Oil Boom in America!

Oil Boom in America!

America’s New Oil Boom Neutralizes Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Russia!

In a recent NYTimes article by Clifford Krauss entitled, “Oil Boom Gives the U.S. a New Edge in Energy and Diplomacy”, the author outlines the unexpected rise of America’s shale drilling to make us the number one oil/gas producing nation in the world.

Since 1970, Americans have been held hostage to Saudi Arabia’s predetermined leadership in oil production to such an extent that often Americans experienced occasional contrived oil shortages in order to boost the price of oil on the world markets. Today, we are the leaders of oil/gas production going back to 2014.

As the article points out that “after a painful shakeout in the industry that included scores of bankruptcies and a significant loss of jobs, a steadier shale-drilling industry was arising, anchored by better-financed companies.”

What was unusual about this NYT article is that they went out of their way to point out that this phenomena had NOTHING to do with POTUS Obama!

Congrats to the NY Times!!

America is the mother of entrepreneurship and technological innovation created in fast time. In any other country, the new techniques for drilling and managing the oil pipe lines would have taken decades to implement. Now we have become the number one oil and gas producers in the world, surpassing Russia [gas], Saudi Arabia[oil], and Nigeria[oil].

In terms of diplomacy, Saudi Arabia has absolutely no more leverage over the USG as it had for over the past fifty years. In those 50 years, the fakirs who led that ersatz country of converted Jews [ to Sunni Arabs] were able to create in concert with our antiquated CIA abhorrent terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, and of course the false flag attack on 9/11.

This year we are expected to produce over 10 million barrels of oil with minimum disruption of the environment [crucial]. The reason for this new American emergence is:

“Shale fields can be developed relatively quickly and at modest costs relative to the giant projects… that were once favored by big oil companies. That makes It easier to turn investment spigots on or off to adjust to market fluctuations.”
Most of the shale oil drillings occur in West Texas, New Mexico and North Dakota. Now these states can override the political turmoil of Venezuela, Libya, and Nigeria as well as storms and natural disasters in the North Sea and in the Gulf of Mexico. More importantly, this surge in power allows us to back off from military interventions if tensions mount between Iran and Saudi Arabia, or even Israel and Iran. We are militarily safer and diplomatically the “King of the Mountain”.

September 1860, quote from the California Fireside Journal:
“Had it not been for the discovery of the coal oil, the race of whales would soon have extinct.”

And Wallace Pratt, 1885:
“Where oil is first found is in the minds of men.”

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10 thoughts on “Oil Boom in America!


    Saudi Arabia has depleted its oil fields and that is the reason they are attacking Yemen. The Saudis are a captive country of the U.S. and Britain and would not exist but for that, and they are a nation of thieves and warmongers, just like their creators.

  2. Chia Cha

    CIA should be abolished, they are civilian secret service in service of rich, in command chain of american bureaucracy. They depend on will of their bosses installed by rich (on democratic (meaning bought) elections). Only military (under command of military) should be able to have secret services. Military is least racist, and they care about people because they need healthy soldiers. Only they can solve addiction problems which is very very spread in US.

    1. Chia Cha

      Liberalism is mental disease. Trump is bastion of sanity and normality. Everyone is noticing that. Only CIA thinks you can earn more money by spreading drugs and cloning GMO versions of Al Sharpoton. Spread drugs on enemy territory not on your own. CIA is 100% insane. http://dailycaller.com/2018/01/25/european-ceos-trump/

      1. agree with original comment CIA bye bye. beyond redemption!

    2. Jason

      The military is the only profession in America that has a vested interest in the development of healthy, strong, and smart children developing into healthy, strong, wise adults. Just my opinion of course.

