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76 thoughts on “Oh Please! Liberal Ivy Leagues DONT Discriminate??

  1. Chia Cha

    When ever you have very rich people, you must have even stronger government (to protect government from such). Because any merge of economy (capitalists) and government is fascism. USSR was openly fascist country, merge of government and economy was full. US is not openly fascist country, US will always keep propaganda about freedoms, free speech, human rights… When rich are getting richer while middle class shrinking that is evidence that merge is there. Private sector without competition from public and government sector, in economy is also fascism.

  2. Chia Cha

    People are protesting on streets, by blocking trafic with own cars, they say because of oil prices. Very good, I always gets suprised how, when and why mutiny can start. This makes mutiny now nationalistic, simply because oil prices are set by global markets. Had we killed all atheists (believers in free markets and $$), g@ys, communists and their offspring on positions, we would have global yoke of rich by now removed 100 times, already.

    1. Jason

      How many personalities are in there? I detect at least five, each with a different world view, but bound by the need to kill your enemies.

      1. Chia Cha

        You must produce fear at atheists, and you can do that only by really showing them how some among them are getting killed when they go against The Culture. Atheists are those people who does not have any fear from anything which is constant (therefore real), and that is only God. Atheist would kill if he would be sure police would not catch him. While believers are those who have fear from God. So for atheist to be able to ape human, for him to follow The Culture (to behave and ape as human), he must have fear installed from members of The Culture, for which he knows those members will react upon rules set by those The Culture. Atheists are nothing else then addicts, for instance cocaine addict is nothing else then inteligent animal. And goal of evil one is for whole human society to devolve back to animals. Duties must be known.

        1. Jason

          I can see why you are against free markets and competition. You want to win without possibility of losing, and so you wait for external savior. The devil exists only when a man needs an excuse, and so he summons him from inside, but it is still just an excuse. Kiekergaard warned of being tricked into believing that we are sinful animals, and that God was outside of himself, when by definition he is within, as we radiate from the word. One minute you promote killing, then it is only atheists who kill. Or is it that killing is good if democratic, mob rule theocracy is good excuse. If you were true capitalist, you might say specifically who you want killed, names only, and then pony up the money to have someone do it for you. All the games you espouse only add revolutions to the same old cycle of do as I say, and not as I do, or else. Be careful killing in the name of God. Seriously.

          1. Chia Cha

            Criminals must be hanged in public (on public squares), and in front of youth, as example for youth for their own well beign. Public morality must be teached publicly. Everything else cannot work. Victorian Britain fell down in 1916 because they were hanging only poor people on public square. They were super power because they were hanging criminals in public, and they stopped being super power because they were hanging only poor people. Rich criminals were not hanged.

          2. Jason

            So you want to hang poor criminals now, knowing full well the rich criminals will not? That is a great solution. It’s okay that the world becomes a meat grinder as longer as you turn the handle? Have you ever read the Judge Dredd comic books? Street judges are more modern equivalent of your idea.

          3. Chia Cha

            No I did not say that, I said that society goes down when criminals are not hanged. Then I said that society goes up when criminals are hanged. And that society stayes at top as long if you hang rich criminals also. So is it street judge, or is it not street judge, it is not important because people wants 3 things: king on earth, king on sky (God), and police force kicking criminals azzes all the time.

          4. Chia Cha

            But you have very good eye, I forgot to see what you saw, you rightly noticed that rich are those who in time of total organized terror by the bureaucracy (terror of buraucracy is waged against working people when bureaucracy is intentionally not punishing criminals to be able to scare parents of kids to shut up about corruption on grand scale) for merge of government and economy (fascist kick / forced sale of goods), to work without resistance. Liberalism is period of capitalist fascism when capital is expanding and everything is fine, new
            not yet saturated trade routes by them self are creating new growth which is not yet counted in by creators of debt, while open fascism is when there are no new areas invented and systematized by bureaucracy for them to invest in and then legaly get money back. New areas for investments are not imagined and legalized by bureaucrats. In that case you must start austerity for poor. For slaves to work more for less, to return all debts from before. Problem is that rich are now NOT allowing more bubbles to be pumped because they do not have legal means to return invested money plus some of them says that that way workers would be much richer so they would stop working, which is blatant lie. Therefore new inventions in bureaucracy are needed. Some are saying that USSR fell down because USSR had bureaucracy which was not developed enough.

          5. Jason

            I was dead wrong Chia. You do have the magic eye. You and my subconscious would get along like peas and carrots. You laid out the paradigm that brings us back to recommitting the unoriginal sin.

          6. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

            Jason, I understand your point about the devil is in our own psyche. Maybe I’m misinterpreting, but I am not perceiving that you ever see a time in which killing is necessary. I do. If Hitler had been allowed to continue without any opposition, the world would be a very different place. In that situation, I could see no other alternative than a situation in which war had to be waged, some people killed, and there had to be a clear winner and loser. Would you agree or disagree? I have said over and over that sometimes we have to commit evil acts in order to prevent a greater, unthinkable evil. St. Augustine would likely agree with that premise, however, unpleasant it is to imagine. He spoke of Divine Rage. For me, when I contemplate the sheer, profound evil of the Left which is really the side of the political spectrum which has the Satanists, Luciferians, atheists, and communists on it, then I am full of Divine Rage. If these people are left to advance their goals, the entire world is lost. As such, I consider this a situation in which people must die. And however ironic this sounds, if there is to be any shred of Godliness, Goodness, law and order, and freedom in the world, these communists, Satanists, Luciferians, and atheists on the Left must be the ones who find a permanent home underground.

          7. Jason

            Hello Wanda. I have no issue with killing. The right people do need to be killed. Out of respect for Dr. Steve’s website, I try to be very careful about condoning violence, and against whom. Blanket generalities about who should be killed is not my thing, and I do like to rattle Chia’s cage a little bit only because I know it will shake out an excellent, concise, statement with far less generality than “all capitalists atheists should die”, and strike more precisely what he means that is less reliant on relativism. I in fact do agree with public executions. I also agree with the application of public lashings to replace jail time for a range of crimes, but clearly not all crimes. My concern is always the prevention of repeating the sins and corruption of the past. I do not trust the current state of “justice” to properly mete out anything remotely considered justice when death is on the line. In a way I am hypocritical in that I believe in the discrete elimination of all threats, although not to be seen in the light of day or necessarily sanctioned officially by a government. I prefer to not expound too much on the depths that I embrace and manage my own duality. And again, I like to be restrained in my language about violence here out of respect for Dr. Steve letting me post. I don’t engage in any other social media. There are extremely delicate machinations in motion to restore the US Republic, and in hindsight, I am glad many of my posts were blocked last year. So that you understand my world view on geopolitical violence, I believe that dropping the big ones on Japan were necessary. I am very familiar with Japanese psychology and only complete and total public surrender was going to yield the results we see through today. Also, I believe that we should have continued dropping more of them at the right targets throughout the world to reign the entire world in and so we could have possibly avoided the current state of perpetual noise from Europe. My fear is people who think like I do. When you kill for a righteous cause, how do you know when to stop? My flaw is that I potentially would not. My concern is losing discernment and restraint and allowing my inner fascist to run the show. Long story short, Chia is on point and your points are accurate as well.

