THE MIND PALACE by Steve Pieczenik

"Fast paced...action-packed...skillfully told." -Publishers Weekly See More...

by Steve Pieczenik

KGB. Three letters that spell terror…a hand reaching into every corner of Soviet life…reaching into a party in Moscow…a gathering of the gifted, the privileged, the powerful…and there amidst the gaiety, a KGB assassination…and a witness.

The Soviet’s General Secretary Anatoly Sukhumi lies dead, and the beautiful Natalya Nikitchenko is suddenly dangerous—and in danger. The hand of the KGB will close around her and carry her to Kashchenko Psychiatric Hospital to be “treated” with subtle torture, mental barbarism, and escalating brutality.

Only one clever, compassionate doctor has discovered the grim truth, and as the KGB tightens its grip, a courageous man and a desperate woman attempt a flight to love and freedom beyond the walls of…The Mind Palace.

This situation still exists in Russia today as Putin clamps down on dissidents.

“Fast-paced…action-packed…skillfully told.”
Publishers Weekly

“A bone-chilling look inside the Soviet system.”
-Tom Clancy,
best-selling author

“Pieczenik knows his territory, and in the tradition of Gorky Park he brings it to life.”
The Washington Post

ISBN 978-0-9883821-9-0

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