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38 thoughts on “My edited interview w/ Alex Jones feb 15 ’16! Hear me.

  1. larry hendricks

    I have concernes that Harward was not installed

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      My concern is reports I’ve read attributing a statement to Harward that he said he would not accept the job as it was a “sh*t sandwich”. If that’s true, it’s disrespectful and further diminishes Trump’s stature.
      I am feeling uneasy with all the turmoil as the installation of a new POTUS requires a degree of stability in the early hirings. it’s hard to believe that a revolving door, or people rejecting high level jobs, is intentional. If it is – duh! It’s not logical.
      Sorry, you don’t hire someone, have them involve time consuming confirmation hearings and then just dump them. If it’s intentional, it’s not logical, efficient or confidence inspiring. That’s amplified when another appointee who is floated using a profanity in rejecting the “honor” as Harward might have done.
      Just does not make good sense – either political or business sense. This feeds into the narrative that Trump has a mercurial temperament.

      Sorry, Dr. Pieczenik, Trump appears to be cleaning out his own appointees and not the old entrenched swamp inhabitants.

      1. Chia Cha

        You think it is easy to serve when you are going against pedophiles which you cannot shoot right away?

  2. Chia Cha

    Oh my, now FED is starting to cry, how China will take all if we do not stand behind them. Then narrator is telling guest how FED should be nationalised because if it stays private money is not free, but government must pay interest to private people. On which guest said, yes but then congress would then have printing press. Even I say that without golden standard that would be dangerous, therefore let’s say that congressmen can issue money out of fed only if he give bonds in land, or CO2 coins democratically to those same people of county. One bond one person of county, that is real democracy. I am genius.

    1. Chia Cha

      FED (county) could issue bonds in land or CO2 for African land also in Sahara. No problem. US army is there. And americans would start to breed.

      1. Chia Cha

        1. Those bonds when given to people, must not be able to be sold. They should be allowed only to be borrowed to economical subjects, as new capital called percentage of people attention %. Because we will always get this. He probably got this from some private contractor financed by FED. 🙂

  3. Gabriel Valdes

    Thank you for having edited your Alex Jones interviews. He interrupts you too much and that is very annoying.

  4. Evonne Hughes

    Is it true the new CIA Chief Pompeo handed an “anti-terrorism” award to the Saudi prince?

  5. Chia Cha

    Finally, go president, fake, therefore liberal anti-workers “left” is enemy of american people. Nation by Marx is invention which is deleting boundaries between classes therefore there must be nation. Also nation is only allowed opposition inside capitalism. So far so good. Rich to survive must stop hiding money on Cayman islands. Trump will try combination of lower taxes and big stimulus. Which was never tried before in combination. So we will see, this is last chance for rich.

  6. Fivi Zogbi

    Theory being floated: Globalism is preparing us for the extraterrestrials.
    1) We need to face them in a united front
    2) Unity is better achieved with an interbred populace that is itself more similar phenotypically and culturally thus enabling unity
    3) We’ve broken down traditional barriers, gender identities and stereotypical roles which will better prepare us for atypical beings even if they may appear similar
    4) We’ll either have to fight as a unified force so globalist unity and human uniformity is needed
    5) alternatively, if some extraterrestrials are peaceful they may want to join our globalism game – the more intermingling the more “cultural enrichment” we get to enjoy
    6) Finally, someone is having fun remaking the human species and they’re (or it is) either a benevolent spoiled brat playing a godly role or they’re (or it) amuses itself with sadistic manipulations
    7) If any of the above is true, then Trump is an impediment to unity and peace in the cosmos as it encompasses us mere mortal earthlings
    Ain’t all this confusion and bewilderment fun! Maybe it’s an ill-timed halloween trick or treat. (remember to smile)

    1. Chia Cha

      There were some aliens trying to survive (who were stuck here) by trying to breed with humans, experimenting. Of course, first they represented them selfe as Gods, even they were rotten CO2 beings like us. Especially that can be seen among Incas and Aztecs. Possible they were demanding lots of females for experiments so they said they were needed to please them as Gods (sacrifices in temples). Just looks those ugly hybrid monuments people left for them. They gave them calendar and they thought they were Gods. Stupid people.

      1. Chia Cha

        Seph Smith (FOX news), is one of those hybrids, who was able to stay alive somehow, against all odds. As we see, visually not very successful as such, unless he puts lots of make up to look more like guy. So, he is that alien, only dumb version who believe own propaganda that he is God.