          8. Jason

            Wanda, as to your reference to Divine Rage, I whole-heartedly agree. I feel it too. It is extra ordinary energy isn’t it? The fact that it always seems to be accompanied by discernment has made it possible for me to embrace it, and recognize that the sins against the children and the innocent have invited catastrophe. Have you seen the movie “Medusa Touch” with Richard Burton?

          9. Octavia

            Great comment. Thanks.

        2. Chia Cha

          After dot com bubble, had rich allowed bubble in wage growth combined with real estate bubble, then real eastate bubble would have never exploded in 2007. But rich wanted all, they wanted both real estate bubble combined with cheap workers. Let s compare rise of minimum wage from 2001 till 2007. with rise of price of homes, or with rise of issued mortgages and we will see that I am right and that I am genious. That rich just want blood of cheap slaves, they do not even care if whole country goes down or they get richer ten times more. They want misery. Bubble must be pumped all the time, at least half of economy in every moment must be in several bubbles, but in different ratios, and in different amounts, so that you do not have planned economy.

          1. Jason

            This brings us right back to the banking cartel. Goldman Sachs and others shorted their own bubble. You focus on minimum wage when 2007 was an act of war against America from within. You are correct in that they want misery. Like Alex Jones said, “the globalists wanted to hang America’s head on the wall and turn the world into a hell hole”.

  3. talbot s lindstrom

    Infowars, June 2o, 2018, El Salvador, Nestor Sanchez

  4. Jason

    The left are being corralled into defending a position that is indefensible while the cameras keep rolling. They are the walking dead right now. Voter fraud and human trafficking will have lopped their figurative heads off soon enough. Peter Fonda just invited a legal probe into every orifice he has. I wonder what they will find? It is clear that the left has a self destruct mechanism that has been “hacked”. Sun Tzu would have appreciated the manner in which the left has been manipulated into self immolation. This is a Biblical reckoning. All the vampires are revealing themselves as they beg to be put out of their misery.

    1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Jason, I am responding to your post of the Left self-immolating. I agree with you 100%. The insanity of the Left, their moral depravity, their utter contempt for goodness, normality, their pathological hatred and envy, leads to a self-implosion. It can be no other way. I have said consistently that, just allow the most radical on the Left to have a voice because it accomplishes at least 2 things: 1. it exposes them for all the world to see, 2. it increases the speed at which they self-implode. And, yes, it is definitely a Biblical reckoning. It is, at its core, a spiritual battle between good and evil.

      1. Jason

        “Fight Club” is a fine template for the inside out of this spiritual war. From the individual to the group. Thankfully, President Trump is our Tyler Durden, dragging the country kicking and screaming to where we need to be, not necessarily where we want to go. The way a good father would.

        1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Hello Jason, Glad to hear that you appreciate and understand the spiritual and psychological nuances of “Divine Rage.” From a religious perspective, it is a rage against Satan. From a psychological perspective, it is a psychological dynamic that uses a healthy ego to channel anger and rage as a means to accomplish and protect adaptive, nurturing, and healthy social and cultural outcomes. One may define “healthy ego” and “healthy social and cultural outcomes” differently, but I would refer back to your comment about the necessity of bombing Japan to refer to a healthy ego. I also refer to Popper’s paradox of tolerance—if a society has unlimited tolerance, their ability to be tolerant will eventually be seized or destroyed by the intolerant. I have an image of the Ouroboros to depict that psycho-social dynamic from a symbolic perspective. Relativism aside, there are definitely limits to tolerance which must be implemented by society or the nation-state in order to avoid anarchy, utter decadence, and complete politico-socio-cultural ruin. For instance, I am a mental health professional and have compassion for people who struggle with depression and psychosis, but I admit my own self-limitations when it comes to pedophilia. Yet, we now have an organization in America called NAMBLA, National Association for Man/Boy Love, which condones pedophilia. I am confident this organization receives funding from the communists and Cultural Marxists and proponents of Critical Theory, whose goal is to destroy all social and cultural norms, and then to implement the global communist, fascist government to have totalitarian control over the entire world. Additionally, 2 TEDTalk speakers, one of whom is a psychologist, has spoken about the need for society to accept pedophiles. Where does that slippery slope lead? Of course, straight to a totalitarian Orwell’s world which is Hell on Earth.
          TedX Talk Speaker: “We live in a society that needs to accept Pedophiles”

          Psychologist says: “Let’s be mature about pedophilia” and calls on society to accept pedophiles

        2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Jason, yes, I thank God every day for Trump. Truly, I do. I say a prayer every day for his protection and that of his family, his close allies, and the U.S. military. And the comparison of Trump to Durden, with the kicking and screaming, is quite appropro! Definitely, the good father figure. I always have felt the song that is played at his rallies, that was played on the night he won the presidential election, was truly an appropriate song for America. It reminds me of the young children who are told by their parent to do something the child doesn’t like, then the child starts throwing a temper tantrum, only for the child, in their later, more mature adult years, to realize that the parent gave them exactly what they needed to become a successful, independent adult. We don’t always get what we want, but if we wait long enough, we might just get what we need. Words of wisdom.

          You can’t always get what you want
          You can’t always get what you want
          You can’t always get what you want
          But if you try sometimes you just might find
          You just might find
          You get what you need

          1. Chia Cha

            Plus chemical and genetical abolishment of males.

      2. Octavia

        Absolutely. Appreciate yours, and Jason’s wisdom in the midst of Chia’s confusing language and concepts.

  5. Embrey

    Dr. Steve,

    What do you make of this?
    Re_read drops re: 302 mod
    DOJ forced to supply.
    Rank & file testifying as informants.
    Hussein WH SR Staffer ON RECORD.
    House of Cards.
    These people are SICK.
    Doctor(s) treating

  6. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    The Center cannot hold. The LEFT is certifiably insane and full of psychopathological hatred and envy. Melanie Klein wrote prolifically on primitive/pathological envy.

