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31 thoughts on “OPUS 124 – Vatican’s Dirty Closet!

  1. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    The Pope is definitely “the fox in the hen house.” Pope Francis is a communist. He is being blackmailed, but is evil. Catholicism was co-opted for centuries by evil popes, bishops, and priests. This goes back centuries. But today, the Pope is actually in bed with (pardon the pun) Satanists, muslims, and communists. These are truly evil people.

    Catholicism, itself, is not bad, rather it has been infiltrated and permeated by evil men of the cloth.
    How Communism Subverted the Church

    1. Chia Cha

      I am sorry, what is wrong with communism. One Catholic said that USSR was model of highest achieved equality among people. Therefore USSR is model on which we can build future. There was not soviet citizen paid like filipino existing, while today you have many americans paid like filipino existing. That is bad, Filipino as catholics should demand more.
      Only way Argentina to show they want justice is to adopt reforms of Norway and Denmark, meaning jobs as salaries not regulated by capitalist state or markets but by labour unions (all jobs), plus 30% of house units owned by public and outside markets. I think that is faster way how to achieve justice in Argentina that Popes diarrhoea about muslims. Pope is f… up because he is political only about things benefiting capitalists (muslim importation). Pope can be Pope only if Italy would be occupied by Chinese or Soviet troops, otherwise he is just another useless capitalist f….

    2. Chia Cha

      Communist serving your capitalists is capitalist. All our services were unable to produce such godless f….s like capitalists are. All Christian Churches under capitalists states are promoting satanism by not telling people about satanic nature of markets. Especially today not attacking representative democracies, even they are worse kind system existing. Just look France and their poverty. Imagine having some morons enacting laws in your name allowed to exist, even we can vote using our mobile phones every day.

      1. Chia Cha

        You can log in to your bank account with your mobile phone and transfer all money to who ever you like, but you cannot vote about laws under which you are going to live. For that markets will decide (capitalists paying money to presidents of political parties for them to be able to have enough money to invest in to election campaigns as only way how to get elected in capitalism). Imagine how US constitutional judges and experts are stupid and uneducated (result of capitalist schools) that not even communist one among them are saying that US political system is not constitutional because for US system to be constitutional you cannot have markets (markets are representation of will of market share owners – rich capitalist minority) buying limited communication channels under which people are deciding about electing or not electing someone. But we do not have to worry, Peter Schiff is telling us that republic is there to protect us from democracy. For instance americans are not in rebellion because they are still living in illusion created by cold war economy until 1979. And in illusion that they will one day be those who will by work be able to accumulate enough to live of rents (work of others – not working) (doctors excluded as workers existing only for propaganda reasons). Even system of rents cannot be spreader. Sad thing that whole EU as american project is that EU is becoming more and more like US, where you have rich rentiers (legal criminals), rich doctors for propaganda reasons, few rich highest military officers and politicians, and mass of rich immigrant (illegal) criminals and that is it. Everyone else is poor slave unable to move for 10 days. In capitalism as worker you do not have legal right on movement, because you work, you do not have right to move even when you do not work because you do not have money then. Unless you have inherited source of rents. Then you have freedom of movement. If you have two extra homes in SF bay area and passport of Israel so you can go to Israel for treatment when you get sick or old, and no kids, then there is no better system then USA. If you do not have inherited rental incomes and you are not doctor then for you is to wish to live in USSR. People in capitalism are very unrealistic about their position in society. They mostly are despised overworked socially excluded bums. Of course alcohol and drugs are there to help support that illusion even more. Middle class is non existent in US and EU. (Switzerland is not in EU).

  2. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    Thank you, again, Dr. Pieczenik, for telling the harsh and unwelcome truth.

  3. Chia Cha

    Finally Catholics on Haiti are starting to get it. But they are asking wrong guys, they must demand only Chinese, Venezuelan and Cuban troops, not Russian. Because US ambassador there is stopping all reforms toward soci@lism of Norway and Denmark people must rebel. Problem is that not everyone is rebelling in same time. Right now both Americas are so impoverished by US economic model (so many people are impoverished trying to become immigrants) that new frontier for US is Arizona and San Diego. US is holding it self only in South Korea where Reagan economic reforms and democratization started latest all other US colonies are in rebellion. We see here that Mexico with new communist president is supporting Maduro and people do forget that Mexico had member status in COMECON. People must star rebelling.

