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13 thoughts on “OPUS 112 ReCycled Trash: Romney McChrystal McRaven

  1. Chia Cha

    Very good video. Romney when he went to west bank he said oho ho ho, Israel have 2000 $ bigger GDP per head then west bank. Oho ho ho. That shows how Israel is blessed. Problem for him of course is that Israel have 40,000$ per head and Palestine 3000$. That just shows Romney is total doll without any connection with any measurable size of things on this planet. Romney is not intellectual person at all in any sense. In a way such people are blessed because such cannot go to hell. They really do not understand. I would be first to start talking against CIA giving him cancer also, you judge people by their mental capacity.

    1. Chia Cha

      For instance Pelosi how ever genocidal she is, (she is against medicare for all and she is for open borders importation of cheap labour criminals), she does that because she thinks she is helping all kids. Therefore no one have right to judge such person, for such people are friends. I think Perez DNC chairman should tell her that new commercial zone enacted by that Mexican communist president, combined with wall is much better solution everyone right now is accepting. How amoral is to grab all those man from their communities sending them to work in foreign country, away from their families. That is also bad for kids down there. Schumer on other hand he already looks like bladder cancer, so adipose in tan. No wonder he hates to talk about true politics in front of public. Pelosi did not mind, which shows she is really think she is not genocidal.

    2. Jason

      People like Romney have no qualms over profiting from the spread of cancer. They didn’t care about my father’s cancer. I don’t care about theirs. I do however care that they are themselves cancer. What shall it be? Surgery. Radiation. Chemotherapy. Alternative medicine. These people are hated on a level beyond even their own hubris. They are rotting before our eyes. At the astral level, the worms have already reached their brains. And then there is Trump. He looks stronger and healthier by the day. He is aligned with true North. He is the cure. We need the truth for once in human history. Without it, what is any decision really worth? Strawberry Fields is over.

      1. Chia Cha

        I really thought for one moment under Obama second term americans really lost their mind, in totallity and have become some crazy synthetic program and that we would have to start licking boots of our russian slavic brothers for ever. Our future looked dim. In that moment before attack on Syria cancer had form of regular tissue and took even function of organ he was attacking. It was like cancer (left wing fascists) took over organs and started conservation of brain for ever. Imagine, to spil one drop of american blood because of muslims, even you can bomb them with B52 using chemical weapons or zap them with neutron bombs. Obama I guess had some fetish of engaging with muslims on equal foot which is totally against John Wayn approach of just killing them with gun from distance as only honorouble way how civilization must treat criminals.

      2. Chia Cha

        Btw. you are very very smart. Yes you are right, practically by abolishing taxation bureaucracy cannot exist. They all return to srcribes, (being without own hyrarchy). Wonderfull. Taxation is biggest rent.

        1. Jason

          That’s kind of you to say, but I am a one trick pony. I can detect what people try to hide from me, hidden planets and such, but at the conscious level, I have poor solutions that reveal my closet fascism. Not good to say the least. It’s ironic. I have only been accused of being smart when my sub-conscious does the talking. When I use my consciousness, the results generally suck. Let’s hear it for the collective subconscious, without it I’ld be in a cardboard box, communicating with the crows and talking to you via pigeon express. Team Trump has timed this shutdown perfectly. He has the stones to see it through. The Democrats will be destroyed by Valentine’s Day, there will be no tax returns, no audits, no money in the EBT system, and the Military will close the boarder like a boss. It’s on baby! Whatever the Trump agenda is, no matter how ugly it gets, I support it with a full heart. Liberty or death.

          1. Chia Cha

            As I said communists are only understanding dangers of global capitalism and are only one against freedom of capital to move. Therefore they are only one able to understand Trump and dangers of globalism. Therefore they are only one capable to perserve local cultures. Christianity also, because only countries where christianity is able spread are those countries where pagans are rulled by communists, because there are no market incentives under communsits to actually destroy it for real. One private capitalist TV channel spreading own commercials is able to destroy more of christianity and spread islam and paganism, then any communist party after 1968. I am always right. In communist countries culture actually matter.

          2. Jason

            Check out “Spiral Architect” by Black Sabbath.

  2. Chia Cha

    Imagine you got that muslims congresswomen, cursing president Trump using language only muslims are able to use, while stabbing her christian voters right away, siding with capitalists, not voting against pay as you go. Simply muslims religion as judeo-christian heresy must be seen as someone’s having bad breath, or stinky legs. There cannot be place for both of us on this interconnected world. Air is one. Of course she will vote for open borders, abortions, taking guns, Beto, criminals crawling around… Seems that City of London is not allowing US to become center of capitalist exploatation. I guess US must remeain colonial profit making zone. So funny.

  3. Chia Cha

    Here we have more about problems US cyber command will have. That computer network must economically provide flourshment of local cultures on Judeo-Christian moral standards. Or it will not be supported, therefore not economically viable.

    1. Chia Cha

      And if we combine that with this, we can have functinoal bingo. Hyrarchy and order must be kept in culture.

  4. Camus

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    For trash to be recycled it must first contain something useful, something with residual use value and economic value Most modern trash is not effectively recyclable, or is only marginally so. A lot of today’s trash is just trash, pure and simple, even if the recyclers would prefer to pretend otherwise.

  5. Camus

    “The perception that the mind, either of an individual or a nation can decay, and give off all the displeasing vapours of decomposition has unfortunately gone into desuetude.”

    Ezra Pound
    ABC of Reading, New York, 1934 (1960), p.202.

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