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23 thoughts on “My edited interview on Alex Jones 3.23

  1. Petra

    Totally agree! But, what do we do now? We have to keep holding their feet to the fire. Dr. Pieczenik you are the most credible team to do this. Preibus keeps bringing them back in. Bannon knows better. Keep their feet the the fire. Totally agree on Tillerson mistake with Korea. I expected him to have a steadier hand than that. He better realize that we need to build on similarities not differences in that position. I hope he was tutored by that unbelievable gaff.
    But, what can be done about Gorsuch?… what can be done? You have pointed out that he takes orders and does not think on his own… ALL BUSH PEOPLE OUT!!!!!! It is special people that can think for themselves. This gang mentality is not very intelligent.

  2. Earthfirst

    Wish you could find another venue to be interviewed other then Alex Jones. So sick of the way he interrupts you in mid sentence as you are revealing information we all want to hear. Seems he is doing it on purpose. He keeps jumping around from topic to topic before you finish your thoughts on each one. It happens in every interview he has done with you.

    1. Judy Staab

      I so agree

      1. Lee80

        Must agree wholeheartedly….AJ is so frustrating…drives me crazy…..raving on about Nth Korea/China etc…the important question is….what ARE .American troops doing in Syria and Iraq…they can’t even bomb the enemy correctly end up killing civilians…..for goodness sake ..Americans get your rose-tinted glasses off and realise your military is not the answer they are the PROBLEM.
        An Australian who is sick and tired of American BS.

  3. Southern Belle

    It is Alex’s show. Start your own show if you don’t like his style. I am no fan of Alex, but I am sick of people nagging about him. IT IS HIS SHOW.

    1. jim dollinger

      99% of people responding are sick of Alex interruptions. I like him and his show but he treats Dr Pieczenik very rudely.

        1. Ian Thaddiam

          He was especially rude and redirecting this time because he didn’t like Pieczenik’s opinion.

    2. Gern

      Umm, it’s his show, therefore he can interrupt people? That’s utterly nonsensical. The whole idea of having guests on your show is that they have something important, some expert knowledge to impart. So let them speak! What’s the point of having guests on your show if you don’t let them complete a statement? It might as well be an SNL skit then. (Premise: talk show in which no guest is ever allowed to finish a sentence. Funny stuff.)

      1. Embrey

        That is a pretty good premise for a skit.
        Remember, Alex has his agenda. Steve has his.
        But Alex has a show with millions of listeners.
        Steve has a website with hundreds of viewers.
        Who do,you think should direct the interview?

        1. Chia Cha

          Respected Dr. Steve, because he have more important stuff to say. And what is more important is more interesting, what is more interesting is more economically viable, and by law owner of company in this case AJ, must nurture capital (licence by king to do what is best economically).

          1. Chia Cha

            Even in USA by law it is punishble to burn your own dollars.

          2. Embrey

            And yet he will always interrupt our good doctor.
            Which kind of blows a hole in your construct.

  4. I would really like to hear from you more often and in more detail. listening to you on InfoWars is annoying with Alex constantly interrupting.

  5. Southern Belle

    Maybe I feel a bit sorry for Alex. He is who he is and he is willing to have Dr. P on and he is no doubt under extreme stress and making some interviewing errors, yes. But, he is doing more than others by even being willing to have Dr. P on the show, so have a little grace and mercy towards him. Email him directly your concerns.

    1. Embrey

      Great point. Alex conducts his show in an extremely emotional way.
      Is he a fantastic interviewer? No.
      I am a regular listener and I can tell in the first 15 minutes if I will listen that day.
      I would rate those days as barely listenable.
      However, other times I get access to great ideas and people like Steve Pieczenik, whose comments I listen to very carefully.

    2. Chia Cha

      Ladies my answer is up there… You look and talk too much like americans respecting other peoples property, but your own. The more Dr. Steve, the money Alex and you both will have. Now imagine that one dollar, and change mind. 😀

  6. Thomas Blow

    I saw a video with you criticizing Gorsuch for supporting torture.
    I want to point out that such views will be moot once it becomes common knowledge of what is being done to Children that is far more than the word “trafficking” encompasses. Personally I anticipate arrests and rather thorough disclosure once Gorsuch is confirmed. If Gorsuch nomination is NOT confirmed or is held up up for any length of time I expect our Military to assume at that point that they have to intervene in a Constitutional crisis, since a 4-4 SCOTUS won’t nullify dictatorial district court rulings. Military has been awaiting a reasonable basis to intervene since 2012 and this would be it. If military intervenes, tribunals will proceed quickly, justice will be forthcoming for ALL misdeeds at an avalanche pace. If Gorsuch is confirmed the existing courts will be attempted to be used. The military would not be waiting to act if they were not going to allow the system, including a SCOTUS that included Gorsuch, to try to right the ship.
    In no case will the military allow the NWO to resuscitate themselves, since they are composed of elites that despise the military and the Constitution it swears to support.

  7. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please read my recent comments that I posted at your BOLG! They are important comments!

  8. Traktor

    I wish that Alex would let you speak for longer on these topics, you seem to have exactly the answers. You being in the white house would be a real asset, honestly you should just ask Trump directly for a position.
    The guy that came after you basically spoke on his own for 30min and it was complete nonsense, I dont get why he lets that guy (with the weird eye) speak for so long and you not. The viewership on youtube live literally dropped from 6k to 4k while he spoke.

  9. Chia Cha

    American capitalists are biggest enemies of american people, american people won war against Mexico, and now Mexico is winning without one bullet, biological facts are facts… Person without kid should be paid and rewarded, today, but mexican have different agenda, they will start killing white kids because EVERY group wants to kill kids of other people for their kids to live. Biology and history are facts. It is forbiden to kill kids, but to kill adults is perfectly ok if they want to kill your kids 🙂 Numbers must be watched. Trump is last chance.

  10. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please read my current posts at your BOLG! This is important information!

  11. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    I made a slight error as to the timing of Tina’s and Hunter’s ” mentioned “stunt” (SEE YOUR BOLG). Said “stunt” had to have occurred a couple of months prior to the opening of “Super Clinik” (2525 S. Birch St. Santa Ana, California 92707); and the opening of “Super Clinik” occurred about a year ago. Therefore, said “stunt” had to have occurred at the very beginning of 2015 or during the Fall of 2014. Just after said “stunt” occurred, I posted a comment at your BOLG detailing said “stunt” (SEE YOUR BOLG). As stated at your BOLG, said “stunt” is basically the same thing as the current mentioned situation (SEE YOUR BOLG) that occurred on March 25, 2017 (9/11 call for a non-criminal medical emergency to a “bogus” sexual assault claimed at hospital)!

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