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23 thoughts on “My Interview on WarRoom with Owen Shroyer!


    The U.S. is in Syria illegally and has no right to be in Syria and is therefore its actions in Syria are war crimes and in addition the U.S. and Israel and Britain created ISIS aka AL CIAD the destroyers of Syria and the terrorists of the middle east.

    The U.S government is under Zionist control and it is because of this Zionist control that the U.S. GOV has destroyed Iraq and Libya and Syria.

    God bless Putin and Russia and Assad and Syria for standing against this diabolical unholy trinity.

  2. Chia Cha

    Today worker is not able to buy home and new car from salary. Today that is impossible. That can happen only if workers inherited something from parents who bought something in cold war and he is renting that out. Millenials will live with parents, they will not work because from work you cannot change your class position. Government will give you food so you do not rebel. To start something on your own you would have to risk that little capital you have, and risk is huge you will fail becausue in capitalism capital must mean something – like that one with more capital must win on market much before you. From down you can only go down therefore better to be still. Living with parents, waiting for them to die, is biggest venture in capitalism for all memeber for abolished middle class.

  3. Chia Cha

    For instance those Jews who think that Christians are same to them as Muslims, such should be exterminated for going against own culture and tradition. And those can hide in China, and there could sell their organs for central committee pig orgries. Jews must do cleaning in own lines also.

  4. Chia Cha

    Only problem we have in USA are those sane people like me who cannot go 1 second against economic interests of former middle (cosnumer) class. If I would be silent, then US would fall down and get occupied by China, Mexico and Russia. Ok if capitalism is favoured way to go then, let s teach people how to open their small business, we can play that game also, let s provide them with incubators, connecet them with Amazon and other corporations, explain them how to do to get loan from banks. Teach them how to trade on wall street. But now, they just want more slaves under lower prices. That is only ideology. That is colonial approach those free market guys wants. They treat US and some banana republic.

  5. Chia Cha

    Religion creates culture. Culture creates laws as rules and showcase HOW religious rules needed to fullfill all goals of religion, are going to be fulfilled. Islam does not have laws or rules. Everything is daily will or their satrap (military ruler) that morning. What you are going to say that morning (for instance what that pedophile wanted to say in that satanic script) depends not on Kouraouan or Buhahahahamedh but on satrap. We can say that Islam and everything connected with Islam is pure animal behviour and that is pure bestiality. Islam is total anarchy and chaos. It is anti-civilization below any rules of animal kingdom. For instance soci@list premier of Spain today refused to use Bible while taking oath. He is purest animal. It is impossible to be moral beign without healthy genetics and healthy culture which goes for instance against inbreeding. Or and division of labour and genders. Muslims cannot have culture, because they live of Satarap’s trends. Only cutlure in Islam is constant generational regression of humans toward purest form of animals.

  6. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Chia Cha, I agree 100% with everything you stated above about Islam and its prophet and followers. I also believe that the world is irreconcilably divided between political, religious, and cultural ideologies, which can never, ever, ever, ever be bridged or harmonized, and can never even be tolerated by the world’s people. Conquer or be conquered is what is left, with all that is implied in that sentence.

    1. Chia Cha

      But in spaceship or on plantes without natural life support, or in systems where if one unit is not working everyone dies, only communism can work. You cannot allow officer of warp department on spaceship to sell lemonade in hall of spaceship. On earth in peace time, communism also cannot work simply because dear leader (main military central planner in peace time) when get gets all needed resources, everyone else can die. You die, he stil lives, therefore he does not care about you. He can allow you not to hassle to be part of his plans.

      1. Embrey

        As I have said all along

        1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Embrey, communism and all its diabolical, tyrannical, authoritarian, totalitarian global rot. Notice that the people who spearhead this tyrannical psychopathological cancer eating away at the world? What do these communist Jews, communist Blacks, and muslims on the LEFT have in common? Visceral hatred and jealousy of their avowed “enemy,” but the propaganda they use—the propaganda of “utopia” and “inclusiveness” and “love and world peace” and “unity” merely masks this pathetic, diabolical Satanic hatred and jealousy by projecting onto the “enemy” that which is within their own psyche. In the end, their inner hatred, their clinical insanity, will be their unraveling, undoing, and self-destruction.
          “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
          ― Friedrich Nietzsche

          More people are waking up. “Racism” and “homophobia” “Islamophobia” and “bigotry” are propaganda tools used by these diabolical, psychopaths on the LEFT as a way to silence and oppress their “enemy” into sub capitulating so much that they submit in silence and fear to their own extinction.

