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32 thoughts on “OPUS 122 Truth Hurts No Apologies!

  1. Chia Cha

    Maybe Jews should let Israel down the toilet and rebuild Khazaria. Israel is drag for Jews, position of Israel is of no interest for Jews. We in east Europe from Adriatic and baltic till caspian sea could use some expertise from Jews. Isreal is somehow too nationalistic and too muslim. That is not so great for business.

    1. Chia Cha

      Ocasio could end up like MLK, very soon.

      1. Chia Cha

        Right wing media is really worried for democrats these day about democrats losing next election unless democrats do not continue economic policies of Hillary.

        1. Chia Cha

          Ask any small business owner, or economic right wing media outlet owner, they would rather see cloned Hillary Clintons as presidents for next 2000 years, beating Trump in 2020, then Ocasio around for more then 30 days more.

          1. Chia Cha

            Caring economic right wingers. They just like to share. They would give what they like most (president Trump) just so they as real americans could help co-patriot like Hillary, Chuck, Cuomo, Pelosi, Maxine in trouble, even they are such fierce opponents. They reminds of love Nancy Reagan eyes had while talking about pre-existing conditions. They are real Christians, they give what they like most.

          2. Chia Cha

            Ted Nugent could make one song for Eagle Hillary, or going on stage with Commancho rancher Cuomo under banner of Planned P. while singing to Pelosi and Chuck in Maddison Square garden, praising liberal capitalism of Hillary and other moderates. Alex Jones and company are last bastions of support for Hillary Clinton & John McCain economic policies and other degenerates. Economy is what matter. If it moves same it is same. It is about economy, you stupid. Duck is duck if it quacks same like duck. Alex Jones should return chip from his head, just how McCain had to do before his termination. He is having old brain. Illiterate moron.

    2. Steve,
      I would love to talk to you – Skype video or privately. I suspect we have some friends in common – some of them deceased. Please contact me at:

      1. Mr. Still , I watch your channel all the time, just like Dr. Steve.

  2. Jason

    Testify Uncle Steve. There is iron in your words. Thank you. Much gratitude.

    1. Spirit of Pierre Boulle


  3. Chia Cha

    They say, why should you hate president Reagan. He was not even heteros@xual, he was 3rd grade actor, not 2nd grade, but 3rd grade, one who gets killed in standard saloon shooting somewhere behind piano in minute 22. He was so incapable, he did not understand anything about politics. Totally useless individual. in Gulag they would kill him for being nothing, lady with motor oil in hair, killed by guards for not even able to do mistake. He would be good only to go defecate in to that hole they had in centre of every gulag cell, as he would be very tidy like any other not heteros@xu@l is, going with purse on hole. G@y rights must be respected for them to stop marrying girls. Hitler was platonic lover of Reagan. Did Nancy knew?

    1. Chia Cha

      People in comments on Breitbart are starting to notice that Trump Jr. and Trump Sn. while attacking soci@lism have same free market capitalist policies like democrats have, wanting more of cheap workers (legal immigrants) to lower salaries even more. Even labour participation rate is around 60%. That is evidence that economy is only what matters, and that everything else is totally irrelevant. We as people must tend to talk in numbers, about numbers, because everything else is unmeasurable therefore it is place were Satan resides. Talking about religion, culture, sport, patriotism is for free time among bad friends while drunk. While in public let s talk why I have less money then you and why if that is necessary, is necessary. That is only way how to transform animal society in to human society.

  4. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    All my life, I have had a love affair with Truth, Beauty, and the Good. Not just as a means, nor as an end. Rather for their intrinsic holiness, their sacred nature, their sublime and enchanting wholeness. As Platonic Forms, they reside deep within the human psyche—perfectly, purely, absolutely—and project into the world, to gift humanity with their generous beneficence. It is like gazing upon the Beloved, or gazing upon the psychological, archetypal, spiritual, moral, and epistemological significance of Botticelli’s The Cestello Annunciation, as I have in Florence.

    When I hear Truth, see Beauty, and experience the Good, it makes me smile with joy. Thank you for making me smile, Dr. Pieczenik.

