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27 thoughts on “OPUS 107 RAW Russians are Coming! NOT! Just BS

  1. Larry Brandes

    This is what I get when I click on your standard bookmark that i have been using for years. I tride with a different computopr andget the same. ‘Your public IP address is blacklisted in’. Someone is up to no good.

    1. Jason

      The same thing happened to me last night brother. More proof we are headed in the right direction.

    2. Camus

      “Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read the book that nobody reads.” G.B.S.

  2. Larry B

    Sorry, I don’t type so good this late at night.

  3. Chia Cha

    Šrivate employers would rather start economic depression, world war, racial war, break up of union, civil war, then allow workers to start getting too rich. When workers starts getting too rich, everything is set up for implosion in capitalism. For instance system is set in US that if homeownership rate goes for more then 64% in US, US must start collapsing (2008). Factories on this level of productivity in US would make americans too rich, and salaries would go for around 200,000 per year without inflation for regular worker, while capitalists would be even more richer. That is something they cannot allow even if we together with them, all become donors for chinese organ network controlled by mexican police and drug lords. That politically call that overcapacity. Imagine problem is when factories are producing too much. Imagine what they made you to believe. And some are even calling markets natural…

    1. Chia Cha

      There are only two concepts, so far, where governments sees you as asset and will feed you so in case of war they can send you to war and slaughter you for you to not get too rich (when workers gets too rich everything is set for impolosion from which they can recover only in war against other employer). Or this globalist concept where there are no wars between them, but when workers starts getting too rich, collapse is permament, and every government is killing own people. For instance imported mexicans are getting killed in US faster then their replacement rate (birth rates, drugs, poisonous food), therefore it is more profitable to import more of them. I mean model is one, everyone must die, just so workers do not get rich. Capitalism is about holding order between employer and worker. Worker must listen.

      1. Jason

        Christine Legarde made a public statement roughly 3 years ago stating the same. She hides nothing. We exist for bankers to wash money through us, to build their future that does not include us. That is their hope anyway. Don’t forget. They hate us because they hate themselves. One world religion is banker fiat. One ring to rule them all. I recently watched 1984 (1954) with Peter Cushing. You should check that version out. It’s brilliant.

        1. Chia Cha

          You oppened me eyes, I will create solution which would be even more capitalist for bankers, and would work for workers much more. For ever dollar in system it will be known which worker made it go up in %. So people would be happy for having bankers which will be even more rich compared to us, while workers richer.

  4. Chia Cha

    As we see in this model: “Better treatment, or a cure, or at least a vaccine, would not only be popular, but would also undoubtedly be cheaper, long term, than financing the care for a whole a new group of paralytics.” model where you ditch production (produced numbers of goods) for innovation. Even only number of people working on manufacturing lines makes innovation possible (production of innovation so cheap, for innovation to happen (be produced at). Republicans must adopt new economic thinking which actually makes innovation happen.

    1. Chia Cha

      For innovation to happen in capitalism, number of people employed on factory lines as % of all employed people, makes innovation possible to happen, especially in incentives and price, driven model. Everything else is distortion and ideological lie. Beside capitalism developed with factories, not with services. Oppening new yoga studio in former factory hall in Detroit will makes you go toward indian caste feudal soceity to be colonized by chinese factories. US must start getting rid it self of lazy employers who does not want compeition and to sell new stuff while they can sell old for high price.

      1. Jason

        100%. Competition is feared most by those who should embrace it the most. The seven deadly sins all start the same way. They begin with fear.

        1. Chia Cha

          Yea but to explain to people that their competitive and innovative driven model is against competitivness and innovation, is almost impossible. That is propaganda noise impossible to break.

