BLOOD HEAT by Steve Pieczenik

"A frightningly real medical thriller masterfully crafted by an insider." -Best Selling Author, Tom Clancy See More...

by Steve Pieczenik

Fever, black spots, horribly swollen lymph nodes. The symptoms are unmistakable. The bubonic plague is back—in a venomous new strain, one that is virtually incurable—and capable of killing every human being on earth. And so the terror begins… As the world plunges into an abyss of death and dying, disease specialist Dr. Russ Bradley will begin his desperate hunt for a medical miracle…and author Steve Pieczenik will take you on a roller coaster through Washington D.C.’s dark corridors of power and into the top-secret world of genetic engineering. This is a story so real only an insider could have written it.

This book was banned in Japan for 30 years because of it’s direct indictment of Emporer Hirohito in the slaughter of millions of innocent victims and allied troops.

“A frighteningly real medical thriller masterfully crafted by an insider.”
-Tom Clancy, best-selling author of The Hunt For Red October

“Hard to put down. It will intrigue and thrill.”
-Baltimore Sun

“A chilling medical thriller of science and capitalism gone mad; Pieczenik does for medicine what Tom Clancy did for high technology warfare.”
-James T. Grady,
best-selling author of Six Days of the Condor

ISBN 978-0-9883821-2-1

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