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6 thoughts on “OPUS 103 Trump and Xi Dinner! Very Good!

  1. Chia Cha

    Here is one video to watch from start till end also. It is going to be get interesting.


    The Zionists put the communists in power in China and David Rockefeller had Kissinger open the slave labor of China to the Zionist controlled U.S. companies and thus began the rise of China and the demise of the U.S. all for the profit of our Zionist overlords.

  3. Jason

    Absolutely wonderful news. The Chinese have much to offer the world outside of the Communist party and warfare. There is wisdom and above all creativity, architecture, art and music that is forever unique to their culture. Old inspirations are becoming aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Sober men of wisdom, courage, and compassion seem to be at the helm right now. I pray for the warriors for peace right now. They are forever with God. What a time to be alive, right now! Have a listen to Van Halen’s “Right Now”.

  4. Camus

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    “Harold Lasswell has argued that `revolutions are ruptures of conscience’…. One purpose of the Cultural Revolution was… to compel a rupture of conscience with the Chinese past. The movement was often referred to as a `revolution that touches people to their very souls.

    “…[W]hat the Cultural Revolution failed utterly to do was to establish a system of morality against which the Chinese conscience could measure its behavior. Many [who participated]… [now appear]… in retrospect… as crass, rank opportunists. Youth raised during the period… remain even now [utterly morally] illiterate. [M]any… remain burdened… by… profound… guilt. China remains a country morally adrift.”

    Anne F. Thurston, “The Ordeal of the Intellectuals in China’s Great Cultural Revolution”, Harvard University Press, Cambridge and London, 1987. Preface pp. xix-xx.

    “Thurston…unearth[s] considerable human evidence… about… a catastrophe which should never be forgotten.” Lucian W. Pye Journal of Asian Studies

  5. Chia Cha

    I am so calm and happy while people are protesting in France. We can only hope there will be blood because only blood can change ratio between bills (yes home credit rate compared to minimum wage salary) and sallaries. Raskolnikov was right, hit rentier gradnma in head with axe. It is not problem even with bankes, granny is problem. Maybe Hitler was right.

  6. Chia Cha

    Trump understands everything. He set all needed incentives for recovery of US. When wall street says bad, that means for main street – good. They are last bastion to be changed. This is game between 1% who wants everything and 99% who wants few crumbs. 1% do want to give even one crumb. Without middle consumer class, and production capacity under your military control there cannot be innovation.

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