    The Center cannot hold. The divide is too great. The plan to handle the looming split is, hopefully, already in place by Trump. The Center cannot hold. The Left is certifiably and pathologically insane. The Left is normalizing psychopathology and pathologizing normality. The people on the Left can be divided into 2 primary streams: 1. Communists who know what communism entails (these are the Elites with fairly high IQs, the Intellectual yet Idiots, and who have a diabolical plan to use their lower base as pawns and useful idiots to accomplish their communist nation goal), and 2. Communists who think communism would usher in Utopia in which all people have equal wealth, assets, and outcomes in society (these are comprised of 1. Fairly intelligent people who do not read the history of communism and the 200 million who died in the 20th century alone from that system, and 2. Low IQ people who lack the analytical skills, reason, logic, foresight, insight, and consequential thinking to evaluate the destructive, oppressive, tyrannical nature of communism, so believe it is some Utopian paradise of equality and justice). Welcome to the political, diabolical, pathological LEFT.

    1. Chia Cha

      Wonderfull, wonderfull, I agree completly, It would be even more perverse (in good sense) if you were able to make some sub-categories also. Then that would be the most advanced analysis of the left. Ever created.

      1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

        Chia Cha, that is really sweet of you to compliment my analysis, but I can assure you that was a very extemporaneous analysis and in no way is near completion. For instance, a more complete analysis would include multiple axes by which communism and communists function including psychological, philosophical/ideological, socio-cultural-religious factors which create a sort of feedback reinforcing loop between affecting the communist nation and being affected by it. The communists are quite adept at understanding human nature, behavior, cognition, and emotions. Is it any surprise that many of the brilliant Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt school were Jewish academics and sociologists? They were brilliant thinkers, but they really came from s psychological dynamic that was rooted in a visceral hatred and a desire to completely destroy capitalism, and social and cultural norms, and I would argue, at root, a visceral hatred for the mass of humanity, and a desire to have control over humanity, if not exterminate portions of it. They just masked all that hatred and desire for destruction under a mask of social-economic justice and so-called compassion. The “veil” or mask of socio-economic justice and compassion has been ripped off, however, and exposed as more and more people begin to grasp its pathological roots of hatred, antisocial facets, and diabolical means and end. The Globalists—EU—Rothschild—Soros—NWO adopted this ethos over 100 years ago and their entire agenda is fueled by it.

        I could write pages on each of those. Additionally, an axis that included the advantages and disadvantages of those who perpetuate communism (the Communist leaders, that is) versus those who live under its rule. I’ve already written a 130 page essay on the infiltration of Muslims and Islam in Western civilization, a 39 page paper on Gender differences in Arab Culture (based on Raphael Patai’s book, The Arab Mind), a 42 page paper on How the Left is Destroying White Culture and Building Black Dominance by Population, Culture, and Politics, and a 21 page paper on Non-Human Technology and the Elites’ ultimate goal behind that. In the last mentioned paper, I discuss how the EU-Globalist Elites move toward an Orwellian global World Order in the latter part of the Second Campaign, which is what we have been experiencing over the past 20+ years, and to increasing degrees such as with Britain who is further along than America under Obama. Hillary would have sealed the completion of the Second Campaign.

        The First Campaign is the Diversity Brainwashing Campaign.
        The Second Campaign is the Immigration Integration Campaign.
        The Third Campaign is the Artificial Intelligence-Robot Integration Campaign.
        The Fourth and Final Campaign is the Humanity Extinction—Robot Replacement (HERR) Campaign.

        Four tiers of people:
        Secret Society Uber Elite Tier:
        Second Tier Leader Operatives
        Third Tier Tactical Operatives
        Fourth Tier Expendables
        Ultimately, the fourth, third, and second tiers would be exterminated by this Globalist Elite by AI robots.

  7. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Richard Dolan Show May 14, 2018
    Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of HUD
    Fitts around 8 minutes, 15 seconds: “In 2015, the Inspector General had reported that they were missing $6.5 TRILLION DOLLARS which is the largest number to date. In fact, if you look at HUD and DOD in the last year of the Obama administration, they were like, “what can we steal?’…….. In order to balance the books, they had to make $6.5 TRILLION DOLLARS IN UNDOCUMENTABLE ADJUSTMENTS.”

  8. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Catherine Austin Fitts: Establishment Stole $50 Trillion & Want to Keep It
    Digital Currency and how to Control the World
    Space based economy
    The Greg Hunter Show
    Hunter: “I want to start with the IG Inspector General Report. Here we have Obama and Hillary talking to each other privately with their own private emails and servers. They don’t care about national security. They breached national security, for a fact. They violated the Espionage Act, yes, Obama and Hillary, and, yet, we are still missing $21 TRILLION dollars…..what’s going on here?”
    Fitts: “Let me just start by asking you a theoretical question. If you were the President and the Secretary of State and you had to redirect $21 TRILLION dollars disappearing from the federal government…let’s use the 2015 figures, so let’s say $6.5 TRILLION dollars of undocumentable adjustments at DOD and a couple of million at HUD so if you were redirecting and shuffling those monies around, as President and Secretary of State, wouldn’t you want to do it outside the government systems?
    Hunter: “Sure, Yes. And you brought up before that these people want to throw away the Constitution. Yeah, [they say] ‘we don’t need that, it’s a an old document written by a bunch of White guys’ What we really do need is to bring back the Constitution and the rule of law. We need to operate within the bounds of it.”
    Fitts: “If you take all of the government assets and you move them out of the government surreptiously, and put them in another place, then the Constitution would be, basically, overseeing two sets, right? So if you look at their [Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Jarrett, Brennan, Clapper, Podesta, etc.] private email systems and servers, I dare say that they were about the control and concentration of cash flow. And as we can see from the 2015 financials, a lot of cash flow went missing during the Obama administration including when Obama was president and Hillary was Secretary of State.”

    1. Chia Cha

      Bannon explained that same thing just on MSM way around min 15. Soci@lism for non working rich & non working poor & immigrants, while they steal money from working people with kids. Criminals united them self.

  9. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    America cannot continue to compete on a global basis if it continues to allow all these low IQ, inbred, high fertility rate people from Third World countries such as Africa and the Middle East and Southeastern Asia such as Indonesia. This is not just a socio-cultural or religious question, although it certainly is that. It is an economic sustainability issue. It is a global competitiveness issue. It is a pragmatic issue. It is irrefutably an existential issue. If America does not stop allowing all these low IQ, inbred, high fertility rate, primitive, backward, unsophisticated, uncultured, unrefined people who lack proper, sophisticated communication skills and who lack excellent writing skills, then America cannot compete with Russia or China. It is that simple. If America ends up being a sister nation of Africa or Syria, then America is finished economically, technologically, scientifically, culturally, socially, and globally. IQ DOES MATTER. America cannot continue to allow the invasion of these hordes of mentally, socially, culturally, and cognitively inept, incompetent people. To survive, it must return to a merit based immigration system. It is an existential fact of life.

    1. Jason

      Meritocracy is paramount to a healthy body/ body-politic. I agree 100%.

