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22 thoughts on “OPUS 100 The Republic RAW

  1. Chia Cha

    Comrade Ocasio should send kisses from Mrs. Pelosi to presidente Maduro. And not allow that Belarus president Lukashenko and Maduro alone are sending kisses to families reciving new government apartments, live on TV. In front of comrade Ocasio is shiney future. 28:25

    1. Chia Cha

      So how many jobs in industry america will create, China have 130M people working in industry, US 12, so US as country planning to survive is planning to open 60M jobs in industry in next 4 years, only question is will free market or Reagan and Mieses institute build those. When production capacity is tilted toward innovation, for innovation to become produced incentive is smaller if available capacity to producte is lowered by tilting toward innovation. Therefore innovation is expensive as hell and will never exist. Therefore we can talk that US will survive if US in next 300 days builds 13M jobs. Lets see how many factory jobs were open last month so we can say right away is US planning to sruvive or not. 1 million were needed last month…

      1. Chia Cha

        Uh they are also gone very soon. Soon Europe and USA will become totally unatractive areas to live. Norway even thay are formally richest and have almost lowest private sector on world (Saudi Arabia have smaller) Norway still have many essential things on markets, making Saudi Arabia much much wealthier society simply because in Saudi Arbia all what is needed for families is outside markets. And they do not have capitalism but feudalism. Making capitalist Norway unable to have replacement rate. Simply private sector with high costs is making Norway also poor and without any future. Attractivness is moving to Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao, South Korea, Japan… Hong Kong and Singapore have biggest number of governemnt owned apartmetns, making their people rich and wealthy, because greedy peole living there, they cannot sell those to few, get money and destroy their kids. Future is only where future is.

        1. Jason

          The places you mention as attractive have deeply entrenched crime syndicates and societies, and succeed as counterpoints to other market places. For now. The problem with western organized crime model is they ruin their own neighborhoods now. They s*** where they eat. This is ultimate blasphemy. I accept that people will do what they are gonna do regardless of what I think, but cannibalism, even metaphorically, is ultimate betrayal of neighbor. Organized crime has an obligation to eliminate random violent crime by definition, as they are poachers. These places you recommend are neighborhoods kept clean by mafia who prefer their contraband be far away from their neighborhoods. The scale of these neighborhoods is in proportion to the extent of the underlying crimes. Things always change. You should study Yakuza deeply. You will understand many paradoxical relationships that way. Then move on to the Chinese, and so forth. Even justice can only be handled through black market sometimes.

          1. Chia Cha

            In this moment even Whoppi would have more sense and economic expertise running America. Any person not believeing in entrepreneurship, small business, really hating white economy and innovation is qualified. ANYONE. Problem of Obama was he was half white. But just try find such. Neoliberal economy sucked all our time. We all have personal deficit of time, we have terror of meaningless information (small business filling our communication channels making us less inteligent). We need person who racialy understands this economy to save us. Ocasio could be such, seems that Dr. was right, Ocasio never said anything against Trump and socially she seems conservative. Whites believe systems too much.

          2. Jason

            Damn it. Have I been talking to George Soros this whole time?

          3. Chia Cha

            Alex Jones is very inteligent (forehead) and in this second video below he sounds like more logical and more inteligent version of lefty economic planner. If he continue that way he would really be able to become master of universe. I am also in my soul small business fascist but I as more intligent version I know that small business cannot exist if there are no sheeps working in big factories being jaleous on me. Here is in soci@lism while it was considered as having lesprosy to have small shop, and taxation was 70% of small business, you were able to buy new mercedes, have vactaion house first row to sea, flat waiting for kid, house and sail, simply because there were not competition and everyone was working in factories not having much places to spend that money. Those who were even more greedy such would open coop with 10 people, get some used factory machine from west, and then start selling their services to big soci@list factories without that machine (because of their inertia) earning money like CRAZY. And time was limitless. I mean you had that also before Reagan. That was real disneyland for just little bit more intelligent. Golden age of enterpreneurship.–0Hk1w&t=1062s

          4. Chia Cha

            Ah here is this video of Alex, telling same basically. I mean if we do not stop allowing corporation to not incorporate us little fascist entrepreneurs in some form of partnership I developed, then we will have fascist uprising and concentration camps. For them we are structural enemies as sector. And they destroyed us by having lots of us.

