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5 thoughts on “Mr President: We Dont Want War!

  1. Petra

    NO WAR is right… and Grow up for sure… When others create the whirlwinds around you… learn how to dial it down. I am glad that McMasters is gone. Not pleased at all with Bolton….. Has Trump a 9/11 truther lost his edge… There are plenty of talented people in the U.S. that can do this job. The American citizens will forgive and love Trump… but, he has to treat them right. America is awake now there is no way around that… Use their attention wisely.

  2. Chia Cha

    Trump is inteligent because he knows that conservatives are against him simply because conservatives think they are for nothing. Nothing = market forces only, and in that case president is not needed. But true is that that nothing is free market capitalism, meaning that nothing is nothing else then freedom of money to be ammased for the most profitable enterprise there is – WAR, freely and in any time. Maybe by looking cows, you really becomes more stupid. Trump is troling conservatives with neocons, because conservatives again are supporting WW3 in their ignorance.

    1. Chia Cha

      What is conservative answer to abortion – it is to defund PP. Ok, but how can you mobilize anyone by wanting those who are against abortion to have less money, (same amount as PP – nothing). Even Koch brothers have some program to fund to get something done, they are not that stupid. Right answer would be to fund programs developed by Churches, or mosques, as switch from PP, conservatives are against that but they wonder why capital is against traditional values. If traditional values cannot exist as something to be invested in than that is nothing. Rightly so. Conservatives are against our traditional values and are for WW3. They are very very dangerous part of Satan’s mechanism.


    Agree completely, however as the Zionist neocons and Israel control every facet of the U.S. gov I am afraid that we will be pushed into another war in the M.E., as Israel and the neocons did 911 and got away with this diabolical crime, and so whatever Israel wants Israel gets , and Israel wants war.

  4. Chia Cha

    Ah I must apologize, Jordan Peterson said that you have 40% chance to be in top 10% by income in one year, not 1% as I thought he said. I do not have problem with those who are good with money ending having control over money, but I have against those who are bad with money, having control over money. And those are 90% of people who have money (they get old, evil, lazy, technology changes, they buy elections etc…). And there is question of The Culture, what to do with those who are bad with money, like inventors, artists, kids etc… Should we kill them or they will have right to have roof over their heads, for instance soci@liszed healthcare and housing? Why we must abolish standards of society so that those who are bad with money continue to have money on expense of those who are good with money under constant propaganda that you do not have right to roof and other goodies so that good with money have even more money.

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