Obama and Trump Smoke Peace Pipe

Obama and Trump Smoke Peace Pipe

Obama and Trump Smoke Peace Pipe in The White House! A Smooth Transition of Power.
While young students get paid to protest or riot in major American cities: Chicago, NYC, San Francisco [Oakland]- Obama has graciously invited President elect, Donald Trump, to the WH. This invitation and picture of the two men speaking positively about each other should remind all Americans, young and old, that this republic has had close to three hundred years of a peaceful transition of power from one POTUS to another.


Why is that important?
The world has been more shaken than those American citizens who voted for HRC. Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea and other major countries are wondering what they should make of this big-talking presidential candidate,Trump. Do foreign powers fear him to be a Genghis Kahn who will destroy all laws, bills and trade agreements which have already been signed?

I cannot answer that question on his behalf.

Yet, as I pick up cues from the Trump/Obama reconciliation, I would suspect that temperance and judicious consideration would be paramount in Trump’s assessment of present conditions. The candidate’s vociferous rhetoric becomes subordinate to any present legal, fiscal, or administrative constraints.The reality of ruling this republic immediately transforms into a dialectical compromise between wishful thinking and present-day, practical considerations.That does not mean that Trump will have to concede major elements of his formally stated agenda. However, it does impose a check on unrealistic or bombastic declarations that might have been instrumental in having Trump elected. Remember above all: Trump is very smart, has an incredible work ethic and he loves America. (All of America, not just parts).

Will he deport 11 million illegal immigrants?

Probably not!
It’s too costly and burdensome. However, he may initiate a show trial of deportation to make the point that ‘illegal’ does not mean ‘legal’. In addition, he will let border patrol do its job and NOT tie their hands as they have been in the past.

Did Trump discuss the ‘the birther issue’ with Obama? I doubt it. By now, Trump would have learned what most of us in the IC already knew about Obama. He was born to an American woman who earned a Doctorate of Anthropology in the USA. She also spoke several foreign languages which helped her become a very effective “CIA covert operative” in Indonesia during the 1960’s [Suharto regime change]. One can now understand that the secrets of the past are passed onto the novitiate president elect.

I implore those of you who are disgusted with the outcome of this election: fear not! Yet please continue to be vigilant for any major transgressions which may adversely affect you.

Remember Isaiah 52:7:

“Watchman, what of the night?”

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31 thoughts on “Obama and Trump Smoke Peace Pipe

  1. Chia Cha

    No, Trump will not make new middle class (middle class is working class upgraded in to consumers), because he is against 15$ per hour, he is against peoples health care, student debt also… What factories are going back to PA, WI and MI. New white working class can be built only by reducing working time in new automated factories on 3-4 hours per day— so more people can work. Why should capitalist reduce own profit. Unemployed are needed as tool to lower salaries.

    1. Summa wrestler

      You have absolutely nothing tangible to support you valid claims…ignorance is tolerated though so ramble on with your political dribble

      1. Chia Cha

        I hope it will be different, but inside capitalism it cannot be done. Workers today do not want to be workers, they want to become rich small bussines owners meaning they will starve.

    2. Doria

      I agree the days of people getting paid for showing up are over.. this country has become lazy & entitled… There will be New jobs ..there will be dead lines & there will be quality in what we do….i am tired of spending my money on garbage.. poorly made trash.. open competitive market…. If you do a good job you will make money if not … oh wait maybe there wont be no welfare lines robbing my pay!!

  2. Joseph Toner

    This non US world citizen applauds your astuteness and helping to share and show us that all is well, if we choose to believe.

    ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know’. Thomas Chalkley

    I choose to believe, thank you Sir.

  3. Max Ard

    Thanks for these great & timely videos

  4. […] November 11, 2016 Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD […]

  5. Star Messenger

    Hey Steve, have you heard this audio report from Retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons former Commander of the Pacific Fleet on why he thinks that Obama and Hillary Clinton should be charged with Treason. Why has this sort of information not been disseminated to every intelligence agency in the U.S.? This is High Treason worthy of the death penalty. When I was in the military and if I committed such acts, they would have hanged me ON THE WAY TO MY COURTS-MARTIAL. Can you explain to me and everyone who reads this link and hears this audio account by Admiral Lyons of what happened in Libya and in particular Bengaghzi and why nothing has been done about it?

    P.S. Please make the text darker in the Comment window. The light gray text on a white background leaves me wondering.

    1. Chia Cha

      Military cannot meddle like that in to politics, yes that is high treason. Coup. Military must listen rich capitalists and go in to war when ever they like and want. Everything else in unpatriotic. They are geniuses.

    2. Matt McVey

      It was about a smooth transition, not inciting massive civil unrest. The OBAMA administration is corrupt as it gets and should be charged. Let’s not forget OBAMA can pardon. Let’s wait and hope for the best! *Sorry couldn’t change the font color from my phone.

  6. Rick Hansen

    Having established there were people who sought to bring down the US government, but who are they?, I believe they are the neo-CONs and other Zionists who follow the Old Testaments writings and others such as the Talmud which indicate Jews should rule the world from Jeruselum, etc.
    And that the Middle East wars are to facilitate (of course sell arms to the Government on credit from the Zio-Fed) an expansion of Israelis borders for a Greater Israel.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Zionists or neo-cons are not religious and do not follow the Old Testament. They may use, but they do not observe it as religious dogma.