          5. Chia Cha

            Chinese are way more inteligent then russian people are (less alcoholics). USSR as biggest exporter of raw materials was feeding cheaply all industrial base of west. Paying for middle class on west. Making capitalism to survive economically and ideology (wanting in their idiotic wish to catch technological level of west – meaning innovation killed them also). Chinese were way more smarter, they called all western factories to come, while stopping exporting own raw materials, therefore subsidising west on own territory, while helping capitalsits to get rid of those evil factories from own territory. Therefore giving capitalist class ability to put needed profit not in hands of western consumer class, but in pocket of own captialsit class directly. As final nail of west. They are masters of ideology and class based economy. Yes right now US have many factories operating in colonies, maybe even 60M factory workers, but still those factories are not fed by cheap out of capitalist prices like it was case with USSR. Making capitalism unsustainable and unprofitable. Final nail is that chinese removed ability of any reovlution happening on US territory by removing working class out of west. And those 60M factories in US colonies are on average of lower technological level then those in China. Giving not 2:1 advantage in innovative capacity to chinese, but 4:1. Because only production capacity makes innovation possible. Not money.

          6. Jason

            Have fun confiscating the property of your neighbors George Soros. Make sure you have enough lime for the bodies. You will need a lot of it. New Aushwitz will need ditch digger like you who is dutiful rule follower. Will you be working for Neo-Nazis or Muslim Brotherhood? Does it even matter which one? Or is Mao the archetype?

          7. Chia Cha

            It is same. Fascism, communism and nazis are all products of capitalism. Liberalism works when everything is fine (for instance when USSR as product of capitalism is providing cheap raw materials for capitalism for capitalism to stay liberal and not become fascist), but when there is some unwestern power with little more experience thinking out of box, then capitalism needs kick called fascism. Fascism is just period of liberalism, when liberalism is not working, it is capitalism with kick. Btw it is much more important to manage fascism good and not do mistake of nazi germany then care how to live in good times. Liberalism is luxury and exception. First is to solve problem problem of innovation, same how it was happening in nazi germany producing old small tanks for too long because it is cheaper (look old chemotherapies produced today)… Fascism is when governemnt thinks there is overcapacity of something. Or too much of consumer goods being produced. For instance like when US investment firms are telling us how china will go bust because china have too many empty apartments and overcapacity of factories, well us fascist model will go bust, but not china. Chinese are not fascists on such level to say such idiocy. Imagine, overcapacity. Too many apartmetns. Imagine… Too much investmetns, too much infrastructure, oh they will go bust…

          8. Chia Cha

            Fascism is when german man is saying that he does not have kid because kid would not make his economic chances more sustainable. Btw. there are not enough real estates ourside markets. I mean was UK fascists in 1970es while 40% of apartmetns where council houses?

          9. Jason

            When the wind blows hard against you, lean into it, or fall down. Which way is the wind blowing in Europe, and if your life depended on it, which way will you go? The urban/communist religion has informed me that it is time to explore a new frontier like my forebears. The high desert is calling. The trappings of European ankle biting hordes and their monarchies is the wave that full spectrum capitalism surfs to reach escape velocity. All of the propaganda pertaining to the evil white man and his capitalism takes a convenient pause when acute fear grips a nation. Watching Don Lemon’s humble approach to interviewing three old white guys about the repercussions of nuclear conflict with North Korea ten months ago was priceless. It was authentic humility on his part. We are all bad guys right up until the dirty, high consequence work must be done. If the choice is global communism where I take orders from a walking ATM machine with a chip in my head monitoring how often I change my underwear, then I chose door number two, atomic vaporization of all human DNA on planet. There is your fascist kick. Try monetizing that for human grocery store for inter dimensional parasites. Shop elsewhere. We are closed.

          10. Chia Cha

            1st of all program would not monitor hygiene of panties, as long as guys wearing them are wearing lace from firendly Guanghzou party factory personally visited by Comrade Ocasio. To win those you would have to visit Mount Rushmore adding O on by O organized public works. Or by getting in top first million paints depicting XXII. Democratic party congress with Comrade Pelosi holding hammer. As Reagan said you would have choice to chose what suite best your personality, something like when shopping for republican healthcare policies in 2006. depiced in new mozaic in entrance lobby of JFK airport by well known artist and 1st friend of revolution Michael Moore. This is river bank built in public works by comrade Pol Pot just before leaving for Cambodia while learning about revolution on Tito’s university, as only person on world able to solve today’s Bannon problem of by real soci@lists and capitalists hated bureaucracy.,15.9924367,3a,75y,139.93h,96.27t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSWJHQe43VvS1KHAWNscreQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

          11. Chia Cha

            China with so many factories is able to not have workers working s@itty jobs like working or running restaurants. They actually need people working more dignified jobs. They oppened first fully robotized restaurant on world. It is time to start learning chinese and congratulate comrades for caring about human dignity and for allowing freedom to flourish. I would rather wear lace then work in NYC restaurant while renting room somewhere. Chinese are able to look world from lense of workers. And they does not have to care about creating unemployed while progressing because there are enough real jobs in factories.


