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46 thoughts on “OPUS 130 DNC has Repetition Compulsion!

  1. Chia Cha

    Andrew Yang seems to me most capable to understand that ideology is nothing else other then mathematical equations and formulas inside economics. Here every recreational marina have different ratio between soci@lism, feudalism and capitalism. In one place for your boat is inheritable (feudalism toward capitalism), in other it is not (real fedualism), but you cannot have more then one (soci@lism), in third you can sell it for higher price (capitalism), in other you can only for price regulated by marina (democratic soci@lism), in 4th it is only commercial free market (meaning super expensive and only for rich)… That is freedom. Of course all coast is owned by government, cannot be private. Thx God. Of course if you break rule, then it is slavery (you go to prison). Only traitorous anti-american idiot or russian and chinese spy can demand full capitalism.

    1. Chia Cha

      Italy is on good path, but still it must be unconditional. This in Italy can only be additional to UBI of Andrew Yang.

  2. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    When Democrats take control of the White House and Congress, this will be the American culture within 10 years. America is already half way there.

    Michelle Malkin at CPAC 2019: “Diversity is not our strength.”

    Ann Coulter in March 2018 “In 20 years, America will be South Africa.”

    1. Chia Cha

      Yes that is goal of democrats, but system is set that way that many whites will vote democrat because from democrats you at least get 1% of goodies stolen from whites by their white republican capitalists. Even price of all that is that video you showed. In market economy everything have own price. I would also vote democrat, any american workers earning median salary is already on cultural level of that video you showed so why protecting something inside market economy, which is not protected by market it self, already.

  3. Chia Cha

    She is actress BUT she was bartender, therefore Ocasio is talking from perspective which belongs to her, to her class, working class. Therefore is not liar nor actress, she is only sane person without personality disorders. She is as member of working class is defending own class interest. She is defending own identity. Therefore she is example how working class politician is much smarter then any other politician if helped by other smart working class workers. We here see how unified labour of many (given free to her) gives better results then when we have “individual independent politician” scared by capital and markets “invisible hand of markets”. I mean she is right. Reagan destroyed white working class for ever by using racism against black working class. We say it here, Reagan was watching soup while thrusting fork in meat. All politicians should be hetero workers (farmers) defined by such identity. Only such people cannot go against interest of state nor for them is normal to not serve military.

  4. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    Democrats Allow Communists to Infiltrate Their Party Across the Nation
    Epoch Times reporter, Gina Shakespeare
    FEBRUARY 27, 2019
    EXCERPT: โ€œDemocrats are allowing Communists to infiltrate their party across the nation. The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is infiltrating the Party across the country. Communists, some openly, some secretly, are working in Democratic campaigns holding Democratic Party leadership positions and even running for public office on the Democratic Party ballot line. The Communists are also pushing their policies inside the Democratic Party to the point that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the CPUSA programs and the Democratic Party program. Many comrades are working closely with influential Congress members or U.S. Senators. The CPUSA supports China, Cuba, Venezuela, and the Russian Communist Party—all enemies of the United States. The CPUSA still advocates for the overthrow of the capitalist class in this country, yet the Democrats do absolutely zilch to keep the Communists out of their Party. CPUSA infiltration of the Democratic Party is widespread and it affects every region where the Communists have a significant presence.

    1. Chia Cha

      When I was in 2015 in local communist party here, advocating for Russian tanks to intervene, to save us, to start civil war, and establish model of eastern Ukraine, (because for two months we had government advocating capitalism and freedom in healthcare and consumer choice) (prime minister of that government was possible some KGB capitalist agent). One older communist seeing how upset I was, he told me how he respects work of US democratic party, and that he thinks they are doing good job. He was right, you always needs to listen older people.

    2. Chia Cha

      And do not worry, communism and soci@lism to happen in US, that is impossible. If we are looking realistically, even Scandinavian countries are going more and more toward free market capitalism, every passing day. Without territorial military depth of USSR, this all what is happening in US, is nothing else then CIA story line, that they heard, us workers, and that they understand us, but right now, but somehow government decided democratically again that there are other more important things to do. In reality this what is happening are last days of any form of soci@lism existing anywhere. Their only goal in next months is more mexicans and return of pre-existing conditions in healthcare, something they could return if they import enough of mexicans as way of abolishing last non-market obstacle they have: white americans.

