Obama Flies Away After Another Mass Shooting!

Obama Flies Away After Another Mass Shooting!

Tyrant Obama Flees after Instigating the Dallas Killing Zone.

This POTUS has presided over 162 Real/False Death Scenarios in 6 1/2 years. This Nobel Peace Prize winner is trying to stir up a racial civil war in America. The controlled media (newspapers, TV news) reinforce this message of extreme racial tension.

Over the past several weeks, the sycophants of Washington D.C. have been muttering a recital of nonsensical words regarding Hillary’s corruption,the Orlando shooting of gays, and the pathetic state of race relations in the USA.To place these disparate events into one meaningful statement, I would have to say that the state of the union stinks in great part to our self-anointed Emperor Obama: the Great Misanthrope.


Since the beginning of his tenure,Obama has garnered the distinction of preaching unification, hope and peace then turned around to initiate/inspire a series of false flags and real mass murders, contradicting everything he had previously stated. His manufactured past reeked of inconsistencies, lies, deceptions and omissions.

Obama’s turbulent tenure has convinced us that he is supported by a group of operatives—political, monetary, covert—who collectively desire to weaken this republic through internal conflicts and external irrelevancies. Obama purposefully spread our military forces all over the world so they can’t be concentrated in one area in the USA.

Most of you know the real/false facts with the recent shootings in Minnesota, Louisiana, and now, Texas.No sooner does a mass murder occur then Obama hugs the families of the deceased; then he flies away, fearful of a real assassination attempt against him.

In the world of intelligence and political chicanery, the aforementioned mass murders serve the following purposes:


In the Dallas shooting it is a way to take media attention away from more embarrassing episode of the flummoxed FBI and their pathetic non-performance in Hillary’s email scandal. In addition, we start to hear more and more about the massive corruption of the Clinton Foundation, the people must be distracted from learning more about this criminal enterprise headed by the Clintons.

Instill Fear in the Citizenry.

Warn the State’s Rights Governors that they must play along with his Excellency Obama. Florida Governor Rick Scott was warned in the Orlando shooting to obey and acquiesce to the demands of the WH; whatever they might be.


Show of Force of the FEDS.

Federal Govt. can impede any attempt for a State Secession Movement.It’s not an accident that a few weeks ago, after the FBI fiasco [Orlando/Hillary/Clinton Foundations scams], major Texas leaders announced that Texas would initiate a movement to secede from the Union.

I spoke on the Alex Jones show last week regarding the probability of a false flag or real shooting, this would be a “warning” to the outspoken Texans regarding secession. Brexit scared and surprised the Obama Court. The citizens could vote to leave?!?

Over the past thirty years, I have warned our citizens in both my novels: State Of Emergency and Maximum Vigilance about the impending civil war that the federal government will initiate over water/guns rights in order to contain the devolution of the USA into fragments of judicial independence.

Obama learned from Putin that regime change can occur without the use of military forces or even violence. How that devolution can occur is not obvious to Obama nor his inept intelligence community that monitors all of us, all the time. Rather than gaming out a possible civil war, Obama’s administration would prefer to initiate strategic conflict points around the USA in order to allow the FEDS subsequent interventions as an attempt to override/co-opt local authorities in extremis.

The useless FBI will attempt to override local police agencies and take over their duties as prelude to the creation of national police force.

Ex-military personnel [real/fictitious] are bred from a coterie of mercenary forces overfunded by the American taxpayer. Then they are used as pawns in a real or imagined mass slaughter.


What do we do, then?

Unfortunately, I will have to wait for the next blog in order outline some of the key strategies that, we, American citizens, might assume. As you all know, I am constantly being monitored so I want those above to think carefully what I have just written.

Unlike former times when we had a viable military, the possibility of a coup has been pre-empted by the complete degradation of our kinetic strength through insertion of Gay leaders; as well as, initiating LGBT forces.  Our military is now compromised.

Don’t lose faith!

William Blake, the brilliant British poet, wrote the following:

“General good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, flatterer.” 

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107 thoughts on “Obama Flies Away After Another Mass Shooting!

  1. Jay Murray

    Obama makes rediculous statements that add sparks to the next major U.S.City ,being set to the torch ,directed by our Great community organizer and his cheers of Hope and change !

