My Take on Latest North Korean Antics

My Take on Latest North Korean Antics

China: Control your North Korea!
Once again, Kim Jung Un has launched an intercontinental Ballistic Missile that fell into the sea. Presumably, our intelligence community determined that it could travel as far as 4000 miles and hit Alaska.

An initial Net Assessment delineated the deadly weapons as an intermediate-range missile. However, they were waiting for further data to make a definitive diagnosis. Our IC has determined that the NK missile was launched from Banghyon Air Field in the northwestern town of Kusong. It flew about only 578 miles before landing in the waters separating NK and Japan.

This useless NK action should have been preempted by President Xi Jiping of China.


POTUS Trump had warned Xi ‘end this nonsense once and for all.’ [NY Times, 7/4/17]. Even Vladimir Putin has initiated a meeting where some sort of diplomatic solution can be found. NK borders Russia as well as China. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybakov warned NK : “.. more arguments to those who seek pretexts for new escalation of tensions.” [Interfax,7/4/17].

China carries the main burden of restraining Kim’s provocative behavior. Xi has been responsible for allowing financial and military resources to replenish NK’s debilitating economy and military from descending into complete bankruptcy. In turn, China is afraid of NK imploding from any attempt at ‘regime change’. They fear that the flood of 23 million impoverished NK peasants over the NK border into China would ultimately destabilize their tight PRC control over an already poor Chinese economy and restive population.

The last time I went to China, I was asked at the Chinese Institute for Chinese for Contemporary International Relations [CICR] whether I had come as a private citizen to ‘destabilize the PRC like I had done in the Soviet Union’?  Apparently, CICR knew a lot about my previous activities. I was impressed to what degree they had studied my past. I answered truthfully, “No, I have come to Beijing as a friend of China”.

That was and is still the truth!
However, I did warn them as a friend that they were ‘vulnerable’ on the following areas:

[1] general lack of water

[2] specifically hundreds of thousands inhabitants on the western [desert] part of China were completely without water

[3] then leader, Hu Jintao, was weak and would have to be replaced by a tougher princeling [eventually Xi came into power]

[4] if NK were to be de-stabilized then China would be forced to reconfigure both its financial /military structure in order to handle a massive influx of very poor NK peasants which would put pressure on China itself.

I added in sotto voce: “China is surrounded by US military allies– all the way from Russia, Japan,  Vietnam, as well as the ASEAN countries.” Nothing has changed over the past years to make this assessment any different for an eventual PRC regime change.

I implore all the relevant PRC princelings to stop, once and for all, the North Korean missile provocations.

No one wins! We all lose!
Pope John Paul II wrote the following:

“Wars generally do not resolve the problems for which they are fought and therefore… prove ultimately futile.”

Yet this does not apply for Regime Change!

It’s faster, quieter, and far more lethal!

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22 thoughts on “My Take on Latest North Korean Antics

  1. Chia Cha

    China have no interest of removing that regime. They think that whole peninsula is their, and that for americans is not to “meddle” on contient. And that they are one step there already. Working class was abolished in USA via marxism, especially cultural marxism, but not in China nor in NK. They are late 😀

    1. Chia Cha

      1. Working class of NK must understand that they need independence, independence from CHINA right away, because china is holding rights of working class to develop 2. They must understand Kim is not proper totem but Chinese totem working to give holly mountain to chinese. 3. That they are unable to get flats on time because Kim buys arms from chinese and that they take all profits created by workers. 4. Or it can be said that poor Kim is under siege by military loyal to china but not to Kim (holly totem). They need to be non aligned as pathway for other occupied provinces under chinese occupation.

  2. Wow. That sotto voce is deep. Killer I must say.

    1. the expression “wag the dog” came to mind, so I had to look up what it meant. the regime of china is maybe wagging NK dog maybe and perhaps PRESSTITUTE is complicit in trying to spread fear to American peoples

      1. in my assessment Gen. Tso’s forces have infiltrated or are attempting to infiltrate. it is recommended that we counter this action with col. sanders battalion

  3. desert fox

    North Korea is not a threat, however the zionist controlled MSM and the MIC love to play up the nonexistant threat to keep the war drums going, war is peace.

  4. Ron Sanderson

    Yes you are correct. We will not lose to someone like KJU . Humanity will triumph over North Korea.

  5. Chia Cha

    NK have highest economic growth of 9% annualy. And they are having parties every day. Imagine if they would allow workers to control profits they create via Rand Paul proposal.

    1. Chia Cha

      And i do not see males dancing with males. They are not retarding on level of savages, like some under Obama. Jews were only one who abolished such behaviour and than it was spread via Christianity as progressive concept.

  6. Chia Cha

    More of Obama housing policies. Destroy industry of small town then hike up prices of homes in cities where you can at least find some job.

