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22 thoughts on “North Korea Negotiations! China and Japan play a role!

  1. Jason

    Great news on North Korea. Japan however seems bent on creating a genuine Godzilla. The oceans will need the “good package” at this rate. A real sin.

    1. Chia Cha

      And son of TEPCO owner will buy letters of that atheist idiot moron without any culture, Einstein, for 10B (washing money) who’s discredited science was not used at all for development of V2 and nuclear bomb. USSR lost 4th of economy to cope with disaster, something impossible in capitalist Japan simply because son of owner of TEPCO have villa in Switzerland, ALSO.

      1. Chia Cha

        Something could be done if owner of TEPCO would allow government to do something about private property of TEPCO, but that is then socia@lism, maybe something could done if owner of property would be paid off by many of us, so something could be done, but against that is capital of many therefore it is again sociÇlism, so that is bad as example again, public works are also forbidden, workers working for free is also dangerous example, something could be done if villa of tepco owner in switzearland AND mauritius would be in danger, then he would accept to sell TEPCO to investment house of capitalists who also would have problems with their villas, as good investment to black mail capitalists who will not know what villas will be in danger. Fukushima is now good business model, who s price is going to rise and rise. People think I am crazy but they do not understand what is ideology.

  2. Chia Cha

    Everything is allowed to be said, for instance David Icke attacks even Mossad for blowing up Fukushima with nukes, but never ever say that in capitalism real profit in capitalism is coming when you are using old first generations GE reactors from 1950s way longer then it is allowed (by having your own private agency giving you “government” license to continue). Conspiracies are bed time stories invited by capitalists for capitalism to not be blamed ever. Same how Hitler was getting old tanks from own capitalists till 1943. That was also jew fault I guess, it was Jews again.

    1. Chia Cha

      You give villa in Switzerland to “government” bureaucrat also, one who controls hierarchy of regulating TEPCO, and old lines can work as long as it is needed. Same how those old chemotherapies are still used so there are new one for rich minority. Capitalists will never stop using old lines unless you make them with people’s force and with threat of irrational violence by killing them, money cannot get you anything, because they have all money of the world. And markets are more controlled then soviet economy ever was because capitalist control is more overreaching, it mobilizes more people in to trends they produce (bull markets). That is why capitalists won over soviets. More of central planning with more of benefits to central planners. That is why I hate low level capitalists. I do not want to be low level, I feel stupid.

      1. Jason

        I sense that behind your daily anger is your unwillingness to risk your own neck or assets to change anything that you keep complaining about. Your frustrations start with you.

        1. Chia Cha

          True, I am not planning to invest even 1$ (maybe in business suite), but do not worry I was talking with Mr. Meyersiek, and he told me that he likes my idea, but was angry because I was not concrete enough in 5 minutes we were talking on phone, he asked me who gave me their phone (I red in newspaper they bought TV channel here), that they are not venture capital firm, and he warned me that they are buying stuff from 200M minumum… My answer was It is not going to be problem. Now I am looking here for some smaller bank to be bought by them in partnership (addition with consutruction company, and some communist factories which still survived but are working on now on 10% of capacity only, so my proposal can be implemented under full control, because all others are greedy idiots who do not want total domination and they do not understand anything. Of course I gave only 2 from 7 innovative points. I will tell you also those 2 points from 7 when I finish my proposal for you both. But If you and they refuse me then I would call university of Havana and explain them my solution.

