Not Mitt, Again…..3 time Loser Now Muscles LDS!

Not Mitt, Again…..3 time Loser Now Muscles LDS!

Many in Utah Mormons are sick of this Romney’s ways….want new blood.  Hear one person’s gripe

Doesn’t Utah Deserve an Election? Orrin Hatch is Retiring.  It is apparent that for years he has had a coveted seat in the Senate.  People have sought to have this seat on the event that he would retire.

This past week it has come to the public light that all those that would plan to run have been threatened and told to stand down by the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor.  Names such as Boyd Matheson, Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, Greg Hughes, Mia Love,  Jason Chaffetz and a long line of other public servants were leading names that deserved a chance at this seat.  Why would there only be one name set forth?  Collusion with those that only want Romney.

The Governor has become in the back ground the deal broker for Mitt Romney.  He has worked to lock up all the donation money, and counties in all of Utah in favor of Mitt Romney’s senate bid.

Is this not exactly what is described in the Book of Mormon as behavior of Kingmen?  Have we come to this point where it is not Washington who is corrupt but, it is Utah.  A small state with big egos.  We are 1% of the population of the United State.  And somehow the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor think that they are the standard that will determine what the voters want. Do the voters not have a VOICE. Are we not able to still have free elections. If the Governor wants to be Mitts Chair then he should resign as Governor and do so.  The Governor represents Utah not Mitt Romney.  He has over stepped his bounds by his collusion, intimidation and threats. Already a billion dollars has been wasted on Mitt Romney in 2012 with a very easily beatable opponent.  We still want to throw money down this Rabbit Hole? If Mitt is so wonderful why isn’t he serving an LDS mission like all retired noble LDS Church Members.  He certainly has the money to do it.  If Mitt Romney was such a great politician he would be able to win in Massachusetts where he was Governor.  His legacy there would have propelled him to be able to win there. I don’t mind if Mitt Wins it will actually be a loss to him and a life sentence in his twilight years.  Jr. Senator behind Mike Lee.  Who is 47 years old. Does Mitt really believe that those 100 senators are going to part the waters for him to allow him to have senior positions when they have been working for them for years.

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26 thoughts on “Not Mitt, Again…..3 time Loser Now Muscles LDS!

  1. Chia Cha

    Mormons are good for this world. They took good from Christian western culture and now they do not look like infidels and pagans even they are both. We do not see them as our muslims enemies. They should know that if atheism becomes dominant that then they will become ugly like muslims also because only Christianity is able to produce good pagans and infidels which does not have to look ugly version of pagans and infidels, like muslims for instance. For instance in Christianity and in Mormonism work is not something to be ashamed of, like in non western cultures. In buddhism female prostitutes they do not care if they die of aids, because then they think they will after they die have chance to get reincarnated in male as higher form or reincarnation. Will you go high or up depends on teacher and techiques and temples where teacher got his spiritual skills. Making buddhism almost insane as humanist and atheist view of the world.

    1. Chia Cha

      Mormons already have their own national-soci@lism, and we can only be envious. Problem is that Romeny is bad as Mormon also. Which makes him not candidate of Mormons but of NeoCon Trotskyist (he must listen them). Therefore he is not part of American tradition and culture also. Neocone are one party fascists. They agree with democrats on everything. And we all know that one party system was of Hitler and of Lenin. Unamerican and not allowed.

      1. Embrey

        Trotskyites agree on most Democrat positions but they are particularly hawkish regarding foreign intervention.
        Like American administrations for about 30 years they are expansionist and imperialistic (a function of revolutionary) but be warned, Trotskyites (Neocons) are only going to go along with establishment Republicans until they no longer need them. Then there are two outcomes: Either the Trotskyites knife them in the back or they themselves receive the old ice pick treatment like their namesake did in Mexico.

        1. Chia Cha

          They all are anti cultural scum, without educationa and without cutlrue. For them expanding american empire in to muslims and cuddleing Saudi Pagans and giving them work of american workers is better then having colonized and mobolized south america and africa, sent to conquer muslims world and asia. Fot them muslims are same as americans. The most horrible thing is to see masonic females wearing sashs feeling important. Horrible.

  2. Doug Nielson

    They need to call Mitt on a mission. My parents served one in their retirement years and loved it. It kept them out of trouble. Send Mitt to Africa for a few years.

  3. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Did you know Dr. Pieczenik that THE L.D.S. CHURCH is actually a “front” for THE “ILLUMINATI” MASONS; and as an “ABSOLUTE FACT,” the founder of THE L.D.S. CHURCH (Joseph Smith) was a “high ranking” member of THE “ILLUMINATI” MASONS! This was before Joseph Smith even thought of fabricating a “false religion” for the purposes of bringing forth a NEW WORLD ORDER!