  7. Ostensibly, should North Korea become destabilized and those 23 million North Koreans you mentioned flood into China, they would be over on the East side of China, yes? Knowing the PRC, they would likely want to place them all over in Tibet, in the far West. The despicable cultural genocide of the Tibetans by the PRC has been ongoing now since 1959. I see no reason why Xi JIping would tolerate those poor peasant North Koreans overtaking Beijing. I can imagine the social and cultural upheaval regardless of where all those 23 million NKs would go.

  8. Scott Autry

    China has control over North Korea’s fate, but it is not a close working ally compared to the norm with other states. The xenophobia Kim Il-Sung created is complete. For over half a century, the North has effectively shut everyone out and cultivated a phobia against all outside influence.

    Meaning: Can China effectively replace Kim Jong-Un with anybody capable of leadership that holds the nation together to avoid implosion?

    We thought the uncle was the glue that was holding the North together when the unknown Jong-Un was put on the throne. He had not been groomed for power or the society prepped to accept him. What happened to the uncle?

    China had in its possession one of the players that could be made king in the older brother who had been groomed for awhile by the father, but China didn’t do enough to protect him or allowed him to be taken out.

    North Korea is a tough nut to analyze. Who could imagine such a bizarre place could suffer so much tyranny and deprivation for so long…?

    Who could have predicted confidently that a boy raised in Switzerland would be able to so smoothly take over rule of that nation when the society was not prepped for it (unlike his father)? Surely a nation constantly teetering on the verge of collapse would do so after Kim Jong-Il died and a fresh faced kid was elevated to the throne. — Nope…

    Meaning: Who can predict whether or not North Korean society will be able to absorb China regime-changing the current leadership?

    Is there any limit to the amount that society is willing to suffer without falling apart…?

    Is there some power broker(s) behind Kim Jong-Un China can cut a deal with…?

    Future historians won’t be able to believe North Korea actually existed decades after collapse when memory has faded. —- It’s an unbelievable place…..

    1. Chia Cha

      Kim is CEO, he is not owner of company. Owners are party clique united with military. Stalin on other hand was not also owner. He was not even CEO, he was chief ideologue of GULAG (only profitable part of economy used for export of material resources to world maket). Even ideologue is most honorary and highest title. Party member from day one after revolution started to think how to enter back to capitalism, to become rich. Communism can work only in time of wars. War communism was supreme concept of economy, but afther that party economy was destroyed when party member become capitalists in hierarchy. Fascists.

      1. Chia Cha

        Communist party of USSR in 1960 choosed rather to continue with development of exporting cheap resources to world market. On expense of developing domestic consumers. Obviously capitalists (communists) cannot allow development of consumer class because they would lose leverage over workers. Because if workers have more money they have more political power. Money = political power. Same is today in USA which started with Reagan. Only game in town is how to con working class, by commies and capitalsits. Commies did not want consumer class so they can enter capitalism (and become rich), capitalists do not want, to become even more rich. Capitalists are more adaptive so they created consumer middle class to win cold war. But that is all. That will never return again.

  9. Freedom is Manifesting over the nation states!!!!
    kim jong un does not want to Repent and Follow The TRUE ELOHIYM of the 3 Heavens seen and unseen!!!!

    On 7-5-17 FATHER YHWH Spoke the Falling of “son of jupiter” emmanuel macron
    Coming to Pass….
    /2 days later probes have begun Exposing macron/

    kim jong un is Being Removed Swiftly!!!!

    YOUR Prosperity and Freedom are Pouring over YOUR nation states FATHER YHWH ELOHIYM


    1. I heard the SPIRIT told me “JE SUIS”.

  10. Chia Cha

    I asked Leo Zagami via facebook why he does not work little one shift in bakery while I was in my left of Stalin phase, last year. He does not look like someone who would like it— Then his friend who had radio station in Nevada I think, asked be to come talk about incoming revolution. I told him that I must ask guys in Langley. I am not citizen of USA… People in service from Italy are always one of most tidy. You always get surprised. He was able to scare me. I told him that padre Pio said that source of every evil is me me me. 😀

  11. Chia Cha

    Imagine all those sad little countries around world, unable to produce even one Alex Jones on YouTube. Imagine how cultural tyranny is strong and baked. All that while so many talking heads are openning mouth while reading from paper, and getting fired by their vertical bosses. I guess people do not want to advance. They need carrotts or sticks.

  12. Derek

    If the only significant military proxies the globalists have are NK and Isis, their in really sorry shape.

  13. FATHER YHWH ELOHIYM is Moving intercessors

    The vatican is Shaking
    The bezos empire is Crumbling
    the USA pedophile networks are Ending

    now Heaven is Moving Mighty unto the demonically possessed kim jong un whose Removal by


    Will destroy heart of these satanic elitist taking the wind out of their breath; shattering their zeal to pieces!!!!

    Shiftings are Manifesting Mighty

    Shaking Coming in The house of reps and senate
    The swamp is Draining as The people’s champion President Donald J. Trump will Call in the countless crimes of these masonic sickafants posing as our reps and senators!!!!

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