      1. Chia Cha

        Meritocrats cannot rule because they are effete (they are not dealing or dealt with death in warfare). Only aristocracy can select capable.

        1. Jason

          Are you disappointed that you didn’t get on board early enough to reap the benefits of Neo-Euro-communism and join force structure controlled by their “aristocracy”? The new ruling class in America are the military inteligencia who appear to have earned their place through full spectrum warfare in defense of the US Constitution, and the continuing pursuit of it’s full restoration. I suppose that is not example of merit. If that is not merit, then perhaps I don’t know the meaning of the word merit. This is absurd.

          1. Chia Cha

            Ah yes, you are right 100%. Military inteligence, and even much much more, military counter inteligence is only merit which can existing.

        2. Dora

          What are you on about? Aristocrats are a con. It is all about money, not class, nor value, nor morality nor Godliness.

  10. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    At 10 minutes, 45 seconds:
    Bret Weinstein Testifies to Congress on The Evergreen State College riots, Free Speech & Safe Spaces

    EXCERPT AT 10 MINUTES, 45 SECONDS: “This is not just a matter of abstract ideas presented by speakers on campus. This is now extending into the classroom, and it’s a question of what one can properly teach in a Biology class, for example, which might not be politically correct, but is nonetheless necessary for students to understand the organism that they are studying. Ultimately, this is going to manifest in our competitiveness as a nation. If we decide that there are certain things that are true in science that cannot be stated in a college classroom, then our students will be undereducated relative to any nation that can solve that problem. So this is really a critical issue.”

  11. Jason

    I have long lamented the death of rock and roll. After watching President Trump’s rally last night, I realized that it has indeed returned. Beatlemania returns!

    1. Chia Cha

      With death of Kurt Cobain (possible they killed him) MTV thought Rock and Roll was finaly over, and that they made it, for CIA to destroy any collective bonds among middle class, and give us pakistani hip hop. Capitalists wanted to show how powerful they were.

    2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Well, Jason, I’m more of a classical music, easy listening lover, but I watched President Trump’s Minnesota rally, too, and I am always inspired! I attending the Nashville TN rally in 2017 and it was so uplifting. I bask in this man’s multiple talents, especially his 6D chess skills, the Master negotiating skills, and his nuanced, multiple layered worldview and ability to get others to see his POV. I don’t know this, but I intuit it. I refer to The Art of the Deal in which he states that what he does is he offers to the other party something they either want, need or, preferably, cannot live without. Can you imagine him twirling those brain cells around, always focusing on the multiple players involved in a deal, and evaluating what potential outcomes for each of those players will be the result? He says in his book that some people paint beautiful paintings, but he has a gift of making deals. The more I see visible signs of the Trump Doctrine and his alliances that he has been building, nation by nation, especially with Eastern European nations and Japan, I marvel at Trump’s gifts. What frightens me is pondering the deficit that will occur when he leaves office. If any president needs to be a lifetime president, it is at this profoundly critical moment in time.

      1. Jason

        These are the skills you develop in the heavy construction business. Donald Trump is not unlike my mentors in the ironworking trade. Ploys, good cop bad cop, psychological games and manipulation are a requirement just to get paid your due. He dared to have a future vision and would deconstruct in reverse the steps to get their. As you work backwards from the ultimate goal/vision. Your last move that you conclude in deconstruction of goal in reverse time leaves you with step one of your mission. Step one of anything is often the most difficult because most people do not function within an overarching vision, but more as the ball in a pin ball machine. The trick is that all steps after step one are flexible and fluid because his eye is on the prize, the future, not just the minutia of winning a step. This is how one sails to the new world. The deconstruction of the left in America to my eye reveals that all moves are from a final restoration of the US Constitution and the re-energizing of morale and commerce in the future, and simply reverse engineering the steps required to do so. Everyone is so focused on each move as independent in a vacuum when it most people cannot see the ultimate goal to begin with. Trump will always look for a larger, more encompassing vision than his competitors because he knows that by definition, he then has a strategic advantage because the chessboard he plays on will always be bigger than the rest. One square on his chess board might be the entire board that China plays on. One square might be the chess board that the Russians play on. He is always playing for the bigger game. The unrealized forms of real-estate. The unrealized forms of development. Most of all, he understands leverage. He knows that his enemies greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. Manipulate or nullify the strength, and the enemy has absolutely nothing. Schedules and budgets are what he lives by. His books changes my life in a way that few books have. They are must reads for the contrarians who appreciate the joys of living a life of counterpoint much as a sail boat embodies a compound set of counterforces that allow men to sail to undiscovered shores using intelligence, the stars, team work and courage, plus a little bit of wind helps.

        1. Jason

          If you are into game theory in a serious way, Donald Trump is a master. He draws friends in while drawing enemies out. Strategic retreat is ironically one of his best cards. Strategic withdrawal from Trump means he knows that you won’t like your new set of partners as much as the old partner given enough time. As we pull back globally, others will fumble while it becomes easier for the remaining partners to thrive, thus indirectly creating an invitation to the party, rather than coercion, which in time will energize American relationships in contrast to what the commies are offering. Letting Russia and China compete for allies in America’s wake will be very predictable in my opinion. They will eventually struggle to manage the nations to the west and south of them without us to game against. They will game against each other and the same old flaws in their psychology will bring them back to reality. Their inability to cope with the interests of their own youth is a time bomb. America will be invited back on friendlier terms than can be imagined, plus the brain drain factors is important. America needs legal immigrants with passion for the Constitution to keep us invigorated and strong. It should be noted that as corruption has slowly marched through American bureaucracy, the techno-intelligence side has gradually retreated into more secrecy while leaving the older bureaucracies to serve as prisons for the criminals to move into. Their own laws stepping on civil liberties and massive military budgets has allowed the cabal to advance into places they did not build, and do not understand, while being surveilled by their own equipment, that again they don’t understand. In a way, they built the military prison industrial apparatus for them to be destroyed by, because by definition, they are enveloped by it, both physically and legally. The Patriot act and mass surveillance is ironically the mechanism of their undoing. The cabal has been turned into a cyst by the body, and now they are being removed. Every time they advanced, they made it easier to be sabotaged at the eventual final moment, leaving all their toys to the kids that waited and planned longer term than themselves. They built a prison for us that turned out to be for them. I don’t care what anyone says. This is decades in the making, if not well past the century mark. Only in America. The spirit of Andrew Jackson is returning. Bold, wise leadership to emerge is no accident. The snake is shedding it’s skin. Putin might be a judo practitioner, but Trump is full spectrum judo savant. Leverage, leverage, leverage.