          1. Jason

            That is the problem with double speak plus TV plus pharmaceuticals. What is sold as “competitive and innovative driven model” is in fact a very specific formula of such for purpose of karmically purified control system. We receive military toys rolled out for one purpose while formulated for another. I am all for horse and buggy for myself. I have reached peak tech personally. My interest and investment will continue to wane in perpetuity. Watch the first “Batman” with Michael Keaton. The Joker poisons Gotham by separating it’s ingredients and distributing it in common consumer products that do their worst when used in various combinations. The metaphor is sound, especially today. A truly “free” market has thus far been a utopia, sabotaged by the usual suspects. The Earth moves however, and I can feel the changes coming, for better or for worse. If you were to photograph Hillary right now, you wouldn’t see just one spear headed for the heart, but a full constellation of spears. Many cases. Many investigations. Many enemies. Many avenging spirits. Many who patiently wait to watch her big drop and sudden stop. I will be barbecuing with friends on that day. Rain or shine.

        2. Chia Cha

          Only people of very high inteligence can understand why entrepreneurial model is last nail in biological survival of their kids. If blacks starts genocide of whites in south africa with support of chinese communist party, that would be first score after 1986 against entrepreneurs. Making score 100:1. Imagine all those Doug Casey land owners down there getting sliced with marxist machettes holding those papers on which is written: “I am richer then you + but I love you more because you are 1$ cheaper”. Death of every nation starts with human rights (cheap labour importation) and entrepreneurial reforms. What is chance that all americans of all races will start shooting US army columnes demaning end of entrepreneurial freedoms and hard government regulation. It is NONE. ZERO. Therefore that is chance for american to survive as monopoly of power. Workers must be armed and they must start shooting. Nationalism is highest form of functional solidarity and human evolution, while nation of all entrepreneurs is one dollar less, balance sheet. And right now US army is protecting them. Whole system is protecting them.

          1. Jason

            You should check your clock, because I don’t think you know what time it is. The ones to shoot first loses first. A screen is a window now. The Colleseum. Circus Maximus. The Roman spectacle is in 4K now. For instance. When they come for the guns, let the police draw first blood for all to see. The “screen” is viral and effective. Only then does the logical counter emerge on time. We are all slaves to debt, jobs, and above all, our own fears. Take any noble man from poverty and foist him into power, and still nothing will change. The answer as to why is obvious. Leverage is what jujitsu is all about. Control is from geometric leverage against limbs. Breaking the limb, by definition, means that you no longer have control, and now you must gain control over yet another limb. Trump is master of full spectrum jujitsu and judo. You will see.

          2. Chia Cha

            Well Stephen Miller of TV gives hope to everyone always, especially to liberals who must be liberal because they do not want to lose job. Miller is showcase of care president is showing to us.

          3. Jason

            When I think of liberal, I think of Thomas Jefferson. Modern nomenclature is polluted with double speak, so I am actually a poor listener. I haven’t read anything from him, so I pay no attention to him. I prefer listening to background noise and looking for the unintended intention. For instance. When RR spoke today, the only thing I absorbed was his lack of respiration and adrenaline dump after someone mentioned his own possible incarceration. That image was worth a years worth of propaganda. Honest questions are feared more than bullets? How times have truly changed. Fear smells like fillet mignon with onions and garlic mash potatoes.

          4. Chia Cha

            Order of liberal order is when “journalist” asks politician, all the time about what something said in some newspapaers. Therefore about something published by owner of newspaper. And that is how you fill noise. And you do not talk about minimum wage.

          5. Jason

            The formula of running a motif and variation hourly, with 5 vignette groupings at a time per hour, with different performers, same scripts, expose in live time the subconsciousness of their true intentions. Carrier waves within carrier waves. Contradictions stacked upon contradictions. All in a very persistent, atonal staccato. The truth has a weightless, uplifting legato to it. It just rolls. Ever wonder how much money in total goes into 1 minute of propaganda via cable. The weight of it is immense. The global money god machine is an expensive monster that never sleeps. All from the dark recesses of our collective id. All to manipulate your next move like a marionette, and have in place a monetized measuring instrument to keep you logged in and fully taxable, and self incriminated. You should watch the original “Forbidden Planet”, starring Leslie Nielsen. It’s a classic. I don’t want to go out like the Krell. It would be tragic after coming so far. Banks and corporations roam the Earth like Godzilla and his buddies from Monster Island. The people that run them are irrelevant to the abstract psychopathy of their collective efforts as an alien entity with a name and address. Weird.

