Millennial Anxiety!

Millennial Anxiety!

The 21st Century Participation Award: Massive Anxiety about Everything and Nothing!
I have noticed in recent times that every young child receives an award for simply participating in a certain activity. The intention is to make the individual feel comfortable if not successful for performing a certain activity.

The truth is that most people have not committed themselves to anything more risk prone than attending an expensive college/university [ all of them are rapacious]. We have lost several generations of adolescents and millennials whose only obsession in life was to achieve the best that he/she could do with respect to getting into the college of their choice or doing nothing.

Clearly, these are transformative actions. Applying to schools and waiting for their acceptance is somewhat nerve-wracking. Yet, it is completely blown out of proportion. Unless it is a trade school there is very little value to a so-called “general education” taught by others that are highly compensated. It does not make you think more clearly or creatively. All the education really does is to place the student into debt for the rest of his/her life.  

College and postgraduate schools have become a rationale for most ambitious teenagers who have experienced very little else in their short life-span. The approbation from universities and a medical college had always been a secondary concern for me. It was the notion that I could compete in a world vested with ambition, determination and fear of rejection. It was the juice of scaling the societal hierarchy that granted some nurturance and excitement.

The race was more important than the final accolades. It took me several years to completely understand one important aspect of my own life. It’s not what other people think that was important. It was what I had determined to be important in my own life that made my journey incredibly interesting and exhausting.

Every time I would reach a post office mail box, I was excited to insert what I had thought was the most important manuscript every written, especially by me. I did not even know how to type when I first started to write novels. Instead, I derived my greatest pleasure in writing with a pen on a yellow legal pad of paper. In time, a very dear friend of mine [really his daughter] taught me how to type and the words kept flowing out of my mind like diarrhea. Many of those words were in fact quite ‘shitty’.

In this age of the internet, the notion of a steady job becomes increasingly more ethereal. “Gig employment” has supplanted the steady paycheck and lifetime job security. Today’s youth must be able to initiate one new job after another until the end of his/her life. Automation supplants both manual labor and skilled employees including doctors, lawyers, warriors, and truck drivers.

Past jobs have disappeared into modern times. Patience and focus have been transmuted into short-attention spans thanks to the IPhone and IPad. Anxiety has mounted exponentially because uncertainty/fear defines the millennials’ present and future.

Quo Vadis Domini? Where forth do I go my Lord?

It’s not an easy question to answer. In a world of many choices accompanied by empty promises [virtual education/reality] nothing is guaranteed.

No one job will/can fill a lifetime of effort. There will have to a combination of vocations combined with avocations in order to mollify the high anxiety state. Wars will be fought on the battlefields of binary numbers and worldwide surveillance.

Sanity will become an “acquired taste” [attributed to a Syrian-Jewish-Mafioso].

Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” may become the path of the new unknown, undefined personal future. Everything is possible while at the same time nothing will be achieved. Thoughtful choice and calculated risk will be the defining norms of this uncertain millennial future. Failure will become one’s best friend or enemy…depending on that individual’s needs and perception.

A full life will be realized in nanoseconds or eons. The choice will always be determined by the individual. Yet the collective will always be able to pressure the outliers and the seekers by constantly haunting them with newly evolved ad hominem norms.

As more changes, less change will really occur. The paradox of the future has already been inscribed into the tablets of different heuristic models which will play out in narratives with new initials and fewer alphabetic characters.Twitter becomes the paradigm of brevity. The obituary column will be nothing more than an Instagram photo with RIP texted below appearing one second and disappearing the next moment.

Gustav Flaubert, the prominent French novelist, wrote the following:

“To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking all is lost.” 

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24 thoughts on “Millennial Anxiety!

  1. Joseph Chiara

    I almost alway have to look up a word or two when I read you. Thanks, its fun.

    Loved the ending quote. Is there any disagreement on this?

    As Niels Bohr said, “It is hard to predict, especially the future.”

    1. Chia Cha

      Idiotic statement from that Borh. Future will look where capital is alocated by capitalists. Only change is tehnical solution for problems of society, but never, even one problem of society was ever solved (for instance hunger), especially by techincal solution.

  2. Chia Cha

    People just before Columbus were also bezerk like those millenials are, they were so desperate that they went finding new continent over ocean. Millenials will be used for one way exploration of Mars by Elon Musk. They will love to press buttonns up there, they will get all tablets.

  3. BillUK

    Spot on as usual Dr P. the purpose of education now is to get young people into debt, we used to get free education up to PhD level in the UK much like Libya, we even got a healthy grant on top of that (I had a sea side flat and a car with mine!) Now many more folk are going into higher ed and leave 30-50k in debt. Much easier to control I guess. The schools and University’s here are labeling kids as anxious or depressed at the same time they learn self harm and eating disorders from social media producing a nervous jelly baby generation. In terms of future security I think they need a portfolio approach so that as one area wanes they can pick up another. Apparently most Lawyering (is that even a word?) will be taken over by AI soon.

    1. Ron Sanderson

      I witnessed the personal toll being in debt had on my friends. The phone calls the harassment the stress . This causes mental stress that can lead to nervous breakdowns. Working so hard after 4 years of College yet unable to get free from the debt. It’s a problem that I do not have any easy answers for. I wonder after all of these years if they have yet to pay back the money that they were loaned. And that is just wrong. It’s not worth the pain of living your entire lifetime in debt

      1. BillUK

        If the leaders of the World, who let’s face it are a bunch of weapons grade wankers, would stop having stupid, pointless phony Wars the trillions saved could pay for education, medicine and a fantastic space program. The irony is with the exception of Putin and Trump they are cowardy custards who would shrink from a fist fight.

