. It simply cannot work otherwise. Capitalism is unworkable without colonization and expansion territorially.

    1. Chia Cha

      Pagans and God is happy when pagans are poorer then us. We cannot have some pagan richer then any member of our group because pagans then get angry on us because we are insulting God. And we are creating our culture less worthy in eyes of pagans and God. Same goes with g@ys, when they have more money, like now, that only means that society does not want more kids but less. And wants more single mothers. Society is very simple. The more money you give to one group of people, that group of people have more members. Free markets like Satan always goes against kids as Satan hates kids most. That is why Alex Jones individualism is extremely dangerous la la land which can only end up total bloodsheet. Alex Jones is saying that you import christian from Egypt and put him to work and you get better person then some domestic white nazi. Ok I agree, but Alex you are moron, that model cannot exist in individual based system, first of all there more muslims in egypt, and free capitalism wants more of cheap, not more of christian, andchristian is again collective term. Unless your goal is to import only one christian from egypt. Alex Jones is snake oil salesman. There cannot be christian society in individualism.

  5. Chia Cha

    They are alive, they are alive, there is hope. Soon system will have to start blowing off nukes while telling us that was done by anti-immigrant supporters of higher wages. Racist one of course. All workers are racists. Most funny for me is when they tell us how there are not enough money. As long as you have one person richer then other one. Money is existing.

  6. Chia Cha

    There are no yellow vests in USA, because in middle states of US there are not very much rich people living there, so people can at least feed kids because there is no functional free market making food more expensive as regulator of price of workers on workers markets. Investments in capitalism done by private business are done to collect and take more then what you have invested.

    1. Chia Cha

      Where ever you have rich people living you have functional market prices and functional free market prices, therefore return on investment done by capitalist is full. Luckily luckily rich hate mid america because it is too dispersed for pillage to be profitable on level of one Chicago or Detroit.

      1. Chia Cha

        In free market capitalism investments done by government are not allowed by laws. Because that is seen as market distortion and such investments are lowering prices for consumers and are rising workers price on workers markets. Also government cannot print money, it can just borrow money from private investors (buyers of government bonds) by issuing bonds. That is why infrastructure bill or UBI for that matter will never pass.

        1. Jason

          For our own collective sanity, we must admit that issues of national security complicate the reforms that we would like. Dynamic tension negotiating an uncertain tomorrow. After all, the Utopia of free markets has never existed. There is a marketplace to be sure, but nothing is ever free. There is always cost. Risk. Winners. Losers. Distortions. Resolutions. Deadlines. An agreement to be honored. Corruption and moral decay are an acid that corrodes everything it touches. When the powers that be make anything illegal, they are simply saying we want increased prices outside of government justice system, where new justice system is oldest justice system. Street justice. You can never fully understand the dynamo of human energy management system without fully integrating math and geometries of criminal networks and firewalls. They are as to roots as to branches. Plasma of sun on leaves. Microbial plasma in soil. Digestion/assimilation below ground. Respiration/aspiration above. It’s all just information I suppose. The cancer must be killed off before an adequate rehabilitation program can properly be implemented. When illegal asymmetric invasion force gets evicted, we will have plenty of low skilled SJW college graduates to do those jobs while importing preferably smart beautiful rocket scientist women from around the world. That is change I can believe in.

          1. Jason

            Also, the purpose of making something illegal is so that the powers that be can learn and invest in illegal assets and networks to the degree that they can control them. Once controlled, they change marketing strategy, and attempt to make it legal, after gaining deep and total control. The closest you will come to a free market is the black market, where taxes are paid through incarceration, which would serve to further entrap you in a game you perhaps should have avoided. That is the American experience.

          2. Chia Cha

            You sound like you are are slightly above those who are deciding how orders issued to capitalists for next 40 years investment cycle will look like. Oh here is another good news.

