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26 thoughts on “Military is Large and In Charge!


    House was an agent of the Rothschilds and one of the ones responsible for getting America into WWI which made the Zionist banking kabal a hell of a lot of money and killed a lot of American service men and that crime is still going on today in the Mideast.

    1. Chia Cha

      They are not zionists, they free market babylonians. Desert Fox was babaylonian pagan general, like chinese. Chinese are also anti-zionists. You are insane or you are chinese agent.

      1. chris

        you are just another zionist troll! even Jesus had to drive this evil zionists (NOT Jews –who believe in God and are NOT evil) who want to control everything using money as their weapon! Let us not even discuss who colluded with Romans then or hiler??? morons like you who believe the crap that is being fed by zionist media is the problem for our country!

        1. Chia Cha

          Everyone is evil, but anti-zionsts are evil from start. What is point of being good by being evil from start. LOL

  2. Chia Cha

    On monday I will go to professor of economic university here and I will explain him my thesis that inside production capacity it is possible to alocote capacity only for innovation or production. More innovation, less production and that is obivous, but problem is that production capacity also as whole is falling if you tilt capacity toward more innovation, plus production capacity is much cheaper way to buy innovation, then money, I even created graph for that. This innovation driven model is killing us all on west. And making us poor, weak and without any reosurces to breed. While corporations does not have incentive to incorporate us. I called UCL also and they said to send them my thesis. But for what I am working, I am working for free. In capitalism to work what you want you can do it only if you work for free. I am now only one trying to save west. Everyone else is too stupid. In communism I would already be in agency for central planning. Capitalism is hell on earth. Common sense is non existan, only private property and many partial interests and balance sheets for idiots. On today’s west individual is 100% without any power or influence to change anything which would benefit any kind of majority.

    1. Chia Cha

      Of course, I would have to say that goal of my thesis is to help grow innovation, for professor to not call police, sending me to mental institution. Imagine saying on west in front of some group of people, that you are against innovation driven companies and that entrepreneurship is bad. I never saw any person telling that, ever. Imagine that kind of tyranny. Communists were little babies.

      1. Jason

        You should watch the movie “A Few Dollars More”. Manko is USA. Douglas Mortimer is Russia. Indio’s gang is the cabal. The metaphor is sound.

        1. Chia Cha

          New hit among cabal are of course parites and individuals talking against austerity, from position of reason, as like reason won so cabal therefore already change their centralization policies, so we do not have to start forming our own military units because there is someone else working for us. Heck they even are producing main anti-austerity parties which were on power before, but wich would never again come on power, ever again, somehow, and always because of something. For instance, you will never see Bernie Sanders or Corbyn, or for that matter Biritsh Labour party, or anyone like that ever coming on power. All elections are rigged. They are just continuing. Scarcity of needed goods is best and cheapest way of control and power centralization. They call that overcapacity. Any elections are impossible to change anything.

          1. Chia Cha

            Capitalists are intentionally not allowing stuff to be produced. Because they cannot ideologically allow governemtn to control us by some other means of control. It cannot be more simple. And their death model where Silicon Valley is only place where elite their technologists (on gig contracts) and robtos are going to live, is falling apart because pakis and indians are not following that with breeding, also chinese likes their overcapacity, not fully right now but they solved problem of control to be able to fill own population with goods without losing political control. “Western” cabal is playing old game. They are loosers and they must be economically drained together with their families. For loosers we cannot have mercy. Long live new cabal, our and our new ideology.

          2. Chia Cha

            This gentleman is saying that China is not insane to open own capital markets to US captialists to be raided like US is being raided now. Neoliberalism of Regan, even Carter style means US capitalists are allowed to treat US and Europe as Mexico or as any other 3rd bannana country US capitalists were raiding outside US, before. Game is old, change game.

        2. Jason

          You didn’t watch the movie did you? What is your address, I’ll send you a copy.

          1. Chia Cha

            Write me email on so I can send you.

  3. Camus

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    The majority of Americans would probably be deeply appreciative and supportive of the American military `cleaning house’ – but only if congruent with the expeditious restoration of American institutions and American values, and, if consistent with the renaissance of Western civilization.

    As an earlier commenter has noted, Edward Mandel House (1858-1938) is not an acceptable exemplar.

    `Colonel’ Edward Mandel House (1858-1938) was never a `Colonel’ – he was an interloper, infiltrator, `agent-of-foreign-influence’ – in short, a secret agent, a spy. `Colonel’ was a `nickname’ or `honorific title’ which he employed in order to assume authority and to cynically manipulate American public opinion. House was a `Colonel’ in the same way that `Colonel Sanders’, the chicken fry man, is a `Colonel’. But at least Sanders loved his country and served in the Army for two years when he was young. House – whose father was from Somerset, England – never served in any capacity in the American military.