          1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

            Jason, yes, it is brilliant how the communist muslim loving cabal from the prior administration laid the groundwork for their own demise. It makes me smile. And, yes, I am very aware of the very subtle games being played by Trump. I see (intuitively) alot of his moves that are being made behind the scenes from the public. For instance, there was a reason that Macron and Trump spent the night at Mt. Vernon. Yes, I’m sure Trump wanted Macron to see Lafayette’s key to the Bastille and to see the home of the man who was the first US president, and the estate of the man who won the American Revolutionary War, and its representation of the symbolic, critical relationship of France during the American Revolutionary War. Sure, sure, sure. That aside, there is LOTS of symbolism there that applies to contemporary events. 1776. The American Revolution. The planning. And no BUGS there. [smile] Any discussion could take place without any worries of bugs, leaking, etc. What was discussed? I know what they discussed. The Trump Agenda. I need only mention 2 things.

            The first is the “reorganization of the world” as Merkel said it 2 weeks ago.

            The second is Trump’s 2017 meeting in Poland and the leaders he has had at the White House, and his consistent comments about how beneficial it would be for there to be a good Trump–Putin (America–Russia) relationship.

            The third is The Art of the Deal and how Trump uses Sun Tzu’s tactics brilliantly.

            No need to speak further. Read between the voluminous lines and connect the dots. Most definitely you are correct that there are very subtle, multiple machinations going on behind the scenes to restore the American Republic, but also to save Western civilization.

            With some of these people, we are watching a show, although, to be sure, this is definitely not a game, rather a very, very serious reality.

            Trump loves to win, yes?!

            Grab the popcorn. Enjoy the Show. Q

          2. Jason

            There is iron in your words. A return to a Constitutional America is the only thing that can save the world. I pray that it is Starship Troopers time. Pioneers would have a purpose again.

      2. Octavia

        I figured all that out, in a sense, a couple of weeks ago.
        I just wish he is smart enough to be putting the statins down the toilet!
        He needs every bit of his COQ10 he can muster.

  12. Chia Cha

    Dugin is right but he is not so clear like me, only way to abolish post modernism is by abolishing left, therefore capitalist class & their bureaucratic caste… Capitalists must be subordinated to aristocracy, therefore abolished, they must go back to traders, or and plutocrats, and bureaucrats to public notaries subordinated to plutocratic or aristocratic council, but everything under main military leader. And aristocracy must be selected in warfare confronting death. This way we cannot go on, we are getting feminized rich who inherited richness and then we all must work for them, even they are degenerate and are against working families with kids. Cleaning male of genes must be done, on any way possible. Effete and femenized guys are biggest danger to all kids.–OHvxK4

    1. Chia Cha

      Dugin is right, liberalism means individualism, therefore by liberalism, all immigrants are individuals, therefore same as us. Any collective indentity cannot exist or if it exist, then it must be abolished. We all are same, everyone is capitalist, and free. And because everyone is free individual, there is no any kind of opression or terror, because all interactions are consensual as they are among free individuals. United States says that human rights of girl dying in Africa, covered with flies are fully protected. She would be jepardy only if her parents would refuse to read her LGBT book for kids, how to become les as early as 4. As United States, Kinsey institute proved that 4 year olds are s@xual beigns also. I must say that ideology of United States must be changed very very soon. It stinks.

      1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

        Chia Cha, liberalism is, as Krushchev stated, simply the veil or mask which the communists who have infiltrated America and pervade the EU-Globalist—Rothschild—Soros cabal use in order to achieve the communist state. Let’s talk about method and goal. The methods are Cultural Marxist theory, Relativism, and Critical Theory which, in a nutshell, advocate the destruction of social-cultural norms (religion, belief in God, faith, family, family values, homogeneity of race/culture, individual rights such as free speech, freedom of religion, free press, etc.). Destroying capitalism is not going to accomplish what you think. It will not result in the Elites suddenly giving the masses their individual freedoms and liberties, and distributing wealth so that the poor and middle class benefit more equitably. Do you honestly think that avarice will disappear with the extinction of capitalism? You seem to have a fairly decent grasp of human nature. It is human nature to destroy threats to self and to accumulate and ensure safety and security for one’s self and those with whom we are most intimate, if the latter is possible. That’s the bottom 2 planks of Maslow’s hierarchy. Avarice is also an aspect of some people’s nature and behavior. In fact, people with narcissistic personality disorder, sociopathy, and psychopathy have, to varying degrees, pathological tendencies for self-interest, operating along a continuum, with the tendencies to full blown destructive pathology of “other” with the psychopaths. Eliminating capitalism will never, ever change these aspects of the human psyche. I would argue that, under the dual aspects of capitalism and a Republic, there is the potential for the optimal state of personal freedom and liberties, while also permitting a hierarchy of wealth which more closely resembles the natural hierarchies which exist in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. I know the Left wants to abolish all hierarchies on Earth, but this is another of their psychotic, Utopian delusions which keep them allured towards a state which can never exist while on the physical plane, rather only in Heaven. In this argument, I distinguish a Republic from pure democracy where it would be a horror if the “majority” in the society were a combination of what exists on the LEFT today which is communists who have a pathological obsession to control every aspect of human beings’ lives, plus Satanists, Luciferians, atheists, pedophiles, and morally depraved people who thrive on chaos, disorder, and have utter contempt for law and order.

        1. Chia Cha

          Capitalism cannot be eliminated. That is manifestation of economy showing it self even in tribal society. Socio-political economy of tribes is dominant soci@lism, but even there individual can hide from tribe extra food he aquired while hunting around. In feudalism, which started as socio-political part of political economy of western Roman Empire, while slavery socio-politically was dominant, with reforms of Dioclecian (he did not know he legally laid down foundation of fedualism by his legal reforms), capitalism started showing it self, as soon as feuds started (couple centuries later) to be inheritable, after fedualism started being dominant socio-politically. Always all 4 manifestation of economy exist.

          1. Chia Cha

            Right now we formally have rule of bureaucracy (capitalist republic), and bureaucracy is just cover by which capitalists defacto rule. I am for US model before French revolution and coup of Rotschild of 1815, therefore before rule of bureaucracy and capitalists. Difference between plutocrats and capitalsits, is that rule of plutocrats is open one, (therefore it rule is without bureaucracy). That is real US socio-political model. Founding fathers were formal open plutocrats and military leaders. And that was real constitutional republic. US republic is abducted by capitalists class (informal rich), their bureaucracy which is totally unconstitutional, and effete banking cartel. Rule must be open. Democracy is worse possible system because then real ruling capitalist class can survive and hide them self and rule informally.

          2. Chia Cha

            US is republic, not democracy.

          3. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

            Chia Cha, yes, you are correct. America is not a democracy, rather a Republic. There is a difference. God help us if we were a true democracy. If we were, then we would have already turned communist nation under Obama.
            Thank GOD for Trump and his close allies, and the U.S. military.