  5. Chia Cha

    We need UBI, yes in cities it will not work, but in rular areas it would be pure bingo. Trump must adopt this and tell Eric to calm down. Economy would grow 8%. Ocasio is right, people who are unwilling to work also must get UBI.

    1. Chia Cha

      Why I am against capitalism, because capitalism is soci@lism for rich and their invaders. For instance capitalist government would never never give such benefit to american white guy from Missouri trying to get coding job in silicon valley. They would rather import hindu or muslims from Bangladesh and pay him more as example. It is same story, how capitalists were giving disased blankets and alcohol to american indians. No wonder that person who’s house was taken by government was pro immigration advocate. Such with such extra home they do not need, they want higher prices and lower salaries so more slaves he can house to suck them. Now that greedy person will suffer. After WWII when we communists came on power, it was national sport entering rich homes and kicking them out. Only problem they were allowed to live and keep one or part of house. We did mistakes. Rich did not likes us even we were good. They always want more and more.

  6. Chia Cha

    I was telling this 5 years ago. I am always right, only dead private company owner is good company owner. In political process having private company owners alive means those little nazis will just make your country BIG NAZI country as reaction on multi-culti fraud done by those little nazis (entrepreneurs). Petit bourgeois are always path to nazism, they are foundation of every fascism. Every small business owner is fascist. They foot soldiers of fascism. I just hope americans will see that wealth and job creators are reason why their kids will have to be radiated in next nazi war, first against muslims and mexican and jewish invaders, then against russia and china. Just look what that fascist catholic church is doing with south america, keeping them on lower stage of development then muslims are, blessing little stingy job and wealth creators. Hitler was reaction how to make sure slaves for petit bourgeois can continue coming as highest stage of political capitalism. Every capitalism is fascism, every.

    1. Chia Cha

      Electronic soci@lism on level UN is future. Humanity must have nuclear holocaust so didactically notion that someone will have more then other can culturally be ditched for ever. Deformed babies getting born will be that needed reminder what does it mean to allow small business owner to exist (private profit maker for that matter). Of course that next civilization of electronic soci@lism will also fall down, because it will also be founded on lie, and some will be able to cheat it for personal group gains putting lies in system. And when that civilization go down after next few 1000 years, then we will be able to talk about real evolution. Therefore best for we can wish is get over it and start show, and take care to finish enough of small business owners/job creator genes in process.

      1. Chia Cha

        People must learn, one communist told me, you know right winers, they all are evil, they enjoy to bully weaker people plus other basic is that individual without given resources dies. The weaker they are the more they enjoy it. There is site upwork for freelancers and over there you can hire american freelancer for lower prices of filipino, even american freelancer’s attorney when needed by white gets costs 1000 times more then filipino, or cost of ability of white to breed. That is your future americans in capitalism. It is total genocide. Alex Jones must tell truth so he can protect capitalism as main tool of your extermination.

  7. Chia Cha

    US private entrepreneurs are destroying US dollar as reserve currency of the world. Which worker would accept piece of paper with eagle promising you higher costs of things you need (house, attorney, hood without mexicans for you kids, secured jobs and doctor) and lower costs of what rich wants (labour). There are not enough of those evil agents and traitors around willing to play that game rich wants. There cannot be enough of them, because societies able to produce such capitalist dollar agents (small business owners) in big numbers cannot survive as they get overrun by other societies stopping such criminals from breeding. Only option was to import them (kebab store owners) to rise their numbers on relative terms just on one territory, but such criminals are hard to be produced in enough quantities so they are dispersed. People do not tolerate criminals. Toilet paper can at least be used properly. Hey they are spending 20 000$ per those rapists, drug dealers and terrorist rapists on UNHCR credit cards issued to them to come and become small business owners. Definition of internationalist is homo and criminal. They are ideological global foot soldiers of ideology of private initiative. They are trying to conserve legal violence among little people in any possible manner. Entrepreneurs are conserving micro aggressors. Tell me honestly, would you like your kid to work for small business owner. Then how anyone can wish that for other peoples kids.