          3. Jason

            Trump is fighting these corporations hard. They get their liability protection from us. Move back or be held criminally culpable as individuals for crimes yet to be revealed. Without a license to kill and a get out of jail free card, these people are nothing. If by “above” you mean ahead of the intuition curve, we’ll see. I as broke honkey have no money to wager regardless. I do like to simulate what might happen just in case things change, but I remain an attentive voyeur. I hope you are not insulted that I haven’t accepted your offer to be involved in your banking application. I simply have little money or skills that are likely to be helpful to you. I would likely be dead weight, and you sound ready to rock and roll all by yourself anyhow. Appreciated none the less.

          4. Chia Cha

            No, sorry, you know that project needs boss for Western Hemisphere. Intelligent person able to understand that any kind of separation between those who are inside, would makes less money for everyone. Plus without your inputs I do not believe I would have been able to make solution market ready. This is your property also.

          5. Jason

            That’s nice of you to say. I hope it is a winner for all participants. When the dust settles, it’s Star Trek time. You know, I had to watch the video again cause something just didn’t register for me. Now I realize that this FF was just like Las Vegas. Interception returned for a touchdown. We have true war masters in control right now. Thank God. I will sleep like a baby tonight. God bless Team Trump!

          6. Jason

            …and the alleged shooter filmed for 17 minutes by Elvis? lol Mind control wavelength highjacked by Andy Kaufman skit? lol The cabal is about to go full cannibal on themselves now. TEETH! hahaha! How ironic that they are the ones who the Devil actually wanted to devour this whole time. That’s how it works folks. There will be no Holy War. God is everywhere.

          7. Chia Cha

            Yes it is obvious, how with this attack whole NAZI facade went down, people wanted sacrifices. Nazi facade was Ocasio + podesta + nazi. Only who remains is BETO. BTW, I am now making plan what to request from investors…

      1. Chia Cha

        He was wise he went to proper countries to learn how to remove kebab. Ottoman army was mainly filled with orthodox soldiers serving as enemies of west.

      2. Chia Cha

        Ah here is polish version of popular song: Remove Kebab. 😀

      3. Chia Cha

        I mean if west is to incapable to liberate Turkey and other muslim countries from Turks and muslims then should we let Putin? It is totally unacceptable in 21th century to still have muslim countries existing. Hallo, it is 21th century.

        1. Chia Cha

          I am ashamed we on whole west do not have such original beautiful songs supporting our NATO troops. This is original version of Remove Kebab. Invasion on Iraq was disaster because american soldiers did not have support of MTV nor capitalist wanted to help Iraq to be liberated from muslims.

        2. Chia Cha

          Wars must be popular, and you win war only if you win propaganda over own people. I never heard case that people who won propaganda war against own people lost war. Liberal Hillary wars against Iraq you are not allowed to win, because someone other then US soldier could get killed, some muslim for instance. It is very important to not remove muslims because their number will double in next 10 years, so we must waste american soldiers
          who cannot breed on their level back home. Everything is up and down with those BETA BETO f@gs.

      4. Ed t Kirchner

        Thanks Hillary. ” At this point what difference does it make? “

  7. Chia Cha

    In real capitalism (what we have now) US constitutional military is seen as ideological danger by business owners. Simply because for them ideologically only Blackwater is acceptable, because Blackwater it is their, private. If you do not like constitution then go run business in some other country. Imagine if sign would be, we do not accept pedophilles or BETO, or g@ys, or trannies or muslims or Blackwater. Or even terrorists. Everything what is collective or it is of majority, for majority, or state owned, that is despised by any private market entity. Blackwater cannot kill muslims, because muslims are their customers, because for them government as employer, as something even ideologically existing, cannot exist. Therefore market logic for them is we need more muslims and less americans in america. We need more dead americans and less dead muslims so there can be more reasons for americans to employ more Blackwater. Pure market logic.

    1. Chia Cha

      I am telling ya, islam is nothing else that cause effect of same mental condition caused by inbreeding. Islam as description, cause effect, and cause of inbreeding is producing enormous number of g@ys which are all accepted religiously (culturally) among them. 1st generation of inbreeding are g@ys, second generation of such people are those who are committing suicide. Also there are other causes unrelated causes for suicide but those are mostly 3th acoholic episode or living in free market economy as consuming worker politically set to consumer even if he does not have money. As way for capitalism to produce austerity (you not getting consumer goods). We call that Ocasio, Tsipras, Macron, Hillary, Obomo.

