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31 thoughts on “My edited interview on Alex Jones 3.7.17

  1. Lesslie

    Thank you Sir for an outstanding video, just when I think there is no hope after all. You quietly explain what is happening. Thank You for this

  2. Chia Cha

    Poor people can be happy because we are now using our rich as guinea pigs… Rich capitalists wants to prolong their life, and that is their only goal, because they all are going to hell for ever when they die. Therefore they doing all they can to prolong their life… They hate us, we love them…

  3. H. Clyde Disney

    Dr. Pieczenik, I tried watching this interview on the InfoWars site. It was Un-watchable. Alex interrupts you and all his guests so often that I am embarrassed for both him and his guests. I do enjoy InforWars, but it is getting hard for me to sit through a show, even when he has people like you and Roger Stone. Very distracting
    Have you, or anybody else ever diplomatically brought this up to him?
    Dr. Steve, you should make your own videos more often.

    1. Kathleen Rossi

      I absolutely agree. With all due respect for Alex, he can’t keep quiet long enough for you to finish your sentence. He takes you off point and on to other things that DON’T MATTER or have been long past discussed and we leave your video’s knowing no more then when we started. I can barely stand watching any of his videos any longer. This is NOT about how great Alex and InfoWars is, it is about getting this important info out to the public. There are MANY outlets out there that paved the way for where we are today and many would love to interview you and actually let you talk! Please do more personal video’s if you are serious about getting this info out there. InfoWars is fast becoming unbearable and I speak for a lot of people. Thank You.

      1. Greystone

        Thank God , for the edited version of the interview better flow and easier to track information and stay focused. Alex Jones is a great force in the truth movement, but he gets to riled up and interrupts and derails the interview

        Dr. Pieczenik, thank you greatly for your vital contribution on these current events , it is absolutely crucial that people understand what is taking place and why.

    2. Jan

      I did the same thing…came here after trying to watch it on youtube with Alex Jones.
      I like what he does. But the interrupting makes it hard to follow. I wish he would stop.

    3. just posted edited version, watch that.

      1. Sharon Griffith

        Thank you!!!!!!!!

    4. we are working on our own videos, not so easy for an old fart like me but it should happen soon. need some tech savvy people that love to work for free….not so easy. Stay tuned.

      1. Barry Wright

        Awesome! I enjoy listening to your wisdom and insight. Would like to do so without interruption. 😉 Thank you Dr. Pieczenik for spearheading the effort to take America back.

      2. Sir,
        I very much appreciate all of your efforts to inform the public about the real truth. Like many others, I can’t tolerate Alex Jones. There is a young man who has a youtube channel who I am sure would be happy to have you talk on his videos without interrupting your important information. I don’t know him personally, but I do follow his channel. He is sincere and humble. Please contact him, here’s a link to his channel

  4. Paul Garozzo

    Doc, you are an inspiration to us and by far the most credible & knowledgeable person speaking in the alt media or of course anywhere. Your the right stuff! Would love to hear you interview with Shaun at He has a growing following and said he would love to have you on uniterrupted. Please consider and thanks for all you do.

    1. Kathleen Rossi

      Yes!!! SGT is growing and he is respectful to his interviewees! Great idea and great choice!

  5. marilynn

    Alex is becoming too much with all of his interruptions He is too distracting. I agree try SGT report.

    1. betsyraus

      Agree. Info Wars is getting too difficult to watch …

  6. Amy

    I couldn’t say it any better than the comments already left. I have one thing to add. I’ll state the obvious. Alex’s behavior doesn’t add up. Alex has a news show, he invites guests, viewers come to hear the guests give news, and Alex blatantly sabotages that. It doesn’t add up. In the comments, his viewers aren’t discussing the news, they are begging him to let them hear the news. He blatantly disrespects his viewers by ignoring them. This has been going on forever. That doesn’t add up. He continually interrupts, which alienates viewers, but more importantly, when he interrupts you he finishes your sentences with guesses. More often than not you have to correct him. That cycles repeats. It doesn’t add up. That is someone who wants to control the news, not report it.