          6. Chia Cha

            That is my movie number one. Fantastic movie, based on Shakespeare’s way to write plot. Just because of that movie USA must be no1 for ever. You are helping me very much in building my solution. That movie is what I want. Total self replicating robotic communism, machinese feeding of our own fine vibrations only, where material question is solved and only political question which mathematical formula is going to be applied.

  5. Chia Cha

    Another 2008 would be good to crash capitalists around world. Only thing is that this time US conusmers must be pumped.

    1. Chia Cha

      I mean WTF, what is point in going out supporting capitalists around world, so they can sell them self to China and Putin for 1$ mroe. You must kill all non-american capitalists around world and workers bellow incorporate in one way or another in to american corporations. Formally unincorporated non american capitalists (people’s blood suckers) should be killed, all of them. All you have to do, is you just have to regulate minimum wages, so you give to south african blacks 1$ per year salary because they are dumb culutral marxist (ultra capitalist) morons. And system can work globaly. The less they are listening Russia and China, the bigger minumum wage they will be allowed to have. Until you crash Russia and China.

      1. Chia Cha

        Rise of mimum wage must be counted publically, based on individual efforts organized and measured by by Bannon organized NGO’s. Therefore, the more people are killing unincorporated capitalsits in their own countries, targeted by corporations, the more they individually will have, the more they have, the bigger their minumum wage will be. All tables put on page. Also list of jobs and salaries corporations are prepared to give to people if they kill that or that rich guy. Otherwise it will not work. Eveything else is capitalist ideology just for ideology, working against US republic. Working via capitalists like US is doing today does not work, because those capitalists they take to much in to own pockets and they have too much of economic freedoms, and they really think that that is their money. And too many victims we have this way on own territory. People should not be victims of their own evil greedy blood suckers. Beside there is too many of them.

        1. Jason

          Without central bank reform, effective and efficient border security, and election reform, you are wasting time. The entire system needs radical overhaul and reset to US Constitutional muster. Patchwork compromises on petty issues achieves self-aggrandizement for people like Ryan and Pelosi. Holistic approach in proper, but rapid order is paramount. Trump is a team effort, with big brains, and big guns, Buckaroo Banzai style. The team will win, settling all scores all zen-like, on schedule, and under budget. People are waking up every where.

        2. Jason

          Problem number one for me is that I have never met anyone who has made anything that I own. Weird. I do know the people who at least farmed the food in my fridge and freezer. It’s not all bad. I eat like a king. Support your local farmers while you have them. It’s the only way to keep them.

  6. Spirit of Pierre Boulle

    What are the greatest threats to America, not in any order?
    1. Islam/muslims
    2. Communists
    3. The Federal Reserve
    4. Rigged voting system
    5. The Globalist/Elite/Satanist/Pedophile Cabal (which rigs the Fed and the voting system)
    6. corrupt politicians
    7. crony capitalism
    8. Low IQ groups who breed like rabbits and who have a pathological envy of, and a pathological, toxic hatred for successful groups of people who, throughout history, have had enormous, numerous universally recognized achievements—-these unintelligentpeople are envious because, as a collective group, they lack the high IQ, problem solving skills, methodical thinking and analytical skills, logic and reason, attention to detail, the disciplined, refined, and sophisticated thinking and behavior to achieve on a large scale without the intervention of other higher IQ, more disciplined, refined groups of people. Thousands of years of history attest to this, but I am confident that the truth will be denied and dismissed because people who have insecure egos and inferior IQs tend to utilize pathological delusions and denial to avoid unwelcome and harsh truths to avoid their “feelings from being hurt.” This is why we have what the late Admiral Lyons calls the “political correctness gestapo watchdog” because these people have pathological delusions derived from insecure egos, and they create whole cloth grandiose fictions and delusions about themselves in order to assuage their insecurities.

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