    1. Chia Cha

      Masons are insane, without western christianity mason lodges get all closed. Every commnist country banned masonory right away. Masons should have reduced influence or at least make it two tier system. Pagans, atheists, animists, muslims, tribalists, they should all get downgraded on lower levels. It does not work this way. There cannot be multiculutralism, there can only be one culture making room for other by chainging it self. One one teritorry there is always only one culture.

      1. Chia Cha

        Uneducated people, those who does not know about culture they are living in. therefore without tradition and culture – communists like Joy Behar should not be presented to public as someone who have some culture. when we have such show with such huge market share. Because such huge market share is nothing else then force of government. If CIA censors (that groups which plans media space of USA) are so lazy they do not want to have more media houses, but they want just few, that that is their problem, not ours. Anti-monopoly laws rich must apply on them self also. CIA is bitch of rich.

      2. Chia Cha

        Uneducated people, those who does not know about culture they are living in. therefore without tradition and culture – communists like Joy Behar should not be presented to public as someone who have some culture. when we have such show with such huge market share. Because that is lie and because such huge market share is nothing else then force of government. If CIA censors (that groups which plans media space of USA) are so lazy they do not want to have more media houses, but they want just few, that that is their problem, not ours. Anti-monopoly laws rich must apply on them self also. CIA is crumb eating doggy of rich, yes, but either way rules must be respected.

    2. Doug Nielson

      Joseph Smith was a mason. I don’t think he ever got above the third degree. The Masonic lodges where my family lived were anti-Mormon barring Mormons from belonging. They claimed Joseph Smith plagiarized the Masons when he came up with some of the Mormon temple ceremonies. I think the Masons pretty much viewed Joseph Smith as a con artist who borrowed some concepts from freemasonry and started his own thing. Also Mormons never really were popular with the east coast money barons. When the mining barons came to Utah they wanted to break the Mormon control on the local economy and politics. Not exactly what you would call being in with the so called Illuminati.

      1. J. Jennings

        Doug Nielson. My family lost mining rights when the army followed by barons took over our land in SL valley. It is sad that the Mason mythology continues to persist to this day. People are reading old garbage that continues to circulate. Perplexing that Mitt keeps at it which will suppress some really great leaders in Utah from coming forward. I am not sure how effective he will be as a Senator. He is no Orrin Hatch for sure.

  4. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Pieczenik, by the way, I strongly believe that the recent shooting in Florida on February 14, 2018 was a “FALSE FLAG OPERATION”! Alex Jones has interviewed witnesses and looked at several reports showing multiple shooters at the scene, therefore, an obvious “false flag”! Please get on the ALEX JONES SHOW A.S.A.P. to discuss the matter!

  5. Eric

    i live in utah. Me and people i know really hate mitt. we wont be voting for him ever for anything. I hope others in the state know a stinky turd when they see one. this is what i wrote to the governor, senate, congress –
    i hope you are not doing anything suggested in this writing. Me and the people i know hate mitt. if you think he is good for us, then i guess we need someone else in your elected position. also work with/support trump in all ways possible.

    1. Doug Nielson

      A Mormon friend of ours got deployed to iraq. We helped his family when he was away for a few years. He’s not neocon fan nor fan of Mitt because if Mitt was president we would have a neocon infestation of the White House. I think for the most part Mormons just want to enjoy the same constitutional freedoms that every other American wants to enjoy. I know many who serve the republic in many different ways. They know without the Bill of Rights they probably wouldn’t have any church or even exist.

  6. Windwipper

    I’m in total agreement w/ Steve on this one. And when I saw Trump’s endorsement of RINO Romney I was disgusted. If I lived in Utah I would vote for the Demoncrat candidate just to avoid voting for Romney! And in any case, whatever is the diff?!?! There’s no difference between a RINO and a Libtard. There’s no diff between him and Jeff Flake either, whom Trump also stupidly endorsed. It’s people like this who keep Washington CORRUPT. And yes, Steve, Washington IS corrupt…through and through. I’m so fed up I will never vote again, even at the state level.

    RIP America.

    1. Douglas Nielson

      The big Washington machine is devolving. The strength of the US is in the people not the politicians. Stay active. You can do the most at the local level. Washington is a la la land. Remember the founding fathers never intended the federal government to be all that big. They intended for most the power to be at the state level. The federal government was just supposed to keep our borders secure, have a Supreme Court to rule is something was constitutional or not, and to have a figure head that represented the states. That’s about it.

    2. Doug Nielson

      It’s all devolving! We all are Devo!

