No NeoCons Mr Trump!

No NeoCons Mr Trump!

Memo to Trump:

RE: No Bolton, No Abrams! No Bush Jr/Cheney Advisors Should be in your Administration.

For over fourteen years, people like myself, have been uncovering the malfeasance committed by Bush Jr/Cheney/Condi/Rumsfeld with regard to the 9/11 false flag/stand down. Do NOT listen to the casino magnate, Sheldon Adelson, Jared’s favorite consigliere, concerning who should become the key players in your administration.

Whether it was for convenience or whatever else, you and your team had asked your supporters whom we would want in our future government. Key mention was made in blogs and radio shows [including Alex Jones] that the neo-cons, whom we veterans called, chicken hawks, are completely unacceptable.

Condi, Stephen Hadley, Bolton, Abrams and the rest of the Bush Jr/Cheney administration lied to America about the need for an Iraq War. You have publicly recognized that very same concern. These neocons are like rats on a sinking ship who scurry about Trump Tower to incur influence in your administration after having signed, ‘Never Trump’ petitions!

John Bolton is a nice guy with a bad mustache. Yet, he is not intellectually equipped to develop any new strategies or tactics for an effective new foreign policy. He is like most of the neocons, an active draft-dodger during the Vietnam War, who espouses wars and conflicts ad nausea.

Elliot Abrams is not a nice guy. He is so completely repulsive as an individual/official that he became persona non grata in most of Washington DC, NYC, and America in general. Abrams was involved in the Iran Contra affair and but was not indicted for lying to congress. He too was involved in 9/11 as were most of the other senior officials in the Bush/Cheney administrations.


Let your Sec. State, Rex W. Tillerson, a leader of thousands of employees in Exxon Mobil pick his own deputy among the ranks of the career Foreign Service Officers [FSOs].The FSOs are a fine group of people who deserve a chance to achieve the highest position in their career if qualified. Usually, they have to be content to become Deputy Sec. State or an Under Sec. Of State. Few, if any, have ever become Sec. State.

Now these officers have a chance to be trained and tutored by an topnotch American manager who has worked his way up from being an engineer to the leader of a $400 Billion worldwide business. Rex will be able to find the right person among the promising FSOs who have given twenty to thirty years of their life to the State Dept.

The State Dept. knows collectively who is good and who is bad. Bolton, Abrams, Khalizad, Hadley, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kagan, et. al. are not viable candidates. Ask your flamekeepers whom you should chose. We will not disappoint you!

If someone has lived in Washington DC and belongs to some Think Tank or has a private consulting firm, those are not the signs of a creative leader in the civilian world. That makes them a “lazy feeder off the government dole.”

Your son-in-law, Jared, clearly is bright.
However, he does not have the experience to assess those who have served our country [not Israel] for the past twenty to thirty years. Think twice before making your proper selections.

You correctly did not appoint Guiliani, nor Christie. That was wise!
Please keep on being smart. Thank you!

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33 thoughts on “No NeoCons Mr Trump!

  1. Petra

    Thank you for staying on point…. Now who is going to protect the electors?

    1. Furtive

      Only one & he can be charged either jury if he doesn’t vote for the state of Texas winner: TRUMP

      1. Furtive

        Sic: ” perjury”

  2. NewLegacy

    Dr. P, thanks for your good advice – you need to be on the transition team! Please share the progress of the aftermath of the counter-coup you announced a few weeks ago.

      1. Chia Cha

        Capitalism is dead, how many time we will try to recreate it 🙂 by artificially creating rich upper class elite persons as only allowed source of capital?

  3. Kathie

    I heard you today and in the past on Alex Jones. What is with all these Russians and their gigantic military trucks in Colorado with bales of barbed wire at the ready to throw out to surround whole cities in that region with massive equipment, etc. as was documented in the YouTube video: “Chaos in Colorado: The NWO is making their move” on the Common Sense Show’s site on there. Sounded like these guys knew their stuff and they are saying even the cops there are acknowledging there are secretive raids going on in some of the towns not by Russians but another foreign group and that these guys can easily take down a city or area with only 4 men. Please comment.

    1. Art Carvajal

      I would not trust what comes from Jones show too much. He talks too much and frankly there have been too many rumors and allegations going on regarding for whom Jones works and his alliances. He has an agenda and I don’t like it. His last interview with Dr Pieczenik was a disaster. Kept interrupting and throwing the good Dr out of the subject. I just could not watch it.

      1. Bic mitchem

        Art sorry your sensibilities are bruised by truth! Just keep watching the sinking ship of Megan Kelly and Rachel Madcow(aka angry 10 year old boy) as their ratings implode. I’m certain your very small brain will be able to metabolize this kind of total misinformation more readily.

        Happy viewing fool!

  4. Kathie

    Me. Steve,
    I heard you on Alex’s site today and in the past. Can you please comment on what is with all these Russian troops in Colorado as documented on YouTube on the Common Sense Show, “CHAOS IN COLORADO: THE NWO IS MAKING THEIR MOVE.” They said there are raids being conducted by other foreign troops as has been admitted by the local police there and they have massive trucks with loads of barbed wire ready to throw out of the back in order to surround the cities there. Our local DJ here in Birmingham, AL is saying there are Russian troops there. Please research and comment.