    1. Chia Cha

      This gives me hope, Haiti rebellion together with civil war in Venezuela, combined with open provocation of Cubans toward US so US capitalist reaction must intervene. Mexican drug lords should become new FARC. And south africa and China should support attack by Argentina on Falklands. French Guyana under yellow vests must proclaim communist republic. Albania and Kosovo under control of Albanian mafia under control of KGB (created by KGB), should join Chinese investments. Greeks must start rebelling against sefardic capitalist Jew Cipras for continuing pro-capitalist EU reforms. KGB controlled Kurds should attack american Kurds. Rebellion should start in Indonesian occupied provinces combined with PLO/FARC elements. Much can be done to teach americans lessons about dangers of not having own middle class allowed any more. Most funny is that capitalists think they won. Red shirts starting again in Thailand. Rebellion of PLO in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan demanding relative of Saddam Hussein back on power in Iraq. PLO chemical attack in Singapore. Chinese abolishment of democracy in Macao and Hong Kong. North Korean provocation starting. Algeria sending troops to Libyan desert connecting with Egypt. How stupid you must be to not lick communist boots of AOC, and honestly enjoy it.

  4. Chia Cha

    Good, Bill Gates is right, he joined politburo, he is right, he is sane. He is lost son. Good job. Inspection commission is glad. I recommend comrade Bill to go up in promotion. Rents are biggest problem distorting market value of things. Rent is negation of work. Comrade Bill is on higher level of development. He is part of digital economy which is producing. I am glad here when our IRS enters private company, officer is only looking do you have legal copies of Microsoft and Adobe, about others they do not care even when you show them. And that is how it should be, right to collect rents are not for everyone.

  5. MITMichael

    Gore Vidal should have become a Priest.

    1. Chia Cha

      Well he was smarter then this pope.

  6. Chia Cha

    Ha ha, like I said, soon, only real friends to USA on world will be Croatia and Serbia. All others are thinking they can grab some piece of something, even Italy, now, with own national fascists, yes there are crazy Polish, Baltic countries and Ukraine, but sadly they went too much in to Reagan’s capitalism to not be controlled by KGB/Merkel nationalistic wings of Moscow’s communist parties. KGB. All nationalistic wings of communists parties in eastern Europe, even east Germany are Gestapo/Stasi/KGB Moscow’s communist party. Heck here Tito’s party nationalistic wings are also here controlled by KGB. All nationalists are controlled by KGB and Moscow. Not controlled by Moscow are only Tito’s internationalists controlled by Washington, but in Washington orders to are to follow economic policies of Moscow while only internationalism allowed is one to support others communist nationalistic wings which stinks. I am internationalists because I hate all other nations other then american and mine, I hate them so much I want them all to be gone while only my existing.

    1. Chia Cha

      Albanian national mafia was also created by KGB in Zagreb. And now americans wants Chinese to let them build capitalism in Albania. CIA is blind in own defeatism supporting capitalism and Reagan reforms under direct orders by own capitalists, supporting Reagan reforms under any price… Totally anti-american. Reagan reforms are totally against doctrine by Willson under which every non-american nation bigger then Delaware must be carved up as only sane policy, all other policies are pure ideology. Italy also must be carved up, they are again threatening to take our coast, supported by capitalist satanic fascist muslim Pope. Alex Jones is also capitalist traitor, he says that future of Texas are Mexicans. He is saying that Ukraine belongs to Russia. Capitalist think that all social processes are natural, and that regional powers are also natural. That other empires are also natural therefore Wilson doctrine is not needed, as long as we all are capitalists. Totally left wing. Every capitalist is left wing.

  7. Chia Cha

    American capitalists must be smart again, game they are playing now everyone is playing. America was envy of the world only because of own middle class, and because of that america was able to sell to others that they must do Reagan reforms if they want to become like America. And everyone believed. Now all people around world would think twice on who they would rather shoot, on incoming Russian or incoming American, first. Warren reforms are those needed reforms. Proper capitalist instinct of big capitalist must be to destroy competitor by destroying internationally and nationally, while they are small, young, but fully filled with blood, therefore just in time. Small one who grows big is one who is most evil. So he must be squeezed hard for sweet to come out, and for best among them to survive, to maybe join those on top. Otherwise is like letting everyone pass West Point. Ask Eisenhower is that good. This lady have some smart people writing her laws. I think they are not of Soros.

