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11 thoughts on “OPUS 121 Battle of Big Egos! Trump vs Bezos

  1. Chia Cha

    Ego’s musts bow to national interest, Trump as president which is articulating national interest best, and Bezos as disruptive innovative individual, something impossible in innovation driven (nazi) model where competitors must survive simply because in communism there is no competitors (therefore for pure ideological reasons), they must find middle ground by Bezos stop lying (meaning he must fire all journalists of Washington, liberal capitalism of Reagan/Bush era is over). Bezos obviously does not understand anything about journalism and politics. He must stop using situation he will be only liberal capitalist allowed to enter new age even not understanding anything about politics. He should adopt Ocasio talking points. Especially because he have task of overcoming Alibaba on international market, something YouTube and Facebook does not have to. Every capitalist not adopting Ocasio means he like more freedom then money. Therefore he is not real capitalist but petty fraud not liking money enough. Capitalist caring about other capitailst is bigger communist then Fidel Castro.

    1. Chia Cha

      Jason said great thing, US capitalists would rather put mind control machine on every pigeon and manipulate their “free will”, rather then shape market in way to make all pigeons come to one spot without hassle. Luckily for US, Amazon, YouTube and Facebook are exception inside this nazi “free will” driven model, and reason why US can compete with China, but problem is NAZI competitive innovative model existing on lower levels which is destroying us small people and is totally uncompetitive to chinese, intentionally just so those small one can be easily bought by those between them and Amazon. That middle guy must die.

      1. Chia Cha

        US government should nationalize UPS, Overseas, DHL and give them to Bezos if Bezos accept this law of comrade Pocahontas. This concept where it is thought that money is money if it traded freely is the most stupid thing ever existing. Lie created by capitalists, capitalists are accepting them self. That is how ideology is strong. Weak stupid and mediocre cannot have their place on markets, because size of market is limited, that is why were have word market share existing. If there is share that means that of what share exist is limited. Money cannot be reason to exist on market. Market is for best and us people who must exist. Middle guys must die, they do not need to exist, little must take their share to get closer to big.

  2. Chia Cha

    Alex Jones is intelligent, he is not creating 5-10-20 minutes video clips he used to creating on his youtube channel as foundation of his power, now on his site. Because he wants to continue being intelligent by stopping being too powerful. For instance right now I am not looking AJ shows any more at all, I only visit his site, and that is all. I do not have time and interest to watch whole show, I am not interested because there are no more short clips listed in row as preview. He is lost, because he is out of space (position), order and time. YouTube deregulated him, and he is not adopting same youtube regulation on his own site by putting clips in same youtube orders. Only full show clips. Joe Rogan is manipulative Soros shark. Soros learned that problem of corruption in capitalism, can be good source of revenue for capitalists with more money. Soros is feeding of others governments stupidity and corruption (agency problem), while stupidity is source impossible to die off. Stupidity is energy bigger then life and universe. And it is 100% free. Soros is trying to monetize stupidity as real capitalist not allowing anything to not be tradable good. Best of all is that morality and culture attacking stupidity you want to attack is also free. Predator must feed of mistakes others are making. For instance Alex taking against soci@lism makes him to be part of old CIA even he is more intelligent. Why Alex wants to dance with Shapiro and Beck in economics is beyond me. Alex should have Ocasio in studio. and give her some corn clip to eat, while they talk about soci@lism. He must go beyond, and he wants to go beyond. CIA should allow him, for at least one day.

    1. Chia Cha

      Ah sorry I see, now Alex started posting videos under youtube standards. He had to do it earlier.

  3. Camus

    “The ego is not master in its own house.”
    Sigmund Freud
    The History of An Infantile Neurosis (1918) in James Stratchey, (ed.)., The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud (1955), Vol.17, 143.

  4. Chia Cha

    Fascism started in US in 1986 is unsustainable, it is just transitional in US because role of Church is abolished. You cannot have fascism without clergy being listen to while they are praising state and blaming other nations and churches. Therefore only path forward in US as more international venture is communism or nazism. I do not believe US was able to tilt society more toward communism. In US chance for nazism is always 66,666% while communism is always less, around 33,334%. If chance for communism would grow in US, US would just fall, simply because in US economy falls whenever in US we have one point growth of labour participation rate or home ownership rate. Therefore democrats are rolling dice now while they can. Like I said few months ago, Mike Adams is banning hammer and sickle on his private channel and promoting Hitler propaganda in own recommendations. Even he is one of sound advocates against pollution, poisoning of children, and against abortions. Never trust person with private property going over, by party, proclaimed limits. Especially one having own private video channel. Economical separatists.

    1. Chia Cha

      Only possible exit I see is forming of joined US north korean, super congress between vertical politburo of north korea, and from now on, formalized horizontal oligarchical politburo of US. North Korean delegates must join US central congress in building of UN as showcase how world communism will go on from now. Others will be able to join in or die. Everything else is nazism. For instance we see here soci@list Croatia under communist was only communist nation having two public squares named after two US president in any city, Roosevelt 8:07 and Kennedy in 8:48. Something impossible in capitalists cities like Belgrade, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami… And In 6:57, the most important street was Avenue of VIII th party conference when Tito was elected in Zagreb to be leader.

  5. Chia Cha

    In China state owned and run companies are profitable, because they are officially and, at least formally soci@list, and their duty is when ever private sector starts not being competitive, i.e. starts to extract rents from working class, (in capitalist economies we call that economic crisis every ten years as preparation for war), to pump goods without rents in to economy, therefore state run companies and communist state must pump money not in capitalist sector but in state run and owned business like China is doing. Because private sector must have own competitor sector. China never had any economic crisis after Mao reforms. They just are going up. US must do own reforms and put Mike Adams in Gulag. People do forget that average time in Gulags were 4 years, and people would walk free, while in german camps there were no going out. US economy cannot grow from time of when rent free resources stopped coming from USSR. Gulags are rent free enterprises.

  6. Chia Cha

    We people must be happy, capitalists are selling when they made thing they bought expensive because one day we have chance to maybe again become expensive, if they remember us. Namely those were US and Europe. Selling started in Reagan era. Now when they sold us, they wanted to make us cheap so we can be bought again to MAYBE made expensive again after 500 years. That was their globalist plan until Trump came. We must celebrate Trump. That is duty of every westerners, all others who do not, are traitors to their culture.

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