Obama’s Kiss of the Spider Woman!

Obama’s Kiss of the Spider Woman!

Obama’s Kiss of the Spider Woman: “Hillary Is My Heir”!  The Democratic convention has turned into one cathartic expression of remorse, hope and truculence.

As Bill Clinton concocted a narrative of his lengthy seduction of his betrothed, Hillary Clinton, I began to wonder how such a born liar could sustain his credibility through an extended love story that reeked of absurd moments of faux endearment. Could I accept the fact that a pathological liar, a serial philanderer, and drug addict like Bill, could really exude a moment of sincerity when he was describing his overwhelming passion to conquer this homely Yale Law Student, Hillary Clinton, indifferent to his overtures of love?


For a moment, I, like many other viewers, held onto the hope that there was some scintilla of truth in anything that he might say.I knew for a fact that Chelsea had gone to Sidwell Friends School and then Stanford University. Truthfully both parents were very much involved in both her academic/social life.

So the province of Chelsea’s maturation from a girl to a woman was indeed quite accurate and encouraging. However, suddenly, the silence of Bill’s omissions raced through my mind.How many women claimed to be victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s well-known nefarious deeds?

The names of abused women came rushing through my mind:

Kathleen Wiley [1998 sexual assault]; Connie Hamzy[1984 sexual proposition];Juanita Broadrick [Rape,1978]; Ellen Wellstone [sexual assault,1969]; Sandra Allen James [Sexual Assault,1991]; Christy Zercher [sexual assault,1992]; Paula Jones [sexual assault];Monica Lewinskey [sexual assault]; Gennifer Flowers [12 year affair]; etc, etc.

Of course, during this entire time, sweet Hillary of the Holy Order of Benevolent Sainthood, made certain that she could smear and demean the female victims of her husband’s crimes. As well as, abet Bill’s miscreant behavior against all these women in the name of ‘sisterhood’,’feminisim’, and ‘family integrity’.


Obama, whose sexual proclivities and lies equal that of Billary’s, ascended to the Presidency in order to accomplish over 162 real/fake incidents of gun violence and stand downs. Obama’s sole domestic accomplishment of bringing this diverse country together led to racial riots in many of the black centered cities—Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Ferguson, etc.

For an encore, Obama topped off his first term with the non-killing of Osama Bin Laden. His second term underscored the tragedies of the Benghazi affair; ISIS, and the multiple failures in the Middle East.

Obama’s heir apparent, Hillary, was quick to initiate her own foreign policy accomplishments, making certain that everyone in America knew how talented and competent she was in that particular field of endeavor.Her major support of the foolish, unnecessary invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and of course, Libya has created a vortex of rampant death unmatched by any former Secretary of State before her.

Hillary is the true heir of both Obama and Bill in every way. She bears the stanchion hallmarks of incompetency and sociopathy wrapped in fairy tales and wishful thinking; characteristic of the so-called ‘progressive, liberal Democratic Party’ as evidenced in this week’s convention.

Obama’s legacy will be literally etched in dark pencil with little correspondence to reality or the historical imperative of veracity. Who else should naturally follow his ‘kiss of the spider woman’, but Hillary Clinton, the ‘black widow’, who kills all women and men in her path to the presidency?

She is truly Obama’s heir apparent.

The farce of this rigged election for the Democrats/Republicans is too expansive to alter in any meaningful way. We have become the victims of our own self-delusions.

We are  in the midst of a war that rips apart our notions of rational thinking and legitimate historical assessments replete with hysteria, bluster and prevarication.Throughout the farce of the Democratic Convention, I could only mutter to myself, the words that Moliere, the great French playwright who wrote in his play, Misanthrope:

“He who loves all of mankind, loves no one.”


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6 thoughts on “Obama’s Kiss of the Spider Woman!

  1. Embrey

    Nice thoughts, Dr. Steve. Let us not become discouraged. That is the entire game. Suppression of the vote.

  2. Chia Cha

    In capitalism people vote for candidate which have more given space in media. Because in capitalism all media is owned by capitalists, those who own media will win in free democratic elections. Those media which are not owned by capitalists are then owned by government, but because government is elected by media owned by capitalists, those government media (NPR etc…) will again do what capitalists wants. Here are odds. That is why IMF and World Bank are demanding all around world democaracy and less government ownership in share of “economy”, that is what we called private initiative. After Bernie it would be sweet to see Trump supporters having few words on street against private initiative.


    Dr Steve i feel very sorry for this once great nation built on the hopes and dreams of being truly free and now reaching the point where reality is being denied!!and all the dreams of the past have been literally choked out of every American!!! The absolute foolishness that is being presented as the spider woman’s version of reality certainly does not have enough room for the mistakes or missteps of the past for as Hillary so famously stated what difference does it make!!! Hillary the difference telling the truth makes is hopefully when actually presented with the litany of mistakes that Sillary is famous for, those that have to date cost millions of lives and made our world the most unsafe we have ever been as this clown is ready to lead America headlong into a third world war!!! The only people who would vote for America’s most poisonous creature are those who find it difficult to grasp that the decisions of one individual could cause so much real pain and suffering!!! I ask all American’s to look at your families because if Sillary and the rapist ever take Washington it will create a storm that will ensure your children are not your children!!! The words mother and Father will no longer be politically relevent or correct as Sillary and Billary choose to dismantle the family following the old adage it takes a village to raise a child and therefore they are the property of the state taken from their parents very early in life, in favor of the state assume your role as parent to ensure your children are properly programmed to benefit those who hold unelected power over the people!!!If anyone thinks this is going too far speak out now by making sure the Democratic party does not survive this election!!! There are so many more wonderful things awaiting your family like total destruction of the vast majority while the elitists hide in their underground bunkers waiting to climb out of their holes and into a brand new time where most of the population has been erased leaving the remaining people to fulfill the positions as servants to the top class as slaves with whom they can fulfill their sickest desires!!! These people are not human after all who as a human being has a goal to enslave everyone else permitting only that which they want to exist !!! This evil element in our society must be defeated not elected to the highest office in the land!!! If you believe a traitor, a murderer and her letch of a husband deserve your vote then i recommend you call Dr. Steve for a complete mental makeover because your level of self loathing must be extreme!!! Today must present a new opportunity not 4 more years in which the globalist elite will be working to create an America that in no way resembles what America the free, the dream of your ancestors, the vision that people have been willing to die to protect for the past 240 years will be brought to an end and replaced with a dictatorship where Queen Hillary will rule from a state of utter confusion!!! The Constitution will disappear, your rights as American’s will be gone and any hope you had for a better future for your children will disappear as almost as an afterthought seniors will be left financially unprotected to ensure you are forced to work until the day you pass from the hell they will create!!! May you enjoy this future as we all work together to fulfill the needs of a child rapist who keeps sex slaves !!! If you don’t believe that ask Cathy Obrien or read her book!!! Seek a future where peace can prevail!!! In closing GOD bless America!!! GOD save America!!! May you all experience Victory in Jesus Amen!!!

  4. Furtive

    7-29-16 The over-MEDICATED NOTORIOUS HRC (who has congenital heart failure)


    1. Furtive

      Typo: congestive heart failure & seizures

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