Mosaic Mine is a Big Loser and a Predator in Florida!

Mosaic Mine is a Big Loser and a Predator in Florida!

Mosaic Mine is Plymouth Minnesota Company that Lost $11B from February 2017 to August 2017! 

The Relative Strength of Mosaic Mine [RS] is 9. That means that 91% of the entire Stock Market is more valuable to buy then this plummeting stock company. As a managing director of a former Wall Street Investment Banking firm and the owner of several banks, I would strongly recommend that it is time for responsible Mosaic Mine Shareholders to change the financially inept management ASAP. The state of Florida should demand that the collusive, corrupt attorney Steven M. Seibert be dismissed from the BOD of MOS.

Many of you know that North Central Florida is in an epic battle to stop the destruction of phosphate strip mining.  The devastation is well documented yet the predatory Mosaic Mine continues its poaching of our precious water and pristine land.

We learned that Mosaic Mines had to pay a $2B penalty to settle a “federal lawsuit in order to clean up hazardous waste in six Florida sites and two in Louisiana”. [Tampa Bay Times]. No worries, thats business as usual. Who cares if locals get cancer or drinking water is poisoned? Its the way it goes for these ignorant little counties with corruptible officials and a few greedy landowners that are promised riches despite known drawbacks.

The EPA has accused Mosaic of “improper storage and disposal of waste from the production of phosphoric and sulfuric acids, key components of fertilizers at Mosaic facilities in Bartow, New Wales, Mulberry, Riverview, South Pierce and Green Bay in Florida and two sites in Louisana”. [Tampa Bay Times, Monday, August 21, 2017]. BTW the CEO is NOT an American but rather a Austrailian/Canadian who is raping our homeland.

According to the article: “The settlement with the EPA, the Justice Department, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality will have NO IMPACT on Mosaic’s continued employment or in its future mining expansion plans in Desoto, Hardee and Manatee counties.”

It’s quite revealing that Mosaic has had the following Phosphate Law Suits:

“Central Florida homeowners have sued over TOXIC RADIATION. The Lanier Law Firm has filed a class-action Lawsuit on behalf of the homeowners of Central Florida, charging that operations of phosphate mines failed to warn them about dangerously high levels of radiation” [Dr. Terry Brant, MD,JD]. There is clear evidence from scientists, environmentalists, physicians that the poor inhabitants of various Florida counties were exposed to such toxic contaminants that they developed all types of cancers, goiters, genetic malformations and specifically increased cancers in children.

The real question for me and many other politically active citizens is how does a mining company from the state of Minnesota invade Florida and destroy our wetlands, rivers, lakes, aquifers without any condemnation from the two so-called liberal senators from Minnesota?

Senator Amy Klobuchar is born in Plymouth, Minnesota where Mosaic is headquartered. Why is it that when I called her office to speak to her, after having sent an email about the nefarious deeds of Mosaic mine, I received no return phone call nor email? Instead, I had a novitiate intern stammer some words and ‘thanked me for my services’. Is this how the “future presidential hopeful” treats concerned citizens?

Could it be that this incredibly entitled prosecutor, Amy, who sits on the Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism does not recognize that Mosaic has all the characteristic features of American Corporate Terrorist?
If Senator Amy needs a refresher in domestic terrorism as formulated by FBI read: “Domestic Terrorism as set forth in the USA Patriot Act :

[A] involve in acts dangerous to human life and that are in violation of the criminal laws of the USA or state

[B] Appear to be intended:

[i]to intimidate or coerce civilian population

[ii] to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion ” [Wikipedia].

All of the above are what we citizens and our elected officials are experiencing right now by Mosaic and related parties.  Physical threats and verbal menacing are just part of the process here in North Central Florida.

Now the other senator from Mosaic’s home state is Al FrankenHe is good enough, smart enough to sit on the Mining sub-committee. Isn’t that special?  Ironically, he sits on two federal committees which should/could have intervened immediately after Mosaic had created their environmental havoc in Florida. How can Franken justify his positions on:

  • Subcommittee for Public Lands, Forests and Mining
  • Subcommittee for Children and Families

Did he ever inquire as to what was happening to scores of Polk County children who suffered increased rate of cancers and other illnesses because of his home state Mosaic’s chicanery ?