      1. Rick Oringer

        They’re following it like a flight plan, it keeps the Rabbis and Jewish sheep happy. Agree it’s nothing to do with religion, more like a business plan. I believe Hillary was to initiate WWIII or the Armageddon chapter for ’em. It”ll get rid of their competition, the Caucasian, depopulate and weaken the number one and two powerhouses who will be looking for money after the start of their filthy deed of death and destruction of all non-Jews, then Bingo! their 2500 yr dream realized. It’s all in the Old Testament.

        1. Fivi Zogbi

          I would not even call them Jews. They’re just monsters who are following their inherent impulses. The stories in the Old Testament go way, way back before they were even recorded for the OT. In fact, some of the old ancient Greek legends or epic poems are similar to some of those of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Humans are humans with a wide range of morality and behaviors. What we call evil is just one part of the spectrum and its not fair to associate them as jews even if they seem to be Jewish in the modern sense.

  7. Rick Oringer

    Having established there were people who sought to bring down the US government, but who are they?, I believe they are the neo-CONs and other Zionists who follow the Old Testaments writings and others such as the Talmud which indicate Jews should rule the world from Jeruselum, etc.
    And that the Middle East wars are to facilitate (of course sell arms to the Government on credit from the Zio-Fed) an expansion of Israelis borders for a Greater Israel.

    1. Rick Oringer

      Decided to use my real name, screw it.

    2. Fivi Zogbi

      How do you explain the Saudi role, and that of other around the Gulf area? Many of them are actually of Persian descent and their dialect retains traits of Imperial Aramaic.

      The Saudis already control most of the so-called Arabian peninsula and their expansionist goals are no less malignant that what might be attributed to Zionists, IMO.

      1. Rick Oringer

        I think these governments have been corrupted by the Israelis just like the U.S. I think they also have read what the Jews (or Khazars who are masquerading as the original Jews), have in store for them, elimination. I don’t think the Saudis can resist the Israelis goals. Presently it appears the Saudis are cooperative with these fake Jews. “Live for today for tomorrow may never come”, as the saying goes fits their situation.

        1. Fivi Zogbi

          You give the Saudis too much credit for not being inherently malicious while you attribute way to much malice to Israelis. The MOSSAD is indeed – or was – a malignant influence in the world, but Saudis are descendants of nomad desert bedouins. The bedawi is an example of the most amoral brutality of which humans are capable. If there’s an alliance between Israel and the Saudis, including those others around the Gulf, it’s because they ‘soul brothers’ to use a cliche. They’re by nature thieves, backstabbers who, after showing hospitality, wait until their targets do not know they’re assaulting and robbing them as they’ve smilingly set them on their way. The Badawii lifestyle is the ultimate example of sinister behavior and Israel is a pale copy, though today’s Israeli intelligence is probably dumbed down big time with many Mizrahi Jews.

          1. Chia Cha

            I am sorry, but rich white protestant anglo saxonian rules— Jews are jus their, not so bad servants… Your rich are problem… And you do not want to kill them because they are hard target… Admit you idiot, that yours does not care about you…

  8. Star Messenger

    Steve, what the purpose of adding the Scripture below? I looked it up and could find no reference to this passage, even after using several different translations.

    Remember Isaiah 52:7:

    “Watchman, what of the night?”

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Watchman, what of the night?

      One would have to know the societal context and the experiences out of which this terror arose.

      It probably indicates a time of dread with daylight bringing temporary solace. Inevitably, dread would return – just as the night comes again after daylight fades.

    2. SilentKnight

      That phrase is found in Isaiah 21:11 of the King James translation:

      The burden of Dumah.
      He calleth to me out of Seir,
      Watchman, what of the night?
      Watchman, what of the night?

  9. Fivi Zogbi

    Stepford Trump? If Trump begins to behave unlike himself, how will we know that he’s not a genetically engineered replacement? It need not be ingested in food or water. Can it be inhaled as an invisible sub-microscopic respiratory modifier?

    If you know what you say you know, then you’d know if it’s possible.

  10. Chia Cha

    Giuliani, Bolton and Chris Christie intoducing police state combined with NDAD, which goes for all groups now… And those on streets… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO3BY0Yj4Jc

  11. Patriarch

    All this jolly deference, is not what it appears:

    Be wise, my son. Stay one step ahead of the game of thrones.


  12. tim paul

    thank you for your honesty last week we needed it badly. our country is so full of good people that step up when needed just increadable.. God bless thanks again

  13. T B

    The support payments for illegals will end and they will have the ability to apply for transport home and free housing and food at FEMA camps pending their travel. Meanwhile the pressure will be to hire legals, not illegals, since we have so many legals who need jobs. “Love Americans” is a potential ad slogan.

  14. Sherry Slate Charles

    Isaiah 52:8!!! Yes.

  15. vickey

    I felt disturbed Dr. Pieczenik, at something Donald Trump stated. What are we to think of him when he stated in an interview, after the election, regarding him hiring a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton that “the Clintons are good people … good people … and I don’t want to hurt them … I don’t want to hurt them?” Is this not showing hypocrisy – a Jeckyll and Hyde personality? Did he lie to the people to win the election? For how can he state they “are good” when he has also stated she “belongs in prison?” Something smells fishy so I reach out to you for your analysis.

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