    2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Chia Cha,
      As a 58 year old who has read quite a bit, travelled around, observed human nature, and gotten an advanced education, and having read over 30 books on the Founding Fathers, the American Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution, I can now more fully appreciate the complexity and paradox of Winston Churchill’s statement:
      “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”.

      Rule by majority is only optimal, as Jefferson repeatedly stated, if the people are informed and educated. Otherwise, we have what exists in America today. Dumbed down, misinformed, uninformed, ignorant, brainwashed people. Of course, that is intentional, too.

      1. Chia Cha

        Democracy is unable to change anything, only military coups. In Babylon ruling rich hated military so much, that rich inside Babylon called military from other tribe, as rich thought they could buy them also with money after they openned gates for them. Of course after they came, rich were all replaced. HA HA. Empires goes down from inside.

  13. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    PA Democrat ‘Welcomes’ VP Mike Pence with Middle-Finger Salute

  14. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Wisely, President Trump announced this week he will combine the Department of Education and the Department of Labor to Department of Education and the Workforce. The states need to be given authority to educate children. Why does the federal government have to be involved in this? Every program they introduce is ineffective, impractical, and wasteful of tax money. Idiots-yet-Intellectuals create these programs which are Utopian idealistic theories that fail when implemented in the real world. Take the No Child Left Behind program which set quotas for the number of students who had to pass. Then Obama’s disastrous “Promise” program. This program implemented quotas on the number of disciplinary actions given to Black and Hispanic children and if the school did not meet that quota, it would be threatened with defunding. Since, collectively, more Black students have behavioral problems than White children, the “Promise” program aimed to eliminate this difference. The program placed blame of higher Black students’ behavioral problem on teacher’s and administrator’s “racism,” which ignores the factors which are primarily related to Black students’ higher rates of behavioral problems such as effects of poverty, absent fathers (72% of Black children’s fathers have abandoned them), poor parenting, parents not disciplining antisocial behavior, a systemic epidemic of Black Oppositional Culture in which the Black is the “oppressed victim” of the “White oppressor” and is many times nurtured by Black students’ parents and/or other family members, and behavior problems related to underactive prefrontal cortex activity and overactive parts of the brain, specifically the reptilian brain and limbic systems. Since teachers could not increase the rate of White students’ behavioral problems to reach parity with Black students’ behavioral problems, the only way to achieve parity was to eliminate the discipline. This not only resulted in an increase in behavioral problems from Black students who realized they could do anything and would not be punished, but also resulted in lowered Black students’ academic performance since ensuring Blacks were not disciplined took precedence over their academic progress. Imagine a Black student who has been acting out in class, but the teacher refuses to address the issue because she is concerned she will be called “racist” by the child’s parent or the School Board to whom the parent seeks redress. Last, the morale of the teachers and administrators has plummeted because they become babysitters of students who have antisocial tendencies.
    I have a friend who has a M.S. in Counseling and is a RN, who taught 20 years in the Memphis City schools. This is the story she tells: If I had 20 students and 5 failed, then I would turn that into the principal at the end of each semester. Every single time, without fail, the principal would pass all 20 students, including the ones whose grade was F and who missed 25% of classes. This was so that the principal could turn in the requisite numbers to the School Board which would falsely report that the school had met its “quota” of passing students, and would continue to get state and federal funding. If the principal were to turn in the actual numbers of failed students, the school would be eventually defunded and shut down.

    1. Chia Cha

      For capitalists/communists/fascists It is much cheaper way to produce equality by lowering outcome for whites. And they are on very good path, as divorce rate is now 70% for whites also. They pay females to be single mothers. Plus then need females to work for effete rich, not at home.

  15. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    And the communist Leftists continue to implement their communist, Cultural Marxist, Relativistic, Utopian Ideological insanity into the curricula of our school system, thereby, indoctrinating American children’s brains to accept the destruction of sociocultural norms that are consistent with Conservative values, and “molds” them to the communist doctrine of moral depravity and the destruction of family and family values.

    Fairfax VA county School Board has ruled to delete all references to “biological sex” in its sex-ed curricula. This comes after 90% disapproval from teachers and parents. As Bret Weinstein, the former professor of Evergreen State College, stated in his U.S Congressional testimony recently, America cannot compete globally if the American educational system fails to properly educate its students on fact-based science. Eliminating facts from curricula while inserting political ideology in its place is not only unprincipled and unscientific, but it poses a very real threat to the ability of America to compete on a global scale with other nations whose people are able to develop solutions based on facts instead of political ideologies and opinions.

    But Weinstein only exposes one facet of this insidious ideological systemic degradation. The far more insidious and nefarious aspect is the point I made at the beginning, with respect to the ntentional, willful, calculated,, subversive, stealth, diabolical destruction of family and family values, the destruction of sociocultural Conservative norms, the erosion of parental authority over their own children and children’s schooling, the takeover by the nation-state of a child’s mind, the molding of the child’s mind towards developing children with a wildly permissive, unbridled thinking and behavior, the molding of children to a morally permissive and, ultimately, depraved “anything goes” ‘behavior. If we apply Piaget’s theory of cognitive development to, say, a 6 year old or 10 year old who is being provided these new data about fluid gender identity, it frightens me to think of humanity in 2 or 3 generations.

    I stand by my premise: THE CENTER CANNOT HOLD. I am beginning to wonder if some type of drastic action is not necessary to stop the insanity of this communist, Cultural Marxist invasion in academia and the media. These are the two areas which give me the most concern because they affect the children.

    Vladimir Lenin: Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

    Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed. Josef Stalin

    We must create out of the younger generation a generation of Communists. We must turn children, who can be shaped like wax, into real, good Communists…. We must remove the children from the crude influence of their families. We must take them over and, to speak frankly, nationalize them. From the first days of their lives they will be under the healthy influence of Communist children’s nurseries and schools. There they will grow up to be real Communists. ~~ Communist Party Education Workers Congress
    We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all. Nikita S. Khrushchev

    School District Will No Longer Acknowledge “Biological Sex”
    Todd Starnes
    June 17, 2018

    School District: Biological Sex Is Meaningless


    1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Chia Cha, yes, I do see these efforts to rid America of the illegal immigrants. I am glad they keep plodding along to get them out. I do not care one whit about these illegal immigrants. Truly, I do NOT. I see it as them or me. The same psychological dynamic is operating in Europe. And this is human nature, and Maslow gave us a fine theoretical model to elucidate it. It was operative 5,000 years ago and remains so to this day. I even hear some Blacks in the VERY BLUE city where I reside comment they want these illegal immigrants OUT because it takes their jobs from their people.

