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25 thoughts on “My interview on Alex Jones Friday December 16TH

  1. Chia Cha

    There is one gift for you guys. Richard Wolff realistically relatively affirmative about Bannon and Trump and problems about concept where imported stuff are going to be more expensive, and where u have Wall Mart against Trump.

  2. Tim

    Steve P…I love you man!!!

  3. Kathy

    Thank you and all those you are a spokesman for, for giving us hope again. All of you are our heroes risking your lives for us, the children, and unborn children not only of this country but the world. Please be careful, stay safe and your families, be healthy, and happy. Those as you well know are ruthless and will stop at nothing to get their way. I pray you are successful. I am a substitute teacher and can now provide optimism for the kids. Truth and righteousness will set us free.

  4. G-Man
    Above is an excellent PBS documentary re Dr Pieczenik’s revelations re 9/11

  5. G-Man
    Bush makes earth shaking freudian slip re what caused the WTC buildings to fall, in the video above

  6. G-Man
    Above link opens a video that goes into great detail regarding Dr Pieczenik’s revelations about 9/11. A former White House and Pentagon insider gives a university level lecture on the planners, perpetrators, deceptions of 9/11.

    1. Star Messenger

      “Where Did The Towers Go”? That’s what Dr. Judy Wood asks on her website.

      If you have a day or two, visit The Doctor’s website for a thorough examination of the attacks on The Twin Towers. If you visit there, it won’t be long before you conclude that jet fuel could NOT have brought down the towers. But, that is only the beginning. Many other things were examined that never made it to the MSM. Get ready to enter The Land of Oz.

      BTW, it was a missile that hit the Pentagon. And as far as the Pennsylvania crash site is concerned, that “hole in the ground” contained no debris from a plane crash. There were no luggage, seats, engines, fuselage, and most of all no bodies nor blood. The coroner who was called to the scene left after 15 minutes because there was nothing for him to see – no bodies nor blood.

      Anyone with two or more working brain cells will see that 9-11 was not only an inside job but a comedy of errors. But for some reason, people enjoy believing a lie. And 9-11 was The Big Lie they were waiting for.

      1. Mars

        A friend was at ground zero for several weeks helping in the aftermath. She died last year; her body was riddled with large tumors. I only recently put two and two together. It makes me sick to my stomach. This, as well as and the pedo rings, must come out to the public if we are to heal and move forward.

  7. del stead

    Fantastic comment and content Dr Steve Pieczenik….well done sir for making these important issues accessible and easy on the ear all these years! May I wish you and all a very happy Christmas/holidays and an even better new year!

  8. Chia Cha

    If I were capitalist and memory of Marx does not exist, I would make taxes on poor much bigger then they are today, rich today pay around -985% (see what they are given by poor, and because they are rich minortiy mulitply that) in taxes while poor pay around +160% (property taxes, sale taxes, income taxes, bail out, concessions given to rich, rents to rich, interest on money issued by rich etc..)

    1. Chia Dobbs

      Also french skin product called Anal, for US market, would have been named accordingly, “Lou Dobbs”, that would be only free stuff, througout my prison industrial complex. I would have my own Slave Tower built on coast of New Orleans, where from, my penthouse up there I would have throw virgins down in bay.

  9. M.D.

    Dear Dr P.
    In these politically scary times I find your analysis comforting. Thank you. May be the neo-cons will become the neo-conned.
    I share some of your background: French born and raised, working class kid, higher US education and entire adult life as an American entrepreneur.
    Now back in France. Local MSM is also unhinged. So much institutionalized lies and deceit.
    Thank you for being a beacon in these turbulent times.

    1. Chia Cha

      When I come on power first kids to see my new death camps are going to be kids of entrereneurs. All other, even their paretns are going to be able to happily go through reeducation. You are radioactive leaches of society. Makret price is not determined by offer and demand, but by costs of material…. I will put you to kill your own kids with your own hands.

  10. furtive

    Clever graduation speech by an 8th grader jack Aiello

    imitates trump Cruz obama Hillary & Bernie


    Congratulations Dr. in your quest to rid the USA of communist influence as you did in Russia.
    You are a foot soldier for our Lady of Fatima, whether you understand it or not.
    Good Job!

    1. Chia Cha

      And you will burn in hell for ever rich capitalist scum. Just how Jesus said. Feudal leaches.

  12. Embrey

    Paul Craig Roberts is mentioning a counter-coup is necessary by the military against the CIA led attempted coup of President-Elect Trump.
    Where have I heard this type of talk before?
    Dr. Steve, what say you?

  13. Jin Wei

    Dr. P

    How do we manage the economic storm approaching? It is becoming obvious that the markets are rigged and it appears that someone is going to pull the plug on the entire charade once Trump is in office to blame it on him. Is there any way you can address this problem and maybe give some advice on how to prepare for this?

    1. Chia Cha

      So there are markets which are not rigged?

      1. Embrey

        Here are many markets that are not rigged although to your point they exist on a small scale. Take the guys that mow everybody’s lawns on a certain block. They are competing, vigorously, for the right to mow that yard and make that $.
        The reason why it is a true market is because ompetition is allowed (has not yet been regulated at the micro level). The difference between this lawn mowing market and large markets is that politicians are in league with certain large businesses/corporations to insure that regulations do not allow competition. We call this the government/corporate complex. It is called crony-capitalism but that is half true. It is cronyism but it is not capitalism. Until an individual comes along that is in enough of a position of power to shine the spotlight on what is referred to as ‘fraud, waste and abuse’, nothing will change.
        But make no mistake, rigged markets are a function of oligarchs/robber barons in league with government and not an inherent attribute of capitalism.
        I don’t view capitalism as moral or immoral but it does allow for a meritocracy better than any other system. Being judged on merit is a fundamental belief of Americans and a big reason why the politically impossible has become possible.

  14. CeilingFan

    Doctor P you are to be commended again. You keep passing along much needed truth although I as well as others realize you are having to hold back some of the truth at this moment. I would be doing the same thing in your shoes.

    I am looking forward to the future when all of Washington is swept out of office for treason and The Republic is restored with new governance that votes for the will of the people. We are tired of rigged elections and big money corrupting both sides of the aisle where politicians are nothing more then pigs at a trough.

  15. Mary Miggins

    Hi Steve thank you for all you have done to open my eyes to all this horrific information. Until this summer I had no clue about all this. I changed my tune quickly afterward and became a Trump supporter.

    Can you enlighten us about Jillian Assange and the rumors he is dead?

    Have. Merry Christmas and God bless Americ

  16. Serena

    | #Nodapl Archives
    The Indigenous people in Peru are protesting the 10th oil pipeline leak in one year that is devastating the Peruvian Amazon causing severe health problems, crop damage and massive contamination.

  17. Bobbi White

    yes, I saw the initial interview and this edited version is so much better. Thanks again. Praying that Trump does have a meeting with you.

  18. Serena

    A CIA-led Coup Against American Democracy Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes
    Posted on December 22, 2016 by State of the Nation

    The “Elite” Coup Of 2016

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