State of Emergency (1997)

Get this vintage 1997 copy signed by the author.
Get this vintage 1997 copy signed and dedicated by the author.

This critically acclaimed novel is not just a work of fiction; it is a prediction.

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It’s the Fourth of July weekend and 1.7 million acres of western forest land have just been dedicated as a National Park. Governor Josiah Brigham of Utah and three other western governors have just declared war on the United States, bringing the country to the brink of disaster and thrusting the nation into a…State of Emergency.

Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona are threatening to secede from the Union and want full military control of their borders. If their demands are not met within seventy-two hours they will destroy the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona—and unleash a catastrophic wave of destruction. When Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Dr. Alison Carter is asked to “negotiate” with the renegade governors he finds himself inside a web of deceit and betrayal where the line between ally and enemy is never clear.

“A grandmaster of the geo-political chess game.”
-Stephen Coonts, best-selling author of Under Siege

“Excellent…lots of action.”
-Library Journal