Now compared to these two senators from Minnesota, CEO Joc O’Rourke is doing what is expected of him.  He is rapacious, focused and indifferent to the welfare of the common citizens. Yet, he really can’t be that good if the stock price continues to plummet and shareholders are losing value at an execrated rate.

I have repeatedly stated that Mosaic has lost significant stock value when it fell from over $130 per share all the way down to $19 on 8/21/17. As such, “Joc” and his surrounding engineers/financial comptrollers should be replaced with individuals who are more financially and environmentally astute.

There is one more fly in this ointment of nefarious deeds. That fly is named Steven M. Seibert. He is an independent Director on the Mosaic Board of Directors. Who is he?

This is what Wikipedia has to say:

“Mr. Seibert is a land use and environmental attorney and has been a FLORIDA supreme court certified mediator for over 20 years. In early 2013, he  co-founded a strategy firm, triSect LLC. Mr. Seibert served as the secretary of Florida’s Dept of Community Affairs from 1999 to 2003, following his appointment by Governor Jeb Bush. Before that he was the county commissioner of Pinellas county from 1992 to 1999.”

One more thing…..
Seibert served also as the executive director of the Century Commission on Sustainable Florida [Wikipedia]. From the certifiably corrupt Bush family, we get Seibert! Talk about the fox guarding the hen-house or Jimmy Saville hosting the kiddie show!

The finale to the Mosaic Mine story will hopefully end as follows:

  • Mosaic Mine shareholders will ask “CEO Joc” to leave. He will receive a very healthy severance package and return to Australia.
  • Seibert and other Board Members will be dismissed for whatever made up reasons.
  • Mosaic Stock will continue to lose value as they insist on pursuing their self-destructive financial and health-hazardous practices.
  • Bradford County Commissioners will join the surrounding counties Union, Alachua in defense of clean water and a sustainable future and vote down the four families attempt to bring in Mosaic.
  • Florida Power and Light Company will buy out the 11,000 acres for a Solar Farm. This will garner the support of everyone in North Central Florida.
  • Both Senators Klobuchar and Franken will be voted out of their respective offices for corruption and fraud.
  • Citizens will continue to fight to preserve our waters and farmlands despite our corrupted Federal, state, county, and local politicians.

President Thomas Jefferson, one of our more brilliant Founding Fathers, wrote the following:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

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21 thoughts on “Mosaic Mine is a Big Loser and a Predator in Florida!

  1. Petra

    Why doesn’t the EPA FIX THIS. And actually do something that helps humanity not hinder humanity and human life. They have the power. The common American has the power as well.
    I stand with Jefferson.
    President Thomas Jefferson, one of our more brilliant Founding Fathers, wrote the following:
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  2. Chia Cha

    There is no any difference between members of capitalist oligarchy and members of communist polit-bureau. None.

    1. al

      Dr. Steve,

      Do you really believe that two folks named “Klobuchar and Franken” care a rat’s ass about “the people” and “the environment” ??

      Despite your own background, didn’t you comment a few times on the overrepresentation of ashkenazi jews in our government and its effects ????

      if you expecting help from these two you are in trouble………..

      1. Chia Cha

        Klobuchar is half-slovenian half-swiss? Big nose of that style is typical for people of Alpine area of Europe… Both slovenia (of Melania) and Switzerland are in Alps.

      2. Chia Cha

        Klobuchar is half-slovenian half-swiss? Big nose of that style is typical for people of Alpine area of Europe… Both slovenia (of Melania) and Switzerland are in Alps.

