OBAMA Invisible Man

OBAMA Invisible Man

Obama: The Invisible Man/POTUS!

Once upon a time, I, like many other students, had to read Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man which won the U.S. National Book Award for Fiction in 1953. For the most part,this novel depicted the disconcerting experiences of a properly disillusioned African-American male who felt ‘invisible’ to his white contemporaries because of his black skin color.

Ellison wrote about his own personal turmoil with the following beginning narrative: “So my task was one of revealing the human universals hidden within the plight of one who was both black and American..” [Wikipedia].

For some time now, many of you readers have read my attempts to configure this vaporous character whom we call—Barack Hussein Obama— or POTUS.I have had a feeling for years, that this Obama appeared completely ethereal to me and my fellow citizens.Words which he spoke were simply that—words without meaning or substance. Imperatives for one or another legislation were lost in translation.


In particular, his finger prints were all over a series of false flags which compelled people like me to be categorized as ‘conspirators’, or ‘birthers’.Ironically, he and his cohorts assigned a nomenclature to people like myself as well as others who knew he was lying. We naysayers acquired an identity, allowing us to continue our diatribes in a predictable measured cadence which pricked the curiosity of other American citizens who were not intimidated by our incessant drum beats.

However, through these past eight years, Obama, like Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, has become less tangible and more ethereal in both substance and deeds.Obama’s misadventures into Drone Warfare have marked him as an “American tyrant” whose primary concern is to envelop the world in a palette of ghastly, un-winnable conflicts; all the while entreating citizens to avoid calling his mercilessly slaughtered victims “Islamic Terrorists.”

Even the fairy tale quality of Obama’s proclamation that he had assassinated a dying old man with Marfan’s Syndrome rang falsely as he enunciated his words carefully before an incredulous audience.There is no way to explain the mysterious ascension and political narrative of this black narcissus other than to insert him into the well-worn construct which we the readers and Ellison the writer, delineated in his novel, The Invisible Man.

Obama is a fiction of our imagination. He bemoans the fact that he has not driven a car in eight years, paying homage to his completely sheltered life in the bubble we have designated as the White House. All around him are sorts of sycophants who scurry about him, making believe that he is traveling around the world on our behalf when, in fact, we care neither for his presumed leadership nor his presumptuous statements about  gun control,health care,or racial/economic inequality.

Obama’s rehearsed words evaporate into absurdity. His non-actions become stilted moments of falsehoods. None of his accomplishments will last further than his tenure as POTUS, if even that.His ubiquitous presence becomes a blur of media headlines completely devoid of relevance or meaning to the average American.He has become a first person narrative in some future paperback novel.


Even in his afterlife, Obama becomes increasingly more irrelevant to the history of the republic as we realize that his only accomplishment was to appear black for a certain period of time … or more convincingly… invisible.

Nothing belies Obama’s invincibility more than the fact that he had received a Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely nothing; other than the fact he was an African-American male who happened to be neither African nor American. I am waiting for a time when we citizens will never have to pay the extravagant taxes which we must pay to keep an invincible person living within the midst of our own discontent and insouciance, ensconced in a small white house,completely sheltered from reality.

How is it that a man with a two aneurysms in his brain can testify to the worthiness of a man who never was? Does VP Joe Biden really believe that we really care what a brain-damaged politician has to say?


I think not!

The famous American playwright, Arthur Miller, wrote the following:

“The task of the real writer consists of analyzing illusions in order to discover their causes.”  

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10 thoughts on “OBAMA Invisible Man

  1. John Sparks

    Let’s make sure Trump hangs this corrupt muslim spy.

    1. Chia Cha

      Why, he really did nothing… So you are going to hang him only because he is black. Hanging american president is like shooting pedestrian entering Walmart for no reason.

      1. Embrey

        His damage has been devastating. Through his contrived popularity, his destructive policies and being the face of the phony progressive movement, he has been nothing more than than a foreign, communist plant that was installed to destroy our laws, our traditions and our society.
        You take the macro look at the United States. You apparently know nothing about the micro (normal American people).
        We are very tolerant. Very generous. And we have lots of guns.

        1. ChiaCha

          Yea I know you think micro exploitation is normal, but when it is done by winner of such exploitation on you, on grand scale than that is bad. you will get every communist piece of cake excluding of course material equality. That is you curse for being evil in micro exploitation. HA HA. So you think it is normal to rent house you have but you do not need because you have two of them to working family without house. You think that is normal?

          1. Embrey

            Of course I think it is normal in a capitalist system for some people to win financially and others to lose. It is the system that we accept and understand.
            Foisting communism upon America would be as disruptive to our way of life as placing you in a capitalist society. All you would do was complain and expect your needs to be met.
            Even cavemen had to pull their own weight.
            And you obviously took my micro comment out of context because it doesn’t fit your narrative.
            Americans are generally a very decent people like everyone else. Your attempt to force some construct upon people you do not understand is where your theory breaks down.
            I do enjoy your opinions. You make the tea party/Alex Jones people seem much more grounded and reasonable. They do not want to harm anyone, just to protect themselves, their families and their rights. Why do I think that your solutions skew toward other final solutions we have seen fail in history?

  2. There is good evidence that suggests Barry or Barack, whichever you like, was hand picked and installed as POTUS by TPTB for his ability to read a teleprompter. Reading words that are not your own from two separated pieces of glass and coming off like you mean it, takes talent. Sure it helped Obama to complete the ruse having been a lecturer on Constitutional law at the University of Chicago, much in the same way that being a PhD in advanced mathematics helped Ted Kaczynski with his infamy!!!

    1. Patriarch

      Bari is a severe lifetime stutterer.

  3. Patriarch

    No “domestic terror attacks” during BARI’s golf vacation. Only floods inconvenienced him & the related deaths were ignored.

    The “terror attacks” ( DHS aka “drills rent a mob” will commence at the end of September & if Hillary fails, several October surprises + mass casualties will occur.


  4. Very interesting. He does seem like an empty vessel that someone used to advance their agenda. It isn’t even clear to me that he knows it.

  5. Obama released his fake birth certificate on April 27, 2011. People who use Adobe Photoshop software immediately picked up the fact that the PDF document on the White House website was constructed, not scanned. Lou Dobbs and Eric Bolling on Fox Business News were the only Big Media talking heads to question the flawed PDF document. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g30VCl_cgk

    Obama needed an event to refocus the news cycle quickly. On May 1, 2011 around midnight, Obama announced the U.S. had killed Osama bin Laden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ellnd3M8-ow

    Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona conducted an investigation on the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate and announced his findings on March 1, 2012. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwj2tk7Ee9c

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