  5. Chia Cha

    Let s kill some people. I have important news for all you losers. Their goal is to abolish your health care, not Trump, not those around him, they do not care do you have one or not, but those above… They need you without healthcare because they need you as mobilisation mass. Same how they started hippie movement to make you easier to enter draft.

  6. M.D.

    You have a good idea suggesting that R. Tillerson should choose his own assistant. I do worry that the odds of Trump’s continuing to make great appointments cannot last forever.

    1. Petra

      M.D. Look at his wives each one gets more attractive. Have faith… He makes better decisions with age.

  7. Sharon Armke

    Please keep us all informed. Please stop WWII and martial law imposed by Obama. Please save our Republic! Thank you for all you do!

  8. Patriarch

    Dr. P.
    send thus column to trump

  9. G-Man

    Dr P. ….. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our great nation. There should be more men of immense courage such as yourself in circles of national leadership. We all owe you so much. G-Man

  10. G-Man
    For those of you who are not completely clear as to who the NeoCons are and what they did to our country on 9/11, you can try pasting the preceding “link ” into your address bar to watch a comprehensive university level lecture on the subject. Alternatively, you can go to the YouTube search box and enter the title : 9/11 PENTAGON ATTACK, BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN, BARBARA HONEGGER … well worth your time. The researcher/ lecturer is a former Reagan White House staffer, former Pentagon journalist, and War College instructor.

  11. G-Man
    Followers of Dr Pieczenik should also be aware of efforts expended by another courageous American to avert war in Iraq, and the immense suffering and imprisonment thrust upon her by the NeoCons for her patriotism. See the preceding link or go to the YouTube search box and enter: CIA ASSET SUSAN LINDAUER CAN NOW SPEAK 10 YEARS AFTER 9-11. Well worth your time

  12. G-Man
    For those of you who are not fully aware of the treasuretrove of secret information courageously released by Dr Pieczenik, I will try to relay to you 3 of the best videos from hundreds I have viewed. Please paste the preceding link to your web address line or go to YouTube search box and enter: DR. STEVE PIECZENIK- OSAMA BIN LADEN DIED 10 YEARS AGO/ 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB

  13. G-Man
    The second of my top 3 videos of interviews with Dr P. is listed here. Please use preceding link or go to YouTube search box and enter: DR. STEVE PIECZENIK – OSAMA BIN LADEN ON CIA / BRITISH INTELLIGENCE / MOSSAD PAYROLL

  14. G-Man
    The second of my top 3 videos of interviews with Dr P. is listed here.YouTube search box enter: DR. STEVE PIECZENIK – OSAMA BIN LADEN ON CIA / BRITISH INTELLIGENCE / MOSSAD PAYROLL

  15. G-Man
    Number 3 favorite video of mine to enter in YT search box is : OSAMA & 911 WAS FALSE FLAG (PART3) -DR. STEVE PIECZENIK – ALEX JONES

  16. G-Man
    Here’s the title of a video of one famous American general talking about NeoCons for your YouTube search box : “General Wesley Clark tells of how Middle East destabilization was planned as far back as 1991”

  17. G-Man

    Thank you for your interest and patience . Anyone interested in more great links to videos and online documents should just request same of me .

  18. Why aren’t my comments being posted?

  19. Steve, I agree with your assessment in its entirety. I trust Trump heeds your advice and allows Tillerson to select his own 2nd.

    My much longer, more insightful comment mysteriously disappeared when I tried to post.

  20. Bic

    Thank you Dr P. God Bless you are a true American Hero!

  21. janmarieblue

    please do continue to talk to us by yourself. I appreciate Alex Jones but he just cannot stop himself from interrupting you at every turn and as far as i’m concerned, what you have to say is much too important to us to be constantly sidetracked with interruptions every five words.

    thank you for all you do!

  22. David Yuhas

    Email Address, Steve? Regards, Dy

  23. CB

    Sir, Just heard your most recent interview. Some of your points are alarming but in general I say gung ho! It’s clear you need to be speaking more via Alex but suggest you try to concentrate on the specifics of the DNC/Podesta leaks/sourcing. And as ties to NSA/Snowden proofing of possible hack. This MUST be pounded home to typical MSM watchers to put the nail in their coffin. Aside from Craig Murray, you are the only bonofide source for this info. Perhaps you need to reach out to Glen Greenwald at the Intercept(and of course Lou Dobbs/Tucker Carlson?) for an interview with both of you. BTW, the Russians have had for years the answer to our health crisis. The generic name is a scenar machine which is a hospital in your hand, for about $500 or less. See this clinical report on 17000 patients here

    1. Chia Cha

      Lou Dobbs, that is wonderfully rounded anglo-saxon version of french skin cream named Anal?

  24. Clarioncaller

    The deafening silence coming from the Bush Crime Family only means that Prez-elect Trump must continue to reinforce his security. As a symbolic gesture of revolution, he should request that the ‘fasces’ symbols on either side of the Speakers podium be removed.

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