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22 thoughts on “OPUS 106 Politics and Personality RAW

  1. Chia Cha

    I like president Trump because he is last president who is going to be allowed to lie. If he does not build wall that means that republic of USA is entity no one is going to listen for anything because that entity it is powerless, it does not exist. We will listen only what Coca Cola or MSNBC says, and they are saying all the time things which are totally irrelevant. Therefore everything existing on territory of US will become irrelevant. Both Coca Cola and MSNBC and Bloomberg they never talk about your own class position. Therefore they are totally irrelevant. You shape things only by factories as only social generators able to shape things in society. US is already irrelevant in AI because AI in US is totally irrelevant in economy. AI benefiting only rich is irrelevant AI.

    1. Chia Cha

      Marriage was invented by civilized societies to be able to enslave those who are not civlized (they do not have institution of marriage). Marriage is social invention used so little bastards will not crawl around, for kids to have higher chance to survive by not being bastards. We can say that western capitalism is collections of free individuals (bastards) – irrelevant people. All started with g@y Reagan who started bastard economy (economical cultural marxism, as totally anti-Marxist invention). Cultural marxism is capitalism on steroids and it is totally anti-communist. In communist China g@ys are not allowed. Like it was in USSR. Reagan came with aids. I mean Teacher said there is no society.

  2. Chia Cha

    Adam Schiff have female brain, that is obvious to anyone and you cannot allow such to serve in US bureaucracy nor US military because such disorders are foundation of many psychiatric diseases, like personality disorder. US even US have smallest relative number of factories, have biggest number of chemicals in food because of Reagan’s deregulation of economy, therefore highest number of people with female brains in male bodies. FBI Comey is also that person. If such come on power again world with start using machettes. Only private entrepreneurs and mexican drug dealers will support those. Therefore castration of such will be necessity in future. And only communist China will be able to do that.


    The EU is a NWO kabal and England is ruled by Zionists as is the U.S. and Brexit is a NWO trap. In regards to Trump , who I voted for, he is controlled by Zionists and Kushner is loyal to Israel and is probably in the MOSSAD!

    Trump will never build the wall, hell all he has to do is take part of the 750 billion pissed off in the defense budget , declare the national security of the U.S. is at stake and build the wall, case closed, however it will not be built because the Zionists want The North American Union combining Canada and Mexico with the U.S. and with a new currency the AMERO, the wall will never be built!

  4. Chia Cha

    They say americans are good in creating shows. Ok let s see show, lets see military tribunals, let s see some rich ending up in prisons, let s see that. Brezhnev style politics will not pass.

  5. So HUGH GRANT stated that Brexit was like “taking a shotgun and blowing your face out” ? If so I suspect he has never really got over his disappointment with Estella Marie Thompson when his blow job was interrupted by LAPD.

    Hugh Grant is not exactly any kind of economist or financially knowledgeable person is he? He is a product of Hollywood … that snakepit you mention occasionally.

  6. President Donald John Trump and Co. 1-Deep Staters 0

  7. Chia Cha

    Riots in France for first time in history, ever, showed that west cannot say to others any more, you are poor becuse you are not like us. Now it is obvious that western capitalism is problem for everyone. Imagine living and working in Europe on income of 1000-1500 euros while having european costs. Somehow you could take it if others around you would have same, but there are those in top 20% on west with money, and they are real problem, they are rising prices for us and living of our work demanding more and more for less and less.

    1. Chia Cha

      No one from top 20% wants to transfer any money down. I mean if I would have money of course that I would also not want to transfer anything bellow, for slaves below to be cheaper for me, but that is why state should do that transfer with own force if goal of that state is to not be supplanted by chinese state,. This sisutaion on west we have now is nothing else statless pro 20% only, anarchy, creating vacuum which always gets filled with functional monopoly of power able to executre that transfer. In one thing I am sure, if someone right now would try to mobilize me for war, with genocidal workers salaries like they are now, I would start shooting officers in my ditch.

  8. Camus

    As I understood it, Mr. Kushner was prudently denied highest level security clearance because he was considered a security risk.


      It is my opinion that Kushner is a Mossad agent!

      1. AL Tru

        With Christie, and, possibly soon, Bannon out of the way, Jared Kushner will be able to cement his Svengali-like control over Trump. Considering the record of political muscle exercised by the Kushner klan against two New Jersey governors, one can only surmise the Kushners have a great deal of blackmailable information on Mr. Trump.”
        – Wayne Madsen Report

  9. Camus

    To prove undue influence, a party must show that one party to the contract is a person with weaknesses which make him likely to be affected by such persuasion, and that the party exercising the persuasion is someone in a special relationship with the victim that makes the victim especially susceptible to such persuasion.

  10. Chia Cha

    In China private sector is getting weaker (cycle is old, private people in sector wants starts to canibalizing workers, markets and squezzing investments, reducing wages (everything what private sector does if over 40%) while destroying size and growth of economy. So chinese communist party starts with investments in to state owned companies as new tool of growth in new cycle. Crashing waste and toxicity in private sector. AND China GETS trade war warrning from whole world to abolish state owned enterprises and ditch plans to grow. Why, because on West there are no state owned enterprises. Everything is private!! West cannot grow. WEST IS TOTALITARIAN AND FASCIST! Only private enterprises OWNING governments of west are allowed. MSNBC’s, CNN’s…

    1. Chia Cha

      We must crash this liberal left wing capitalist fascism (globalists). No factories no freedoms. EU is nothing else then NAZI private cartel giving orders to Junker and Merkel. Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone said that Hitler was Zionist. What is then US, other wing of same? Thesis and anti-thesis. Their only problem is that they have capitalism while soci@lism is just for rich. That is why their thesis and anti-thesis will fall together because there is no real anti-thesis in economy. China have functional thesis and anti-thesis.

      1. Chia Cha

        I said, Orban is Putin/Merkel/Soros player. He is giving food to Soros with this law. They are same low wages players angry on soci@lism thinking how capitalism came to late in their life. Orban started working as politician, working for Soros foundation as liberal destroying soci@lism. And we see how everything liberal is degenrated. Like Eric and Ivana Trump (Putin guys). Ivanka is something different, she is under influence of her husband. She does not have beef with soci@lism.

        1. Chia Cha

          Ukraine must be able to throw few nukes on Moscow and Leningrad if Putin starts destroying Ukrainian cities while Ukrainian partisans are defending civilian population from Putlers liberal tanks. Putler thinks he will enter Kiev in 4 weeks and start new elections. Moscow and Leningrad must be ready to feel pain and same level of destruction. And not from americans so that Putler cannot have excuse to start 3rd war. Ukraine as successor of USSR have every right on nukes which were produced by workers of USSR.

  11. Chia Cha

    One person in comment is saying that FBI decided to stop rise of China by opening commission. Ideologically USA cannot do anything. Private corporation will never share any data with US state or with other corporations. Therefore those private corporations will be hunted by chinese state one by one. Because private corporation will never share own data with state, for them it is impossible to be protected by US state. Unless they of course adopt my solution.

  12. Chia Cha

    G5 is genocide by job and wealth creators.

    1. Chia Cha

      Fukushima is doing own job rich are leaving. But how those CEO’s of capitalist companies are poisioning food, I mean every CEO must serve Satan if he wants to go up. Johnson & Johnson was putting azbestos to childeren powder intentionally. Therefore we need workers self-management in corporations otherwise it is easier for Satanists to attack children’s.

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