No Way Out for Hillary!

No Way Out for Hillary!

No Way Out for Hillary Clinton!

The “Cleaner,” or more accurately, “The Sweeper”, Lawyer Brady Williamson (aka Podium Guy) is a CIA Operative funded by the Agency for International Development [AID=CIA]. Once again, the CIA tries to determine the outcome of our voting as well as the future of our country!

This time they will fail.

Thanks again to the astute, perceptive insights of our incredibly intelligent alt community [Mad Mad World [MMW], Drudge Report, Youtube, readers, writers etc.], we have identified a man who inadvertently exposed himself in the first televised debate between Hillary and Donald. After examining the videos and checking up on his credentials, I will try to delineate some aspects as to whom Brady Williamson is, and what he does:

“He is a long-time Democratic lawyer/strategist and three-decade member of the Democratic negotiating team.” [Mad Mad World].


Again, we taxpayers are footing an incredible $14M ticket to support his previous chicanery in both Egypt and the Arab Spring.

Let’s get more specific….

According to “The Gateway Pundit”, here are some of the salient aspects of this mysterious “CIA Sweeper”:

  • Brady was involved in projects in Iraq, Southern Sudan, Egypt and Bangladesh, often visiting Baghdad and East Africa.

Does that sound like your regular ‘ambulance chaser’?

  • Next Brady received a “grant from the USG by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs [NDI], a non-profit organization working to strengthen democracy world-wide” [MDDW]. This is Catholics in Action [CIA] all over again: Vietnam, Laos, Iraq, Libya, Honduras [effete VP Time Kaine], Panama, Africa, et. al.
  • “It is also reported NDI was given a grant of $14million …. And NDI was charged with managing an unlicensed NGO in Egypt…”

 What does this all mean?

From a counter-intelligence perspective, I can only conclude that once again the CIA has inserted its ugly proboscis into a domestic issue over which it has no legitimacy or jurisdiction [see “Sicario”, the film]. The CIA, under DCI John Brennan,who worked as an ‘advisor’ for four of our previously CIA co-opted POTUSs—two Bushes, one Clinton, and one Obama—has now decided that he cannot trust the American public to determine its own future.


The CIA has seconded this Brady Williamson [of little integrity and less intellect] to help its favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton, to win the office of the White House.I have written countless times that both Bill and Hillary were recruited into the CIA soon after each graduated from Yale [the hotbed of CIA activities].One must understand that the CIA and other intelligence services do not care about one’s political affiliations or sexual proclivities as long as they can manipulate you into their service.Witness the mysterious rise of a mulatto homosexual seemingly born in Hawaii, or wherever [it’s irrelevant], who suddenly appears on the political horizon bereft of past deeds, future plans, or impeccable judgement.  They used him to defeat another CIA operative, Hillary Clinton. Americans are supposed to believe that there has been a fair, transparent election process?? The fact that Senator John McCain or Mitt Romney were Republican candidates is also irrelevant. For the most part, McCain was completely compromised during the Vietnam War; and Romney along with his Mormon crew were rife with CIA operatives, some of whom I had to dismiss in the jungles of Cambodia.

Now, has any debate moderator asked any of the aforementioned candidates whether they have ever been, or are in any part of a secret organization [Skull and Bones]; or, has any candidate ever worked/been paid by a covert agency of the USG or any other government [i.e Israel]?

That question is completely taboo!

In the case of Donald Trump, LtGen. Michael Thomas Flynn is an outstanding intelligence officer. He does not hide the fact that he was and is involved in our USG covert operations.However, Hillary and her compatriots, are extremely embarrassed to admit that they are in tied to our intelligence community.

It is both disingenuous and self-destructive for Hillary to continue to run for the presidency when she knows she is exceedingly sick [Parkinson’s Disease] and highly compromised by all sides of the overt/covert political spectrum [uber corruption]. Once again, the Brady Williamsons appear as a blip on a video screen in order to reveal to the world that he, like many others who have helped Hillary to ascend the greasy pole of politics, are working against the best interests of our own USG.

As you all know by now, the ‘Sweeper’ is a technical term often associated with ‘dirty tricks’ in the world of black ops. I acted as a ‘sweeper’ on certain occasions. Yet, I did so in order to rid our world of “human trash” –terrorists and repressive regimes/leaders. Who will be our country’s ‘sweeper’ in order to rid our electoral process of corruption, lies, and malfeasance?unknown-5

God help those who think that they can hoodwink the American public or eviscerate our due process of law. It’s not going to happen in this new world of the internet, as long as we, ‘conspirators’ and ‘truth-sayers’ remain vigilant and continue the fight for our basic liberties.

