New UK PM May b just the Leadership they Need!

New UK PM May b just the Leadership they Need!

The New British PM, Theresa May, Will Bring Quiet Effective Leadership to Brexit!

In uncertain times, some good fortune erupts unexpectedly. Former Home Secretary,Theresa May, the quiet effective voice behind the more boisterous, pompous, soon-to-be ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, will become the second woman PM on July 13, 2016.


I know very little about her.

Yet, when I scanned her well-documented background, a full picture emerged of a highly competent, self-effacing technician/politician. More importantly, like her former role model, the Iron Lady [Margaret Thatcher], May has the steely determination to stand up to the self-aggrandizing male politicians who dominate British politics and business.

Despite the fact that she quietly supported her former boss, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to remain in the EU, she promised to proceed with Brexit in a timely, rational manner [unlike her male precursor]; perhaps taking the necessary two years before implementing Article 50 [immediate exit].

May is known to have a vigorous grasp of details concerning counter-terrorism, immigration and the  British economy [with and without the EU]. She attended the prestigious Oxford University where she majored in geography and once worked for the Bank of England. Her background lends confidence to both the British and EU establishment that the Brexit will be implemented in a timely, bipartisan manner respecting both sides of the issue: should I stay or should I go, now?


Like most women with strong characters, she has a medical problem, Type 1 Diabetes [requiring daily injections of insulin], this does not impede her functioning as an effective leader. I think that May will resonate very well with another accomplished female leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a former physical research chemist [Phd]. The crux of Brexit will depend on how well these two highly accomplished politicians get along.

It will be Germany, the major EU political/economic force, which will dictate the final terms of Britain’s exit. From Britain’s POV, they will want to deal with the EU markets without having to assume further responsibility for EU workers [official/unofficial] working in Britain. Germany will eventually demand some concessions with regard to this thorny immigration problem.


The end result might be that Britain will end up with an economic model patterned after Norway/Switzerland.

Not too shabby!

I wish Prime Minister Theresa May and her wonderfully brave constituents –the best of luck!
The great American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote this about us; but, it could be equally said about our British cousins:

“America [Britain] is willingness of the heart!” 

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25 thoughts on “New UK PM May b just the Leadership they Need!

  1. Chia Cha

    In my communist party (not too open one about that), but open about building socialism, we are taking new approach, that is best to let capitalist parties to continue building capitalism. We are saying why should we help workers to make capitalism work, stop. Let workers learn, that you can only build one thing, either you are building capitalism, or you are building socialism (which is path to communism).
    Out of 150 political parties here, only two are officially for building socialism. All others for building capitalism. People does not understand that at all. It does feel great to have 50% of world ideology behing you, while there are so few of us representing that second 50% in total knock down.

    I met my class mate who went to work in to USA 18 years ago, he is now in SF and he is saying everything deteriorating because of immigrants, as they are in own groups, and that of course he is for Trump… He is saying that to have one day more of vacation (8 days) is surreal, and then i asked how many day his boss have. He have of course same number, or even less, because his boss often goes to educate him self on seminars, so he can help him and other workers more. Last seminar was on Bahamas. My friend is in middle of chain, meaning he owns whipp and he hits for boss. Of course from time to time boss also have to show how structure looks. It is good if company is good, because then you really get green. If you loose one leg, he says other will be eaten by someone next second. You work and go die in USA. Dollar is king. I guess as long as world printing press is there it will work that way. Such effective system can only function if it heavily subsidised heavily with greens.
    He said that we still are not in that system, and i said that that is because our communist comrades are not allowing investors to invest money, because to invest something here you have to pay off bureocracy on all levels, from top till down in exactly same time, so that is almost impossible.
    People also does not understand that investor invest so he can take more, luckily our bureocracy does understand that. It is most important to not work, to sabotage system but to show what new standards of work (of Reagan and Tacher) looks like.

  2. C.I.A. Operator

    I agree completely

    1. all good, glad you found me. As always, thanks for your support.

  3. Chia Cha

    Austin Petersen would be great VP, he is for abolishment of all of these socialist programs like social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, welfare, free primary and secondary schools, public roads, and he is for end of free emergency medice, free fire departments, and free legal representation…
    Also I am thinking that police should protect only rich for free, because rich pay more in taxes.
    Justice should be provided under formula which says that if rich is going against poor, than that poor should spend money in bribes and lawyers at least in amount how rich is that rich. Of course, that stands only if rich is not paying any bribe and is not spending on lawyer. If the case that rich is also paying for bribe and lawyers then poor must spend same amount multiplied with amount how much that rich is richer then that poor. Today is like that, but that is not formalized. I hope Mr. Petersen is going to formalize that system.
    Private military should be able to draft soldiers, while soldiers would be obliged to earn money by producing furniture to cover costs for blackwater and other private armies.
    As we have that today in private prisons.
    McAfee looked too reserved and not very supportive of those proposals by Austin Petersen. He looked like tactician. I do not like him.

  4. Iggy A

    I saw where NK has cut communication with the US. So, that’s right on schedule.

    If it takes too long for the next viral cop-on-black shooting to stir things up, NK might step in to provide some of the destabilization of this election cycle.

    I was predicting Pyongyang would do something to grab some of the headlines this year anyway. Now that President Obama specifically insulted the entire nation by daring to use the Dear Leader’s name on global TV along with human rights violations and sanctions, the regime will feel it has the cover to do anything.

    It says Kim Jong-Un also became the Secretary of the Workers Party this year….

    I haven’t paid much attention to Korea for 3 or 4 years, but unless it’s changed, that’s a big deal. It would mean – as both head of the military and now worker’s party – Kim’s hold on power is likely strong enough that he can pull out all the stops with whatever provocation he decides to unleash to “disrupt” the US elections (or try his best to).

  5. BillUK

    I do not really know much about the new PM but she seems like a safe pair of hands for Brexit. We need time for things to settle down now and I hope our experiences will give folk backbone enough to claim their own independence. Also I must congratulate the elites for not fixing the vote as I thought they would, either by design or complacency. So it looks like Brexit, then Trump ( assuming he is not ‘topped’). Could be a new positive era.

  6. Chia Cha

    I was talking with another communist, who was judge before. He was telling me story how before under communists, he had one case where burglar entered some private house, and “owner” attacked him, burglar was scared for his life and killed owner. Burglar was able to prove that:
    1. his unfulfiled material needs were not met properly by society, meaning he was in justified need for material needs.
    He got 4 years because he used excesive force to protect him self from agressor, it was excesive because “owner” was not armed, but fear from agressive owner thinking how he have some god given right to protect “his property” was known to still exist in society, therefore judge rightly concluded that life of burglar was really in danger.
    Same case today, same country, other system, burglar got maximum sentence fo 40 years.

    1. Roger Dat

      If you enter someone’s home or place of business uninvited, that’s called trespassing. Your motive for entering cannot exceed the fact that you are stepping over a sovereign boundary line with no authority to do so. If government buildings and ‘authorities’ residences are secured from uninvited guests, then why not the private residence or business of an individual? Because your system shits on the individual.

      The most significant difference between your broken system of failed socialists policies, and our broken system of failed capitalist policies is PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS. Simply explained, bums and lazy fuktards get PUBLIC housing, or socialist hand-outs from the system, whereas hard-working PRIVATE individuals have the RIGHT to leverage their income to achieve a greater standard of living… We call it THE AMERICAN DREAM.

      No system is perfect because of power, greed and treachery; but the overwhelming evidence history provides us proves communism as Planet Earth’s biggest failure. One only need look at global immigration trends over the last century to affirm my statement. Venezuela today (news blackout lol) also highlights how a once decent country becomes absurdly broken following the implementation of moronic Marxist policies.


      If communism is so great, why have tens of millions of individuals risked everything to escape it? Conversely, why have we never witnessed an exodus of immigrants flocking away from capitalist nations into communist regimes? If you logically answer either question, you are left with the truth.

      Unfortunately, logic and truth are tools not promoted in places where the State is your father and he will beat you for disagreeing with him.