          1. Jason

            You clearly never read the art of the deal. To initiate the project, you have to assume immediate personal control, and be at first reluctant to include partners. Inertia. If it truly is a great idea, and you’ve gotten the ball rolling, you’ll get someone to assume a greater risk than yourself. Instead of hating on capitalists (which you clearly are) you should study them more. Alex Jones is brilliant capitalist. You should study him in particular. If your idea is so great, why is it that you yourself have not bought into it? I too have brilliant idea. Timeless idea, but long forgotten. There will be no partners. That is why my future partner will have deepest of all pockets. lol

          2. Chia Cha

            Even bank alone is not going to be enough. I must dominate right away and have production capacity, under control of same company ( only way to get truthful price). Corporate cluster: small Bank which would grow like crazy + software company which would implement software to bank + national TV channel + cement factory + construction company + car company + yacht company + big shipyard + hotel chain + furniture company + electronic company + oil pump stations chain … then you are able to collect all cream before others… Production capacity would become to precious, there is no point to start small and then get copied badly, while being blackmailed by producers when they get game. You must be able to fullfill orders when party starts, so they beg you, and then connect it self with google. This is also geopolitical game. If would everything go acroding to my plan we could drink coffee on tianmen square in us army uniforms in several years, peacefully. I hope they will understand it.

          3. Chia Cha

            BP, Rio TInto and Google would be enough as partners. To make everyone beg to join my bank.

          4. Jason

            It sounds like you should have gone direct to Rothschild for new communist system that involves total collusion of all fascist corporations and bankers under one global corporation. You really do want to be the only hand on the meat grinder after all. Your idea is neither organic nor scalar, but top down cashless mark of the beast program. Now I understand your desire for 4000 euro a month minimum wage. Somehow, I think the global elites already run your ideas and have already moved years ago to attempt this tyrannical consolidation. Hence, the emergence of President Trump as counterforce with new system implemented through military backstop.

          5. Chia Cha

            Thank you for articulating my own wishes so magnificently and accurately. That is it. I really respect your ability to read others. And because I am rational team comrade I accept your comradely critique, therefore, I will gladly accept 8 other meat grinders (buddies from FED) to be used by them also, under same rules for all, of course using my new upgraded maginifent new rules which I would gladly share with my FED comrades. To avoid evil communism and fascism. I promise my goals are not going to be to become dear leader (like that evil Kennedy). Also you are forgeting that banks ARE corporations.

          6. Jason

            I did not forget. Banks are z-pinch of mobile communist energy field. Corporations represent field strength. That is geometry of magneto that defines the limits of current civilization. It is this cacophony that reveals a pulse that brings order out of chaos on occasion. It is time for a rational resolution to alleviate much of these synthetic stressors that serve the priest class worship of fear, with victim hood as their sacrament. They paint Christ as victim instead of champion archetype of selfless-hubris. Do you watch baseball?

          7. Chia Cha

            No sadly, I need money to feel like american, then there would be sense to watch baseball. I like Al Bundy lifestyle. In all other countries such family description was forribiden because Al Bundy had big middle class house. Only Al Bundy can get mobilization mass of Eurasia on side of US. No domestic capitalist proxies which you cannot control, and which will always flirt with chinese are Putin.

          8. Chia Cha

            America discovered that it is much better to abolish middle class, so you do not hurt feeling of lower class. Cultural marxism at finest. Every cultural marxist needs to be shoot. Cultural marxist is way which gives you same opportunity to accumulate capital as drug addict or not as drug addict – NONE. That is Obama equality. Why, because you spend money in more controlable way. Capitalist got scared when they saw that they cannot hook you up on lawn mower very peridically, therefore they allowed low class on drugs to know that there is no reason to not get addicted. They will live same like workers. My solution solved that problem of control. To get free you must be controlable.

          9. Jason

            You play some game. Everyday you try to scare people off with calls to violence and labels of those who should have their genes destroyed when you don’t like their comments. But of course, you have a magical solution that must be great secret. If people don’t buy your lack of specifics then they are due to have their genes destroyed, as they lack the genius to understand your genius. If I wanted to run a web site that had a comment section that I would rather not have in the first place, I would definitely hire you as my junk yard dog. And no, I don’t want your genes destroyed. I have no doubt that you are quite useful. If this top secret idea of yours is truly as righteous as you say it is, I do wish you great fortune. However, reading between the lines, I do believe that you would prefer my death.