    When words and actions don’t match, there’s an agenda. All of his actions contradict what he claims to stand for. If he is 2-timing viewers, it will eventually be exposed and viewers will have no loyalty considering how he treats them. He is so opposite of you. Id hate to see your reputation go down with that ship. Just watch out for yourself. … Thank you so much for providing the edited video and for all you are doing! You and Trey Gowdy are true Americans and my heroes 🙂

  7. R Fahey

    please, please, please…DIVORCE YOURSELF FROM ALEX jONES!…
    His constant interruptions when you are speaking with such clarity and wisdom is too annoying for me to tolerate….and I am sure that I am not alone. He is loud, crass and vulgar…well meaning and passionate – yes indeed. But, his constant interruptions are disrespectful and you deserve better. Please put out more videos on your own. You do not need him.

    With all due respect….thank you.

    1. Patriarch

      With all due respect, it was infowars who put Dr. P. On the map. He can arrange a better interview arrangement,

      Roger Stone has his own hour weekly.

      Loyalty my dear.

      “Loyalty publicly results in leverage privately.”

      Andy Stanley

      1. EXACTLY, thank you Patriarch. Always a voice of wisdom.

  8. Chia Cha

    Soros is using kids to get medicine to survive… He is source of instability, Putin can enter Kiev in 2 months, and how many Ukrainians would die thanks to that anti-national ultimate capitalist Soros. He is promoting US gay agenda, sexually transmitted diseases (every US teen before graduation must get laid), he is promoting two gays adopting kids. He is promoting US anti-theism with results that whites are being replaced, enslaved by capitalists and deindustrialised by already more enslaved.

  9. Petra

    Thank you for your interview. I always appreciate your clarity and steady hand. You and your team are very dear to this republic. May the Vault 7 information not be used as an immediate shock but, something that is harvested. And that there will be consequences from them. I have known about this information for 9 years… There is hope.. The CIA wanted to use human helicopter pilots to take photos inside citizens homes…..They refused! So they had to use drowns. People know when there are abuses of power. Robots don’t.

  10. del stead

    Excellent commentary once again Dr P!! That was powerful and concise delivers without a single raise of voice…..” Leave flowers at the grave walk away and say nothing” that was a delicious line worthy of any literary great!!

    1. del stead

      I also have to comment how impressed I’ve been by the alternative media and those speaking out telling the truth …you’ve been responsible for great changes in the world and I sense an optimism and great change and due to my upbringing and social class I’d send the elite’s to the guillotine but that would make me as bad!! That line Dr Pieczenik delivered regarding leaving the flowers was as visceral and sharp and incisive as any blade!!! I’m learning a little about intelligence!!!

  11. F D

    “…what we need our entrepreneurial skills and may the best win.”
    Hear! Hear! Dr. Pieczenik.
    Thank you!

  12. John Cote

    Keep up the good fight!!!!!!!!!

  13. naomi Zentmyer

    Dr. Piesczenik

    What is your opinion as to the reason for the take down of Flynn? The story of coming in conflict with Pence just does not make any sense at all. Something is fishy here.

  14. The Deep State is equivalent to “Mystery Babylon” in the Book of Revelation from the Bible.

  15. Geofrey Svoboda

    Awesome interview, Mr. Pieczenik!!! What’s the best way to assist you in your cause? And, is there a way to work for you or is there an organization that is working toward these goals that I could try to work for?



  16. Patriot man

    Love Alex, but as one of “the old foul dudes” (listener since 97) I get impatient with his constant interruptions. I’m liking the idea of this site being an original source of information that’s linked back too for discovery AFTER interviews. Don’t get me wrong, I have a tremendous respect for the Patriot in Austin, Who is our modern day Paul Revere, but the first order of battle is to understand the objective. America needs clear and concise information at this point in time. Not a gargled transmission that has to be edited to carry a message.

    Thank you for fighting for our Republic.

    God speed

  17. Mary Chisholm

    Dr. Pieczenik
    You, President Trump, & others part of the “alliance” are absolute HEROS and words cannot thank you enough for taking our country back! I’ve been watching Cosmic Disclosure on The Gaia channel with Corey Goode disclosing some pretty unbelievable stuff. Are you able to confirm if any of the alien claims are true? Hard to believe.
    Thank you again.

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