  4. Camus

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    Edward Mandel House (1858-1938) was an “agent-of-influence” for the English. As such, he was involved in the creation of the catastrophic Treaty of Versailles. He played a role in the establishment of the `Federal’ Reserve. While working in the disastrous Wilson Administration he virtually ran the US State Department.

    House was involved in American negotiations around the League of Nations which constituted a veiled attempt to drag the United States back into the English empire. At that time, Americans still properly recognized Britain as the vicious historical enemy of America, before the major foundations undertook to rewrite American history books to cynically propagandize the American people thus eliminating the knowledge that Americans had of their own fundamental traditions, original greatness and their history. Edward House was also the motive force behind a raft of other schemes and disasters. The policies and programs set in motion by Edward Mandel House and the people he served paved the way for WW2.

    The `Colonel’ was likely a foreign `agent’ or a `spy’ even before he met Wilson. His father – from Somerset England – made a fortune as an English agent operating in Texas during the Civil War, working against American national interests.

    When FDR got elected, Mr. House sought a role in the Roosevelt Administration. FDR had nothing to do with him.

    In speaking of Edward Mandel House I’ll end with a quote from Dr. Samuel Bojar (1915-2011) clinical practitioner, educator, and co-founder of the Harvard Psychiatry program. Bojar served in the US Army as a Captain and Chief Neuropsychiatrist at Fort McPherson during WW 2. In the words of Captain Bojar I’d like to say:

    “I have no use for him.”
    Dr. Samuel Bojar, Senior Harvard Psychiatrist (1915-2011)


      House was not only a Rothschilds agent but also MI 6.

  5. Chia Cha

    Every capitalist around world is bitch of chinese communist party. You want to rent our 1st class production capacity you do not have?? Well, take off your pants dear capitalist, lets see what you have, then we will see are you worthy to work for us and be allowed to pay us rent we decide. Inteligence vs markets, 1:0, and we are in last minute game. Ok let s be real, if you think US will come close of having more then 10 times less factories then China, (130M vs 12M factorty workers) like ti is now, I will start working. Right now only what is still holding US, is empire US have, so number of factory workers is just two times bigger for china. US + EU + Japan + colonies in south america… but it is not enough. Plus only accumulated power under central command is real power. Power is in wealth. I cannot dream day when chinese social credit system is going to be total replacement for money, and under total state control. Otherwise we would countinue to live in this hell were cocaine addict have more money then me.

  6. Chia Cha

    This is must, it is not just, that I as smart god fearing person, who never did even one crime, have less money then mexican drug dealer. We can have hierarchy based, on race (it works), on money (it works but now so much any more because today only lucky idiots have money), on work (elite would never allow that because they do not work they want others to work for them), or on social credits. This 4th is best and must start so we can abolish this one based on money for ever. Chinese are most advanced race today.

    1. Jason

      The difference between you and a Mexican drug dealer is one of work ethic. They don’t go on public website begging for someone to commit violence on their behalf to avoid labor and risk. They just do it. I don’t like it, but you have to respect it, and that is what makes them formidable enemies. If your dreams of communist utopia come true, I am confidant that free market capitalist Mexican drug dealers will thrive off of the resultant misery of so called labor class and supported by the other criminal cartel that enslave them with a social-credit score due to the obvious that corruption and collusion dominate such ecology. There will be those exempted from negative social scores for a price as you should well know. You will never understand legal marketplace if you do not understand illegal marketplace. If you envy the success of Mexican drug dealer, then do something about it. Problem is that you would have to work to stay alive. For you that might be a nonstarter. However, I could easily see you in cubicle receiving bribes from Mexican drug dealer to sanitize their social credit score as you are after all a capitalist who will be working dream job. Later, you could get promoted to position to delete miscreants who resist new system, and watch on screen hit squad take them out for profit on organ harvest. You could be rich man in such position. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? I am, so I work. Others don’t, so I am forced to pay for them too under penalty of imprisonment. You’re welcome.

      1. Chia Cha

        Not if you set that everyone is equaly rich. Rise of private wealth would be spreaded in cycles. And fear which would be installed in to kids is that some group of people which would want differences in wealth do not get on power ever again. Giving power and legetimicy to ruling elite to use force to reeducate such very dangerous individuals. Which company would get more items would be alocated by government depending on majority vote of consumers, making new cycle of production and new wealth standard. Everything else is utopia and bad dream.