    3. Chia Cha

      We should know that bureaucracy did not exist while aristocracy was on power… Only with rise capitalist as ruling class (by removing aristocracy) we have bureaucracy as seperate caste. From french revolution of 1789. In 1776 in USA therefore we can say that there were no bureaucracy in USA because capitalists were just plutocrats under command of founding fathers – military caste. In america there were no arisctocracy only military caste because aristocracy is military caste capitalized by capitalism (as they are military caste which is allowed to transfer meddals + wealth on offspring). Bureaucracy are needed for capitalists to be ruling class. Capitalistst should return them self to be plutocrats, and new plutocrats should be banks and corporations. New ruling aristocratic caste should be returned in to military caste, but without having right of giving meddals (controling rights) on to offspring just wealth. That combination could work. That is real american way without evil influence of 1789.

      1. Chia Cha

        Military caste + right to inherit wealth and meddals = aristocracy
        Plutocrats = capitalists without power and without bureaucracy
        Therefore we need military caste, but one whos wealth should be limited, partly heritable (regulated) and public as ruling caste. While new plutocrats (banks and corporation) could be international and free. I do not see what is other way to go without bureaucracy. Only if there is some new caste or even class (which would be even more intersting to invent.

      2. Chia Cha

        *not public as ruling caste, but wealth of rulling military caste to be publicly know and cherrished… Heck even aristocratcs (those who had given wealth) and plutocrats (thsoe who earned it in trade) inside Venetian Reupublic and in Republic of Dubrovnik, operating city or republic, or free Royal Cities in middle ages were not bureaucrats. Only what is needed is to avoid trap of Diocletian and avoid carving and destroying empire in to big feuds, something there should to be upgraded.

        1. There are other consideration involved in Fracking. I am not in the oil business, however I spent years at the oil drum learning. THEOILDRUM.com (site is down but accessible). Even if they get to 10 million the US uses 24-25 million barrels a day. Oil usage is down and has not grown, because the economy has slowed. When the economy grows again the use will rise and consumption will grow. The traders in selling the speculation to investors do not get the whole story on costs/risks. You have to use oil to get the oil. From workers driving to anything involved in making the economy run, they run of the easy pumped oil out of the ground cost as a baseline. Lots of energy consumption in forcing out specs of oil in rock.

          They claim we can build a port for exporting NG. Where,,..those ports are very dangerous and people will not want them near. We import a very large amount of NG from Canada. Big fields of NG are not like they used to be. NG pumps can be seen all around LA. Pump and run is the rule in NG drilling.

          Yes we need oil, though, I like you would like to see a better use of our resources. Mass Transportation local and cross country. Natural solar for hot water
          and some electric generation to supplement, white roofs, much better insulation in the locals they work, etc.

          The whales were almost extinct, they had no qualms about killing off the last ones, because the price had jumped sky high, greed overcomes understandings.
          And the cost of hunting the few whales for oil left, rose so high it became prohibitive.

          There is also an export/import equation to this also. The more you have to use toward you own consumption (and keep the public as happy as you can while you are raising prices) Notice Saudia Arabias financial situation oil export ( I find it odd Saudi wants to sell off part of Aramco, and I guess since it a state secret, not reveal the true amount available and the quality of the oil. Stanky and down I saw, sweet crude is minute. The cost of gasoline has risen often lately. Just a few days ago I hear it went up again about .80 cents a gallon (approx). And now grumbling has commenced because cost of goods and services are raising fast and furious, and the good feelings about the purge are beginning to weaken.

          Fracking is more of a temporary way to stop the bleeding until the next natural resource is found to be exploited. Wood was used in Europe for a long Time in the first metal ages. Until one day it took to long to travel to the next tree from the city, because all the trees where now gone for miles and miles around the city.

          Here is a recall of a quote from T Boone Pickens on shale oil:

          They have been saying they could mine that shale if the price just rose 5 dollars a barrel.
          They are still saying it.

          Seems the second law of thermodynamics is still in effect.

          Or they find a way to break the law. However I don’t know of a single person I could trust with that knowledge as current events reveal.

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