        1. Fivi Zogbi

          @Chia – thanks for the link. You may be on to something with this guy. He certainly has a highly plasticized look to his face. It’s almost amusing to watch Shepard (shepherd ?) Smith lecturing and rebuking POTUS. This little shm*ck who may indeed be an aberration dares to dictate to the elected POTUS. Trump should be quivering from the challenge of the aggressive verbiage of this would-be rebel leader.
          Wonder if this Shep Smith was wearing his diaper as he sat on his high horse, or high chair. Anchors used to use pneumatic chairs to elevate themselves as though one is on a stage at a podium. Kind of like an old ziggurat, presumably where the ancient gods ruled from Sumer – and ever since – if indeed such hybrids exist. I’m beginning to wonder if that theory may have some substance.
          On that topic, I’ve read that Cyrus the Aecheminid and his clan suffered from neurofibroblastoma. I’ve always wondered if autoimmune diseases are caused by interbreeding between species that are not 100% genetically compatible. That would also include Neanderthals, Denisovans and perhaps numerous other yet-to-be identified species who interbred with cro magnon or other anatomically modern humans.

          1. Watchmen

            An ultimate co-opting hack by extraterrestrials, thts interestin’.

          2. Chia Cha

            Material evidence about someone’s laziness (wish that other do needed job for you while do you nothing, as way to live longer) is only real evidence about any conspiracy. Wish to procreate your self can also important but it is not reliable.

          3. Fivi Zogbi

            Correction: The Achaemenids (and possibly the Parthians who claimed descent from the Achaemenids) were believed to have neurofibromatosis (a benign condition). This is borne out by physical descriptions as well as from ancient coinage. I am too quick and fail to edit my comments before posting.
            As for the suggestions of extraterrestrial-human hybrids – that was said in jest. However, modern humans did interbreed with other humanoids and have between 1% to 4% Neanderthal DNA – perhaps more, but too little is known thus far.

    2. thanks, thats a headful. appreciate your comments


        Our Lady’s Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary
        I repeat this acronym, by repetition people will understand.

        2017 100th anniversary of Fatima

      2. P. O.

        I don’t see any mention of Dr. P.’s proposal Trump bring to court those who diagnose him as mad. I met a woman from Connecticut today who said she thinks Trump is mad. I cannot understand how this judgment can be based on his press conference or interview with Muir. I imagine it is the influence of Trump’s enemies in the media?

  7. R. Frank

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik, I have always respected and admired polymathic individuals who’s perception and awareness far exceeds academic learning; who have developed great degrees of self discipline and high levels of mental acuity to perceive not only the thoughts but intents of the heart.
    Listening and observing your videos, I have witnessed a physician of the heart and soul demonstrate his skills in conversations and interviews, this has imparted great learning to me as well as great delight.
    Doctor Pieczenik, most excellent soul, you have my highest respect and admiration.

  8. Ted Croushore

    Loved the video Dr. Pieczenik. I laughed out loud at the Montessori school “crying and pooping their pants” analogy.

  9. Chia Cha

    Obama was making joke of Christianity. They were making joke out of you. That is not even atheistic. Good move by Melania.

  10. Furtive

    If Stephen Hadley or gen. Petraeus (Do felons get security clearances?) replaces Flynn, your theory was 180° off..way off

  11. Embrey

    Dr. Steve,
    A bit of constructive criticism: Why do you allow for this highly edited version of your discussion with Alex Jones to be published?
    In the effort to edit out the comments by AJ, the final product often leaves the listener wondering ‘What was the question?’
    I was introduced to you through your interviews on the Alex Jones program. I have zero problem with listening to you. In fact, I rather enjoy the Steve Pieczenik Talks and would encourage you to produce more. However, I must conclude that you have determined that AJ takes away from the audience you are attempting to cultivate. It might do your target audience a bit of good to hear the other side of these conversations.

    1. P.O.

      Good objection.

    2. Ted Croushore

      I second this to a point. I also was introduced through InfoWars. It would be good to hear the questions; however, AJ interrupts a good deal more than I prefer. I think that may be the reason for the heavy editing.

      1. Embrey

        I completely agree. Yet, it is important to recognize where one’s bread is buttered. This interview is so heavily edited that it is obvious that the point is to minimize AJ in the interview.
        I would prefer to hear Professor Pieczenik have one-way communication in his Talks. That is what I expect when I watch his Talks. However, in an interview I would prefer to receive the entire context.
        Chia suggested placing the text of the question prior to your answers. This would be a reasonable compromise. Otherwise, one might get the impression that Dr. Steve likes listen to himself talk.

    3. Chia Cha

      You can be narrator then, telling questions Alex made. also Alex should shut up about health care if he does not want to end up like Soros. We does not need ideologues splitting people.

  12. entagor

    Interesting thing about Trump is that he really will file lawsuits and so his threats are perceived differently

    Perception is nine points of reality

    Like Pavlov’s dogs, the world had been conditioned to assume there would be no push back to bulldozing of the nation state

    The perception that Trump will follow through is causing a few Obama appointees to jump ship.

    The main threat to Trump are bureaucrats embedded in Civil Service, who have to weigh the damage they can do to Trump, against getting their fingerprints on something.

    Care is being made to throw only one stone at Trump at a time.

    However, they overplayed their hand during the election and lost credibility so the disinformation campaign isn’t working. Perception is against them

    Someone is going to get caught, and Trump isn’t Bush

  13. Fivi Zogbi

    Piezcenik now a target too? ►Flynn Resigns Over NIBIRU Dispute Алистер Кроули
    It appears Trump’s enemies are going further afield and attacking Dr. Pieczenik’s credibility and blaming Flynn’s resignation over a dispute whether or not to reveal that planet Nibiru is threatening earth. I just came across the above YouTube video, posted with what is likely a fake Russian person.
    The computer generated voice does not pronounce Pieczenik’s name correctly, but the intent to link Pieczenik, and his followers, with the fringe theory of planet Nibiru shows the intent to smear not only Trump supporters but also anyone who reads Pieczenik’s writings with credulity. I guess attacking Alex Jones et al is not enough. They’re going after anyone who lends credence to Jones, including the highly respectable and authoritative Dr. Pieczenik. Doubt that anything can be done to get this removed as it’s likely Google operations support the attacks on Trump and now all his peripheral supporters.

  14. Fivi Zogbi

    Posted the wrong link. This is the correct link related to comments above:

    ►Former CIA Operator Steve Pieczenik: “Nibiru is Real, and Hillary Knows”

  15. Liz

    Is Trump going to go after the Establishment Pedophilia Ring? or is he going to allow it to continue?

  16. Chepup

    Dr Steve,
    I discovered your content around June 2016. Your calm, self assured analysis and your impressive experience and knowledge certainly helped me to make sense of the crazy times leading up to the election of Trump. In fact I must thank you and Alex Jones for helping me to see and seize the opportunity presented by the nonsensical betting odds (between 3.8 and 5 to 1) for a Trump win. I owe you both a drink at the very least!

    I’ve worked in film and TV in Australia for 32 years, starting as an editor, now a Producer Director. Just following on from some comments here about the editing. I note that you thank the lovely Collette for editing the Infowars content and I approach this with the utmost respect for this arrangement and for Collette.

    I can see exactly why you edit. Alex does interject and sometimes interrupts the flow of your explanation by taking you in a different direction. By editing you are making your explanations logical and complete, the deletion of Alex is not really the relevant issue here. However, the technical execution of some edits are defeating this and actually drawing more attention.

    Depending on what system Collette uses, there are a couple of easy fixes that will smooth out the cuts. I have found that a 4 frame or 6 frame visual transition (fade out to black, fade in from black or fade in/out using white) smooths the picture edit.

    At the same time use an audio transition between the two clips (a little longer say 6 frame or 8 frame). Be prepared to `roll’ the audio transition a little forward or back until the fade in/out on Steve’s voice sounds ok and isn’t clipping words or leaving silence gaps. ‘Rolling’ the audio transition can result in the centre of the audio transition being slightly offset in relation to the picture transition. Editing, is a game of deception and is limited only by what you can get away with, without it being noticed.

    All the best and please Dr Steve, more content!

    PS I work in PAL video and we tend to work in frames that are 24 divisible. For NTSC video use numbers 30 divisible.

  17. serena

    Published on Feb 21, 2017

    Former CIA Counterintelligence officer Kevin Shipp about CIA policy, and how some intelligence officers could be sabotaging President Trump’s cabinet.

  18. serena

    California flooding is man made on purpose. Here is how they are doing it.

    Global Flash Flood Destruction: The Obvious Man-Made Source

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