    3. Chia Cha

      Sooner we would see nuclear war between India and Pakistan then capitalists not continuing Reagan reforms. System is joking with us with this “rise” of soci@lists. CIA is as good lap dog is trying to get one crumb more from capitalists hoping they are still needed by capitalists to be controllers able to control communists and soc@lists, even communsits and all soci@list from fall USSR do not exist at all. Fear by CIA is that with constant privatization of government and with reduction of size of government CIA will lose their budget so they are producing fake scarce, officially as needed way to constantly delay rebellion of former middle classes, even control is 100% unnecessary. In capitalism rebellions are impossible because to organize rebellion you need money, and only country with factories/middle class had some extra capital to organize rebellion, and that extra capital do not exist any more because middle class is abolished. Communists and soci@lists scare is like talking how there is danger of horse carriages replacing all cars on street. Yes horse carriages are still used for transportation of tourists in capitalism but are horse carriages really danger able to replace cars, of course not. With abolishment and middle class, white people, genders and christianity (simply by abolishing factories), there is not more any non market group existing able to go against capital. Goal is also reduction of life span which is already being reduced for 4 years in row in USA (as capitalists banned factories).

      1. Chia Cha

        Also with abolished factories, base for communists and soci@lsits to start rebellion do not exist. Also after 1917 no capitalist will ever again invest in communist take over, because they saw how USSR went to become second economy on world, and they see China now. So they are not idiots. Also communists and soci@lists are intentionally polluted by atheist and g@y ideology, therefore control of capitalists is total, and no resistance is possible because even ideology is polluted. This all what we see today are just last gasps of KGB in US using last leftovers of capital middle consumer = working class had in cold war, trying to save it self by desperate attempt to centralize it self under control of CIA before total abolishment by capitalist sponges. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Chia Cha

    Italy is only country where some european social-democrats were able to save them self, save their country and enter in to right wing coalition (and form one party state as only possible direction for any state if they want to remain state) introduce some form of UBI at least, and stop direction toward capitalist g@y Reagan reforms. Therefore invest in own birthrates and stop racial CIA free market nazism happening in Germany and Sweden. And not go nazi way, as capitalist alternative way to introduce even stronger pro-market reforms in Sweden and Germany. Now Italy by joining silk road we could see first “Reagan – g@y Free county” closed borders, county on world, as nazis are also market g@y countries. Italy after Venezuela is also going communist. But problem is Suez canal, and Greece controlled by fake CIA Soros communists introducing even harder capitalist austerity measures, almost severe as one which would be done under Ocasio. Therefore how to connect Italy with Turkey, Russia and China if you do not control Greece. Because China have factories for now, and for now one party right wing social-democracy is allowed political alternative in China, China is only help if social-democrats enter collation with anti-globalist closed border right wingers. Something Trump by choosing Mike Pence refused to do. Mike Pence is Reagan.

    1. Chia Cha

      Only China can help US to close own borders, start investments in infrastructure and housing, help open factories and put own capitalists in order. Therefore to help start one party state where sick and insane proposals from both parties, would fall off for ever (post birth abortions, g@y rights, open borders in combination with republicans no minimum wage laws, return of pre-existing conditions and lowering of taxation on rich). Something capitalists like Mike Pence and Hillary Clinton would never do. American corporations have lousy ideology, using ideology where freedom = sick minorities of the world unite, approach. That game is over, no capital there any more. Change game or die. Apple will die compared to Huawei because of innovative Ideology of nazism is to invest money only in what is most profitable under price of not having capital anywhere else. Today america is unable to produce G5 device because for them to invest in any kind of standardization is insane as pure waste of money and ideologically that is also form of regulation. Trump will lose that war unless he fire Mike Pence and put Hillary and Obama in to prison (for following orders given to them by unconstitutional entities). Mike Pence is old capitalist bat. When US lose fight for G5, then we can expect Mike Pence starting nuclear war between India and Pakistan. Reagan reforms must continue under any price. And they will continue under any price.

      1. Chia Cha

        Us adopted european GSM standardization 25 years ago, only after EU made US to do it. Now EU is also corporate NAZI capitalist entity, today unable to do that because EU today EU is even more following capitalist Reagan ideology. Everything is conserved by Reagan and Mike Pence. Asking from US to produce G5 and win war is like asking nazi germany to copy soviet T-34 and win war. Mission impossible. Yes capitalists will talk about that, nazis even made mock of own T-34, but IT WILL NEVER be BUILT, NEVER. You would maybe get some new Tiger tank, at most, expensive, innovative, full of power and strength, high class, but produced in ten times lower numbers under control of private people, for too high price, AND YOU WILL LOSE WAR for EVER. Go to dust bin of history as losers like nazi germany. That was what this Paki-Hindu stand off was all about.

