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2 thoughts on “North Florida SAYS NO Phosphate Mine!

  1. Chia Cha

    For developed capitalism, they are useless eaters, and in sense of system based on profit they really are useless. For what those people are needed. Even if they decide to plant posionous GMO, their agro property is too small. They are not for factory work because factories are dangerous for developing working class conscious. As consumers they are noot needed because bigger profit (power grab) is made by creating them poor, because then real class value of those who are little up is enforced, meaning class position (as product) produced by private investors in to government bonds, worth more in relative terms… Even level of society in whole is much lower. Who cares. To me as controler, I would rather be only priest in some tribe in stone age, then worker or slave in starbucks. Selling class positions is best product they have. USA is communist economy, rulled by captialists who are selling artificial class positions denominated in $$, but in a way that all people who are not they (capital investors), are pillaged, but greed of people who are getting robbed and who have illusions that they will go up (even all numbers shows that thair chance go go up is illusion) is so big that they, even their number is getting smaller (population decline), and their class positions and condition is going down and down drastically, they do not want equality… LOL, because that little richer slave does not want that poorer slave to be same like he is. Because his upper position is capital to him…
    Class position is real value, much more valuable then work or machine.
    And from ecological aspect their capitalist position is right. Less usless eaters, more real value for them.
    No chace for any change. Marx was right, all societies which does not enter socialism will cease to exist.

    1. Chia Cha

      In whole human history number of slaves must be big as possiby can, and in bigger flucation. Only anomaly in history was USSR, that is when capitalists, feudal nobility and slaveowners had to think about their surrvival.
      Dollar is legitimacy for rich to be able to survive when he have to run from own slaves, in to other enslaved country, and keep his class position even there.

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