My friend Bill White RIP!

My friend Bill White RIP!

Bill White: My Friend, Ex-Oklahoma Football Player, Ex-Vietnam Helicopter Pilot Passed Recently [ 9/17/18]!

The day that music died!

Death is a common occurrence in my part of Florida. No one expects to outlive an arbitrary lifetime number, especially when that life time was replete with danger, action, and adventure. Many things could be said about my friend Bill including that he was a big man who was a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam. After the military, he became a pharmacist and made art from glass in the Keys. He and I became friends for reasons which I still cannot fathom.

As I ruminate over his life, I wonder how a 5’ 6” man born in Cuba and raised in Harlem, NYC could have anything in common with a 6’ 5” ex-football jock from Oklahoma State? I was a refugee. He was an all-American from Amarillo, Texas. However, somehow we two belonged together.

The one episode that sealed our two desperate fates was an unusual episode that occurred months before his imminent death from Agent Orange-induced throat cancer. One day when Bill was working in his workshop, an illegal sanctuary of manufacturing which he had irreverently inserted into a residential neighborhood located in the north central Florida. I had asked him one very simple question.

“Where was Buddy Holly, the famous Rock n Roll singer of the 1950’s born?”

Usually a very smart more mature person would have responded, “Who the fuck cares?” I would have been rightfully put in my place.
However, Bill knew that whenever I would asked him a question, it would often revolve around some insignificant point of knowledge that he knew that he should have known.

“I don’t know!”

“Where did you grow up in Texas?” I asked knowing full well that the answer would irk him to no end.

“Amarillo, Texas!”

“How far is that from Lubbock, Texas?” I asked disingenuously.

“Oh shit! It’s just over the horizon.” He paused. Then he asked, “Are you shitting me?”


“You mean Buddy Holly was born a few stinking miles away from me?”
“I guess so!” I answered, knowing fully well that this point of information would create a harangue directed at himself and, of course, at me.

“How does a Cuban from NYC Harlem know more about Texas than a Texan?” He smiled.

“Esoteric facts are what I learned at my college.”

“You’re not shitting me?” He paused, adding, “Are you?”

“Look it up in your I-phone!”

Still mistrusting my answer, he did exactly what I told him to do. “I’ll be damned! He was born in Lubbock, Texas!” He paused and added, “Do you know what a shit-hole Amarillo and Lubbock were?”
“Not worse than Harlem NYC!”
“You’re probably right!”

That was the last meaningful conversation which I had with my dear friend, Bill White, Oklahoma –All-State- Football-Champion, Pharmacist, Glass artisan.

So long and remember that “will be the day when you say good-bye”! Bill leaves his beloved wife, Rosie and his two yorkies Sassy and Rockie.

May you finally Rest in Peace!

You have suffered enough!!

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13 thoughts on “My friend Bill White RIP!

  1. Lawrence M Aeshliman

    Sorry about your friend Bill…
    If you have anymore friends that are suffering in the same way.
    Have them take calcium bentonite clay food grade.
    From the living clay co. Austin , Tx

  2. Petra

    So, Sorry for your loss.

  3. Chia Cha

    My condolences. There is good hope because seems that time is just our artificial construct which seems to not exist, while space does. Time is just our way how to measure space. Also way how to measure time is totally wrong of course from scientific stand point. We could say not time and space, but cause/effect and space so what if you swtich them. Althought nothing will ever happen again as it was, creating real value and not artificial scarcity out of good things which happened. Only honour remains.

    1. Chia Cha

      Serving honorurably you country and people is highest honour. And that is why uniform is made, because you wear uniform with honour.

  4. Windwipper

    So sorry. Poor guy. Makes me feel like cryin.

  5. Chia Cha

    Of course serving any country after Reagan (if you are worker unable to pay bills or/and you are paying rent to landloard) you must be person with personality disorder to serve “your” country. In that case your duty is to work with foreign power and bring Chinese communists on power and try get some money while you are trying. But you do not need to try to hard, because either way workers payed not to breed will not breed, so that society will not exist in 50 years (two generations). (We are now 37 years after Reagan. Capitalism is unable to function, because in capitalism you can buy home if home is cheap, home is cheap because 1. home is so so for price, but there are no jobs around or 2. hood is ridden with crime and/or house and those around your reminds you that you and your family are failure every day. Only former soviet and chinese (in cities) model solves those questions. Equality must be planned and enforced. In US projects cannot work because in US they were building them just to fill them with criminals to show it does not work. In NYC it works.


    Sorry about the loss of your friend, agent orange was another of the insane projects of an insane government and another insane deal is the chemtrails that are sprayed in the skies all over America and the world and especially here in Montana.

    See for details.

    1. Chia Cha

      In minute 1:08 we see how pro-israel pac supports same candidate who is against cheaper medical drugs for americans. Cory Booker who is not f@g is bigger f@g then Andrew Gilum for whom some are saying he is “g@y”. America is chaos, but at least transparent, I should create app to help politicians modify policies they would support accordings to ratios given by owners of accumulated capital only. App would be accepted as long as small donor donations are not counted as relevant no matter how big they are in agreggate.

      1. Chia Cha

        If you look till end of video we can see that no change is possible. And we never can know, Trump really could be russian agent whos only taks is take care america do not go to much to free market capitalism and get so devestated but such insanity for america to really have to start with real soci@list reforms. All those women around him, all knowing how he looks under, how he reacts if something is to be commentet about how he looks under… I mean you never know. To create good mind preparate, it takes time but, you know all those women who were around him for so long, you never know. Trump is here to make capitalism work so USA die slowly in agony, and to block any soci@list reofrm. Heck even liberal capitalist Soros would better for america or some americana free market capitalist of Alex Jones or nazi Ron Paul style because they would destroy everythign so fast, on time for soci@list reoforms to start. Trump only task is for capitalism to work for Russia to emerge victorious. Trump is here to explain to sick patient that classical medicine is not for him, that he is beautiful, that he can do it, that everything can be better by beliving in self, that he have nice wife, nice kids, heck he would even give job to his son, and give him money to college. Heck wold even talk to small town priest, protestant one.

        1. Chia Cha

          Trump gets political only when someone is attacking status quo. He attacks democrats only when they want to reform them self more toward people and soci@lism. He attack republicans who would start even more of capitalism so again soci@lism would have to start after another breakdown. Trump is biggest Russian obstacle working that USA never again gets Roosevelt. He could very well be russian agent. If I were Putin I would do same. Putin will say, look we even saved you your capitalism you littel capitalists, now go play in corner. For ever.

          1. Chia Cha

            How Stalin found that japanese will not attack Siberia in 1942, for him to send siberian army to attack and liberate Stalingrad, well he had g@y spy in japanese HQ, who s war genius was not recognized by rest of HQ. Or you catch some female secretary who lives and behave like she hate any shape down there and she is of perfect credentials.

  7. Chia Cha

    Trump should order same to NPR. Also US should have two national TV channels, one for democrats other for republicans. US deserves at least some authonomy from private corporations.

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