  4. Furtive

    Incompetent buffoon General Michael Hayden, known as a long-time leaker, may be preparing to flee America for Ireland, this.

    “Persons” representing him began the process of buying a large secluded $2.2 million home located at Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6, in Dublin—
    Media reports that the DoJ has gotten a warrant from the FISA Court to conduct electronic surveillance on a group of New York Times and Washington Post journalists whose main conduit to top-secret US government information and documents is described as being “a retired, high-ranking military officer who held important posts in the intelligence service”.

  5. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik please see recent comments posted at your BOLG!

  6. Furtive

    Comey testified before a secret grand jury in New York City that is investigating crimes related to Hillary Clinton—accompanied by US Marshal Service agent.

    NSA Director Admiral Rogers declassified the shocking criminal complaint affidavit used to impanel the secret “Midyear” grand jury investigating Hillary Clinton that was prepared by the FBI’s top counter-intelligence agent E.W. Priestap.

    FBI Special Agent William Sweeny Jr. who approached then US Attorney Preet Bharara to begin calling witnesses before the “Midyear” secret grand jury. He refused & was promptly fired by President Trump who replaced him with US Attorney Joon H. Kim—who convicted Anthony Weiner.

    1. Furtive

      Comey testified in NYC on Friday 6-10-17.

      1. Furtive

        On June 5, 2017 he was interrogated by deputy solicitor general Michael Dreeben—who has argued more than 100 cases before the Supreme Court, & is highly respected by Democrats and Republicans because of his encyclopedic knowledge of criminal law.

      2. Furtive

        There were email communications proving that FBI Director Comey had for years been leaking top-secret information to the media

      3. Furtive

        Comey is near bankrupt.. closing the Hillary investigation was a quid pro quo.

    2. Furtive

      Hillary Clinton emails and documents were turned over to the FBI by Huma Abedin., disovered by search warrant at a home in Dearborn.

  7. Ron Sanderson

    When I was young I was self motivated and determined to succeed at anything other than getting good marks in school or paying attention in class . I knew the system was unnatural and cruel so I focused on athletics where I achieved every award and outperformed my peers and my rivals. I saw my friends work hard and study hard and attend the schools of their choosing. They have all been successful at whatever they have attempted. You are right to point out that nothing is for certain or guaranteed . The only guarantee in life is death. At the end of the movie EVERYBODY WANTS SOME The professor writes on the chalk board in large letters ” NEW FRONTIERS ARE WHERE YOU FIND THEM” And as far as sanity go’s in this modern age Marshall McLuhan said”
    Schizophrenia may be a necessary consequence of literacy
    Read more at:
    Thank you for sharing. See you this week @ Steve Talks.

  8. Chia Cha

    I coincedently inherited 1/4 of few real estates, land, old house and small flat, and I am starting to work as entrepreneur. I am becoming right wing. I am starting to really not understand those who does not want to be rich. Such people should practice how to be productive. Now In USA I would be able to pay 4 litres of chemotherapy liquid.

    1. Chia Cha

      Flat was nice communist free flat, here. Later such were privatised by tenants for around 5 000$ per flat in 1992. Government were selling them even they were nominally in communal ownership. Every government is enemy of people.,16.4790117,3a,75y,82.35h,105.63t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sWuYPUBVWbF69nPi2cMNhZA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=hr

      1. Ron Sanderson

        I liked the link. That looks rad. I also like knowing that people all the way across the Atlantic ocean are reading and posting here.We have seen a brand new vitality in some of our older areas now because of the wonderful people from that part of the World. Many many new wonderful people with the American dream are finding open hearts and open arms here in America.

        1. Chia Cha

          Thank you… American dream must be shared. Yea it looks radical because space was used “uneceonomcially”, you would just take private land and build. If owner had his only house on that land owner would get built flat on that land. Or he would get money in amount of one TV. Economy based on needs. I believe Google would love same model in silicon valley for IT millenials 🙂

  9. Always helpful to read, here too.

  10. Fivi Zogbi

    Here’s a quote for you. “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is a fool”. If others cannot see what he sees, then he must be crazy and not they who are blind.
    Problems did not begin with the iPad or iPhone but long, long before that when shrinks and psychobabble became so trendy. There was a quick, formulaic remedy for everything.. The DSM labelled and categorized mental illness when they may have been no more than minds that did not conform to the mediocre middle of the road nobody disallowed from being who they might have been. Then shrink labels like paranoia replaced shy, phobia replaced fear, and mediocrity replaced the risks of being exceptional.
    Schools refused to fail anyone. Teachers themselves were often airheads and promiscuous. Utopian fantasies became the norm. Taxpayers were robbed by non-taxpaying voters who soon came to believe they had right to demand workers taxes pay for their incompetence, drug addiction, slovenly habits resulting in health care costs and they did not feel responsible for themselves. The iPhone and iPad only further disabled a functioning critical mind.

  11. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    On June 12, 2017, at about 9:30 p.m., I went to deposit additional monies into my Bank of America checking account; and when I entered the P.I.N. number, the A.T.M. machine at the Bank of America (3730 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704) rejected my actual P.I.N. number! This is the third time that this has happened to me, since Friday (June 9, 2017)!

    When Carlos was communicating to the Vons Supervisor earlier today (June 12, 2017), Carlos stated: “Is Raymond still alive?” Have they killed someone (possibly out of “whole cloth”) that was given my identity, and framed me for it!

    As you know Dr. Pieczenik, “WEED AND SEED” stole my two (2) backpacks from me on May 26, 2017 between about 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.; and at the time, there was a video camera pointing down at the back door of G.G. Check Cashing (230 W. Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California)!

  12. OT: George Webb today: “The Motel 6 that Mossad pays for me.” So yes, he has some sort of an agenda.

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