PAX PACIFICA by Steve Pieczenik

 "Insightful... a page turner with plot twists." -The Denver Post See More...

by Steve Pieczenik

“Few authors have dramatized the protracted struggle between East and West as well as Steve Pieczenik. In Pax Pacifica, he draws on his experience as an important actor in the struggle, and then creates a complex plot of high intrigue, deception, shifting loyalties, and war and peace in Asia.

His grasp of Chinese strategies and historical anecdotes gives depth and authenticity to his plot, characters and dialogue. This book is an exciting story, and what he suggests could happen in Asia grows naturally out of what is actually happening in Asia today. The sweep of this book, the author’s grasp of real trends and forces that could change the face of Asia and which many of our policy wonks have not grasped, and his intimate knowledge and justified cynicism about how the world turns, makes this book both entertaining and enlightening scenario of what could be in Asia. ” – James R Lilley, former CIA chief in Beijing, former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea and director of Asian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, for the Washington Post Book World.

“Insightful…a page-turner with plot twists.”
-The Denver Post

“An astounding story…Steve Pieczenik reigns supreme as America’s leading geo-psychological novelist.”
-James Grady, best-selling author of Six Days of the Condor

ISBN 978-0-9883821-6-9

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