    1. Chia Cha

      Rich american capitalists would rather breed their little ideological criminals then rule the world and become even richer. They are scum of the world. Bill Gates now attacking AOC. After he destroyed VB6. AOC will end up like MLK then Mark Dice will be happy with smile. telling who kids must die when they play with matches. No you will die. 41 demands by yellow vests is exist from EU and NATO, practically out of private american non automated banking system.

      1. Chia Cha

        Look those private Titanic scum, Llyod Blankfein also attacking AOC. Titanic was also deregulated ship, missing legally needed sheets. That is why you will die, we will kill you, this is war you rich scum. Rats will eat your brain from you broken skull you while you lie on street run over by Micron police armored vehicle you scum. You did not invest in sheets enough you moron, you were too poor and stingy rich jewish scum. Now you are dead, your brain will end up like brain of McCain. Unadjusted stingy jews are the most stupid jews, no jew can tolerate such own petty greedy version not paying. Not paying is also against capitalism. He must die, he attacked AOC.

  8. Chia Cha

    It is good sign, that republicans are introducing paid leave for mothers. Well inside system where private accumulation of profits is allowed solution does not have to be reforms more toward soci@lism. Path toward more of capitalism can also work. Reforms done by soviet communists in 1988. are also option. Meaning total free markets, deregulation, slashing of SS, medicare, medicaid, hike of FED rates, collapse of economy, total destruction of domestic supply goods manufacturing, population lose of 60% (combined fall of population, mass death of elderly and lose of one 3rd of US territory), plus decommission of navy and giving primacy to China. Going from position one to position 10 somewhere behind Indonesia and Mexico like Russia is now while there were no 2 in size of economy in 1986. Someone has to say, US is going on path toward soci@lism or on path toward capitalism. This right now this is anarchy, head is going in one direction while legs in other. Even it is impossible to have move which is not move toward something of those two. It is impossible also by standing still to not getting close to one of those two, because by not doing anything situation around you makes you to become closer to one of those who. It is impossible to hide. And while you wait others powers are deciding for you.

    1. Chia Cha

      I said buy to buy GE, month ago. Now they are 40% up. I am expert for communism.

  9. brian

    once a democrat always a democrat. you really need to get over your hate.

  10. Camus

    Instead of Excessive Apology,
    by Ze’ev Zabotinsky, 1911

    [T]here is nothing to apologize for, and nobody to apologize to… Who are we to make excuses to them; who are they to interrogate us? What is the purpose of this mock trial over [an] entire people where the sentence is known in advance?

    Our habit of constantly and zealously answering to any rabble has already done us a lot of harm and will do much more. … The situation that has been created as a result, tragically confirms a well known saying: “Qui s’excuse s’accuse.”….

    We may apologize only in rare, unique and extremely important moments…. We do not have to apologize for anything.

    We do not have to account to anybody, we are not to sit for anybody’s examination…. We are what we are, we are good for ourselves, we will not change and we do not want to.

    translated from Russian by Boris Shusteff
    from The Maccabian Online, August 1997_web archive org

  11. DO

    Dr. P,
    I don’t know what game you’re playing, but I can tell you that first the 6 day war was in 1967…so making a factual error like that on a video means I would begin to think that you may be experiencing some kind of cognitive degeneration. Every person on the face of the earth who follows these issues knows that the war was in 1967. You said this several times. It’s not a simple slip of the tongue.

    Second, the idea that bashing Israel and individual Jews is helpful to the overall drain the swamp cause, is really just inexplicable to me.

    You are Jewish. I don’t say you have to be religious or a AIPAC rah rah corner…but there are enough goyim “on the case.” They don’t need your help in fomenting more antisemitism.

    Really not sure what game you’re playing, but it borders on evil – because in this world, we have to choose between important and more important and yes, the lesser of two evils. For all you knowledge, the Jewish people are the lesser of two evils in this historic fight.