    3. Petra

      So I understand that Orrin called in favors but what about what the people want?
      What does Mitt offer that all is compromised for him? Really I want to know?

  7. Chia Cha

    Storm is coming you bureaucratic scum. Imagine how dangerous they are, their truths are larger then of any priest today. Even if Sandy Hook was real, why it not allowed to ask questions then? Is this free society or what. Why it is illogical to think that those who have biggest interest for kids to be killed in school (bureaucrats (politicians)) to get guns and expand their power over military and armed populace are not one who are pretending or really killing kids in school. In every police work you must establish motive for every crime there is. Here motive is big as house. Effete transgender bureaucrat, just like those who came on power in 1917. Only degenerate society can let effete to have material resources to breed, and only destroyed pagan soceity can cherish them and put them on power. If stinks in reality, it stinks on every level in every role.

  8. NANCY

    Why are we not getting answers on Las Vegas or anything else that’s happening??? I love my President but don’t understand what’s going on, no arrests to clean up this mess, HELP!

  9. Rocky

    I’m a Mormon and would have to say, Romney is either totally uninformed and clueless like most Americans or is a lying two-faced sack of s- -t. (I hope those words don’t condemn me.) I just have to call a spade a spade. As I see it, Romney stole the election from Ron Paul and told two different stories about Trump. One was true the other a slanderous lie. I guess I need to be more forgiving like Trump. I could never endorse someone who slandered me in public. The terms neocon and RINO are not good enough to name Romney. He and Harry Reid give Mormons a bad name. Jesus had Judas and we have some bad apples, too. I never liked Hatch either, until recently when he named Trump the best president we have ever had. MAGA!
    There are too many, well-meaning, uninformed Mormons, like my own son, who just love Romney. Didn’t he save the Olympics in Utah and do many “marvelous works”? Looks like a wolf in sheep clothing to me.
    The writing is on the wall and Romney will replace Hatch. I’m sure Trump knows this and is just going to let Romney hang himself. Romney will make John McCain proud. Both are a POS, IMHO. I’m glad I live in Idaho.

    1. Grannysue

      It is time to take back our nation from the criminals and Romney is a criminal with deep ties to the Bush criminal family. The American people are at a point where they will not continue to tolerate criminals representing us anymore and I think the DeepState cabal is aware of it. Hence, they are using False Flags in an attempt to disarm the population. It won’t work! The only thing I have to say about Trump is I voted for him and had great hopes he would drain the swamp. But, it is taking more time than I thought. Why are there not being arrests made of these criminals. Everyone knows who they are!

    2. JJ

      Amen Brother Rocky. Romney is reminding me of HRC who did not know when to quit. As we might say, there are many false prophets among us.

  10. JustForMedia

    Jag har på grund av utomstående omständigheter i mitt liv behövt ta beslutet att lämna tillbaka min foderhäst som jag älskar. Ett långt mindre drastiskt beslut än din fruktansvärda situation, såklart, men jag kommer ändå stå där utan häst och då behöva hitta/hitta tillbaka till vad som känns viktigt och menignsfullt att göra just för mig, i mitt liv. Jag och min kille har två katter som betyder så mycket för mig och utan dem hade mitt beslut blivit mycket svårare att fatta. Jag vet att jag fortfarande kommer ha kvar två av mina tre fyrbenta bästisar som kommer fortsätta fylla min vardag med värme, glädje, bus (och oro). Därför förstår jag verkligen din längtan efter en hund, och hoppas att du kommer finna din nya fyrbenta bästis snart! Många kramar ❤️

  11. BradL


    Rocky’s got it right, but he left out Sen. Jeff Flake of Ariz., when naming the utterly clueless and/or complicit LDS/Mormon politicos.

    We very much have a centrist political machine in this State, dominated by a Neoconservative/Leftist world view. Unfortunately, the most visible manifestation of this is with the Deseret News (Local LDS-owned SLC paper) editorial board. IN all fairness, though, I don’t think the Church hierarchy is fully aware of this phenomenon.

    Mitt is playing the role of an out-of-state carpet bagger. No more, nor less. He established residency here about 3 years ago, undoubtedly for the express purpose of running for the Senate. He’s only lived here when he was a student and I suppose for a while during the Winter Olympics last decade. So, he’s spent a lifetime, knowing next to nothing about Utah or having Utah’s interests at heart. Utah can do much better than the Romney shill, if the machine would allow it.

    Mitt also seems to have a rather strange disconnect with political reality . . . almost a deficiency in the empathic range of emotion. His egregious, stupid, nasty/vile public attack on Trump is an example of this, as is his driving on a hundred’s of mile trip with his dog riding on top of his car.

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