My Life Is Great. Why Do I Feel So Awful? (1990)


My Life Is Great. Why Do I Feel So Awful?
The book that dares to ask what do women really want?

By most people’s standards, you are a successful woman. You have a loving family, a terrific job, and financial comfort. Yet something seems to be missing. Something you don’t want to admit to yourself. Something you won’t take the time to search for. Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a Board Certified psychiatrist, spent twenty years in private practice, treating hundreds of women patients. In this book he shares their poignant, fascinating stories, vividly describing how each uncovered what was missing from her life. He describes their negative behavior (such as workaholism, alcoholism) and the early warning signs that something is wrong (such as constant tiredness, hard to explain anxiety). But this is a great “solution” book as well, offering strategies for assessing your life and improving it. This book focuses on asking hard questions… and answering them.

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“A unique book…dazzling in its scope, penetrating in its depth…succeeds brilliantly in reaching the reader’s heart and soul.”
Axel Hoffer,
M.D. Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical