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5 thoughts on “OPUS 123 RAW Holocaust Hucksters and their False History!

  1. Chia Cha

    I am appalled how many Jews are so stupid because of greed. Those stupid Jews will never say Christians were biggest victims of NAZIS, they would hide it even that is main reason for us Christians to be against NAZIS. Some Jews are so full of hubris, and greed that they think that we Christians should be against NAZIS because NAZIS were against Jews not because NAZIS were against us. Of course in cooperation with our capitalist fascist states in which we Christians are all living on, which all are forbidding to teach us in schools that NAZIS were killing Christians and whites mostly so our capitalist states can start going toward NAZISM easily. Many Jews must stop supporting and protecting NAZIS or they will get hurt. Capitalists will invest once again in to NAZIS, because NAZI army was very good investment by looking return of investment. It was very economically effective army. Going all the way till Moscow. Now some would say why should capitalists risk and pay Hitler to start war, what if he win and kill those capitalists who invested in to him, He fooled them well by attacking Poland after signing non-aggression pact with Stalin (other passing). Capitalists thought Hitler would go on south against communism. Well that is that agency problem. Capitalists cannot operate alone, because then there is not profit, and no risk, no profit. Therefore there had to be real risk existing for profit to be real. But it was controlled risk, because english controlled Hitler all the time. He was under total control. We live in profit based society. Capitalists are not communists. I mean I am not ideological to not admit and say that war profit is enterprise and for soci@list, feudal and slave societies And that only societies without temple accumulation are not going in to imperial campaigns as only economic activity able to create new added wealth. Taking from others by him wanting to kill you doing that, is only real profit.

  2. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    I so honor you telling the unwelcome, harsh truth about the Holocaust. I have a friend who is from the Safavid royalty family of Persia, and his male family members were murdered in the 1979 Iranian Revolution. My friend was protected by being sent to America. My friend has told me some of this history that Dr. Pieczenik is telling. Persians are Aryans, not Arabs. Persian people are collectively a very intelligent, wise, tolerant people, and are responsible for many achievements throughout the centuries. And Cyrus the Great protected the Jews.

    Thank God someone has the courage to tell the truth. God bless you, Dr. Pieczenik.

  3. Camus

    “Do not conceal.” Deuteronomy 13:10

  4. Camus

    Politics says, “Be ye wise as serpents”; morality adds, as a limiting condition, “and guileless as doves.” If these two injunctions are incompatible in a single command, then politics and morality are really in conflict; but if these two qualities ought always to be united, the thought of contrariety is absurd, and the question as to how the conflict between morals and politics is to be resolved cannot even be posed as a problem. Although the proposition, “Honesty is the best policy,” implies a theory which practice unfortunately often refutes, the equally theoretical “Honesty is better than any policy” is beyond refutation and is indeed the indispensable condition of policy.
    Immanuel Kant

    From: Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch (1795) Appendix I: On the Opposition Between Morality and Politics with Respect to Perpetual Peace

  5. Youtube pulled your video. Can you put it on your site?

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