        1. Chia Cha

          Only capital would be how to count equality, those best puting those discusssions in to mathematic formulas in to central computer are going to be in politbureau. My dream is to work in transitional period in Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Helping people to remember all our neigbours and former collegues who are in need of reeducation most. Secret police would hunt those who would hoard items trying to form capital. But only for 4 years, and after that they should go to detoxication so they do not get polluted. Here main job of UDBA was arresting directors of companies who would get too rich (meaning they were stealing from factory), for instance he would get too big villa (having two villas was impossible because it was illegal), i think it was only possible to have house, vacation house and flat as maximum, you could buy even new mercedes and yacht. But two yachts meant you were trying to start some company. Problem was that UDBA learned who to eneter capitalism while huting those directors so they did it. Therefore we need to abolish any kind of differeces in wealth based on work.

          1. Jason

            Do you work in a maximum security prison? If not you should. That is only suitable realm for your mind set as that is only accepted communist model that exists universally without disguise, outside of science fiction that is. The inmates will always be able to take a part of the prison in the short term, long term, they will aways lose. Prisons are managed internally through snitching for profit/protection/extortion. A form of capitalism if you will. You could be a natural as a prison administrator. Did you always hate the freedoms of others? If so, how long have you felt this way? Have you felt depressed lately?

          2. Chia Cha

            I can be happy only if everyone is happy around me (meaning all people on planet), and I can be calm only if know I did everything in my power to make sure no one will be able to hurt them self. Beside have you seen prisons in Norway. Brevik sumbited offical appeal to prison admiinistration because he was given PS3 instead of PS4, having to play older versions of shooting games as part of his process of reintegration back in to society. Some are saying that was part of another Gladio operation. But If we all would live in prison, no Gladio would be needed ever again. Star Trek had big impact on me, obviously. Btw US bureaucrats and military personal are totaly seperated from impacts created by markets. Tell me why?

          3. Jason

            I’ll fast forward for both of us. We are in total agreement that world has evolved into array of penal colonies and prison systems. However, that system of global communism isn’t complete. Where you might desire its completion, I prefer it’s liquidation. As a closet fascist, I could never cross the rubicon towards communism as I am believer in private property and ownership of my own labor. I am also believer in merit. I am not an active fascist, but I reserve as my God given right to change my mind if other fascists lean my direction. I don’t begrudge people’s right to attempt tyranny as long as they don’t cry about their belief that it is their right to be successful at it. I do believe in their right to try. After all, what if I am the monster that needs to be put down. As to your question, the answer is that crime pays. When you say markets, my default settings is that I include black markets in that system, which most people conveniently leave out. In which case, organized crime pays well. Especially for bureaucrats and military. The result is expansion of budgets and austerity to maintain control of human herds. I hope you change your mind on communism. I love Star Trek myself, but I have no sense of how to bridge gap from now until then. Thanks also for putting up with my wise ass banter. I can’t help it.

          4. Chia Cha

            Measuring what is whos work is going to be so costly and drag on overall economy and needs so much bureaucracy that it will become obsolete. Btw. I am for merit. I do not want to be ruled by some idiots who does not know how to rule. That is most important we can agree on that. Btw most capitalist states have property tax. That was impossible here, and we stil do not have that fedual reaction. Capitalism is good on invidual level if you are one trick pony able to transfer that skil on own kid. And there is not much competition, and you are not member of trends. For instance only thing you can do in capitalism for no capitalist to send you goons, if thoothstick production. No mafia will bother.

    2. Windwipper

      Chia Cha you are clearly the Communist here.

  7. Brightedge1

    While I respect Dr. Steve Pieczenik, I am concerned at his expressions of confidence in the Republic. I do not see everything as ok. The poor in this country are not doing ok and while it is sometimes is their fault they are not always to blame. The big tech corporatocracy continue to suppress free speech. Leftists continue to harass conservatives and rights are being taken from us everyday. We have traitors in our government actively working to destroy it from within and the Republicans are too cowardly to act. So respectfully Steve, I disagree with our Republic is ok perception. It has become a bloated boil on our backside that needs to be lanced. LOL.. That said I do agree that the military does need to inhabit more of our elected political positions if they are PATRIOTS not neocons or traitors for hire. Yes the military discipline would be a plus . The only thing that I would be concerned about is the mind hive aspect of the military. You must maintains a degree of independent thought to lead especially if you clearly see that a bill or policy is corrupt and needs to be taken down.

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