  6. Jason

    With the Apocalypse of Information upon us, in a society that does not read, but instead sleep walks in WiFi trance, now is golden opportunity for Revelation. I imagine how all the kitchen items are tossed into the air at the same time to fall back onto the table in a palatable and intriguing dinner for everyone to both marvel at and enjoy. People are used to being lied to now, and are quite jaded as a result. There is little to learn from previous generations as, well, look around, the world is a byproduct of them. Archaic labels and nomenclature that serve subdivisions and self-delusion while ignoring the underlying goals and drug/human trafficking. I don’t wake up having a beef with organized crime. I do have a problem when that organized crime is too stingy and brazen to protect it’s own neighborhoods from random street crimes. Considering the level of organized crime in America, there is no excuse for one hair on any little old lady’s head to be harmed anywhere, or at anytime. There is hope in my neck of the woods. Rumor had it three years ago that the FBI was closely monitoring a neighboring municipal police department (among other official groups). A few weeks ago, the Fire Department in that town got busted for being bottleneck for narcotics distribution to the gangs of illegals that control half of the streets. Soon after, they bust a state police officer who was manufacturing weapons from his home, and thus was the primary distributor of weapons to those same gangs. This officer was on a task force who often informed his gang customers of what when and where to avoid getting busted, while maneuvering competition and cowboys to the wood chipper. That my friends, is real progress. I pray that the college town right next to me is next. Those cops are even dirtier, and operate narcotics with impunity. I have lost many friends over the decades to heroin distributed and protected by local police. To serve and protect narcotics distribution should be their motto. There is hope.

  7. Chia Cha

    Finally, when ever economically situation is horrible = meaning when market is 100% functional = all those things you really like and need have are freely set to be valued my market = that means you live in poverty which would expand and expand = free market prices are total slavery = house where there is no crime and where there are jobs and other workers live = where you want to live, = have such price that you do not want to live there = always price is according to value = therefore you are always in totalitarian gulag (if you are worker) = there is no escape and freedom = and you always live there were you do not like to live… Of course that is why PRC is beating US like kid, because you cannot go and work to silicon valley, US system must go down, it cannot grow

    1. Chia Cha

      In China this gentleman is saying that local government is giving do kids free offices to start own start ups. And they do not care if kid is poor. Also city and provincial mayors are measured in measurable things and then ranked by party accordingly. How much they grow local economy, and they do not care about efficiency and waste when ever they want actually do something. When ever you put enough money in something, it will be done. That why money is for, something americans could learn.

  8. Chia Cha

    Romans were first to not cancel debts, oligarchy and rich were too powerful, and that is why Romans went in to dust bin of history for ever. Unlike Jews and Babylonians who were doing that. That is why Jews and Babylonians are existing even today. Michael Hudson is right.

    1. Chia Cha

      Budget proposal by Trump for 2020 is also austerity budget, therefore one with forbidden investments in to US economy, therefore one aiming to totally destroy US armed forces for US to get occupied by chinese forces under banner of UN and FEMA. And that is very dangerous for survival of US republic and american people (they could all end up in chinese organ vans or on heroin provided by aztec allies of chinese), which is anti-constitutional. Trump must change people he is surrounded with and must stop listening oligarchy, he have duty to protect US republic and ability of republic impose constitution over US territory. Seems to me Trump is controlled by mexican drug gangs ๐Ÿ˜€ I mean, of course, I hope Trump is just joking with this on border polices, cheap american workers and no investments polices. And he will put oligarchy in prison. Who knows maybe that is deal between american bankrupt captialist class and chinese communist party, that chinese communists will bail them out if they sell american people. So far seems that Trump is doing all that, if we look at budget proposal for 2020. Oligarchy do not want to invest in US economy = US armed forces. That is not allowed by anyone. Not even by captialists. All such must be killed together with their captialist rat families for even thinking that.

  9. Chia Cha

    I do not understand how can this be asked from Italy if US/EU capitalism is forbidding money printing, therefore only allowed money is one in private capitalist hands, and they only wants destruction of western militaries and destruction of NATO mobilization pool. US must allow Marshall plan, debt forgiveness and by doing that allow dollar to remain world reserve currency. I understand that US capitalists = US government wants total destruction of US armed forces and US dollar. And only China to have military, but that is against NATO, it is anti-soci@list, therefore demand is overruled. Sorry. Only China right now is allowing opportunity to be defended from China.