      What I DO care about is taking care of American CITIZENS. I am sick and tired of being forced to have my taxes pay for all the free stuff for these hoards of illegal immigrants. And I am extremely concerned about the racial relations in America and Europe. I do not foresee racial harmony in America where there is suddenly going to be some sweet, wonderful, happy rapprochement and harmony between the races; in fact, quite the opposite. I am just stating what I believe to be true based on 58 years of experience and observances, having advanced education in psychology, knowing human nature and behavior, and having lived in MS, TX, TN, and PA. I am tired of the Left attempting to exterminate my race and culture. The Elites think that all this racial tension is going to dissipate with a great economy and that, one day, all the races are going to be singing Kumbaya together. No, they are not. This is an issue that is related to the Collective Unconscious. It is primal. Races will not intermix and solve the racial tensions, and the Elites are either profoundly stupid or profoundly naive if they think otherwise. The majority of Blacks do not want it. The majority of Hispanics don’t want it. The majority of Asians do not want it. The majority of Asian Indians do not want it. And the majority of my race does not want it. These are deeply rooted psychological needs which Maslow wrote about. The only way to achieve that is to exterminate most of us and that is certainly something the very, very top Elites have been planning and aiming for since at least 100 years ago.

      1. Chia Cha

        Capitalism does not care about culture of working class which are too expensive for capitalism, because such are of those who are to be colonized and exterminated, for instance capitalism did not care about american indians, because american indians were too expensive to capitalism therefore genocide was needed (they eat organic, they needed too much of land for own food as they were not agricultural, they were bad as slaves/workers, they were half consumers, they were not hunting for furs)… Same is happening today to americans. Which shows that that depends in what capital is invested and who benefits, and those who benefit, are those ruling capitalists. Plus global capitalism ideologically must show that they as ruling white capitalists are real capitalist who see every dollar as dollar without anything cultural attachment, therefore they will show to those from who they see return on investment one dollar bigger then on you, they must show them that they will exterminate “own”, because economically than those from pagan non-culture, will like those dollars they issue more (more life for them by reducing you life). It is always mathematics and in what you allow them to expect return on investment. That is why I am for humanitarian western judo-christian apartheid based on individual merits, and social scores and points. Where slave points based on work will not measured only on markets by capitalist bureaucracy and their coins they issue only (money). For instance to me black person if he is good westerner would have free healthcare, while white atheist would be slave working in camp under supervision and on hormonal therapy to become male, while his whole property confiscated. Capitalists wants that for working majority everything is measured in coins they issue, only, I think other their derivative formulas also must exist for majority also, not just for elite.

  16. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Any person or group or entity that threatens to be successful and effective against the pathological, diabolical, evil EU—Globalist—-Rothschild—-Soros—-Communist Jews—-Communist Blacks—-Muslims—-Negro World Order (NOW) cabal AKA the RED—GREEN—BLACK AXIS AKA THE KALERGIE PLAN which has the goal to exterminate Whites, White Christians, Native Europeans, Native European Christians, Conservatives, anyone on the political Right, and Libertarians is moving into implementing an openly Orwellian world now, without any hiding it. They are becoming quite open and bold now, particularly now that Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, and soon to be Sweden in the Fall have all categorically rejected the plan to exterminate Whites, Native Europeans, Christians, Conservatives, anyone on the political Right, and Libertarians, and allow these low IQ, primitive, uncultured, unsophisticated, unskilled Black Africans, Middle Eastern Arabs, and muslims to take over America and Europe.
    Censorship: Entire European Identitarian Movement that is Anti-Immigrant Has Been Permanently Banned From Facebook
    The anti-mass migration Generation Identity movement has been banned permanently from Facebook, after all of their official pages were deleted due to “extremist content.”
    EXCERPT: Over the last several weeks the group has seen page after page disappear from the social media giant’s platform with little or no explanation, but a new report claims that Facebook has permanently banned the hipster-right identitarians, accusing them of posting “extremist content”.
    According to the paper, Facebook confirmed that the group had been permanently banned from the platform, “citing their policies against extremist content and organised hate groups.”

    1. Chia Cha

      Globalist counted that they would earn 1$ by exterminating westerners, because non westerners pagan/atheists will give them 1$ more as they non western pagan/atheists are 1$ cheaper on market they created plus non western pagan/atheists want their kids to live, not yours therefore they will on free market invest in that. Therefore who believe in free market capitalism, dies of free market capitalism. I think that workers who works for low salaries are biggest and most dangerous sociopaths there are. Collectively much more dangerous then organized pedophiles. And capitalists because they are scared of such uncontrollable danger (labour of others who are willing to work for nothing), capitalists must invest money in to them to control what such sociopaths will do, for them to not work for coins other capitalists are issuing. For capitalists to be able to put $$ on to them also, capitalists must sell your own kids (future) and territory because that is only really matter. That is free market price mechanism. Goal of every tribe is to kill kids of other tribe for their kids to survive. That is why whites as race are of lower intelligence as collective then blacks. Every tribe which allows lower minimum wage then for instance (in USA), lower then 35$ is exterminating it self. Or tribe which allows that capitalists are only one allowed to be owners of real estates where workers are living. Even Dugin will not talk about that therefore he is also con unlike me.

  17. Chia Cha

    Capitalists are not paying salaries, salaries exist only because they can be in different amount so inverse pyramid can be formed, pyramids where workers on top are trying to reach bottom peak of pyramid while pushing those bellow them. The more workers work, system where they will work more for less is only thing were profit is being reinvested. Final stage of that model is globalism and classless society (where we all are capitalists) and where everyone is free sovereign person under full protection of constitution, meaning full protection of property rights. Only differences, like fact that someone have more property, ideologically are not differences at all, any more, because those differences are individual choices of free individual, irrelevant to any qualitative measure. Only left remaining unsolved question inside society is going to be why some people are refusing, constantly to be rich.

    1. Chia Cha

      Capitalists are not paying salaries, nor salaries are paid, salaries are what capitalists must leave you, for you to not start mutiny, you have only how much you are ready to kill yourself or them. The less capitalist work, the richer he is, because profitability is bigger, and in capitalism money is allocated to the most profitable enterprises therefore them. Had slaves were killing them self, then there would be no slavery. Therefore only way for humanity to become decent is to stop workers parents creating out workers sociopaths willing to work for peanuts – but people willing to kill them self, or willing to start mutiny. Problem is everyone think they are capitalist or wants their kids to become capitalists because otherwise they are not part of society, nor no one wants to be part class consciousness because that stinks. Well this way it really stinks.

