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16 thoughts on “My latest interview TY! Collette

  1. Chia Cha

    Who is bigger boss, Trump or Kim? Kim have bigger lots and can build what he wants, not only what is profitable.

    1. Chia Cha

      In PRDK street cleaner have bigger material class (bigger salary) position then teacher because it scientific fact that job of street cleaner is more dangerous for life longevity of individual. Also job is more despised, meaning class perception is lower, therefore it must go up in reward. That is science, markets are only myth.

      1. Embrey

        definition: Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions.

        If we examine what happens in the world we realize that the street cleaner is not a high paying enterprise. Rather, it is a low paying endeavor. Why? Because you do not have to be particularly skilled to perform the duty. Therefore, science tells us that the street cleaner is paid what he is paid because his services are not highly valuable or unique to any market.
        So, PRDK has a reason it might pay a street cleaner good money but it is not science and it is certainly not market driven.
        So, Chia, how do you earn your money?

        1. Chia Cha

          First of all how many highly paid and educated professionals on west are not paid at all because unemployment is one of tool to adjust price of workers on workers markets. Therefor markets are political decision not based on science. Or they are simply underpaid to be underpaid so owner of worker can get bigger profit. Other tools of controlling price of workers (done by upper 1+19% rentier class, and their educated whipp holders) is price of house rents, property taxes, interests on house credits, utility bills, income taxes,,,

          1. Embrey

            You are looking for a guarantee.
            They don’t exist.
            Be a happy warrior and compete for your living.

          2. Panda

            Maybe but we have the right and the will to change it. That’s what this republic is about as you have seen. Our republic is based on principles, not perfection but always for the will of the people. Embers said it right below. No matter how flawed it is still better in this republic then to be stifled in any way.

  2. del stead

    Another great interview/presentation Dr P, the new interview format in my book goes down a treat and a clear winner! It allows the audience to see the person telling us information and points and looking somebody in the eye reinforces those points…modesty obviously prevents you from taking any plaudits for your hand in the emergence of the alternative media but I cannot allow that to pass unremarked as it was your explosive expose all them years ago that awoken a new legion of “truthers” please keep up this most important of work all the best from the UK

  3. Nina

    Dr Steve keep speaking on infowars. On second thought your work with the counter coups is critical and you don’t need me to tell you that.

  4. BillUK

    Just a thought Dr P, I know in a sense you are addicted to crisis, if Trump stays POTUS (no assassinations!) and we have now a Brexit (nearly!) Wars running down and the good guys winning, where will your focus shift to?

  5. Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    Please contact me via email.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  6. Furtive

    Steve Pieczenik is the topic here: coup & countercoup:

    FBI May or may not co-operate with Trump FBI may procrastinate.

    Hil-liar-y’s emails must be published and more

  7. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Concerning President-elect Donald Trump picking former Governor of Texas Rick Perry for UNITED STATES Department of Energy, President-elect Donald Trump made a very large mistake! WHY???? Because, “GARDASIL” Rick Perry has absolutely “NO EXPERIENCE” handling nuclear waste, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons, secret experiments concerning various nuclear weapons (two (2) nuclear labs in California), and “national security” issues relating to any and all nuclear weapons! All “GARDASIL” Rick Perry has is a “DEGREE” in Animal Sciences; and “GARDASIL” Rick Perry knows a lot about the oil industry, therefore, supporting the deregulation of “fracking” throughout the “entire” middle of the UNITED STATES! Fracking for oil is really “BAD” (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO (IF YOU CAN FIND A COPY): “GasLand 2010” [This is a copy of “GASLAND;” and as stated, there are not that many copies at YOU TUBE! I was “lucky”!] posted by Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary (YOU TUBE CHANNEL) on June 24, 2014)!

    Once the “fracking fluid” contaminates the underground water systems, the damage or subsequent contamination is absolute permanent; therefore, at this time, man has no technology to filter out the radioactive isotopes, Mercury, and over a dozen “highly toxic” and “carcinogenic” hydro-carbon compounds located within the current “fracking fluid”!

    Why is President-elect Donald Trump allowing “BIG OIL” (controlled out of THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) to do “fracking” for oil in the middle of the UNITED STATES??? This will effect the irrigation water for any and all UNITED STATES Farms located within the middle of the UNITED STATES; and this is, at least, about 50% of the “FOOD” produced for the UNITED STATES! In addition, all of the “drinking water” (PRIVATE WELLS) for said region of the UNITED STATES will be permanently contaminated, therefore, NOT USEABLE!

    I agree with deregulating energy, except for “fracking” for oil!

  8. steve christie

    Steve – Heard your comment on Alex’s show that “the greatest portent for war now is the prospect of China invading India in order to take the water flowing from the Himalayan snowpack. This could obviously become a nuclear conflict or standoff – would like to hear more color on this if that is possible.


    Dr. Steve: Please reply- a friend wants to interview you- His name is Greg Hunter of Greg has been with CNN and ABC news in the past but left them because they were so corrupt. I have followed you for sometime and have asked Greg to have you on his show.

    Thanks- I’ll send you his direct email address and that all from my end- you and greg can work out the details!

  10. Dr. Pieczenik,

    Bless you and FATHER YAHWEH is Going to be Blessing you with more Dreams this spring and HE Will Show much!!!! Taking you in the spirit places on earth Showing you things of nations leaders!!!! Write what HE Shows!!!! North Korea is finally going to become free as FATHER has Heard the cries of HIS Church imprisoned there!!!! It’s Coming quick HIS Angels are Moving in Power to remove this family ruling there off the land!!!! YESHUA Will Bring Justice here Hearing the intercessory prayers of HIS Bride here for 9/11!!!! HE Will Show you and use you Mighty in Bringing those responsible to their sentencing in court!!!! Massive year on the earth!!!! Things are Breaking that have been in the waiting for decades!!!! Amen Shalom is Heavy upon you and Wisdom!!!! Bless you so much!!!! We are most grateful for you and others standing against the evil powers at be!!!! Amen!!!!

  11. Ellen

    Thank you for all you have done to save our country from being sold piece by piece by the Clintons. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

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