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4 thoughts on “My wednesday interview N Case u Missed it!

  1. Congressman Steve Scalise is Healed and Restored

    As our Mighty


    Spoken through HOLY SPIRIT in Joseph Phillip Daniel /June 2017/ —- that Steve Scalise would be Healed from critical condition to be Restored to Stop more pedophiles!!!! Today we witness The Goodness of our FATHER YAHWEH!!!

    Next is the neo con satanic establishment
    pelosi is going mad
    hilary and mccain are on their way out as their demons inside them destroy what’s left of their health….

    and the Hammer of Justice is Coming on all their cronie pedophile friends Destroying their satanic kabul in one massive take down Coming soon in YOUR Name our BRIDEGROOM KING



    Read below Prophesy Spoken in June 2017:
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  2. del stead

    Good interview….the point that resonated most was your point on Trump spending two hours looking at key issues through alternative media if need be…in fact all leaders should do just that including our very own Theresa May and the terrible Brexit she ISN’T negotiating!!!!!! Great point regarding Catalonia providing 40% of Spain’s GDP…therein lies it’s problem it’s creating too much wealth….once Spain bleeds her dry only then it will let her go….bit like my native Northern England once the hub of coal mining shipbuilding and world class engineering but no longer due to brutal Thatcherite policies that smashed our communities…..we haven’t asked for independence not seek it it but we’d probably get it!!!@

  3. timothy J. wulff

    Dr. Pieczenik,
    Please post all your youtube interviews here so we may listen to you easily.
    Thank you, in all regards, as always.


    Timothy J. Wulff

  4. Prophesy Given by our Mighty FATHER YAHWEH on the night of sept. 30th 2017 that Catalonia will finally be independent!!!! Soon after their vote!!!!

    —-after the voting day disaster—-
    the police invasion and brutality
    illumanti knight king felipe is powerless

    The votes Still Came Miraculosuly and Independence soon to follow!!!! Amen YESHUA HAMASHIACH!!!

    Freedom has Come by their prayers now being answered

    the people have arisen against the elites by YOUR
    Goodness and Favor FATHER YHWH ELOHIYM the satanic powers at Be have lost!!!! Amen!!!

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