      1. Jason

        I am not sure that I have ever heard you mention customers. If customers choose not to buy your product, how much 3rd party force/violence do you think is necessary to make them a customer? Does price matter or only minimum wage matter? If customers have mutiny against your product and company dissolves, are customers now enemy of worker? If minimum wage were $50 an hour, how much would a gallon of gas cost? Barrel of oil? Gallon of potable water? Ounce of gold? Bushel of wheat? A ton of pig iron for rebar? How would those prices trend over 5 to 20 years? What exactly should every other human in the world do exactly to calm your nerves in regards to capitalism? As emperor of world, what would be thy bidding? Would you have something to sell, or is it our labor on your individual terms that you would chose to coerce from us? If capitalist scum like me resists, would you have others do me in, or would I have the honor of a duel? If I win the duel, would you have me killed anyway?

        1. Chia Cha

          Customers do not exist, nor they are important. Because they are not owners of any market share on market. Only market share owners are deciding what you are going to buy, or need. Via laws, commercials, universities, trends and bureaucracies all owned by market share owners. Even legally only market share owners are controllers of markets, simply because they are allowed to do with their own property what ever they like. And even in case market share owners starts to behave not how they should, there is FED owned by them who will remind them that there must be some agreement, as FED owns all money. All. Goal of market share owners they less and less crumbs (slave coins) they lose while interacting among them self. 1st lie of capitalism is that few coins they gave you in you pocked decides conditions on markets which is total stupid of slaves. For instance some would say but how is then that IBM is not so important like before, see, there is free market. Yes company in which IBM workers are working is not so important like before, but those FED buddies who invested FED money in to IBM while IBM was important are same those (or their kids) who invested FED money in Samsung today while Samsung is today what IBM was yesterday. Consumers are not relevant at all.

          1. Jason

            I see why you never speak ill of the FED. Collusion of FED and corporate fascism ensures free “health care”.

          2. Chia Cha

            FED and military industrial complex are only reason why whites are not being slaughtered right now on streets of USA with machetes. And why USA is not free market capitalist Haiti and Nigeria combined. And that is only reason why capitalists graciously allowed those whites with extra real estate to rent out to have babies, for number of white babies to be same asian on in California. as (Asians babies are 20% of babies and number of born white babies is same 20%, even there are 20 times more whites in California) which shows that only because of FED and of needs of military industrial complex free market capitalists were so gracious to allow that even some white babies are born (those with real estate extra). Whites lives only because there is some amount of soci@lism existing in USA. I am waiting to see what is going to happen with medicaid expansion on midwest, which was blocked by republican capitalists. After then it is going to be needed to see are Chinese troops under mandate of UN are going to be able to save whites in California from total genocide done by non soci@list capitalists and pro-immigrant capitalist democrats because Chinese cannot accept ideologically that capitalist forces so freely are rising number of asians in California, because then asians could start thinking that capitalism working so well for expansion of China and domination of China over whites that then all asians will start promoting more of capitalism to be imposed on whites. Which would be too inhumane for image of China in Africa, because China do not want image of genocidal country without any mercy destroying unintelligent tribes around world while they are doing good business in Africa.

          3. Chia Cha

            To conclude, only because China proclaimed them self to be officially Soci@list country as propaganda stunt, whites are still being born in US and are not yet exterminated. Chinese needs image of non genocidal nation for black and brown people to not say, look what they are doing to those unintelligent capitalist cowboy tribe in North America, they act like, like them, like cowboys, Chinese are exterminating them without, and do not have any mercy for that poor tribe. You cannot hunt atheist cowboys like that, it is not needed to treat them that way, they need mercy even they are under low level cowboy liberty propaganda. That is now question of image. Neanderthals had good, much more advanced mathematics also, but they were exterminated by Mediterranean homo sapiens because Neanderthals were more individual i.e. had less organized religion. I feel sorry all tribes which goes extinct. Main reason for extermination of whites (today mostly atheists), is capitalist ban of government guaranteed jobs, forbidding of livable minimum wage, and ban of government organized competition in sector of house building. Notion that debts must be return which 100% anti-biblical is also huge reason. Also capitalists allowing bureaucracy to remove their cultural competition by destroying aristocratic and clergy caste, therefore organized religion. For instance you, who is smart even you do not see that. Individual dies when you remove resources from individual. And China already removed 1-child policy HA HA.

          4. Jason

            What is this UN you speak of? Where would Japan fit in throughout your scenarios? The Philippines? India? Vietnam? If FED is nationalized within Military Industrial Complex, then how could the UN or China have any power over US? Solution to problem one at center of web is nationalize the FED. Your hope of Chinese invasion of west coast, European invasion of east coast, Mexican invasion of south, and Russian invasion of north is unlikely. I’ve watched Red Dawn before.

          5. Chia Cha

            I like even white atheists. I cannot look people as animals, they are not guilty to not be organized, therefore have organized religion. Bible teaches to treat nice all people, for instance I cannot say whites are guilty because they are stupid. We all are guilty for their stupidity. And I am not Darwinistic capitalist. Example could be Hitler who thought he would put gypsies to museums, but he was national-soci@list so I do not see how would even that happen. Therefore we must relay on China. Marx was right again. Tribes and people who do not enter soci@lism will have to make place for advanced tribes which are going to take their place. Plus FED could be only thing which may survive out of USA. 🙂

          6. Chia Cha

            Japan and all those around are just little potato s… Nationalization of FED as horrible solution would be much better solution then this right now. Therefore you are right. This right now is ultimate capitalism and this cannot stand. Nationalize that den of private capitalist interest, they are obviously too stupid and dumb to listen me and reform them self. I am done with them. I hoped I could find middle ground with them, but they are too dumb to reform them self. Time to double down, even bureaucracy ruling FED is better solution. But we can give FED directly to military intelligence. Therefore military caste would control FED. Seems that that is only option.

  18. Chia Cha

    Only protests happening are those which are demanding stronger globalism, lower salaries and replacment of working class americans combined with more crime on streets. In capitalism even riots cannot exist if some rich are not going to pay for them any more. Could be that OWS was last real mutiny off 21th century. Even now s@it hole economy moves to coastal states obviously. I mean whole mid west and Detroit died in silence, without any scream. OWS youth is now 10 years older so it is really last year to start some real mutiny. In Germany no one wants to work as craftsman for private owners any more, while majority of craftsmans do not want to be in same tiome secretarty, lawyer, pay advertisments, find customers just to work as craftsman… And government wants all those effete dumb things to be still private therefore expensive, while work stripped out of any leverage. Therefore best is to stop working s|€itty jobs and let muslims and meixcans not do those jobs HA HA. USA will go down because mexicans are willing to work more then muslims. We in Europe are going to save our self because muslims hates to work so we canont be replaced.

  19. Jason

    I hear the tolling of a bell. After the Singapore trip, much has changed in the world of truthers. AJ is letting it rip right now. The beard is a sign of gathering strength. The truthers are speaking more freely, more directly, more confidently, and with greater menace. Reality TV at it’s finest. I still want to know. Are we in it for the Big Gun, or the Good Package? From your friends far away.

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