  8. Chia Cha

    We see here how evil german capitalist and evil KGB news site attacks president Trump and his beautiful daughter. Merkel is explaining to Reagan Clinton idiots that it is perfectly natural for capitalism do decide that USA should become Mexico while Russia and Germany US, and that US should accept that because that is what market forces which are natural and always right, wants. And that that is beautiful. While all those little petty brown 3rd world capitalist rats in room, those able to pay air ticket, and visa, are clapping praising invisible hand of markets, Ron Paul, Misses institute, and main sponsor of conference, communist party or Russia. And they all in room think that they are right because markets are right. All that while so little is needed to put all those rats to sleep, just one, by government owned and run sanitary inspection, still defunded by lady Reagan.

  9. Chia Cha

    Everything hierarchical is against material dignity and social inclusion of workers in to legal and cultural society. It just cannot work.

    1. Chia Cha

      In USA organized workers strikes are impossible because smart capitalists removed factories to China on time. So now everyone is capitalist in US. Only problem are those american teachers striking, obviously they were not yet penetrated by mexican healthy imported competition and deregulation. Therefore USA must protected it self from demand set by evil american workers attacking business freedoms of illegal mexican kebab owners and drug pushers.

  10. Camus

    “There is no heresy or no philosophy which is so abhorrent to the church as a human being.”

    James Joyce

  11. Chia Cha

    America is there to be reduced by rich on to level of indonesia with mexican as official. America is that vehicle which will pay all bills of building up of that new regional global order set by: “rich of the world unite”, because americans are best trained to respect rich and will never confiscate assets of rich people.

    1. Chia Cha

      Regional order is needed if americans would dare to demand middle class again, so american block can be peacefully dumped by rich as example how you cannot go against will of market forces, and for China and Russia blocks to send army under banner of UN to help reduce rebellion by english speaking racists. Global rich cannot allow to depend on one entity like US because than they must build middle class in that area which is ideological fallacy for every rich. Employers of the world UNITE. Beside US army would never start killing american workers rebelling against low salaries, but mexican and chiese private armies gladly would. Whites are best to pay for that projects because whites really believe in property rights of rich people therefore it is impossible for whites to not fund this new regional NWO. Whits believes anything ideology you tells them.

  12. Chia Cha

    Any kind of voting without AR-15 cannot save your capitalism guy. Yes, capitalism can work if you do not have immigration, legal especially (meaning high wages). And for that you need to have armed people on borders. Which makes people lazy to organize them self to protect their border alone without and without will to enact aboslute monarchy, to suffer in poverty and decay. And their kids to be raped by mexican right wing hordes and their capitalist right wing representatives called Ocasio installed by capitalist for you to accept your new replacement as only thing which would pass from her proposals. American propaganda is stupid and made for stupid people, but it works.

  13. Chia Cha

    S. Durban is praised by right wing media for attacking Ocasio.

    1. Chia Cha

      He is biggest proponent of no border policies toward Mexico, and biggest Anti-Trump politician. Celebrated only when he is attacking Ocasio only on those polices which are not n.
      no border. Therefore we see what will be center of moderation and compromise all american media (right wing) owners wants.

  14. Chia Cha

    American patriots in comments against their last chance in history to have more kids. I mean in few years your wombs of your conservative women are becoming too old, and that is irreversible dear flowers. Trying saving irreversible is something I will stop. Property rights destroyed you for ever, and you will not even know it.

    1. Chia Cha

      Now I can build successful show on some of chinese YT channels havning 1st hand experience how stupid american propaganda works best (propaganda always goes against domestic idiots), explaining dangers of rich people, their property rights, free markets and economic liberties. I will chose chinese social networks because they are now only one where you can still say truth (attack rich capitalists like Adelson’s FOX news Levin show which destroyed united state america for ever, cheap labour brown muslim and mexican imports, while without getting banned for being anti-semitic and against ISRAHELL and without having to become NAZI my self on GAB)… RED STAR = FREEDOM STAR.