          10. Chia Cha

            I am just doing hard work no one in america is doing right now. Marx rightly said that working class can improve own material position only if it is able to project threath of violence on to capitalist class. That fear is benefitial to capitalists also because than they must work more and get smarter if they want to survive. Conserved society where class strugle is conserved is aztec society where no change can occur ever. All changes would become periodical and in circle of their religious fascist calendar, therefore hell on earth. Aztecs were hypertrophied stone age society, so developed but unable to enter even bronze age. I know it does not sound polite but ideologically nothing can be done therefore class strugle is only way for progress.

        2. Chia Cha

          Every functional hierarchy must based on fear. Lowest form of hierarchy is racism therefore one based on race, where those in fear are those of wrong race as example to others how not to behave therefore how to behave as proper example of higher race. This one on money is what we have now, is little bit higher form.

  3. Chia Cha

    Only solution that is see possible for Fukushima is that those retarded obedient moronic working class of Japan, must pay 50% tax to owners of TEPCO, as long as problem of corrupted government is not solved. TEPCO is not guilty japanese society is stupid to allow to be raped and corrupted by TEPCO so easily, and to strip it self out of any regulative power. Such stupid forms of organizations (like people) are danger to own kids, and with taxation policies we must show that that is less desirable forms of living. Also I do not see any movement to close all other nuclear reactors on world. They are still working even today. And people do nothing. They cannot without Soros in whole world move even one finger. Corporations are set to care about own interests, if they are too successful in removing all regulative power by governments, then removing obstacle is not capital at all any more. Innovation is 0 then, profit is 0 then also. It is path to communism. Our only hope are corporate courts like those attacked by those NAZIS of Ron Paul which cannot stand rape to be done with any kind of protection. They only object that 16$ clause. They cannot stand it, they are losing their government power to rape you with out protection (Obama-Clinton NAFTA style) on basis of tribalism in their own castle. Corporations are only hope to regulate capitalist petty Ron Paul style governments like this one created by mystic founding father governments. One corporate kangaroo court at least does not have those Ron Paul southern slaveowner bureaucrat nazi politician ideologues crawling around like undead farts over graves.

  4. AL Tru

    too late. Fukushima radiation settles in your thyroid. sea and air. hot clouds at 30,000 ft
    Oppenheimer forbid his children to get x rays at the dentist

  5. Chia Cha

    President of bosnian serbs is calling US abassador to bosnia very brazenfaced and frustrated women. And very idiotic, because bosnian croats will very soon have to agree with him and side with our allies Chinese and Russian to solve liberal capitalist muslim/feminist policies of US deep state on Balkans with force. Trump did not do anything here yet, she is still there. US was able to stop serb agression with one word to Milosevic in 1991. But US told Milosevic to go and attack us. And now that brazenfaced bit@h said that muslim people voting (therefore electing) president of croat people in bosnia is legal and ok and in spirit of peace treaty signed in Dayton in 1995. Even under Bosnian constitution Croats should elect own president alone because every nation in Bosnia have right to elect own president. If this bit@h is not removed, she should be killed. Russians luckily are openly supporting bosnian serb president and he rightly says that that sick female liberal NGO bitch is wrong in her support of muslims against croats. He recognized anexation of Crimea also. Lavrov and Orban congratulated him. US does not understand that capitalist Orban can side with any other capitalsits, and now almost everyone is capitalist.

  6. Chia Cha

    Deep state still controls policies in Bosnia. Female US abassador in Bosnia is pushing Balkan to side with Russia and China. Even pushing bosnian croats to start siding with Russia and China against policies of that female abassador. Orban is also siding with Russia and China because of such pro-muslim deep state policies on Balkans. Like I said, Orban is capitalist, and he is in supply chain of Merkel and Putin. Unless CIA start supporting me and my bank, US could soon start packing it self from eastern europe, and who controls east europe, he controls eurasia landmass. Not even Erdogan is supporting such crazy policies against peace treaty of 1995 done by that female abassador. Remove this female abassador. President of bosnian serbs is calling US abassador to bosnia very brazenfaced and frustrated women with full support of Lavrov.

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