Maximum Vigilance (1992)

Get this vintage 1992 copy signed by the author.
Get this vintage 1992 copy signed and dedicated by the author.

This award winning novel gives an insider view of the highest offices in the nation with a foreward by Tom Clancy.

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In this high-voltage tale of power politics, international intrigue, and a devastating conspiracy, everything depends on what we know about the psychological motivations of our leaders—and only those with the unique ability to comprehend the subtle insights of the political mind can decode the course of events. As the President’s personal psychiatrist, Dr. Desaix Clark, a prominent international crisis manager, must decide whether the President of the United States is mentally competent to manage an international crisis that can precipitate World War III. Thrust into a maze of betrayal, deceit, and conspiracy, Dr. Clark risks his life in a desperate race to uncover a shadowy enemy. Clark must rethink everything he and his government stand for, as America faces one of the most insidious threats of all time. Steve Pieczenik writes a thrilling tale of what could happen to America if the presidency is compromised.

“An intricate psychological thriller and an excellent story. An accurate picture of the White House and the government in crisis as only an insider can provide.”
-Larry Bond, best-selling author of Red Phoenix and Vortex

“Another crackling yarn about life on the inside tract of power and politics by a man who has lived and worked there.”
-Frederick Forsyth, best-selling author of The Deceiver

“Pieczenik combines the sophisticated savvy of the Washington bureaucratic scene and insights of a psychiatrist with the extraordinary talents of a storymaker to produce a complex, endlessly innovative, exciting, and realistic political thriller.”
-Ambassador Morton Abramowitz, former Assistant Secretary of State