      1. Chia Cha

        you said: “hard-working PRIVATE individuals have the RIGHT to leverage their income to achieve a greater standard of living… We call it THE AMERICAN DREAM”

        while there was middle class, you had it, it is over, now you have to exploit and cheat to go up, politically that honest factory work is past tense… because you cannot survive by having such honest job
        middle class is cold war invention, which was invented only because capitalists were scared of spreading “real-socialism” which included abolishing of capitalist class because it was done by revolution and by communists, so captialists said gee, we cannot stop idea by force, with force it is easy, you just invest enough in to military and you done it, but how to stop idea, ok, lets create middle consmer class, and they created consumer out of worker, and they won cold war… (also they had all trade routes and $$ to be able to do that) that was reason… (and communism was never achieved anywhere nor anyone said someone ever entered communism, there were just communists who said lets go toward communism by building socialism by force, via violent class revolution, because socialism is path toward communism, so commuists wanted to do it without having capitalists pulling always back process via privatisation) …

        So how is possible than that Sweden which have 10 times more social sectors under socialism have 10 times more wealth then turbo capitalist Mexico, Nigeria, Haiti, Kongo, Belize, Peru etc… which have few at most.

        We said communism does not exist, we are talking about socialism 😀 Number of sectors in socialism … Yes in Sweden private sector is still allowed but under heavy regulation.

        1. Embrey

          There is no Sweden. There is a socialist area in Scandanavia formerly known as Sweden.
          They cannot defend themselves. They are sitting ducks.
          They are a vassal of the new Socialist Union headed by the breakaway government in the former United States. Unfortunaly for Sweden and numerous other countries, they hitched their wagon to the crony capitalist class that is about to force this world into war.
          The actions of the government class do not represent the wishes and desires of the people.
          This is not going to end well.
          In the end, socialism will fail yet again.

          1. Chia Cha

            There is no crony capitalism, there is only capitalism, but capitalism which solved problem of time and space via new technology, so those guy could little better coordinate them self.
            To remove crony capitalism, you can only do via class based revolution. Like in France 1789. And then start building socialism in full. Private intiative, and innovation could also have own form in socialism.

        2. Roger Dat

          You know nothing about anything outside of your programming which has handicapped your mind and made you a liability to any further discussion on the subject.

          Come back when you matter

          1. Embrey

            Right. Now he thinks what we have in our country is not crony capitalism. At best, it is crony capitalism. At worst, we are seeing the new divide in the socialist utopia that the government has imposed upon us over the last 30 years or so.
            Controllers, government office holders and business people in league with them at the top and the rest of us on the bottom.
            Socialism will not work here.

          2. Chia Cha

            good luck trying to stop market winners talking among them self …

            Ok, maybe I should stop, because USA is only country where rich made them self indispensable for existance of USA as political entity, both internally and globaly. They evolved most in USA, you kill american rich and america is gone.
            It is not like that in other societies. Germans of French can kill their rich, and they would prosper right away. Americans would cease to exist. Ok i agree…
            USA depends on own rich to exist.
            So as we do not want to destroy america, only option is to continue.

  7. Chia Cha

    As we see here, glorious and just Democratic People’s republic of Korea provided criminal capitalist priest spy with free lawyer and all needed help. Accusation demanded death sentence, but defence won as his sentence was changed in to indefinite reformation through labor thanks to just judicial system of glorious Democratic People’s republic of Korea. Defence successfully defended accused by using institute, of even harsh punishment, meaning that criminal will be able to stay on life to be able to witness by him self prosperity and success of glorious socialist system. If you ask me crime of trying to spread bourgeois life style (the most dangerous accusation) demands death sentence at once, but i am not law expert, so i cannot talk about that.

    1. Iggy A

      Obviously your nothing but a troll taking up space at this site. How pathetic.

      1. Embrey

        Sometimes I fantasize that Chia is Dr. Pieczenik’s alter ego screwing with us.
        As I read Chia’s remarks I have become convinced (mostly due to his grammatical choices ) that his native language is English and he is just clowning around.

  8. Clare

    Compare and contrast Andrea Leadsom, successful business woman and Theresa May, career politician.

    1. Chia Cha

      Adrea will have to remove her breasts litte sooner then Theresa? (due stress and breast cancer)
      There is nothing worse then enslaved female under cultural capitalist hegemony tyring to prove she is not that, of course trying in a way how capitalist prepared path for her. For him to earn even on that … 😀
      Female trying to show to capitalist male overlord she is worthy like her male slave counterpart…
      Good slave…

      Elena Ceausescu was galaxies away from such low mind level.
      Here is message from Nicolae to Herr Merkel and those others…
      Flying pigs are also mentioned…

      1. Clare

        Hunkered over, typing rapidly, blah, blah. It’s called “off topic”….why not get your own and not piggyback off another’s site… could call your site “Random”.

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  10. Now we know who the selsibne one is here. Great post!

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