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5 thoughts on “OPUS 109 Farewell General Mattis! all okay

  1. Chia Cha

    Worse than government is government without military. Organized monopoly of power organizes whole society to not become Haiti. We can only hope that US military officers and bureaucracies will be able to make private US contractors and subcontractors and private corporate suppliers of US military (dangerous parasites demanding lose government) to make them to allow ideologically 130M americans to work in factories. And to impose central business data command over them in combination, central government agency to impose own technical propositions, not to allow private corporations to come up with their own finished prototypes fully like it is now. That is waste of industrial capacities.

  2. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    Is anyone paying attention to the stealth communist takeover of America? What is the constituency?
    The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 5: Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition – Marxist/Maoist Model for Modern Democrats
    Submitted by Trevor on May 28, 2018 – 4:19 pm EST

  3. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    Forget the enemies abroad. The enemies within should be our focus. What is the majority constituency of this group? Read and you will discover for yourself.
    The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 4: Steve Phillips’s PowerPAC+ – Marxist Money Machine for the ‘New American Majority’
    Submitted by Trevor on May 23, 2018 – 10:46 am EST

    1. Octavia Talbot Leigh

      I have spread onto as I do not use any other social media.

  4. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    One day, America is going to be at an unprecedented, uneluctable, and unwelcome crossroads, in which a choice never before placed at the feet of America. It is the same choice facing the entire continent of Europe. That choice is going to be to either eliminate the enemies within, which I identify as the communists and muslims who have been vocal of their visceral hatred and loathing of Western civilization for decades, and have been calling to overthrow the American and European democracy and destroy Western civilization for decades, in order to implement communism—-either America and Europe must choose that choice, in whatever way and by WHATEVER MEANS ARE NECESSARY to eliminate these people——–or the other choice will be to do nothing, and allow the next presidential administration of Democrats, who clearly are virtually now all communists, who will implement their final goal of turning America into a totalitarian, fascist, communist nation. What is the constituency of this communist cabal? Say the answer and you will be silenced by the propaganda gestapo of communists of whom I just described. Communists want power at all costs. They are jungle animals in their thinking, behavior, methodologies, and strategies, and they are completely and utterly without integrity, honor, or ethics. Conservatives want principles to rule the land.

    There is a window of time under Trump to choose the former. With the next Democratic president and Congressional majority, that window is shut forever, and America will be taken over by the thug communists, and destroyed forever, turned into a sh*thole, as history has shown, over and over. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, and all the other Founding Fathers will have fought in vain.

    The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 5: Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition – Marxist/Maoist Model for Modern Democrats
    Submitted by Trevor on May 28, 2018 – 4:19 pm EST

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