No RV Park on Precious Wetlands!

No RV Park on Precious Wetlands!

This post was orginally posted as a letter to the editor in local papers.  Please read: Outstanding 86 year old citizen fights off Corrupt Orlando Developer! 

Press release: Proposed RV Park-Bradford Co., Florida– Keystone Heights (Sept. 15, 2017)

By Don R Morgan,                                                       (CST Ranch, llc) Adjacent Property OWNER.

We bought the 200 Ac. on CR-21-b, next to the proposed RV Park rezoning request fifty years ago. This Area in Bradford Co. was and IS Zoned Agriculture (A-2) RURAL Classification.

Three Generations of our family reside on the Ranch where we Raise Angus and Watusi cattle, Grow crops, Pecans, Pine and Oak trees and practice Wildlife conservation for hunting and fishing. Much of the acreage remains as it was when we bought the land. Our children, grand children and great grand children live on the ranch and hope to continue hunting deer and turkey and continue to conserve the area as a conservation area for the Fl. black bear,  bob cat, otter, beaver, dove, duck and hundreds of wading birds, trophy bass, gator and an occasional panther.

The Bradford County Commission in conjunction with the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council have adopted the Future Land Use Plan and MAP for “the general distribution, location of uses of land” and densities for Bradford County population. 

Appropriately, the extreme SE corner of the County is classified as Agricultural (A-1 and A-2) for limited densities (one and two residential units per acre) and as such, require less services and cost to the County. The Interstate highway system has rendered SR 100 fewer tourists orientated and we enjoy the peaceful lifestyle of Rural Florida. We have a happy balance of supply and demand for the existing population, and many of us wish to keep it that way.


The RV Park developers from Orlando have selected 73.3 acres on State Road 100, across from the County Land Fill and the intersection of CR-21-b, approximately two and a half miles west of Keystone Heights. In my opinion they could not have selected a WORSE Site.

The property has three cypress ponds, approximately 13 ac. which are classified as Wetlands by the County, the Suwannee River Water Management District and the State of Florida.  Additionally the RV Park property is located less than 200 feet east of the Santa Fe Swamp, a Florida designated Conservation and Wild life Area. 

The RV Park Site has a ridge of land surrounding Three Sides (160 feet above Sea Level) which SLOPE inward to the three Cypress Ponds. The biggest and most southerly is shared with, and crosses into our land and makes up approximately 35 ac. of our wetlands. This summer, as much as 500,000 +/- gallons per Day flowed from the RV Site into our wetlands and continued through our property into the Santa Fe swamp, the Lake Santa Fe and the Santa Fe River System. 

For my fifty plus or minus years of ownership, the RV site has collected and served as the head water of this valuable tributary of the Santa Fe basin, a critical recharge area for the Florida Aquifer.

Our concern that with 400 RV slabs, buildings, drives and roads of impervious paving, the road grime, snow removal chemicals, battery acids, diesel and gas spills, waste water hook-up spillage, trash dumpsters over flows will create hundreds of gallons of pollution runoff into my property then downstream to the Santa Fe Swamp, Santa Fe Lake /River and into the Suwannee River Basin and the Florida Aquifer.

We would hope the Bradford Commissioners will VOTE NO on the rezoning for this HIGH DENSITY project on Oct. 2 2017. Full capacity would dump 800 + people, disrupting the life style we pay taxes to protect, and disrupt everything from Police, Fire and Medical services, Roads and Recreational facilities.


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  1. Chia Cha

    How you get rich, you buy agricultural land, then you tell your buddies in local government to change it to residental. Puff, you are rich. You did not work, nor you will ever work again in your life. Other people will feed and work for you and your offspring, for ever.

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