  2. Chia Cha

    I was talking with one communist here (i accidently met), communist to communist, near new pan european low cost german store called: Lidl, (now it is built) here
    , and he explaind me, gee, nooo, do not go with Russians, never that, they are brutal force and tyranny, nothing from them, Tito knew who they are… Panslavism is lie, and he said for Putin, you know who is Putin, Putin is from Leningrad, you know what that means…
    And yes Putin is now one of main captialists in Croatia, he is now enemy of us real communists. So we will have to nationalize all from him together with my comrades. He wants with Hungarians to take national oil company and put them on Russian network, and he wants to finish all domestic production.
    And yes Erdogan had to apologise to Putin, to not get removed from power.
    This world is interesting.

    He told me also: this mega corporations, this is something new, this is something no one knows what is this, he said that owner of L’Oreal has to have commercials good for 7B people. And that he cannot fail in anything.

    1. Chia Cha

      Then i started to talk, yes, yes, and Stalin, he was just reactionary state capitalist, idiot… And he said, Stalin was Gerogian Orthodox priest… And then comrade turned his back with, as our faces were full of disqust, as he went down the stairs in to german Lidl.
      What can real communist say on that, other then horrible (both german Lidl and Stalin)…

      Yes i tried to opposse him before with constantation that america is hell on earth with class based medical system, but he told me that his friend went to swedish hospital once, and bill was 0. While yes USSR had good team of doctors and yes medicine was great, but today, few months ago, their mental institution had fire and 120 patients died…

  3. Robi

    In a world of carnival-mirrors nothing is as it appears. In the absence of leadership, it is easy to descend into chaos while becoming easy pray to discord and manipulation. The incessant “dance of the changing masks” creates a diabolic situation of unresolved uncertainty and destabilization. It is exhausting attempting to discern between friends or foes…hoping for someone who will stand by the citizens for something other than self-serving purposes.
    …En attendant Godot…

  4. Iggy A

    I don’t think Dallas was a distraction. I think it serves the same purpose of announcing Transgenders in the Military, and giving them medical priority, just before the 4th of July: Make Middle American very angry.

    Divide & Conquer is at play this election. Why? As I’ve guessed, it’s because Trump doesn’t have enough Congressional support to survive if he happens to win.

    So, if the economy is in real danger of collapsing into a 2nd, worse Great Depression, pretending to be a Centrist Democrat might place you in a worse position as President Hillary and all of the DC Establishment.

    But, if the nation is already worn out and shell-shocked by the time Trump enters the White House and/or the Great Depression 2.0 hits, the people’s ability to retaliate against the Establishment will be diminished at minimum – because they’ll be killing each other – or at best – they’ll be begging for Restoration of Order.

    Basically the game plan that has been played out in many smaller nations for a long, long time….

    I think I said here last week when this dawned on me — we’d have a lot of data to process concerning this educated guess once the Conventions started.

    Well, proving they are not really incompetent — they didn’t wait for the Conventions. They got the ball rolling in preparation for them, stirring up Anger and Polarization and increasing Motivation in order to maximize the potential for the Conventions to be bloody….

    When you are apprehensive about people you hate killing someone before an event, when they do do it, you’re prepared to fight back far more than you were if it is a surprise….

    In short, the media, Government, and professional agitators have —- primed the pump.

    Given the number of cop on black shootings that happen per year —- you know another one is just around the corner ———- if you are waiting on a Trigger to activate your plans….

    1. Iggy A

      I think the FBI decision – along with the Bill-Lynch Meeting – which could easily have been handled over the phone – were also designed to — Make Middle America Angry.

      You don’t need to distract from something you wanted to Publicize. You just take attention away from it when you have something even better to turn the heat up to a boil.

      Vigilante cop shootings across America don’t erase the FBI decision. The two work together….

      1. Furtive

        Bill gave lynch an envelope…a large flat.

        Can’t do that via wire or phone.

        1. Iggy A

          I’m sure he was capable of getting it done without the media throng on hand..

  5. James Moran

    Bush spent 9/11 hanging out in a Florida elementary school. If it had been Obama, I’m convinced he would have flown to Mars, such is his penchant for avoiding the scenes and the results of his actions.

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