Nancy Pelosi EXIT Stage Left!

Nancy Pelosi EXIT Stage Left!

Last Hurrah for Democratic Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi!
Time for a Political Tsunami:  Vote for Tim Ryan [D] Ohio’s 13th Congressional District as the New Minority Speaker. The two most deleterious women in the Democratic Party are Hillary Clinton and her sycophant, Nancy Pelosi SanFrancisco since 1988. Let’s drain the swamp completely!

Nancy is a professional politician, born and bred by her father, U.S. Congressman from Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore,Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. He taught her the basics of making someone politically and financially indebted to her by granting favors, dolling out money, and then calling in those favors for the necessary vote.We call this good old fashion Italian/Irish backroom dirty politics as usual.

Nancy was so shrewd that she and her businessman husband moved from Maryland to San Francisco in order to garner the necessary political debts/obligations that would insure her an extremely safe congressional seat in San Francisco.   Through the good graces of Representative Phillip Burton and his dying wife, Sala, they appointed Nancy Pelosi to their congressional seat which never had a Republican challenger since 1949. Despite that initial collusion, Nancy is still disliked by over 64% of her constituents [Rasmussen, March 2010].

For most of us simple Americans, she is remembered for her most inane pronouncement:

“Let’s pass Obamacare in order to find out what is in it!”


Now that both Republicans and Democrats know that it is a complete failure, we have no one to blame but her and Obama; whose prosaic legacy will be completely eliminated very soon.

I once met Nancy at some type of intelligence gathering. I don’t remember her as anything other than a highly made-up, self-aggrandizing petite woman, who knew just enough to be dangerous to this country.The important point for Americans to remember is that Nancy Pelosi never protected us from crimes of her erstwhile counterparts, George Bush Jr./Dick Cheney when they initiated a stand down, false flag on 9/11. Even though she voted against the war in Iraq, she could/would not stop the necessary funding for this unnecessary war.

When her own progressive Democrats insisted that POTUS Bush Jr should have been impeached for deliberately lying about WMD, Nancy went out of her way to squash that motion. In return for helping POTUS, Nancy’s journalist daughter, Alexandra, covered Bush Jr and his miscreant entourage [“Journeys With George”] during their tenure in the WH.

I urge Congress to think about a new leadership representing the genuine feelings of a defeated political party. Nancy Pelosi represents the worst part of a tenured politician who has served too many times for too long. She has served ten terms in office, completely unopposed. Her present net worth is over $58 Million USD. She insists on flying all over the world at taxpayers’ expense, using a private DOD Boeing 757 [even more expensive than usual].

REMEMBER: She was implicated in November 2011 along with her other Democratic dregs for purchasing Visa credit card stock while a bill that would limit credit card fees was pending in the House. She was never indicted or convicted.

Make this her last time in office.Vote her out as Minority Leader. Vote for Tim Ryan[D], a relatively younger [43], smarter individual with a law degree from Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord NH. He represents the northeast 17th district, encompassing the dilapidated factories from Youngstown to Akron, Ohio.
Tim Ryan appears to understand the forgotten blue collar workers of Ohio and the Midwest. Even more importantly, we, Americans, don’t have to see Pelosi’s macabre grimaces resulting from her incessant plastic surgeries undertaken at taxpayers’ expense. Tim Ryan, a man who meditates everyday so he can focus on the challenges of his office vs. Nancy Pelosi who gets her hair “blown-out” every morning so she looks good for the cameras.  Let’s choose a serious man who cares rather than an old has-been who cares only for herself.

She is the past… Tim Ryan is the future!

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4 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi EXIT Stage Left!

  1. tommy newsom

    Thank You god for answering my prayers………….

    1. Chia Cha

      God is listening to you prayers, he switched from saving african kids…

  2. Paul

    Nancy Pelosi is a political hag…and honestly…she’s not intelligent…I’ve always found her to be shallow, and somewhat contrived in almost everything she says….

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