    1. Chia Cha

      You capitalist Jews are becoming to stink, adopt AOC, ditch that moron Soros and you will live. Try playing with another Freidman or Rothbard and you will die. Got it? I am extremely neutral about Jews. But this “we” talks, are starting to go on my nerves, especially by you capitalist therefore atheist” jews”, therefore tribal arab atheists… What is number of cheap labor muslims you are importing in to your now capitalist paradise every year, while holocaust survivors in old age in Israel are starving in capitalist silence because of job markets deregulation and importation. Closer to west is muslim terrorist then captialist therefore atheist “Jew”. Atheist (captialist) Jew is nothing else then nationalistic degenerate member of of another muslim arab tribe. You are mid eastern terrorists in suits. WASP can be rich and evil, but you do not have that right, got it? Quod licet Iovi non licet Bovi. Who ever starts believing own propaganda always gets killed you moron. Chose right “We” moron.

      1. Chia Cha

        Israel to have legitimacy in front of God, Israel must be monarchy. Like Saudi Arabia is. How it was possible for Saudis to not adopt Hillary economic policies, but Israel had to. I guess Saudi State was closer to God. Learn about Saudi economic policies and teach your capitalists and capitalist ideologues to shut up in america if you want to survive, because Saudi model (state controled economy and welfare state) is much better thing to survive on this world then your stingy fascist republic. US is republic because it profit zone for Queen. Therefore US is de facto monarchy. And you are just capitalist republic, on your own, nothing.

    2. AL Tru

      classic shill maneuver. ignore the evidence, attack the individual.

      USS Liberty 1967

  12. Camus


    “Nationalism is primarily a political principle, which holds that the political and national unit should be congruent.

    Nationalism as a sentiment, or as a movement, can best be defined in terms of this principle. Nationalist sentiment is the feeling of anger aroused by the violation of this principle, or the feeling of satisfaction aroused by its fulfillment. A nationalist movement is one actuated by a sentiment of this kind.

    There is a variety of ways in which the nationalist principle can be violated. The political boundary of a given state can fail to include all members of the appropriate nation; or it can include them all but also include some foreigners…. [etc.]

    But there is one particular form of the violation of the nationalist principle to which nationalist sentiment is quite particularly sensitive: if the rulers of the political unit belong to a nation other than that of the majority of the ruled, this, for nationalists, constitutes a quite outstandingly intolerable breech of political propriety. This can occur… by the local domination of an alien group.

    In brief: nationalism is a theory of political legitimacy, which requires that ethnic boundaries not cut across the political ones, and, in particular, that ethnic boundaries within a given state – a contingency already formally excluded by the principle in its general formulation – should not separate the power-holders from the rest.

    These definitions must, of course, like most definitions, be applied with common sense. The nationalist principle, as defined, is not violated by the presence of small numbers of resident foreigners, or even by the presence of the occasional foreigner in, say, a national ruling family. Just how many resident foreigners or foreign members of a ruling class there must be before the principle is effectively violated cannot be stated with precision. There is no sacred percentage figure, below which the foreigner can be benignly tolerated, and above which he becomes offensive and his safety and life are at peril. No doubt the figure will vary with circumstances. The impossibility of providing a generally applicable and precise figure, however, does not undermine the usefulness of the definition.”

    Ernest Gellner, “Definitions”, in “Nations and Nationalism”, New York, Cornell University Press, 1983. pp. 1-2.

    1. Chia Cha

      There are good and bad nationalisms. Good nationalism right now is american nationalism because it is in opposition to accumulated capital of capitalist accumulators on lower levels. Bad nationalism is nationalism of Bibi, because it is capitalist pro-muslim nationalism (let muslims in to destroy salaries and whole economy of Israel, so Isreali cannot breed while saudis can)… Good nationalism is Catalonian nationalism, Northern Italian nationalism destroying those fascist bigger fascist capitalist nations. Every nationalism of eastern-orthodox nations is bad nationalisms unless it nationalism of weaker eastern-orthodox nation going against stronger eastern-orthodox nation. We want them carved, in disunity and poor. So they do not go against us. That is essence of politics.

  13. AL Tru

    the Black Pope lets Israel take all the heat.
    Ordo Ab Chao

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