  8. Chia Cha

    People do forget, but nazi army economically was very effective investments. I mean how much capitalist invested in Hitler’s army and what were return on investment. Investment/return ration was very good, and nazis went all the way till Moscow. Today NAZIS we must set, they must go differently, this time using racial and religious tolerance, because that was only reason for losing. Problem are again democrats who are insisting that NAZIS has to be too much racial and too much religious. Religious tolerance means crashing and total abolishment of Islam (as negation of religion) and support for Jews. Because Islam is nazism and Jewish are religion. Therefore we must be opposite to nazis which were not tolerant i.e. supporting Islam and going against Jews.

  9. Chia Cha

    Brazil and Argentina in NATO would finally mean that schizo Europe will get needed stability and perspective. And could be westernized and liberate from malignant influence of fake soci@list atheist influence. Brazil and Portugal could finally send army to all by dirty pagan ideology occupied areas of Portuguese speaking Angola, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea, Timor, Madeira and liberate them, also put pressure on Pagan India to finish occupation of our Goa… And on China to finish occupation of our Macao… All given to them by civilizationally illiterate and sick Clinton and Kennedy. That all is OURS. Trump is ONLY intelligent american president so far protecting western culture. He is only WESTERN judeo-christian politician, meaning civilized one, all the way from fall of Western Roman Empire. I never felt so normal. Decolonization of 3rd world can finish only if 3rd world is occupied by unites of US armed forces. Everything else is ideology and cheating of those people by letting them to be under occupation of atheist and fake soc@list anti-civilizational forces.

    1. Chia Cha

      And it must be official, status of colonies must be official. There must be order. Capitalist oligarchy by hiding their indentities too much, they are ideologically hiding stuff for which there are no reason to be hidden. For instance, all those countries which cannot understand genius of moment Trump is providing to our civilization, should officially be proclaimed to be colonies. As colonies are entities unable to provide and care about own identity and civilization on own territory, therefore treating own people unjustly. Like now by atheist and fake/pagan soci@list occupied France and Germany. Brazil is one very good path of becoming junior partner of THE CIVILIZATION to leader of THE CIVILIZATION. US is leader. While half of France and 66% of Germany are pure colonies ideologically un capable to understand importance of cooperation on healthy therefore ONLY foundations. For instance Spain, occupied by fascist capital (one refusing american capital), is working against spanish interest and interest of spanish speaking world. Therefore Argentina should send troops to Spain as Spain can only be colony of THE CIVILIZATION in hope of becoming junior partner only. Oppressing Catalonia while not understanding that inside THE CIVILIZATION borders and oppression are only working against ALL. Why should not Miami and Barcelona be centers of capitalist exploitation working for whole non-aztec spanish speaking world. Those are opportunities only Trump and junior partner Bolsonaro understands. Today Europe as colonoy of Hillary is most anti-european entity (NAZI) entity ever existing.

  10. Chia Cha

    We have officially proclaimed consumer society without consumers having money… We have totally crazy situation. Only consumers are dying old people because, such had secured non capitalist by government regulated working contracts and now have bones in heads supporting Beto & Rand Paul coalition wanting more money and because they have more money they have more political power over those who does not. Escape is impossible. Only my solution can save this situation. Just like I said, captialists are way more dangerous for you wallets and culture then communists. Now capitalists are just starting to bail in.

    1. Chia Cha

      Salaries are so small in NATO countries (if we looking compared to prices price controllers (top 10% of population imposed on us)). Lithuania lost 30% of own population and it is just starting. People must understand that for majority of NATO population over 66%, especially young about 75%, economy of USSR is way much better prospect for them. Western people still lives in their balloon but for majority of americans soviet economic model is way better model. All that property you have collected from cold war, will just fall in value, like in 80% of Chicago. Immigrants are already more expensive work force then whites. We see here on video, people driving new cars, living in free flats, in communism, whites having 3 kids per head, bigger number of religious people then today in capitalism. F@g Reagan destroyed us for ever. And now it is Beto time. Poor people of Lithuania. They did not understand what they are demanding even they were colonized by russians on path of total russification. Especially is horrible to see that Lithuania have biggest jewish population in % in Europe and that they are unable to do anything there and help own people there.