  10. Chia Cha

    Capitalists are unable to win any war against muslim males in middle east… They just like to slaughter american soldiers while american soldiers cannot be allowed touch any muslim male. Muslim males and mexican males are saints for capitalists. How much money american capitalists are giving to saudis, something americans capitalists would never do to any family member of american soldiers. For american capitalists it is of utmost importance that chinese and muslims have more money and then americans. American capitalists never wants to share any plunder with american soldiers. That is essence of capitalism. No sharing, while pie (whole economy) is getting smaller and smaller. They want smaller pie so they get bigger share of pie more easily.

    1. Chia Cha

      We see here how american capitalists are getting wet on news they are planning that India in 10 years become bigger economy then US, how their banks are enjoying rise of their world investments. For them rise, no matter where is most important thing. Imagine they are planning to grow their pagan rats on expense of american army. And to breed mexicans from both sides of border also muslim males. Always to breed middle eastern males. Those are their saints. While Trump have only two worries, how to import more indians and mexicans to lower wages of americans more and to stop infrastructure bill (soci@lism).

  11. Chia Cha

    All this does not mean that Italy should not be destroyed for siding with China by US. You do not go against own country, and you go against foreign country, even if your country is ruled by traitorous capitalists destroying your country, like how US is being destroyed by american capitalists right now.

  12. Chia Cha

    Daniel Estulin prepares for civil war in USA and like me praises chinese social credit system, attacked savagely by Soros. It is pity he serves orthodox non western civilization. He is very smart, he so beautifully described chinese social credit system, but I said it even better then him, social credit system is more just system then american market credit system. In chinese system good person without money have more social credits then rich evil criminal inbred satanic pedophile. Of course that liberal capitalist satanists like Soros are against that. He talked about their credit system using 3 brains, he made it to explain to to western people in 3 last minutes before end of show for westerns to get it what sucks in their system politely. Genius, but still he is orthodox russian.

    1. Chia Cha

      I am always right, my enemies, pagan national-soci@lists and me as judeo-christian soci@list, we all are siding slowly but steadily with Andrew Yang over Trump. Trump is becoming very fast nothing burger for working people. While Yang will give 1000$ to everyone. Civilization is based on thing we can agree we can measure (numbers) not on empty FOX news emotions. Capitalism and republicanism is like empty hamburger without bread. Give us our bread today. Not tomorrow.

      1. Chia Cha

        Jews siding with capitalism therefore with destruction of peoples cultures, destruction of peoples religions and with atheisation, open borders and ESPECIALLY siding with republican nothing burgers of g@y Reagan boys, and especially now with economical austerity capitalist empty burger – Trump and his corporate nazi importation, will makes Jews really foreign body inside US. Mid eastern muslims, any east asian, any foreign black muslims will be seen more american then Trump and american Jews. Only UBI, and removal of Trump can stop white death. Trump, individualists, all conservatives, constitutionalists are right now biggest enemy of all young people and white people. We need Andrew Yang.

  13. Chia Cha

    This Jewish comrade understood problem, he helped his fellow human beings and was cherished among us, comrades. He was inventor of decency in US small towns, we called in cold war, US consumer middle class, heck capitalists were even supporting crosses in workers homes back then. But then came evil spirit in face of 1968 and destroyed everything. We call that female rights. Something capitalists invented. I remember captialists were promoting females to smoke on TVs even in 1950es. Evil capitalists. This is knight of real americanism. Without him americans would not be able to sustain attack capitalists were preparing. New investments are needed in to decency. He went to heaven.

  14. Chia Cha

    For me there is nothing more beautiful then seeing westerner banks giving money to muslims and their eastern-orthodox slaves on expense of of own working class, and own civilization and then getting stabbed by them on regular base, every each of day. Investments in muslims, investments in chinese, investments in russian orthodox, investmetns in hindus, investments in serbs, investments in greeks, investments in souther italians (arabs), always investmetns without just colonizing them and destroying their pagan satanic reactionary cultures for ever. Put them in reservations then invest in them. Those pagan cultures are not free, nor they can be free, they can be free only if helped under control and under cultural-religious management (total westernization). Kill that bishop in Constantinople for again siding with KGB. We and Bulgarians could split Serbia in two days if Bulgaria would accept talks with Pope Benedict. This south american idiot pope should go, so normal Pope can finish talks with normal people. Bulgarians were always against Serbs and evil French atheist soci@lists. But capitalists will agin support Serbs and Turks and atheist french barbarians.

