Obama Tries to Look Tough in Last Days!

Obama Tries to Look Tough in Last Days!

Obama’s “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral”: Useless Sanctions for Supposed Russian Hacking!

Eight years ago, I warned the American public that we had an offspring of the CIA in the contrived personae of Barry Sorel a.k.a Barack Hussein Obama. It was a stupid idea to have stewarded a mulatto CIA operative through the Illinois legislature to the heights of the US Presidency. He had no real employment history or significant accomplishments. He was literally the ‘man who never was’.

Now, eight years later, the CIA in concert with Obama, have decided to punish the Russians for a presumed act of hacking which supposedly helped Trump to win the 2016 presidential race. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Yet, truth has been an alien entity to both Obama and the present DCI, John Brennan.

Obama ends his administration the same way he had come into the Presidency with a catalogue of personal grievances begotten as a gay, mulatto male whose whole world revolved around fiction and wishful thinking. The sad truth of this last confrontation between POTUS and the Russian President Vladimir Putin amounts to nothing more than a moment of farce.

In the movie “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral”, Doc Holliday [Kirk Douglas] and Wyatt Earp [Burt Lancaster] killed a bunch of cowboy desperados in thirty seconds. However, in real life this alleged gunfight had a very different outcome.

Obama is aping this childish retaliatory action of this fiction by expelling 35 Russian operatives and personally sanctioning five Russian entities and four individuals. To what end?

With less than a month to go, Trump will reverse all of Obama’s directives ASAP! If I were on the Trump transition team, I would recommend that the first international visit by President Trump would be to visit Russia and personally embrace President Vladimir Putin. Putin has taken advantage of the ignorance and arrogance of the Clinton/Obama administration. He had no respect for Hillary Clinton as Sec. State or anyone  else.

Why should he?

When the so-called, non-profit,“CIinton Foundation” via the Podesta brothers, were whoring themselves to Russia in return for concessions on uranium mines. Hillary supposedly reprimanded the Russians over their presumed illegal incursions into both the Crimea and the Ukraine. Yet, no Democratic administration has had as many wars, disastrous incursions into foreign lands as the Obama administration with HRC and JK at the helm of their foreign policy.

Now, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers and Ben Rhodes, the most dysfunctional group of WH advisors since Bush Jr’s 9/11 chicken hawks, have decided that Obama should have a lasting legacy of looking tough when in fact he has been weak and indecisive for the last eight years.

Let’s be real: Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was not honest, not credible and really just not likeable. All the hacking in the world [even on the DNC part] could not have done anything to salvage her candidacy. She was lazy, inept, and denigrating in her attitudes toward us, “the deplorabe American taxpayers/veterans”. There was nothing that Russia did, or did not do, that could have made all of us voters come out and cast our votes against the Obama/Clinton machinery.

I have had extensive experience working with and against the Russians. Clearly, I prefer working with the Russians. I have an immense amount of respect for them and their massive historical sacrifices that they had made during WWII.

I have always abided by the simple fact that I have treated the Russians as I would want to have been treated. Yet, I would never taunt or provoke any Russian, let alone their professional intelligence services, the FSB or the GRU.

If I were Obama, I would prepare to acknowledge that any type of revenge demands that he, or anyone else, dig two graves: one for your opponent, the other for you.

There is an old Jewish proverb which applies to Obama and company:

“Pride [revenge] is the mask of one’s fault!”

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28 thoughts on “Obama Tries to Look Tough in Last Days!

  1. John FitzPatrick Leisen

    Thank you Sir,.!!!

  2. F D

    If I were the operatives, I would take 19 days to pack.

  3. Chia Cha

    Now let s talk about new american emperor, first Roman emperor, Caesar, was one who did not care about his role as representative of God on Earth, nor even to be God him self, unlike rulers of (ancient Egypt or today s Japan)… Caesar was real westerner before west. But some Roman empereors were not, those others, even they were Roman, for instance Kaligula or Mark Anthony who resided in Egypt and was married to Egypt Kleopatra. So maybe Trump is our God on earth, as masonic priest as unwestern german married to daughter of slovenian unwestern pagan german.