  11. Chia Cha

    Nazis are again not tolerant toward religion. Capitalist Nazis will lose again. Capitalist Nazis are lying and they are evidence that pagans and atheists are uneducated people incompatible with economically prosperous society or tolerance of religion, because they are lying dogs. Bible is full of violence because Bible is Word of God describing people’s society and people and is describing humans in historical circumstances. Bible is about humans and human life and is book of wisdom and life and TRUTH, therefore how can it be to not describe violence. But to claim that describing people in situations happening all the time, like wars is definition of peaceful or not peaceful book, is evidence how Satan works trying to tell that Islam as NAZI atheist theory promoting pedophilia and wars is same like Bible. BETO is face of NAZISM which will again lose. Also any kind of mass production and consumer society (factories) ARE IMPOSSIBLE in real capitalism = NAZISM.

    1. Chia Cha

      Period of fastest growth of nazism and fascism we cal free market, therefore liberal capitalism. Of course in liberalism growth of nazism and fascism is hidden, and that is exactly why that growth is so fast and strong, and even possible, therefore liberal free market capitalism is always nazism covered under blanket while blanket is slipping down, more and more. It always starts when market share owners (market controllers) have full ideological liberty to deny people consumer goods telling us that that is will of market forces (they even invented notion of overcapacity). Even under price of losing even war. Of course nazis also supported only one religion and that was Islam while killing Jews and Christians. Nazis are useless, we need to arrest Beto. I do not know does Trump understands nature of free market capitalism, but we will see.

      1. Chia Cha

        Sorry Islam is not religion, even I fall on their propaganda. Islam is fascism. Merge of state and religion.

        1. Chia Cha

          And merge of state and religion is not merge of state and religion because there cannot be merge, there can only be state when merge is done. Of course merge of church and economy (markets) is also merge of state and religion. Therefore it is again only state. Any merge of markets and state, is also fascism, and merge of economy and state (rising inequality) is market economy. And it is fascism. Islam is state calling it self religion. Therefore Islam is not religion. USSR was fascist economy because state controled religion, NAZI germany and fascist Italy was nazi because markets took state which took religion.

  12. Chia Cha

    Trump is sign God has changed his mind, and was merciful toward his civilization, he created.

    1. Chia Cha

      Therefore now Satan is going crazy, he is trying to pollute air with cancerous benzene by blowing refinery in Houston. As I said Satan wants us to believe that Houston is real while Chicago is not. Houston does not exist, have you ever heard any news happening in Houston. Something happened to someone in Houston, some non synthetic story, of course not. I think I found Satan him self, he is now incident commander taking care incident is under “control”. I mean look at his ears and he is Houston. Houston is only “city” in “US” where people (not) living there do not have any signs of class exploitation (not overworked) on their faces, and have very tidy clothing. Houston DO NOT exist. That was possible only here under communists, to have such no signs of exploitation. Minute 24:35, I mean look those ears.

      1. Chia Cha

        I mean this one is above Timothy Geithner for sure by shape and size of ears. Therefore I think it is he. Trying to produce some “real” news to not get discovered.

  13. Chia Cha

    Atheists, pagans, indians, turks, chinese, muslims, capitalists all those nations serving Satan directly (under leadership of IMF Legard, Hillary, Beto) with their own full mind, they are demanding IMF to move to China, as this indian satanist on this satanist turkish channel said. Every non american (pagan=satanist) rich must be killed. That is like giving guns to play. People do forget, but Stonehenge was place where you would sacrifice kids in middle of circle. That is who, those satanist pedophiles wants to recover. With help of nazis who are transferring all our wealth to pagans. It is not even problem with satanists, but our traitors in our lines are even more dangerous. They are already full of hubris.

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