ACTIVE MEASURES by Steve Pieczenik

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by Steve Pieczenik

As a child in Sweden, he was obsessed with hereditary difference. Now, as a physician specializing in eugenics and euthanasia, he is free to pursue his agenda of genetic cleansing-using terrorist tactics and scientific experimentation. His goal is to rid Sweden of ethnic diversity and create one pure race. Although the United States government cannot take an official stand against him, it has dispatched an operative who possesses the knowledge to get close enough to the target to assassinate: An American physician assassin.

The truth exposed through fiction, once again, from Steve Pieczenik. He has written a fictionalized account of how the pro-Nazi Wallenburg family funded eugenics and forced sterilization to support the homogeneous welfare state. Many aspects of this book are not so far fetched when we consider the events of the day- such as the Oslo massacre and ethnic minorities stressing social systems across Europe.

ISBN 978-0-9883821-0-7

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