      1. Chia Cha

        All Jews will suffer indiscriminately for this TV-channel existing, once again. Look how those evil Jews lie on street american people. Holocaust will not be needed and Jews off today will just be switched off the grid, like whole Israel will, and they will all starve. Chinese social credit score will just ban jews from buying food, no matter what their nazis in nazi Facebook and nazi youtube are trying to do. Chinese social credit system is arsenal of democracy going against market nazi totalitarianism, only creation where unlucky good people have more money and bad lucky people less money. They just have to change those eagles and white stars with David Stars and those candles for show to be full. They never attack her for no border policies.

  15. Chia Cha

    Every advocate of welfare state and middle class around world is silently hoping for s@it to hit fan in Venezuela. Every one of us deep below wants to punish US for free market reforms done under Reagan. We all want to see catholic grannies and kids lying dead on street because for our cause that would mean that Trump cannot stand welfare state and free housing in open. We hope that Idiot bashing soci@lism do that. Obviously he cannot understand that you cannot bomb or cause civil war in catholic country which did not do same to another catholic country few days before. That would be total disqualification of US as western country and China would become future of economic catholicism. Problem more is that whole Trump’s family have former catholic and catholic heritage while loving capitalism, serving rich atheist jew and protestants. Combination destined for failure.

    1. Chia Cha

      Trump and Bolton should attack Iran, not Venezuela, but out of weakness and ideological fear, and capitalist policy of bankers regional blocks, they want to attack Venezuela only because Venezuela wants to have welfare state, one allowed to pagan Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries while not to Venezuela. Jeb Bush policies of keeping South America poor while Saudis rich because South America is Christian, and for capitalist elite in US to have reserve continent in case of nuclear war, well those are reasons… But that will just make resistance stronger in south america, not weaker in case of WW3. Maduro is asking what is casus belli? And there is not even one. Bomb Iran not Venezuela. Abolish welfare states in gulf not in Venezuela and allow monarchies in south america not in Gulf. If you are not lefty anti-crusaders pagans. US is totally useless for western civilization. US is becoming drag on West with this anti-soci@list insanity and nazi corporate competitive model unable to even produce G5.

  16. Chia Cha

    Ha ha ha, any kind of change is impossible in capitalism, any kind, capitalism = 100% most conserved fascism, conserving it self faster and harder then even Aztecs were able to do. Former working class of France, mostly whites, meaning yellow vests, after they spent last resources they had from time of cold war, all of them are gone for ever. All cities will be brown speaking muslims Cleveland’s and Buffalo’s, all industry will be banned by Ocasio, capitalism will rule for ever and humans will degenrate on level of feminized cancer prone animals. Only sport in town would be to go to San Francisco to try play lotto and guess which cancer you will insure out of them 500, to be able to treat your self with proper anti-cancer treatment at Mike Pence’s health care provider if you guess right. Freedom of choice.

    1. Chia Cha

      FOX news will have cloned Hannities with David Stars on forehead, while his eyes will be in blue red and white colors representing AMERIKKKA and on wall street main companies will be those guessing which cancer to insure out of 500. All this is last gasp of dying cold war generation. Hannity is future. When they remove Maduro, and Castro it is over. Ron Paul won for ever. Market terrorists and pirates won. Haiti is future. Chinese must nuke Vladivostok from direction of North Korea, and apologize and say that it was mistake. It is now or never. We cannot become GMO, feminized, cancer prone, CNN&FOX market animals.

      1. Chia Cha

        Capitalists established their total rule, no unemployed, while salaries are not moving up at all. They won, they have total control over interest of every individual without extra capital, no matter what, only interest of markets is what is manifested in all aspects of society. Now after that moron Ocasio is ditched, bending humans toward animals can start as final end of human intelligence on this planet. In government schools in curriculum here, g@ys and pedophiles writing our liberal capitalist curriculum are saying that only goal of education is to make kids confection serving will of markets. One noble gentleman explained me my experience I had with one nice american girl while I was holding door for her while she was entering store here, I told how I was amazed by nice smile she had, and he explained me that I got one dollar smile, as she have put on dollar in brain giving me short one dollar smile, not less not one cent more. She counted she is earning one dollars. That is totalitarian fascism.

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