    1. Chia Cha

      Biggest danger I see for US, is that Russia and China cannot be united very strongly against USA to block americans from expanding further… And today if you are going to wage WW3 you have to ask India for opinion, because even super friendly China and Russia if united but without India, they cannot discourage USA and their european vassal puppet states. Only united India, Chia and Russia could stop US&EU in expanding.

      1. Chia Cha

        Empires are stopped when others find answer, and form good alliance. Without Russia, India and China united, US will misscalulate and produce war.

        1. Embrey

          Chia, look into BRICS. There is a framework for Brazilian, Russian, Indian, Chinese and South African economic alliance. I assume they are playing the long game and looking toward a world that is not dominated by the fiat of the empire (the American dollar).
          I see many similarities in the history of Caesar and Trump. Reform minded men of action that wanted to break the class system that was atop society in their days. We all know how it ended for Caesar.
          And, Caesar was not really able to call himself an emperor because he was killed before he consolidated and exercised all power. Octavian/Augustus was really the first Roman emperor.

          1. Chia Cha

            Maybe he is going to be smarter then all roman emperors who did not understand concept of trade. Trade which was destroying empire, because they were loosing real gold in trade with east, and even east was half conqured they did not understand they are getting robbed by eastern traders. Same is happening today. Yes eastern traders were part of empire, but were not holding profits on conquered territory. India had luxury items and did not need items from west. If you want drug for HEP C, you today go get generic in India for 100 times less money. http://www.cure-hepc.com/hepatitis-c-medications-real-cost/

          2. Embrey

            If you were to invent a drug that would save countless millions, what would you do? Would you patent it or give the information to the Indians so that they could produce it cheaply?
            Or, to put it another way, if you found 100 kilos of gold that had been long hidden would you keep it or share it with complete strangers?

          3. Chia Cha

            You have to reward special effort done by workers of that medication factory, i am sure they would be glad to go discover another new medication if owner would be killed, and they would be allowed by all consumers to get their free Mercedes S instead of Mercedes E for next 5 years. Also all those workers in chain giving them resources to expand factory. Everything is how to count material class positions of workers to reward effort.

          4. Embrey

            Lala land
            There was nothing special done by any worker in the factory. In the scenario, you discovered it. What would YOU do? You would be the owner so you would be killed in your example. And, if death is what you receive for innovation, why would anyone innovate?
            I already know the answer. You don’t believe what you preach.

        2. Chia Cha

          Owners of medical factory do not innovate. Because in capitalism owners does not work anything, they are just taking all profits and inventions other created. Inventor (meaning worker not owning anything in that factory) invented medication. That inventor worked because he is hoping: 1. that he will advance his class position 2. at least keep it 3. her/his offspring will do 1. or 2. Only question is how to rise class positions (relative to others) of all those who put extra effort to make innovative step. Effort relative to their education and personal abilities. All job are equally worthy.

          1. Chia Cha

            Only problem right now is not how to reward special effort of one workers collective by giving them right to get more luxury consumer goods, compared to others, but how to measure way to give to that rewarded company more supplies and resources from other companies to expand and maintain production, without need to systematize all material in to special categories (pools of competition). Undemocratic central planning is not able be complex enough, unlike decentralised democratic planning, I am thinking how to develop.

          2. Embrey

            You equate toil with innovation.
            Sorry, Chia, we don’t value beasts of burden above brains in capitalism.

  4. BillUK

    First happy new year to all. Second Obama is such an arse expelling those Russians. Hillary could not have won if she was the only candidate, her CV would not have got her a middling job at a London Law Firm. Imagine the interview So you deleted 32k emails and had 22 scandals please join us!

  5. Agreed much respect for the Russians, 25mil+ don’t come easy..

  6. The whole Trump team WILL BE STRONG HEALTHY AND BLESSED SUPERNATURALLY BY OUR LORD YESHUA!! As president elect Trump campaigned in Strength and Power never seen by any candidate before so our FATHER YAHWEH Will Continue Supercharging Roger Stone and Trumps team!! No sickness from witchcraft curses will touch anyone!! Roger Stone is being Tpuched this night by HOLY SPIRIT and he will regain Strength and be a Hammer against the works of darkness brought forth to our USA land!! Power is upon them!! This obama mouth piece of the global satanic elite has no more power to this land!! YESHUA is Blessing this land Now Pouring out Blessings from FATHERS Throne!! Amen

  7. Serena

    “Everything’s dead!” Marine mystery in Canada’s Novah Scotia intensifies! Now everything is dying!

    Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize
    Photo’s Eric Bruce Hewey

    First it was dead Herring
    Then Lobster and Scallops
    Now it’s everything

    A marine mystery is confounding residents of southwest Nova Scotia who are watching thousands of dead fish, starfish, crabs, clams, scallops and lobster wash up on the shore.
    Residents of Plympton, a small community in Digby County, say they have been finding dead herring on the shore of St. Mary’s Bay for more than a month, but recently other marine life has started washing up dead.
    Dead fish have also been found on the shores of the Annapolis Basin.
    “We started finding starfish, crabs, flounder.
    We found ocean perch and then yesterday we started finding scallops on the beach and like I said everything’s dead… we’d like to know what’s going on,” said Karl Cole.
    “It’s just really sad to see, you know, hundreds of starfish, shellfish.
    I grew up clamming here so to come to your hometown and see so much death on the beach is really sad,” said Eric Hewey.
    Hewey took photos of the beach and posted them to his Facebook page Monday, writing: “Herring, Lobster, Bar clams, Starfish and more.
    No idea what caused this.
    Likely it could be a natural disaster.
    Please try not to jump to any conclusions until we get a response from Natural Resources, or another credible source.”
    In less than a day his post has been shared almost 11,000 times and garnered more than 1,000 comments.
    Many people are ignoring Hewey’s admonishment and suggesting their own theories about what happened.
    But there are still no answers. On Dec. 15, Fisheries and Oceans Canada announced that tests on the dead herring had produced negative results, meaning no infections or infectious agents had been detected in the small, silvery fish.
    It said it would continue testing and warned consumers to only buy herring from licensed harvesters until they figure out why the fished died.
    Residents say the department is aware of the latest developments and has taken samples for further testing.
    CTV Atlantic reached out to the department for comment on Tuesday, but did not receive a response.

    Thanks to: http://www.thebigwobble.org

  8. Petra

    I love Trumps Brilliance. “Well, these same agencies said there were weapons of mass destruction. We should be very careful with these reckless charges…..” A couple sentences has Obama fall into the hole that his masters created for Trump….. So great….. I used to think, Trump needs to know this or that…. now I know, he knows much more. He is greater than expected. Kicking the Koch brothers off his golf course… so great. My brother and his wife are apart of the Koch brothers social circle in Kansas… They all worship them. I love that Trump does not worship others it is his greatest asset.

  9. Bobbi

    Doc, are you concerned that Barry has moved all of the Navy flight ships stateside? Leaving the Mediterranean defenseless? I’m guessing the military is not following all of the baby’s petulant orders???

  10. Bill

    Barry Sorel – a google search on this name doesn’t yield much. Is there more information or web links which expound on this name?

    1. Furtive

      Bari Soetoro


  11. dltravers

    Now he will move on to other ventures. UN General Secretary may be in his future. He is not finished with Israel yet now or later.

    1. Furtive

      He will be banished. He ain’t moving up-he’s movin’ out….he’s a black hat liability!

  12. Lisette

    Mr. and Mrs. America (& their kids, friends, family) thank you. We pray for you and your fellow liberty lovers fighting for us!

  13. Steve Black

    I would also for one hope that Trumps first visit be to Russia. I too have a tremendous respect for the sacrifices they made during WWII and the tolerance of being screwed over by Truman after Roosevelt passed away, over money reparations that FDR promised during the big 3 talks during and after the war.
    Russia has endured many unneeded slights by bad presidents and even worse policies when it seemed they wanted a working relationship with the US. Trump has the ability to create a relationship that should have happened over half a century ago.

  14. steve christie

    As much of a petulant, arrogant, narcissistic empty-shell as Obama is, its amazing the adulation he continues to get. He’s leaving office with a 54% approval rating (stunning to me), and the HipHop & Hollywood glitterati just had one more bash with the Obamas at the White House (on the peoples’ tab again) where they actually stopped kissing each others’ asses for a few hours so that they could kiss Barack’s, and regale him.

  15. Serena

    How many acts of treason does Obama have to commit before he is impeached?
    Obama for prison now!

  16. Just1guywhocares

    My only question is – if the CIA put Obama in place, what were they hoping to accomplish and what went wrong?

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