    1. Chia Cha

      Polish troops also, and western Ukraine troops could help liberate by serbs occupied Vojvodina (second Kosovo case) and help Bulgarian and Croatian troops carving Serbia on Bulgarian path to become part of modern civilized nations. We cannot count of germans and french barbarian atheists any more. Germans and french atheists barbarians are not yet westernized enough. This action would cement 3 seas initiative and help Romania to feel free from russian and turkish/gypsy/crimea mongol-chinese terror. Build base, invest in core. No one can respect power destroying own core. Such are are against all kids and everyone hates them.

  15. Chia Cha

    Ocasio is there to destroy everything starting is S. For Soros. With racial identitarianism Another FOX-Jewish open border, brown racist nazi/muslim supremacist capitalist g@y feminist Wall Street Hillary implant. Capitalist system is impossible to be changed. Any change is impossible. Andrew Yang seems again like non-obama change. Jews are too scared to be leaders in anything any more. Bernie was against Koch open border policies as he said, and now he is talking that white people do not know how it is too be poor.

  16. Chia Cha

    Capitalism is destroying islam very well in Gulf countries, I give that, but islam when imported on west, they become impregnable cells ready to take west in next generation all fed by welfare now banned to whites with Trump. Trump wants more mexicans on welfare and less whites on welfare. Simply because mexican kids cannot be pressured to work. So Trump is planning to pressure white single mothers to work to continue getting welfare, so white mother must accept 7,25$ dollar job so that mother can pay mexican nanny 9$ per hour while she works. Capitalism at finest. Now imagine having 49 muslims alive in such small country like New Zealand alive. I do not see Trump saying mothers will be able to stay home because they already works. Pressuring whites to work for 7,25$ is nothing else then support of white death.

    1. Chia Cha

      Trump is wrong when he says he is not racist, he is racist in way how market tells him. Therefore he does not understand that he is anti-white racist. Trump cannot obviously understand effects markets has.. Or he is idiot or he does not care, or he is enjoying. Trump still thinks that by supporting, more, economy like we have now (liberal-Clinton-Bush economy), that then will happen what, trickle down. Is he idiot, more money in hands of company owners only means less money in hands of workers and US ARMY. IS HE TOTAL IDIOT. IF PRIVATE SECTOR HAVE MORE MONEY THEN 1% POLITICALLY IS STRONGER AS SECTOR TO DO WHAT THEY WANT MORE AND THAT IS POLITICALLY BE STRONG ENOUGH TO LOWER SALARIES MORE WITHOUT WORKERS TO REBEL. THAT IS GOAL OF THEIR SECTOR. GIVE MONEY DIRECTLY TO PEOPLE and put them obligation to spend what they get in same month.

  17. Chia Cha

    Can we impeach this anti-jewish Israeli NAZI implant from white house and go right away to elections and get Andrew Yang? Two years of this capitalist ISRAHELL nightmare would be way too much, we cannot have this. American NAZIS are right 100%, I love this meme in 12:08 where Trump is washing IsraHELL with money while killing whites, and where Yang is washing with money whites while not giving it to ISRAHELL. Estulin russian spy he wants some black nobility and vatican stingy morons to create capitalist latin america of america. RIGHT WING. economics… Arrrggghhh, free money BAD, ISRAHELL GOOD… Being smart obviously does not makes you to not be agent of foreign power. Dr. P is only reason why we cannot allow all Jews to get killed just because of ISRAHELL. Dr. P understands very well. Dr. P is expert for both; animals on 4 and 2 legs. As only way for expert to be expert. Dr. P. is even good person, he is even trying to have mercy for ISRAHELL in hope they would finally get it. Something I as non Jew, do not have enough time, focus nor expertise.

  18. Chia Cha

    Bodybuilders, nazis, whites for Yang. Of course Pelosi will put Biden or some candidate who will want work of affordability (more choice) in health care for Trump to win again. And that is it. Program continues. I mean they always comes with some candidate you will hope, until you die and they put your kid in FEMA camp with one hit in to back of head. Possibly solider will have David star. People must understand capitalism. You cannot allow someone to be richer then you. It does not work.