      3. Chia Cha

        What is horrible is that someone from Minesota likes to polute Florida, because she is not from Florida. Even, imagine, she is not Jewish. I know one Jewish, he lives in the most modest model of sociali@t buildings in city from early 1960es. I think he is propaganda agent intentionally living there.,16.4600665,3a,60y,334.85h,102.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSM_F78GFn76Hais6d-x5Xw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

      4. Chia Cha

        I think Lenin is now scared for life in his grave how far his capitalist brothers over Atlantic went with cultural Marxism. These orgies against dominant culture are even far left by standards of Pol Pot. Dominant culture is enemy of party trends, while minority culture is only used to destroy dominant at end, because you cannot try do it by any other means, because it is impossible unless you committ genocide, which will be if they stay unchecked before some Stalin emerge.

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  4. al franken wake up you fool!!!! mosaic is Imploding!!!

    Well done guys these operations won’t touch those good aquifers below your great state in Florida; The Favor of FATHER YAHWEH is around you, Justice is Coming

  5. Chia Cha

    Ok, imagine one thing, would you have your illness treated or operated by doctor who is animal. Imagine some gremllin or gorila preparing operation and you are patient. Well, doctors in this link were animals. So imagine being operated by animals, whole hospital full of animals. Imagine to be treated by doctor who will work better or worse depending on given money. To whom 0 $ = 0 level of service?? Whould you be treated by such, in operation room?? Especially if there are no witnesses who are connected by having same material interest.

    1. Chia Cha

      I guess problem with Soros is, he is not real american. And Gates saw how real free market societies looks like. Or he thinks Google have too much pie. Well who cares. Better to hear it, then not to hear it.

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  7. Chia Cha

    Till today Houston was city which did not exist. Not in news. Who ever heard something happend in Houston. Ever? Houston was first moon non-carbon city synthetic city. Centre of worlds rulling capitalist oligarchy. Well till today. Or Satan is pretending something is happening there (via human made weather manipulation), or really God will put little twist (via nature) so we have Houston in news.

  8. Chia Cha

    Richard Wolff on FOX business, second time in few weeks. Cultural Marxism exist so workers cannot get organized simply because cultural marxism destorys workers culture.Cultural Marxism attacks culture of democratic majority without asking majority, meaning it goes against established workers solidarity.

  9. Chia Cha

    What is globalist, globalist is one who is using s@it on domestic population. Meaning he is intentionally weakening domestic population with something which should be FOR EXPORT ONLY. Of course that you are going to promote cultural marxism to your enemy. Of course that you are going to promote feminism to muslims to destroy them. It is good that USA is supporting those marxist kurds in syria, but hey who is going to stop that s@it being promoted at home.

  10. Chia Cha

    Yep this is just manipulation. Houston is still fully synthetic. People does not live there as humans. Everything is under total control there. Just how it should be on 100% communist moonbase. Let s follow news from chron, does it feel like you are reading news which source are based on activity by humans society or some program? Do you know that by all laws physics moon had to crash Earth long long time ago.

    1. Chia Cha

      I wold like to conduct scientific investigation, to look where are borders of such influence in Houston and around, are borders hard one, or they have epicentre(s). Does anyone know someone from Houston, or someone was in Houston? I would like to hear experiences. Maybe we could count how many people knows someone from Houston, comapred to other cities, and what was reason for communication with such. It is important to also track what was their behavior while they are in Houston or they are not in Houston. Probalby there is difference?

  11. Dr. Pieczenik

    We shall See our Champion President bring you in and have you for strategic counseling on what to do next!!!!

    I Told Alex Jones today and our President Donald J. Trump on his broadcast, to fire all three generals and to bring you in and Sheriff Joe for help!!!! After the I Rebuked the coward pastor joel osteen who should be leading a rescue effort in Houston and be aiding the victims in his 25,000 seat arena!!! Watch below!!!

    Shalom Shalom

    1. Chia Cha

      Hmmm, this house is joke for palaces catholic bishops have, for offices, but compared to private homes of bishops, he is 10 times up. Imgaine, he will burn in hell for ever unless he gives that house to poor before his death. What if he get s hit by car before?

  12. Chia Cha

    These are news. They kicked Marxism out of society decade ago. So what is difference between national-bolshevism and national-sociali.m. I must explore that little bit.

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