Obama Declares Cold War w/ Russia NONSENSE!

Obama Declares Cold War w/ Russia NONSENSE!

Obama Declares a Cold War with Russia!
What Crap!

Once again,ignorance and fear dominate WH pronouncements. At a time when Hillary Clinton and the Dems have been losing popular support, she and her toadies are screaming that Trump is a pawn of Vladimir Putin.


If anyone has cooperated with Russian Oligarchic interests, it’s that rapacious sloth from Arkansas, Bill Clinton and his ever-ready ‘fixers’, the Podesta Group.This onslaught of hysteria regarding presumed Russian hacking is a ‘red-herring’, so to speak.


The real problem is that all countries have entered a new state of mutually assured cyberattacks. Why?? Because they can! Every nation,group,private/public corporation, and wannabe-Bill-Gates will enter into a cyber world of penetration and intrusion. Such cyber-battles signify nothing more than these so-called ‘cyber experimenters’ wants to test their skills and capacity in the new internet world.

This means that our own Cyber Command, National Geospatial Agency, CIA, DIA, and many other alphabet agencies are demonstrating what they can and cannot do with their limited capacities.The job of our intelligence community [IC] is to constantly probe and explore how far it can penetrate, block, neutralize any number of nations, institutions, and groups. On the top of the IC list has always been Russia, China, Israel, and an assortment of different terrorist orgs.

Our everyday cyber-probes do not constitute war or even a low intensity conflict [LIC], it’s part of the new world of cyber-attacks and cyber-defense.When Obama makes one of his usual foolish, ignorant statements like “American is entering a new Cold War” with Russia, it is both dangerous, cavalier, and extremely counter-productive for the national security of our country.

Clearly, Obama was both too young to experience the real Cold War. More importantly, his White House staff is completely bereft of any intellectual heft in regard to conditions in present day Russia, or the former Soviet Union. As for Hillary screaming hysterically about Trump’s association with Putin; it’s simply a cry of desperation to distract the American public from her own past/present nefarious activities as a presidential candidate.The countless thousands of emails she had destroyed still are an overriding concern for the American public.

When she defends herself with bold faced lies, she continues to bury herself into a morass of self-destruction from which she cannot exit.Hillary’s lies amplify themselves exponentially.The more she excuses, the more she incriminates herself. unknown-12

Whomever Julian Assange is and what he represents is far less important to me than the fact that of all the ripe potential targets in America to expose, he has personally chosen Hillary Clinton.

Call it revenge! Call it patriotism of sorts.

Ask anyone of our directors of any part of IC, and each one will tell you that they work closely with Russia on a variety of issues in which cyberwar and cyber defense are part and parcel of the new Cyber World.

At the present time, it would be judicious for the departing POTUS to keep his mouth shut.No one really cares what he has to say. He has had eight wasteful years to make all kinds of nonsensical, false pronouncements. Now it’s time for this dysfunctional POTUS to keep silent! Silence is golden for both Obama and Hillary.

The late POTUS Richard Nixon said the following:

“Those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them –then you destroy yourself.” 

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8 thoughts on “Obama Declares Cold War w/ Russia NONSENSE!

  1. PatriotTPaine

    The US voter needs to know who else is in this NWO and part of Congress & Senate. We know Paul Ryan is a NWO guy or he would not be Speaker, 3rd in line to President. Who are the other Moles or toads in Government? Snowden knows a few.

    1. Elizabeth Raynor Short

      McConnell, Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader, is one. I think John Cornyn, Texas, who is in Senate leadership, is one. McCain is either NWO or an idiot. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina. I know there are many more. Everyone in US Congress who is financed in any way by Chamber of Commerce or any George Soros organization is probably NWO sell-out and traitor.

  2. Patriarch

    Clinton gave Putin our natural resource, Uranium via a 3rd party.
    Clinton has an arms length reach into putin\\\’s gold vault.


    She has opened the vault\\\’s door to Trump\\\’s eyes with her vindictive verbiage.

    Trump must hit her hard at the debate, & talk to her directly, ignoring the moderator\\\’s Question.

    Judge, Jury, & executioner.

  3. I believe your work serves as an initiator of more rational, humane views for governance, in lieu of the furtherance of reactive reasoning obstructing their emergence in that domain. With an optimistic faith, eventually the archives of “the truth” will be referred to – and not languish in censored obscurity – or – pitched-out by habitual indifference on any discussion within advisory councils on improving the human condition. Being duty-bound, the reputable have been anointed with the responsibility of championing virtue by confronting its vice. Goodwill will not be entirely rejected or misunderstood by ordained power, for it is a necessary step to suffer towards an enlightened maturity of patience and acceptance that humans struggle with, yet are capable of.

    1. Furtive

      Dr. Pieczenik is an American Patriot with a keen & candid mind. His legacy is EXPOSING WITH EVIDENCE political corruption & graft by GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES who took an oath to protect the USA.

      1. Chia Cha

        Exposing corruption in capitalism … Any small shop owner who have employee or two houses (if his second one is not his weekend house) is corrupt … Sorry, but, Dr. P. does not speak about systemic corruption manifesting it self collectively.

  4. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    This Cold War talk and talk about Putin and Trump being in cahoots is a red herring. It’s to set up attempt to steal elecction by having UN and DHS “oversee” elections. We must watch the watchers. Try to get governors to push back on this unconstitutional attempt to nationalize elections – the easier to select the president, my dear.

    That’s the immediate reason for the Russia talk. The second is Putin refuses to play the NWO game, so NWO wants to destroy him and Russia. That’s the reason for all the US provocation in the Baltic, Ukraine and Syria. US is being by NWO minions to enforce its will. It has to stop.

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