          European Western civilization is “in danger of being tolerant to the point that we tolerate ourselves out of existence. There comes a point in time where you have to say that we live in a culture, in a country that’s worth preserving and you have to take action to preserve it before it’s too late.” UKIP leader, Gerard Batten, 2018

          NO MORE. People are waking up and fighting back, in Europe and in America. No more apologies for my race, my lineage, my beloved Judeo-Heritage, my grand, cherished Western Euro-centric civilization that is responsible for some of the greatest achievements ever made in the history of the world. I will NOT apologize. I will NOT back down. I will NOT be silenced.

          1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

            Correction—my Judeo-Christian heritage, of which I thank God every day.

          2. Chia Cha

            Right now, Europe is biggest thing to watch. Satan was till 2008. in US, now he is in Europe. We must see what he will do in Europe. EU must be colony of US in area of foreign policy, in area of military, security, language, in area of computer technologies, entertainment but for US to dream it can set standards of trade, social policies, healthcare, economic rights to Europe and or not accept European standards there, that is ludicrous.

          3. Chia Cha

            Also, Euro, Euro currency is not needed at all. FED should take control of ECB and print dollars for Europe on demand there. Or Euro and USD should have fixed echange rate.

  7. Chia Cha

    Removal of old system was done with removal of Jon Stewart. He was foundation of old system, and functional foundation. With him on air, election of Trump was not possible. 1. He was male. 2. He was sane 3. He was not clown… Conan o Brian was smarter, he was not trying to be too big so he remained. All those others are damaging old system on super grand scale therefore they are still on. Bill Maher is showing more and more how feminized he is. Jimmy Kimmel does not look very bright or wide enough, just emotional therefore not fully male also. Colbert is clown. And that is it.

  8. Jason

    “Closer to the Heart”-Rush.

  9. MrTuvok

    I heard your speech in the Bradford council meeting, dr. P., and I thought it was a stellar performance and a brutal takedown of this mining project. I don’t know if the meeting was recent as there was no info on the date in the description to the video on yt.

  10. Jason

    The cabal has come face to face with “the Medusa Touch”. The evil that has penetrated has encountered the avenging angel. The nemesis to their plans. Cathedrals will collapse on their heads if they fail to repent. You can feel the catastrophe rise to meet them, in the flesh, the next dimension, and beyond. Karma is a symptom of an extremely efficient universe.

    1. Chia Cha

      Karma can exist on territory where western system exist. But in eastern system where fascism is constant fact, they are so well self-conserved that Karma cannot happen. In Buddhist or Eastern Orthodox societies, there is no Karma. There is no oppossition.

      1. Jason

        You lack the magic eye. May I recommend a quiet afternoon by yourself. Listen to some John McLaughlin, preferably the “Remember Shakti” album, after fasting, but while indulging in the right sort of mushrooms. Your mind is just a little to mechanical to see it. A quality death experience to bounce your mind off the electrical hum of the universe and you just might get it.

        1. Chia Cha

          I am nervous, whole my life I live in tyranny. Communist, then transitional hybrid liberal-capitalist. I cannot believe all those generational politicians are going to finally end with Trump on both side of Atlantic. I want stabilty, and now when it is going to come i fell nervous.

          1. Chia Cha

            Best sign that it is going to be much better is when markets are reacting negatively. Investors are smart people, they know if there will be more for people, there will be less for them. Society evolved because finally policy makers have indicators they on right path toward better future for all. Goal of investor capitalists is to try stop any recovery, how ever far politically they can go, as far as they can push without violent backclash, that much they earned, because othervise their only real wealth (number of cheap slaves on disposal) is drastically reduced. For everything our slave trained household families are guilty because they are teaching us that how much you save, that much you have. Which is total idiocy. It should be in what and how much you invest, that much you have.

          2. Chia Cha

            This is future of liberal-capitalist left. We will talk how we can change our self and be happy by importing more mexicans and more muslims. We will talk how we must lower interest rates via government intervention for college credits to go down, so that rich who are issuing credits can get even more of people under bigger debt when they hike up rates later. Or we make credits cheaper for homes so that homes can go even up in prices for those who are not already renting one out. You do not know what is worse, they caring about you or they not caring about you.

  11. Chia Cha

    Oh my my, there is passive Satanism (out of ignorance or omission), and active one out of hubris and by activly belonging to non-western moral value system. For instance I would never kill kids of muslims.

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