The celebrated American writer/novelist, Mary McCarthy, wrote the following:

“Bureaucracy, the rule of no one, has become the modern form of despotism.”

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22 thoughts on “No Way Out for Hillary!


    Shannah Tova! Happy 5777! The year of NEW BEGINNINGS! He’s making All things New! He’s not making all new things, God’s making all things NEW!!!

  2. Shirley Ann Smith/Rhodes

    Shannah Tova! Happy 5777! The year of NEW BEGINNINGS! He’s making All things New! He’s not making all new things, God’s making all things NEW!!!

  3. Stuart Zemeckis

    always a pleasure to read your thoughts and predictions.

    1. Chia Cha

      Thank you.

  4. Chia Cha

    Bureaucracy, always reproduce it self, they always intentionally create new problems so they can grow in size. Not commies not capitalists were able to fix it. Capitalists needs bureaucracy because capitalists needs documents about their own property they stole, to have it while others does not. Bureaucracy is hierarchical. In USA, government exist, only, to violently and uniquely distribute goods and serve capitalist class, on expense of economy and well being of 80% of people. Sorrow is democracy where county cannot fire all bureaucrats and employ those who think there should be less of them, to start over.

  5. toy ryne

    i learn so much from your insightful writings!

  6. René de Vries

    Well done. It is good to see we have good Americans minding the store. A Canadian cheering on the American Patriots.

    1. Chia Cha

      Get lost, or get some champagne and celebrate openly, scum… Do not pretend…

      1. noname

        That wasn’t called for.

    2. Ron Sanderson

      I watched strange brew last week. A forgotten classic comedy in the States . Thank you Canada. All we ask for is that our own best interest take priority over the interest of the NWO / the Globalist and the international corporate banking cartels ect. Americanism not Globalism. Stripping away all the posers and fake reality sellers. We want sanity prosperity and a end to wasteful spending ect.

  7. Patriarch

    Hillary is mon-ocular in public. SHE HAS PERMANENT DOUBLE VISION, & has a narrow visual field; hence her labored stare at the stairs.

  8. Ron Sanderson

    Repercussions and consequences for forcing absolute power and control over a nation resulted in the Allied Forces invasion of Europe and the destruction of Germany.
    They are making the American general public very paranoid.
    That is good for them but not good at all for the average American citizen.
    It\’ can make you feel like we the people are the new \”human trash\” terrorist and a basket full of deplorable\’s .
    Are we the majority of American citizens to be removed from having our votes counted and our voices listened to.
    I am not going to stop.
    I pledge to remain vigilant.
    I pledge to fight and teach others how to fight for our liberties together.
    The celebrated musician/song writer John Lennon wrote the following.
    \”Just give me some truth\”

  9. Ron Sanderson

    If you only love perfection
    You will never love at all
    America isn’t perfect but I love it so very very much that sometimes I pass out at night from all the happiness fun and enjoyment that was had in just one day.

  10. Tom

    What was the thinking of Brady Williamson to brazenly rush out on stage and begin his “cleaning” process seconds after the end of the debate when cameras were all still focused on the candidates there? Who was he afraid would beat him to Hillary’s podium to see what they weren’t supposed to see? If he had waited only a few more minutes the cameras would have been either off or swiveled elsewhere, and his cleaning would have remained unnoticed by the public. Was this a case of extreme paranoia, professional incompetence, or both?

  11. Watchmen

    Meh, what a waste of money.

  12. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    I would like to see the evil one do one “forum” or debate without cheating and withour medicated to the gills to the extent she looked like she just had an opium martini just whether she is at all functional. And also that it would really be her.

    Why is a lawyer-spook delegated to be the “cleaner” rather than one of the thugs that sometimes acts as an assassin?

    Did anyone think the trump family looked as if they knew or suspected something wasn’t right?

  13. Watchmen

    Bitch Slapped…..

  14. If one thinks they can just bitch slap cybernation without consequences, I’m afraid they’re mistaken….

  15. Marshall Smith

    When watching a video of Trump and Family leaving the
    debate, it seemed to me that Donald was arguing with his son-in-law and the family members appeared tense. Was the son-in-law the representative for Trump in negotiating the terms of the debate? I was pleased to learn tonight that Pense also had the experience during his youth of living near a corn field!

  16. vrajavala

    there was some conjecture as to wht this “sweeper” was doing at her podium (connecting cables> picking up tape recorder? turning on hidden teleprompter?) Any idea?

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