No More False Flags, No More B^!!$#!%!

This is what we DON’T want! No more false flags, no more 9/11s, no more Sandy Hooks, Orlando shootings or any other hoaxes, propaganda or B^!!$#!%! What we want now is the truth!

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31 thoughts on “No More False Flags, No More B^!!$#!%!

  1. Silvia Plank

    Dr. Pieczenik, I love your words so much!
    June 8th in this mail, ggg

  2. Chia Cha

    And I want pop corns and riots. Dear Dr. P. we all know that only material evidence that there was revolution, is blood until knees. Revolution without dead bodies is not revolution. No one on top gives own positions just like that. Christmass is comming, let s have some party. People are going to devolve, whole society… There must be one real.

  3. jay

    BRAVO Steve, The American public is so brainwashed over 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombings It’s time to expose the crimes to humanity and lets not forget the entire secret space program and our long working relationship with negative ET’s. It’s time to unleash all these repressed technologies that would allow us to have free energy and allow the entire world to live an abundant life with clean water and food and shelter. There is a divine plan unfolding.
    Keep up the great work Steve!

  4. Stephaine Abin

    I lived near Newton and Sandy Hook ws totally fake!

    1. memajane

      I Am mystified how can you say tha that.??? We saw it on the news and the children were killed. How can it be fake??

      1. HaveBlue

        Do some homework. Dan Bidoni, and the FBI, proved it was a homeland sec psyop/drill. I know it is tough to accept your tax money is being used to lie to you, but it is true.

      2. artichoke

        Did those children actually exist or were they played by others (who were not killed either)? Was “Sandy Hook Elementary School” actually a school, or was it a school building that been closed already for years? “We saw it on the news” is almost a reason to be suspicious of the story, given that it’s now legal for the US government to use propaganda within the boundaries of the USA.

  5. Joseph Squitieri

    Two presidential electors to colleagues: Dump Trump

    What is this non-sense???? can this happen ??? This is crazy…..

  6. Serena

    No more false diseases. The Zika virus is as harmless as the common cold. It is the pharmaceutical treatment for Zika and the spraying of pesticides to kill the mosquito’s that are causing illness in the people and birth defects.

    No more poison vaccines.

    No more poison in our food, no GMO’s

    No more chemtrails. I will really believe things are changing when the chemtrail pilots are stopped.

    No more poison in our water. Stop fluoridation. Everyone should have access to filtered water since there is no clean water left on Earth.

    No more pipe lines, no more coal, no more fracking. Trump says: I will lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of job-producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas, the keystone pipeline and clean coal. There is no such thing as clean coal, all of these toxic things are killing our entire planet. What he needs to do is lift the restrictions on free energy. We are living in the dark ages. Free energy has been suppressed and it needs to be released. Bring on the new technology!

    1. David Quinn

      Show us the free energy. I’ve seen the stories. I’ve never seen the devices.

  7. Chia Cha

    George Friedman says all. Only total brain damaged idiot can think that price of things is determined by supply and demand. Price is amount set by those who control majority of those items. It is their political will. Basta.

    1. Chia Cha

      You control majority of those items if you are one telling what is their price and for what those items are traded for. You are telling price if you control trade routes by controlling barrel of gun on those trade routes, trade routes are on sea, meaning you need navy and few greedy capitalists around world (for instance chinese partners) who wants to join in. Yes they are thinking one day how to overthrow you but not now, they need to pillage own people first. From 1913. american capitalists understands also it is much more economical to pillage own people also, because resistance is lower, you just tell them “WE”.

  8. Sharon Armke

    Clinton has ordered $137 million illegal weapons,, to be delivered in mid-November. This concerns me. Here is the link to the story:

    PLEASE make sure these weapons are seized as evidence by your group, Dr. Piecznik!!! Yes, it certainly seems that more “false flags” are planned against our nation!!! Please STOP the weapons from being given to criminals, paid by Soros or whomever, to kill us and our police!!!!

  9. Dmitriy

    Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD,
    Is there a way out for targeted individuals?

    Thank you for fighting for people!

  10. Anon

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    How can you be contacted by phone?