    America is being destroyed by fighting Israels wars and by being overrun with unlimited illegal immigration which is part of the Zionist plan to destroy America.

    American politicians are under Zionist control and this is going to be the death of America, the enemy is not at the gates, the enemy is within the government , and that enemy is Zionism.

  3. Camus

    Henry Louis (H. L.) Mencken (1880-1956) “The Bard of Baltimore” – Critic of American Democracy. “No one in this world, so far as I know… has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the American people.” H.L. Mencken, “Notes on Journalism”, Chicago Tribune, September 19, 1926.

    Largely overlooked today, Mencken was an outspoken critic of American democracy, populism, religion, and much else. He was a clever and rather odd iconoclast whose work is not easily understood by reference to a specific tradition in American letters, in my opinion, perhaps owing to his cultural isolation and parochialism (coming from Baltimore, Maryland where he lived almost his entire life in the same neighborhood and house) and his relative autodidacticism when compared to many other American figures of similar stature.

    I find that the best way to approach Mencken’s work at first approximation in order to gain maximal understanding is through his association with George Jean Nathan (1886-1958), Cornell (1904), editor of The Cornell Sun, and member of Cornell’s `Quill and Dagger Society’. “Quill and Dagger… the senior honor society at Cornell University…. is often recognized as one of the most prominent societies of its type along with Skull and Bones of Yale University.” (See Wikipedia, and elsewhere)

    Mencken and Nathan founded and edited The Smart Set, The American Mercury, and The American Spectator. Very interestingly, these publications attracted some of the leading American writers of the period. Philosophically a Nietzschean (he wrote the first scholarly book on Nietzsche in the English language along with a translation of Nietzsche’s “The Antichrist”, just seven years after Nietzsche’s death) Mencken was noted (among other things) for his aphoristic style .”Injustice,” wrote Mencken “is relatively easy to bear. What stings is justice.”

  4. Jason

    On a side note. I can’t help but think of the movie Real Genius from 1985. Directed by Martha Coolidge, and written by Neil Israel, Pat Proft, and Peter Torokvei. They are worth looking up in wikipedia as things always seem to be a closed loop more often than not. From Cali fires to New Haven Connecticut date rapes, to LA, Valley Girl’s like Christine Blasey Ford, the CIA, anointed ones, and good old fashion mind control with anti-personal lasers thrown in for good measure. Hollywood 24-7. I have a new appreciation for wikipedia lately. Look at who wrote and directed Real Men from the 1980’s. Closed circuits all day.

  5. Chia Cha

    Serbs are concerned about situation on, by americans, from serb opression, liberated and free Kosovo, so serbs are asking for support of PR China. Chinese ambassador said China fully understands serbian position on Kosovo, and in few days ambassador will tell, will serbia get support from China. We obviously need more muslim refugees in Serbia, obviously. Erdogan is becoming obstacle blocking pro-european turks to rebuild back ottoman empire on european territory and for refusing to help liberate serbs from serbia. Gulen should help Tibet and Uyghur people to liberate them self, if India is unwilling. We need cooperation between muslims and buddhists against atheist opression conducted by communist party of China. That concept can work as long as we are not importing muslims in to europe. Therefore we see that Merkel is working for chinese all the time by importing them. Hillary calling to stop muslims comming shows how strong left capitalist pro-austerity german CIA works for China in germany. That even Hillary is against that. All enemies must be defeated. Even Soros stopped unlike those german and french nazis.

    1. Chia Cha

      French and german people are under liberal captialist ISIS austerity lefty CIA, which is now it total service of NAZI liberal capitalist AfD, Merkel NAZIS and european anti-workers Bruxelles social-democrats, all paid by Chinese communist party. With only goal to destroy our constructive relationship with muslims terrorists liberating them self from KGB/chinese PLO communist atheist international-soci@list anti-zionists. By importing muslims to France and Germany. Facebook must go down for them to understand that their rule will end peacefully.

  6. Chia Cha

    Ah this gentleman is saying that Russian secret services (capitalist mafia in US under cover of albanian mafia from Kosovo as they are now united in US) are controling main elections for majors in US), and that California will have population evacuation (those fires) because of sea radiation from Fukushima. And that Jews already moved from LA to Las Vegas. LOL 1:20:00

  7. Chia Cha

    This capitalist austerity NAZIS are really preparing genocide over us or them. Not even Hitler was able to have such cooperation from bureaucracy in building up popular consensus for future genocide of us or them. I mean, no wonder, liberal capitalists inveted scientific racism. This time we need to kill liberal capitalists and send their agents provocatours back to their countries to buld their countries. I mean civil war in Europe would not be bad, to unite Europe against pagans and infidels, but innocents will suffer. There is no need for that. My techincal solution is going to be enough.

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