    1. Jason

      The DNC is irrelevant. Republicans must be recycled constantly for the foreseeable future. As for Yang, he is fake, as he lacks any traces of yin. That tells me he is cardboard cutout.

      1. Chia Cha

        In a way I am very very happy because I see that this without deep censorship this will not be able to go on. And that is wonderful, because that means market economy is finished. ๐Ÿ˜€ I win no matter what. I mean look this video. His channel will not be able to go on. Therefore we can return knights, earls, esquires… I am very glad, it is easier to kiss pink ring of earl then work in McDonalds.

        1. Jason

          A great many things are finished, although they don’t know it yet. Paradigms shift like the wind. The truth will set us free.

      2. Jason

        As for the boys on, I think they are banking on Yang bringing in even cheaper knockoff steroids and growth hormone from China. That 1000 dollars will then boost them into bankrolling their own steroid distribution networks. You can’t escape capitalism Chia, especially when you can’t help but think like one. It’s all in the head. Besides, can we really take seriously males who define their manhood by weight gain on a scale and derive it from a bottle? Those guys are clowns.

        1. Chia Cha

          I think you are right, I should focus, I have find proper agency for my solution. They built Facebook. I just hope they are not still Hillary/Bush cadre there. But you know it is very good for business and innovation to keep side of common working people. Because when ever you start to think you are somehow above common man, then innovation is gone, and you are no longer expert. Puff, nothing there any more.

          1. Jason

            Build a proper team around you Chia, and always track the down side of events as they unfold. Get a good lawyer. Trust no one. Record your interactions with certain types of people where it is feasible. Beware of infiltrators and saboteurs. Good luck with DARPA. You are wise to side with the common working man. Forget coordinates, feed the field strength of the universe. It will revitalize you in turn. When God seeks seed for new venture, in new time and space, you might be one of the lucky ones to be redeemed as archetype character of new story. Others may not be so lucky. The ultimate power always begins with the impossibly tiny amongst us. Obviously, they have the most upside.

          2. Chia Cha

            I will do as you tell me. Btw. it is of utmost importance that we do not allow deflation and overcapacity of PRC to be our end. That is defeatism. Especially because It would unnecessary end, just because of few mathematical formulas. Especially because I created such nice capitalist mathematical boomerang from them. President Trump will love it, I promise. ๐Ÿ˜€

          3. Jason

            I understand. Good luck.

  19. Chia Cha

    Best meme. Trump is this economy on left part of picture (ISRAHELL) and Yang is economy on right of picture (USA). You cannot expect rich person to care about interest of US armed forces. That is impossible.

    1. Jason

      I think you mean Isis, Ra and El. As a Holy Trinity, how does that align with Christian Holy Trinity. You have 2 dimensional image of spinning cube. 3 dancing sine waves that bind sphere to toroid, toroid to sphere. The song remains the same in the religion of usury. Older than Babylon, older than Sumer, etc. etc.

      1. Chia Cha

        You were right that we are living in zionist vs. nazi model off expensing our self. As only possible tool off expressing our self, for others to understand us. But so far I came to conclusion that there are two groups of people, those good one who do understand they will also die (therefore those civilized and above animals therefore those who follow Bible), and all those others who think they somehow not die. Yes people in several thousand years will remember Hitler, maybe Napoleon, but Hitler or Napoleon now, as dead, they really do not care right now do we think about them or not. That is 1st step toward liberation from fear.

        1. Jason

          All 7 deadly sins begin with fear. You are so right about those under delusion of somehow avoiding death. Clearly, that fear is what drives their machinations, their self-destruction. A proper hell for Rothschild would be to install his consciousness in your new AI investment banking App, so that he could live forever, just how he dreamt it, serving out eternity as immortal banker serving the public good without the usury. God is lover of ironic demolition. It is the path to wisdom I think. I envision parables for the children to be taught when the full truth of a great many things comes to light. People are starving for truth that is sharable with complete strangers. There is hope.

  20. Chia Cha

    I mean it is obvious, people like me, therefore right wing not-anti-christian anti-pro-pagan soci@lists are ONLY enemies of system. Capitalist system of Alex Jones is trying to protect pillage of west under any possible way. At my group is becoming to be recognized to exist. That is why they are promoting anti-christian “right” wing NAZI soci@lists so no Christian can support them to never come on power. They always support and pay those who cannot rule and unite people. Typical capitalist way for minority to rule.

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