    A friend

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  12. sharen brewer

    Thank you for all your help and another thing we don’t want is the phony electro votes. We don’t need the criminal senators choosing their friends. We the people WILL decide from now on.
    WE love you

    1. Chia Cha

      How to get laid- There are females with mother insticts, and those who think they should save world. So you go see female psychiatrist and tell her you feel down. There is no way out for you, plus, you drive of locomotive.

      1. Chia Cha

        Sorry (edit). you have to tell her you are working as driver of locomotive…
        So, only girls on this site, I guess we are comming in to age of alpha males. Only rich republican apha males will be able to provide chemotherpy for their females, smart move from by females. ROFL

  13. Dennis Mays

    Dr Sp
    I have been looking at All kinds of Info some benign and others confidential. My analysis is Obama and Clinton will have electoral stolen from trump. in December. And Obama will user in martial law using riots as excuse to do so. Unless peoples wills are strong. Why are nobody stopping Obama from setting this up is beyond me. I mean all can see trough the bull. I hope I am wrong and this is just me being jumpy I guess we will find out. Thanks DRM

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  15. Dennis Mays

    I cant get others to say so but 70 news has the final election results it is Trump 62.9m votes to Clintons 62.7m votes Trump ele coll 306 to clintons 232. So trump has won both Elections results. Im so happy Please confirm and report. thanks DRM


    As the last segment of obama and this demonic administration concludes, soros and his occultic satanic hordes of tyrants will go into hiding but will be stopped. Justice is coming upon their heads as our LORD Will Strike them with undisputable evidence in court putting many of them into prison. soros and his rebellion to stop our 45th president elect, Cyrus of Isaiah 45, will be crushed with a wall of Fire!! YHWH our FATHER is Moving in such Power now across our USA hearing all the cries of the suffering citizens. 60 years of globalist work to this nation will be reversed and destroyed in the first 100 days of Trump. Strength and Wisdom is upon you now in increased measure to quench all remaining brush fires with Power and Might from our FATHER in Heaven. Shalom Shalom.

    1. Chia Cha

      Lord will do nothing unless you move your ass. Blah blah blah… Stop leaching what will God do, like you know what he will do… Who gives you right to lie to people what will God do. Like you do know… Polluter… Profiteer

  17. Jaedra

    God bless you too, Dr. Pieczenik! Thank you for this great message!

  18. Clint Fundomax

    If America really wants to do the right thing, we need to outlaw propaganda against the American people.

  19. Truth

    Steve, what is going on with Julian Assange? It looks like Wikileaks has been compromised. If you are indeed a gatekeeper, you need to do something.

  20. Serena

    NEW SHOCKING INFO: FALSE FLAG ALIEN INVASION COMING! Dr. Steven Greer 11/18/16 – The Carol Rosin Show

  21. Serena

    I am totally behind Trump cleaning up the cesspool that is our government but he is way off base with his opening up “clean coal” and fracking as he stated in his latest official statement. There is no such thing as clean coal, leave it in the Earth where it belongs. Fracking is the stupidest thing ever, besides nuclear power. Everyone that is paying attention knows that free energy and true clean energy is being suppressed. When is he going to talk about that?

    “American energy – Remove restrictions on clean coal and fracking”

    We will not need to worry about jobs after the planet can no longer sustain life. Here is the short list of massive Earth destruction: nuclear radiation, lack of oxygen from killing the ocean and the rain forests and releasing tons of gases during fracking and the melting glaciers. Poisoning all of the water and the soil on the planet. If that doesn’t kill everything off the impending ice age that we are heading towards will finish off any survivors.

    I would also like to express my gratitude to all of the non-corrupted people in our government and other agencies that are fighting the good fight. I think this may be our last shot at saving this amazing planet. We are at a tipping point. Many scientists wonder if it is already too late.

  22. Serena

    P.S. In regards to “clean coal” energy. There is also a ton of coal ash left over and what the mental midgets decided to do with the massive amounts of coals ash produced is to spray it in the air to make fake clouds and manipulate the weather causing drought, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes causing massive destruction. The coal ash is loaded with toxins that poison our bodies, the soil, and all of the water. How stupid is that?!!!

  23. Serena

    Climate Engineering, A Lethal Reality

    How to Stop Chemtrails and HAARP

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